Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Grecian Formula is screwed.

just thought I'd use my favorite screencap of all time courtesy of jld119

As I sat watching Anderson, John King and John Roberts on Tuesday night all I could think was, Grecian Formula is screwed. Those are some fine looking men with fabulous grey hair. Why dye grey hair when you can look that good? What, you think I'm being superficial? Well, let me add that they are eloquent and informative too.

One of Anderson's off the cuff, snarky comments tonight caught my ear. He said "nice to see someone in the White House pays attention to polls". I get that he is frustrated with our government's non- responsive attitude to the press. I see a parallel in that, as bloggers, we get no response from he that we blog about either. Pot calling the kettle black, probably not, but close enough.

Today CNN announced that Anderson will be traveling to my state, again tomorrow. 360 on Wednesday night will be broadcast from the Arizona border town of Nogales. Anderson will be covering the huge problem we, in Arizona, have with illegals crossing into our state at an alarming rate. Yesterday (Monday) alone Arizona Border Patrol stopped 1,000 illegals trying to enter Arizona.

I don't know how many of you remember that AC took a night off, mid February, to come to Arizona and work on a story that has never aired? I had suspicions about the story he came to work on but not knowing for sure has bothered me for 6 weeks. I'm hoping that tomorrow he'll connect the dots. The border security story is really not the Arizona story I was hoping he was covering, but it's a story that needs to be told. When Anderson was here in February I happened to be traveling between Phoenix and Tucson on some personal business. During my trip I saw 2 ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) raids going on roadside. Both involved large numbers of illegals who were being transported from Nogales to Phoenix and beyond. If you don't live here you don't understand, this is really an everyday occurrence. What is upsetting to me is these illegals have paid large amounts of money to coyotes (people who organize the smuggling) and then are crammed into vehicles if they are lucky. The unlucky ones travel by foot across the desert, where many die because of the heat in the summer or exposure to the cold in winter. If our government would stop arguing and develop a plan for these hard working people to enter our country and perform jobs that most American's aren't interested in doing, we all would benefit.
One last comment about tonight's show. I don't know Lou Dobbs background on border security but I sure am enjoying a newsman whose not afraid to share his opinion passionately.

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Sheryn said...

As soon as I heard he was going o AZ I thought about you! Lou Dobbs is a pistol. He was debating several people throughout the day yesterday on CNN. He must be exhausted!

Do you think you could teach me how to link like you do? I always have those long links in my blog and they are ugly.