Friday, March 17, 2006

This one's for me!

Lately 360 has been cutting us short on Friday nights. Again tonight was only an hour show, but looking on the bright side at least we didn't have to endure the tedious repeated segments.
Since it was a slow night I've got several wardrobe updates to mention. Forgot to blog that AC wore my favorite tie last night, the blue one with tiny dots. Tonight's shirt was striped, and might have been new? Also lots of the Anderfans were mentioning his lack of wear'in the green Friday night, since it was St. Patty's Day. Several suggested he might have been wearing green underoos. Anyone want to volunteer to check that out and get back to me?

And lastly I'm doing this one just for me!
It's an odd place I'm in, stuck between reality and fantasy. Fantasy is so much more fun. So with that in mind here's my sadly fangirlish attempt to show how much Mr.Cooper and I have in common.


Springer Spaniel(Welsh) named Molly / Springer Spaniel(English) named Bailey

wears lots of blue /
I love blue

Ivy League education / could have gone Ivy League, picked Big 10 for better football

caught malaria in Africa /
caught dungue fever in Malaysia

appears on TV /
I watch TV

pale as a newt / pale as a newt

hates hot beverages, never tired coffee / hates hot beverages, never tried coffee
(Anderson's exception is expresso/ my
exception is hot chocolate)

loves shopping at Costco /
Costco whore

Mother named Gloria Vanderbilt / jeans named Gloria Vanderbilt


Unknown said...

Poor Andy has a limited wardrobe budget - yeah right. Wish I had 1/2 of his wardrobe budget. Didn't really care for the shirt - it looked like he just took it out of the package - too new too stiff.

I did like 360 this week though, hope it keeps up the pace from now on.

Sheryn said...

OOHH, I'll check the underoos for ya Phebe!!! (You knew I'd say that though!)

I can't believe it, you are the female Anderson Cooper! Never tried coffee? Wow, that's two people I need to convert!