Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What a pleasant surprise for a Monday night.

screencap courtesy of jld119
Surprise, surprise, surprise. Mr. Cooper joined us for a wonderful 360 tonight. So I guess the vacation watch continues.

Monday night was The Gladd Media Awards ceremony in NYC. Anderson was nominated for 2 awards based on news stories he did for CNN in the last year. It's doubtful he attended since he wasn't the winner in his category. The outstanding TV Journalism Award for a news segment went to Andrew Goldstein ESPN SportsCenter (ESPN). To read more go to GLADD 's website.

I missed Erica Hill tonight, but was happy to see one of my personal favorites, Christi Paul handling the newsdesk. Christi was an anchor in Phoenix and she is a tireless supporter of local charities. In fact, she was back in town on Friday, working with The Florence Crittenton Foundation along with Jane Seymour. The luncheon was attended by 750 people and proceeds go to helping at risk teenage girls.

And just because Anderson loves the cute doggie videos I thought I'd share another. Enjoy.


limetea said...

I thought he was going to be gone this week as well...so imagine my surprise when i switched from the hockey game and there he was!! And i had to agree with him about the woman who claimed she had been posessed four times...Where the heck has she been hanging out??? And are we really supposed to believe that half the people in the US are posessed by demons?? yeah...and bigfoot lives next to me and there are vampires and ghouls living on the street behind me....

Kelsey said...

Fyi: it's "glaad" not "gladd"..

Sorry I'm kind of a spelling and grammar Nazi...*sheepish grin*

Phebe said...

Thank you so much Kelsey, if there is one thing I need it's a spelling Nazi, I'm the worst!
My husband is a grammar and syntex Nazi, that does get on my nerves. (Probably because it's my husband.)