Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Monday's 360

screencap courtesy of bcfraggle
360 last week was long on reruns and short on content. Tonight's 360 was just the opposite. Everything seemed fresh and new. Since Anderson took over the 2 hour block, in November, there have been few shows as good as Monday night's 360. Thank you Anderson Cooper and keep up the good work.
Now to Darfur, which was highlighted in tonight's 'Hiding in Plain Sight' segment. It's been months since 360 mentioned the plight of the people of this incredibly poor African nation. Seems tonight's mention was precipitated by Nicholas Kristoff, New York Times columnist, being awarded a Pulitzer Prize for his continuing coverage of this genocide. That and possibly several people asking why it hasn't been covered in a while on AC's 360 blog today. Whatever prompted the segments, thank you CNN and 360 and please keep it on the front burner.
If you're not familiar with Darfur it is located in the Western Sudan. Since 2003, 180,000 to 300,000 people are estimated to have been slaughtered in the genocide. Those lucky enough to escape to Chad are being threatened again, as the Janjaweed cross the border to continue the carnage. Please take the time to check out any or all of these links and provide whatever support you can to stop this tragedy.

Darfur: A Genocide We Can Stop
Darfur Information Center
A Million Voices Postcard Campaign
Save Darfur
Human Rights Watch: Crisis in Darfur
Human Rights First, H.O.P.E. for Darfur
Physicians for Human Rights in Darfur

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Ellee said...

Thanks Phebe, for putting this out for all to see. We need this in front of us on a consistent basis.
WE have been given so much, and they have so little, it is imperative that we do something to alleviate at least to some extent, this great suffering.
They need our prayers and assistance in any way we can. How can our hearts not be touched by this? God bless those people and their little babies and children.
What a horrible thing---man's inhumanity to man!