Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A New Week

There is a very good chance I'll be without my internet for most of the evening on Monday, which makes it a little difficult to discuss tonight's 360. I've been saving up some interesting items, most not Anderson related, for just an occasion like this. If your ip is working feel free to post you impressions of tonight's show in comments. Thanks and enjoy.

First up are a few signs that need no explaination (mostly because I don't have an explaination).

And these because they are just too cute.

Can't have a post with out some Anderson so here are a few pictures to enjoy.
This one thanks to Xtina.
And this one thanks to Suzanne.


Rachel said...

Those dog flowers are so precious. I love them. Oh yeah I love the Anderson pictures too.
Cute stuff.
Is it just me are was the show last night GREAT!!!!! I am such a news junkie it is sad.

Sheryn said...

Great pics! I love the daisy dogs! And the Open Range one is great!

I thought last nights show was great! Anderson, Peter, Nic, Gerg and Tom Foreman! I was a terrific 2 hours!

Rita said...

Rachel: dont worry I'm 20 and I'm a bigger new junky than my parents at times lol. Last night was great, loved the blue tie! those steely blues just pierce right through ya!