Monday, April 24, 2006


So, most of you reading this now are probably somewhat interested in Anderson Cooper or you wouldn’t be here. (If you clicked the wrong link and are looking for Alice Cooper go here teehee). But I think it’s safe to say we all admire, like, drool over, obsess or generally get a kick out of Mr. Cooper.I guess the question I pose this week is how far can we comfortably go in our “fandom” without crossing the line into whacked out stalker? Let’s take a short quiz before we continue…Answer “yes” or “no” to the following questions:

1- I know Anderson Cooper’s shoe size
2- I know the first and last name of Anderson’s college roommates
3- I know what he had for dinner last night
4- I know what his dog had for dinner last night
5- I know that answer to the boxers or briefs question

If you answered yes to one or more questions you need to sign off and get a life. (Ok, if you answered “yes” to 5 please fee free to email privately ;) )

The point I’m making is when do we, as fans, carry it too far? How much is just curiosity and how much is just plain freaky? Perhaps, I’m not the right person to answer that, but I wonder if we need to respect his privacy a bit more? Knowing information and sharing it publicly are two different things. Also, I have to question all these people popping out of the wood work claiming they know Anderson or that have a friend that’s his mother’s best friends barber. Now, it is certainly plausible that these people could be telling the truth, and quite honestly, none of us can ever know for sure, but what is the point? Sharing private, supposed inside, info about him with the world seems more about boasting and attention seeking than anything else. I have to question it because what kind of a pal blabs stuff about their friend all over the Internet?

With the book signings coming up and the likelihood that many of us may have a chance to meet him it makes me wonder how happy, excited, nervous or downright freaked out he is about meeting his hardcore fans. I’ve concluded lately that, for me, that is the measure of if I have gone too far. Would you say what you write about him to his face? Or would you feel comfortable if he knew who you were and what you posted? That’s the real “yes” or “no” quiz question! What’s your answer?


phebe said...

I'm voting commando. And as always I'll volunteer to do the research! Thanks Lisa, nice job.

Anonymous said...

LOL, phebe!

lisa, very well put. i often wonder about people who seem to "know" so much & have no qualms about sharing. and i wonder about those who seem to spend every second of every day trying to find out everything about him. there is a whole world out there beyond anderson (shocking, i know, but true).

i hope he doesn't freak out too much and suddenly stop the book tour and then implement security-type stuff. that would suck for all of us!

Anonymous said...

I've thought the same thing over the past month or so. Tis is the first time I've ever blogged about anybody before, and at times, I've come across an interior block. Sort of a visceral reaction when I've either written or read something about him. Like, would I want people saying these things about me? I decided that I've gone too far somethimes, and I've placed boundaries on certain things. I've cut back on writing about his body (except his eyes (wobbling) dimples. Those things are easy to write about. But when it comes to the personality...its like trying to see the dark side of the moon. What is the real AC and what is the persona? That's what fascinates me.
Perhaps it is the librarian in me that tries to analyze everything, looking at AC like the subject of a biography being written. And I've gone too far a couple of times. I meant no disrespect, but... I don't know the guy. Who am I to delve that deep?
Honestly, I like the guy, on the inside. Just as much as the outside (wobbling). I have to keep that in mind. I also have to keep in mind, that he is a person like anybody else(with many differences of course, but not in the most important way. He is a human with a heart and a mind deserving of R-E-S-P-E-C-T). I wouldn't want to trespass on that.

Ellee said...

I think we've all gone too far and should just leave the poor guy alone. But will we..........?
Ummmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh,
weeeeeeeeeeeeel..... maybe not.

Rachel said...

Lisa, great post and I have to agree with Phebe on commando. It’s nice to know someone else besides myself thought this. *mind in gutter trying to crawl out*

To answer your question of the day, I will be attending a book signing and HELL NO I would not tell him the things I post. First of all I do not post that much or often and what I do say is just out of fun and I know it will make other Anderfans laugh. To say these things to his face is just plan rude. I have respected this man for years for his passion and work ethic and this is what I WILL say to him as he signs my book with his secret phone number and email address (again I kid but a girl can dream right). I know my heart and fall to my stomach and my knees will buckle when I see him and my 16 year old, teen bopper side will come out, BUT my 32 year old mature self will take over and all will be well. I just hope these crazy, truly obsessed fans do not show up and ruin it for all us and cause Anderson to be jaded.

As for the people that say they “know” him I say Whatever. If by some chance in hell I got to be friends with him I would never have to visit these blogs again, right? Why when I could go right to the source.

Sheryn said...

Well, I wrote this twice now so lets see if it posts this time!

I personally believe that if I knew Anderson Cooper, you would not have met me. What would be the sense? Why would I betray his trust and post intimate details of his life if I were a true friend. And for those who are friend of a friend of a cleaning lady in the next apartment over, please. You no more know about his life than I do!

And about the book signing, can I stand if front of him knowing the stuff I post about him. Hesitantly says yes to that. Have I gone overboard at times? Sadly, yes but never with the intent to harm or embarrass him in anyway. For the most part, I'm pretty proud of our blogs. Usually we are inciteful and sometimes politically driven and we are generally respectful. Is there a little adoration at times? Yup, thats hard not to do.

I do hope that no one ruins the book signing events for him with "craziness." That would be very sad. Hopefully, everyone respectfully admires him during the events. Which by the way I think freaks him out a tiny bit anyway. Could be wrong though, I always am!

feeling guilty said...

This is a subject that I didn't think anyone would cover because I've been asking myself the same thing. It's not likely that I'll have a chance to meet AC (no book signing dates where I am) but if I did, I think I'd feel some guilt over some of the info that I've talked about regarding him and his life (and who's in his life). I love and admire him for his work, but there's that awful part of me that wants to know what's going on in his personal life too. I suppose many people feel this way to some extent about famous people (which is why there are so many gossip magazines and columns and blind items) but I get upset with myself for wanting to know what I shouldn't know at all. I haven't been able to pull myself away from gossip and speculation so I'm sort of relieved I won't ever see him face to face. I don't want to hurt him in any way, but my curiosity won't go away.

Robin said...

I'm pretty much in agreement with everyone. I do hope most of the Anderson sites don't get too over the top with "respect" though. I mean on some boards I've been on just to talk about other people, they wouldn't even post photos if they weren't posed for - invasion of privacy. Whatever, it's boring. On the street - free to be photographed, free for us to drool over! That's my motto! I don't think Anderson would be too upset about the things people post about. Hey, if I were a guy I'd think it was pretty cool, unless someone was outright stalking me!

Which leads me to the book signing...I was just thinking yesterday, I wonder if he'll be coming to do a book signing at the Borders in Portland (Maine)? And I thought, well, I could email him at CNN and ask him to add one on. And then I thought...gee, would he remember my name (pretty easy to do since my last name is Williams), and say "isn't that the woman that wrote me letters about the show about once a week for awhile?". Okay, they weren't stalker letters! Just funny notes really about the show, or thoughts, well, I only wrote about 3. But still I thought, gee, he might go, oh I remember that name, forget a book signing there - she's probably a nut job! Well, just call me Secret Squirrel, she said, dating herself! And I haven't freaked out meeting the few celebs I've been lucky enough to meet, so I don't think I would with him. I did think of what my 10 year old niece said when I took her to an Alan Jackson concert a couple of years ago. She said we'd need drool buckets, then she said forget those - just bring the stretcher! That might be me!

mirrorball said...

Anderson's most likely aware that people are curious about him and talk about his life. It's probably not a big deal for him. And it is pretty boring when some sites want to limit themselves to just discussing his work, as long as you don't go overboard and post hurtful and nasty things about him, a little gossip can be fun, but I also realize that what's not hurtful and nasty to me may be just that for someone else.

Just Passing Thru said...

I don't think the people who know Anderson are the ones who get carried away with info about him or gossiping about supposed info about him. Someone gets a responding email from him ONCE and they carry on as though he's their best friend.

I'm a little perplexed by people who freely say they know this or that about him, but turn their noses up at others who might do the same thing. That kind of thing is somewhere between delusion or hypocrisy. Perhaps it's delusional hypocrisy. "I do it and it's fine, but if YOU do it, well let me put my hand on my hip and wag a disapproving finger at you."

phebe said...

Just passing through,
Odd that you bolded the ONCE. That is exactly how many times I have had a personal response from AC and I can tell you I NEVER would say I am his friend. I am a fan, an admirer, an endorser of his incredible work but a friend, I think not. Not even an acquaintance. As I have stated before, I am not even a blip on Mr. Cooper's radar. And as for the 'delusional hypocrisy', you mentioned, I know there are those who live in that world. I, on the other hand, lean strongly in the other direction. I'll will never meet him, never talk to him, never be his friend and that is ok. I've got a full life and I'm content to admire Anderson Cooper from afar. Thank you for your insights. I believe ATA has accomplished its goal with this particular entry of asking ourselves to examine our personal reality, as it relates to Mr. Cooper.

Purple Tie said...

Just passing through...

I nor has Phebe ever claimed to be Anderson's friend. I have never said I 100% know something about Anderson. I have said I believe or I strongly believe something but I have no hard and fast facts about the man AND if I did I wouldn't post them all over the internet.

My complaint is about people who come out and say they know him (There are several that have) or act like they know him and then proceed to give out "insider" info about him.

Besides, I am not condeming anyone or "wagging my finger" at anyone. I am stating my opinion about what I see. A lot of us have crossed the line or come close but my point to the whole article is that maybe we should ALL (AC friends or not and including MYSELF) should think before we write.

Just Passing Thru Again said...

Hang on a sec! Ladies, when I listed myself as "Just passing thru," that was honest. I've been here maybe three times before and finally decided to post a comment. I don't know you personally. I'm just another Anderson Cooper fan who happened along.

I have obviously stepped on some toes somewhere along the way. I was speaking in general terms and don't know how that was taken personally. I capped one word to emphasize the path my thoughts were taking.

Although I've visited this blog before, I have not read every entry. Therefore, I knew nothing of anyone really receiving "ONE" email from Anderson. I was referring to those people who do get carried away with that kind of thing.

I came back to see what other comments came along and saw the first response specifically directed to me, but anonymous people couldn't post then. Obviously, I stepped into the middle of something.

Sorry. I won't post any future comments. I must have been mistaken about thinking that everybody was free to post a general commentary on the topic at hand. Again, sorry.

Ellee said...

Well, in view of everything that has been said with respect to this R-E-S-P-E-C-T post, maybe the Anderchronicles have gone too far and should just disappear. What do you think? Hopefully people understand they are just fantasy, but are they disrespectful to Anderson and hurtful? Ummmmmmm?

phebe said...

I wish I knew your entire name but I don't so I'll make one up. Ellee May Jones go wash your mouth out with soap! Don't you even think to put yourself in the category with those that write rumors and nasties about Mr. Cooper. You writing is sweet, touching and full of love and respect. We love you and live for Sunday when we learn how our heroine will annoy, anoint and/or endear herself to the fictional Mr. Cooper. Please don't stop!

Purple Tie said...

Passing through...

Sorry if I took your post the wrong way. As we all know it's hard to tell what people's tones are when they are writting as apposed to speaking.

This commentary wasn't about your writing. I think everyone loves it and you've never crossed the line with that. You can't stop now!! :)

I think my point was that it's up to each of us to know what the line is but we should all respect him when we do talk about him. That's all.

Sheryn said...

Elle, don't you dare stop writing! We all love your stories!

Athenais said...

Hey Athenais here.
I'm surprised Ellee. I don't think you crossed any lines. Sure it's all fantastical, but not rude or disrespectful.
I read your christmas snowfall story and in one instant went from AWW to cracking up. When your tongues froze together, I couldn't stop laughing. You keep up the good work. Now, the second you start going all "pulp romance" on me (He raked his manly calloused hands across her milky, silken flesh)then I'll be moving on.

Ellee said...

Uh...oh Athenais, I think you'll be moving on with the current episode,"Planting My Little Christmas Secret" Sorry, see ya around. It was nice knowin' ya.