Tuesday, July 18, 2006

CNN's Newsmen

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What is wrong with me? I think I've officially crossed that invisible line between sanity and nut job. I am developing these very unreasonable crushes on CNN newsmen. I've recently added John Vause and Nic Robertson to my list. As I've said before, I'm a news junkie, but where is it written that this malady has to translate into fangirl crushes? I'm more than puzzled by the phenomenon. My friends all have the normal crushes, George Clooney, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Patrick Dempsey, etc. Oh Patrick Dempsey, I guess I have that one too. My dream would be Patrick reporting the news on CNN, or Anderson Cooper in shades posing like this.
photo from Justjared.com

On to more important matters. I really appreciate CNN's efforts (especially Anderson and crew) to keep us updated on where they are and that the team is safe. If you haven't checked out the 360 blog today, do so when you have a minute. It's interesting reading and it makes me feel that I'm not the only news junkie obsessed with Anderson and 360.
I am confused about Anderson's inability to get into Lebanon. I was recently reminded that Anderson mentioned, in an article, that he has two passports. Usually, two are issued so that you can travel between Arab countries and Israel or other countries that don't recognize each other. Maybe AC just needed to go to neutral Cypress before entering another warring country using his second passport? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering about the passport thing. But I asked my mom and she told me that lots of people have 2. In particular military people, journalists, embassy, etc. always have a diplomatic passport and a regular one. She said my dad had 2 - he was military. Who knew?? I also read that perhaps they couldn't get to Lebanon because both sides are watching who they let in & out of the country to control the flow of information. Hmmm.

Jennifer said...

Here is what I've found about Lebanon and his need for multiple passports...

From David Dossm "360" Exec. Producer:
Anderson and his team were barred from entering Lebanon over the weekend because -- we are guessing -- we had already been broadcasting from Israel and suspicions about "who is reporting what about whom" tend to arise.

From an interview with Anderson:
Wherever I am I have to have a passport: in my office, in my apartment. I'm not running an international identity scam — you can have a second passport. I'm a pretty low-maintenance traveler. I bring a little home-video camera, and I've got some MREs [meals ready to eat]. I could probably live off the stuff in my office for a good week.

Krysti said...

Hi, My name is kristy, I have been reading your blogg for a while now and i have to say that you keep it very interesting. I have to admit i am a news junkie as well and agree with all of your news crushies. My friends all think i am weird. but who wants to be normal. Hope you dont mind if i stop by from time to time.

Phebe said...

Hi Krysti and welcome. I look forward to your comments in the future.

Jenn C said...


I too have developed quite a crush on Nic. It really started back in 2001. In Sept I was in Europe and the only TV news channel I could understand CNN International.

Also, regarding having two passports, it actually can get confusing having two. I have to remember which country I entered and/or left with before coming/going. Some places, Germany in particular will look for entries with no exits and vice versa.

Cyn said...

Phebe, you're not alone in your Newsmen crushes... I started watching just for Anderson and then was smitten by Michael Ware...

And have you seen the CNN podcast where Nic Robertson is at one point lying on a bed shirtless? Gotta say, I'm looking at him in a whole new light these days... (It's the "All Access/Backstage Pass" clip of 6/15, mostly about his trip to Darfur. He also did the 7/6 podcast, but kept his shirt on for that one.)

These guys are crazy, but we're so lucky they do their jobs so well.

Anonymous said...

I am developing these very unreasonable crushes on CNN newsmen. I've recently added John Vause and Nic Robertson to my list


Sorry, but I'm just..I'm just...WOW
*tries to shake that image off*
It's not good when the ugly people start looking good. Maybe Your suffering from some form of Stockholm Syndrome and your trying to make them look like Anderson in your mind for when you get lonely. You know, the gray haired men looking a little like Anderson...in the hair...

And for that matter, is Lou Dobbs sexy?

About as Sexy as me getting a root canal without painkillers.