Sunday, July 30, 2006

Rumors... Fact or Fiction or Lies?

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I've been hanging out for more than a year now on different Anderson sites, some serious, some funny and some fangirlie. After being around this long I've come to see that the number of rumors about Anderson seem to ebb and flow depending on what's going on in his life and in the world.

The question is... what to believe? My personal opinion is that probably about 95% of what is posted about him by people on the internet is probably a lie or some version of a small truth. Now, we all know the one obvious rumor and I'm not disputing that, but it's the other stuff like, "I saw him at McDonald's sharing a McFlurry with Elton John." or "He was seen with a pack of monkeys raiding the bananas at the local Safeway." or even "He spent last years paychecks on the Elephant man's bones." Ok, so those may not be THE EXACT rumors we're all reading but we all know the ones... Who's he with this week? Who's that person with him walking down Lexington? Does he live with such and such? Did such and such move to Timbuktu and leave Anderson behind? I'm not going to preach and say that we all shouldn't be talking about that stuff or reading it because frankly, we all do. The big thing in my mind is what do we believe? What is a FACT and what is a LIE? It's hard to tell sometimes. People make is so convincing with the details in their little stories that we all want to believe it's true. We all want to know what the real Anderson is like so I think we all buy into these rumors and believe they are true. One sentence on a blog or on a fan site does not make something true. What is it about seeing something in print that makes us all want to believe it's got to be the truth?

I used to belong to a fan forum for a group and being an admin and mod there I saw a lot of things that the average member didn't see. People would come on the forum and say they knew this and knew that or that they went to school with this person. But we could see they were lying because of where they were posting from. I came to see over the years that the VAST majority of these rumors turned out to be wrong and that a lot of these people claiming to know someone famous are full of it. Now, I have no proof whether everything claimed about Anderson is right or wrong but common sense tells me that most is wrong. At times, the rumors and the "I know Anderson's brother's uncle's housekeeper and he said..." stuff gets to be so disrespectful of someone we all claim to admire. This is after all a REAL person, not just a picture in a magazine or an image on TV. It's a person with a real mind, and a real heart.

It's up to each person to believe what they want to believe about someone. I certainly love reading jossip and gawker etc but I think it's best taken with a grain of salt. For me, I assume it's all lies until I see that it isn't. I always remember how our judicial system works.... innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.

Thanks to BcFraggle for the cap. (You rock!)


Rita said...

Very very true, couldn't have said it better myself.

QuotidianEditorialist said...

Thank You! You have said here what I have felt so many times. That is why I love this blog. No one dishing junk about someone whom I find to be an amazingly intelligent and caring REAL person. I so agree with your statement that is is disrespectful of Anderson and the great guy that he is to dish a bunch of crazy rumors. There are so many people that just want to bring him down, it makes me ill. So kudos to you and keep up this fantastic site. I am sure that Anderson would be proud of how you run this site and the info that you pit on it. Please continue to treat Anderson with the sincere admiration and dignity. He deserves it.

Krysti said...

Amen, that is so true. My dad was a producer/director, so I grew up in the entertainment world and it's absolutly true that most of what you read in magazines or on the internet is false. Thanks for the reminder, it's easy to get cought up in what your reading.In fact this is one of the only site that I bother to read about him. I find that here he is discussed and not gossiped about.

Anonymous said...


i always wonder about those who claim to know him who post stuff about him. if they really did know him, why risk the friendship because of stuff you decide to share online? and why on earth would you share that info if you really were his friend? is it for the attention??

Jennifer said...

Purple Tie, I'm thankful for your thoughtful post here. So much stuff has been posted on blogs and sites by the people that you describe. I find it disturbing to hear about city employees that search the records of individuals like AC and then boast about it. I appreciate the way this blog is run with moderated comments.

Unknown said...

Thanks guys. I want to make it clear that I'm not trying to dis any other blog or website, because most of them are great. It's just my opinion as a whole in this online community.

Rachel said...

Hey Purple Tie,
Thank you for your post. I agree and is why I started my blog. Just want to celebrate his work. How really care about the personal stuff. It's personal and non of our business. Right!!!

Karen said...

I've been reading your blog off and on for awhile and have decided to come out of lurking to say that what you've said is right on. It was refreshing to see that someone else had the same thoughts as I do when it comes to rumors or speculation. I have to adnit that when I started to look for a place to possibly discuss or share thoughts about Anderson and his work I was a bit surprised at all of the time devoted to dicussing some of the personal aspects of his life.

bonophile said...

Been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now and wanted to chime in to say Thank You for this post. (I've also been posting over at ACE as "courtney," btw)

I can't claim a long-standing fanship of AC; I've been aware of him for a while but only got really curious about him around three weeks ago--so I immediately went to Google to see what I could find out. And was immediately overwhelmed by the mass of rumors and innuendo I found about AC's private life and relationships. It's amazing what people are willing to write online. Everything you said in your post, I agree with.

I've been a fan of the band U2 for a long time and a member of many of their fan websites. The same thing happens on those sites--people post rumors about Bono and the rest of the band, people claim to know the band and make the most salacious comments I've ever read about them, and most of it is people wanting and/or needing attention.

The power of celebrity is amazing.

Thanks again!

Unknown said...

Bonophile! Woo I'm a HUGE U2! What's amazing to me, is that with U2 people, in general, seem to be a bit more respectful of them. I've noticed you don't see quite as much rumor and gossip surrounding them. Some, but not to the extent of Anderson. Maybe it's partly to do with him not being so open about his private life. U2 talks about their SO's.

Anyway, nice to meet another U2/Anderson fanatic!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your topic today. It seems that many blogs lately are getting to be all about Anderson's personal life. It's refreshing to read about his work, which was one of the main things that brings us all together, (well, that and he's easy on the eyes...)

Thanks again!

Karen said...

Count me in for being a U2 fan as well!