Friday, July 14, 2006

Taking it to the Nth......October 6, 2004

Tonight we heard from Larry King that Anderson is on his way to yet another combat zone. I look forward to 'field Anderson' but worry about the danger he faces. For tonight lets look back to one of Anderson's old Nth degrees.

Sorry I can't credit this fan picture, taken in Los Angeles during the recent Mexican immigration protest march. I believe it came from Anderson Cooper Effects.

Anderson Cooper: "Finally tonight, taking crowd control to "The Nth Degree." We admit it. Doing the program like we did last night in Cleveland with a live audience is kind of fun.

Certainly being buffeted by the gail force winds of supporters of Bush or Kerry is tough, but hey, we'll take it over the winds of the hurricane force winds of Frances, Ivan or Charley any day. Which is not to say it's without danger. A few dozen rowdy supporters armed with signs can be just as danger as any category 4 storm.

First, there are the big trees. See this guy behind me? He doesn't have just one sign, he's got a half dozen, totally overwhelming the lone Kerry sign in this case.

Then you've got the "Hi Mom" sign and just about every other sign known to man, including "The Lou Dobbs For President" sign.

Can we outsmart the signers by doing a close-up shot? No way. The poor lady behind me is practically coldcocked by signers trying to get their message across. And a guy with a button. Talking about being outgunned.

But the best move we have to say was the guy with the dog. He clearly knew what suckers we are for animals. Let's just hope the next time someone doesn't bring an alligator or something."

If you're missing Anderson and a Nth degree isn't enough here's a little Anderson video for your enjoyment. If you wonder what Anderson looks for in a date here he is working on his application for along with Arthel Neville.


Lexy said...

I always miss AC's "Nth degree" segements, so thanks for sharing!!

Can anyone view the video? My computer has been saying "loading" for the past 10 minutes...

Jennifer said...

@ Phebe....I think you got posted on the "360" blog! Cool.

Jennifer said...

@ lexy...I can't get it to load either.

Phebe said...

It's working for me and at this point has had 491 views, so I'm not sure what to tell you. Are you using Internet Explorer? Sometimes, for me, that helps. I can't watch youtube on Mozilla FireFox. Here's the direct link, it might help.

Sheryn said...

Worked for me, Phebe!

Jennifer said...

Oh well, I'm on a Mac so that may have something to do with it. Thanks! I'll try again later.

Unknown said...

I can't see it either. :/ I'll try the direct link.