Friday, August 25, 2006

Thursday Night

It was a wonderful two hour 360 tonight. I've developed a new viewing strategy that has made 360 even more enjoyable. My strategy won't please CNN, but I find if I don't watch TSR, LKL, et all then I enjoy 360 much, much more. Why? If you notice AC almost always replays part of LKL, reports that have aired on TSR, etc. but if I haven't watched it earlier, then it's all new to me.

I've been reading lots of buzz in the last few days saying Anderson is rescheduling the 92nd St Y appearance. Originally he was to be with Charlie Rose, at the Y, on the 7th of September. The latest word is that he is rescheduling it for the 5th because he's leaving to go out of the country on the 6th. If you have tickets best to give the Y a call and confirm this information. Now onto the speculation. Where would Mr. Cooper be heading to? And doesn't he know it's hurricane season and we might need him here in the good ole USA? Guesses anyone? I'm thinking Africa and praying it's not Iraq. Those reports tonight about Jill Carroll's ordeal and the Fox newsmen scared the hell out of me.


Grace said...

I'm guessing he's headed either tfo Iraq or Africa, but couldn't he wait until Oct when the elections are in the Congo. If I see him down in NOLA I'll ask.

Purple Tie said...

Here's my guess and people aren't gonna like it... I think he's going on vacation again. He's missed a lot of his vacation this year. (Just a thought. Don't throw tomatoes!)

Also, your new viewing stragedy is the way I've been doing it. It makes 360 so much better :)

phebe said...

Purple Tie, I should have credited you for the new viewing strategy. It was definitely your brilliant idea and it works.

Purple Tie said...

Ahhhh, my brilliant idea. I LOVE it when people say that! mwhahahaha

Anonymous said...

I too have changed my viewing strategy. We were getting saturated w/ info that was then repeated on 360. I think we have all wizened up. It should give CNN something to think about, though. mzh

Laura said...

Good strategy!

I myself don't watch LKL before Anderson because of the similarities. I like to watch Glenn Beck and Nancy Grace before Anderson comes on.

I hope he goes on vacation. He needs one, 29 days or so in Israel probably sucks the life out of you, even after getting back to normal.