Friday, December 22, 2006

1st Annual ATA Staff Christmas Party

Sheryn, Purple Tie and I were having a 3 way tonight when AC came on the screen. What? We were on the phone, what did you think I meant? Sheryn started squeeing, and I honestly thought she would hyperventilate. She and PT teased me, saying the only reason he's on tonight is to make me look bad. I honestly don't care the reason, just that he gave us one of the best 360's in 14 months.

And in case anyone knows Mr. Cooper personally, please tell him this is a Sit and Spin, although I don't think it's exactly what Rosie was referring to.

Now on to the other big news of the day. I must apologize to those of you who have contributed to the ATA blog and were not invited to the Staff Christmas Party. Funds were limited and we had to cut back somewhere. Maybe when we get our big break and pick up that million dollar endorsement deal we'll be able to invite you all next year!

The first annual All Things Anderson Staff Christmas party was today. I had no idea that these ladies could let their hair down like they did. Since I seem to be the only one left to blog I'll try to fill you in on some of the activities.

It was a very small group, just myself, PT, Quitty and our newest member Ms. Sheryn. Did you notice that Ms. Sheryn didn't blog today? Can you guess the reason? One word......martini. For those of you who are curious as to what Ms. Sheryn looks like I did manage to snap a photo of her at the shindig.

As for Ms. Quitman, I am to blame that there is no photo of her to include in today's blog. Memo to self: hiring the Anderson Cooper look-alike to serve drinks was a big mistake. Last I saw of Quitty she had taken the look-alike, a tray of appetizers and a bottle of Cristal and headed for the hills.

Purple Tie on the other hand seemed to hold her liquor quite well. She did seem a little tired and crawled up on the table to take a nap at one point.

And Santa seemed to really enjoy himself. But that is a story is for another day.

So as you can imagine, I'm exhausted from trying to keep make order out of chaos. And I was a bit annoyed that everyone left as soon as all the libations were gone. Well they did leave me with a great bottle of red which I enjoyed with a late arrival.
Merry Christmas everyone!


Sheryn said...

Wow, my shoes did look good in that pic! Thanks for the great pary, but I have to tell you, my head really hurts!!!

HEY! You got me drunk so you didn't have to share the late arrival with anyone! NO FAIR! ;)

Poor PT, where on earth did she put her AC360 bra and panty set? And that Ms. Quitty, who knew!!!

Psst, Ms. Phebe, I'm gonna blog the images that webcam took of you! Thanks for the great party!

Unknown said...

Oh Lordy... How did I get on the picnic table? LOL I'm laughing way to hard right now.

By the way, I LOVED the show tonight, as I'm sure everyone else did. Good stuff. And it looks like I got my first wish for Anderclaus. Ah, wishes do come true. LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the screencaps, I'm usually a lurker but I have to tell you I really enjoyed the show tonight. I think Anderson was definitely enjoying himself - what a funny guy! Hope he does this more often.


Anonymous said...

Tonight's show - Words can't describe. The best I have seen.

During the entire Donald/Rosie bit, I was literally belly-laughing - it was loud.

Oh thank you Anderson, sooo much. Tonight was absolute AC perfection.

We keep anticipating vacation- and he keeps surprising us!

Anonymous said...

On the other post here someone mentioned that 360s producer David Doss is on vacation which may be why AC was able to display so much of his humor. Thursday night's show was hysterical! Hopefully, David Doss will see that Anderson's fans REALLY love his snarkiness and silly side and that there's no harm in him sneaking it in every now and then.

The ATA party was pretty wild from the looks of those photos. And here I thought you all were a bunch of nice, straight-laced women. ;)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post and pictures Phebe, I'll be awake all night laughing!

Anonymous said...

You gals are a hoot! Who knew that you were such party animals! Sheryn, those are spiffy looking heels hanging over the side of the tub! Quitman, hope everything went safely! And I see PT had on her safety belt! LOL! Phebe, don't hold back on your webcam cause I want a 360 view of all the angles! LOL! You girls have given me a good laugh this early am! I want to be in on next year's throw down! Seriously though, 360 has been at its tops these past 2 weeks. Made me realize how much I had missed that old snark. And a Merry Christmas to ya'll back!

Anonymous said...

omg! y'all are too damn funny!! looks like you had a fantastic time ;)

i was so convinced that he wouldn't be on that i was actually cleaning the bathroom. i decided to check, and was just in time to catch the rosie/donald segment. he had so much fun with that!

Anonymous said...

Never saw any of the old 360's so this was an absolute treat for me. I am so thankful for Tivo!!! I will rewind over and over again.

American Tomboy said...

Fantastic show, fantastic post and hysterical pictures - you ladies know how to party!!! I was so happy to see him check in with Larry King and he was in top form. I'm glad I DVR'd the show because I can't get enough of that Donald/Rosie bit. I mean, I can't stand either one of them and they're acting like total, well, I want to be polite - I just like Anderson's take on it all because it's how most people feel. That he eats microwave popcorn, Snickers(I think), AND Twizlers(my fave) is too much for me to handle. I made my husband watch it and he got a kick out of it too. He thinks he's pretty funny. I think he's pretty and really funny! When I woke up this morning I felt hung-over - maybe I was subliminally and subconciously at the ATA Christmas Party - but my husband blamed it on me staying up to watch my "heartthrob" - now, who says "heartthrob" anymore, I ask you?! Anyway, totally enjoyed the show - it had everything and yet left you wanting more!

Take care one and all.

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures from last nights show. Donald vs. Rosie, it was the funniest segment I have seem Anderson do. Especially when he kept on eating and drinking throughout the segment. It was awful nice of Anderson sticking up for Kelly on the show. No wonder she is such big fan of his.

I also love when he had the legal expert (Jeff & Lisa) on discussing the merit of Donald's lawsuit. No one can keep a straight face throughout the discussion.

I love this blog and all the picture you ladies captured. It always brighten up my morning when I read the blog. Keep up the good work, and have a wonderful holiday.

Anonymous said...

What the heck did you ladies do to poor Santa? Never mind..don't think I really want to know ;)

lori said...

It just figures. I miss both the ATA staff party and the best 360 in a long time. *#&$#(*& FLU!

As for our little hottie, Sheryn, even passed out in the bathtub you are very sexy. How did you manage to dance in those?

Quitty, hopefully you didn't end up horizontal in a patch of poison ivy. Next year, phebe, let me bartend. I had the bourbon packed and ready to go.

At least PT had the good sense to keep her panties on. We've seen far too many 'bits and pieces" lately!

Now phebe, what did you do with DH when the late arrival, well, arrived? ;)

Anonymous said...

This has to be the funniest blog post ever! The sit and spin was so funny. Our AC is clueless on toys and parenting issues. It's all about our life experiences you know. I was talking to the TV saying, "Hey, we just gave our sit and spin to Goodwill last Christmas! It's a toy, Anderson!"

The photos were funny too especially Santa and the woman on the picnic table. Where do you get these photos from?

Best wishes for all things bright and beautiful this holiday season!

Melanie said...

SO funny!!

I'm so mad because I wasn't home to watch the show Wednesday night and the Tivo didn't pick it up since AC360 wasn't listed at 10pm. Ugh!

I'm going to go watch last night's episode now.

Anonymous said...

Phoebe, You are a HOOT!

Thanks for sharing your exceptional writting skills :)

Have an awesome Merry Christmas and an AWESOMER New Year!


sydney said...

OK, my 2 cents worth about the whole Rosie/Donald thing:

First of all, I'm no fan of either one of them, but I'm definitely on Rosie's side in this thing. Why? Because first and foremost, Rosie is a comedienne (although she hasn't been all that funny the last few years, but that's another story). She was simply lampooning Donald's image because, let's face it, the man has become a caricature of himself. I thought what she said was mildly amusing, and she made a good point about him being Miss USA's "moral compass".

"The Donald", on the other hand, obviously has no sense of humor about himself (which, considering his hair, seems contradictory). He took the whole matter way too seriously, and came after Rosie with nasty, crude, personal attacks that have nothing to do with anything. And how many times do we have to listen to him say he's worth "many billions of dollars"?

Unless the whole thing is a publicity stunt and the two are in cahoots. I'll let the conspiracy theorist handle that one.

Quitty said...

Sorry I'm so late posting today. I've been hugging the porcelain god all morning. I'm not telling what happened after I left the party (because I don't remember).

Sheryn, are you sure you can post the images of Phebe? Aren't they NSFATA? I think she was the wildest one last night, especially when she tried to mimic that pic of Anderson hanging from the chandelier.

Thursday night's show was beyond fabulous. I was just excited to see him in his Christmas tie but the show was awesome. Maybe Purple Tie's wish of more snark is already coming true.

Also, didn't his mom teach him to not talk with his mouth full?

Anonymous said...

@Quitty GMTA I too was yelling at the screen about talking with his mouth full. I've watched that clip three times already this morning and just can't get enough of the return of snarky Anderson - but enough already with the Rosie/the Donald feud 360 we get it.

Have a great Holiday ya'll

Anonymous said...


You are so right about "The Donald" and his billions. Who cares? How many times do you have to tell people you are worth billions and yes, I am on the front cover of Fortune magazine! People that have class never tell each other how rich they are.

I think Kelly Ripa handled Rosie lovely. She called into the show, she told her how she felt and that was it. I didn't see Kelly on her soapbox on every other TV show. Kelly is a real class act! Well, of course I like her because she likes our AC too.

I have to ask, "Do you think our AC will ever go on The View?" I have to tell you, if I was invited, I would say, "NO!" Just MHO of the situation. If I was AC's agent, I would decline with something like this, "Thank you so very much for inviting Anderson to the show; however, on that day and he has adviced me he will be in Siberia and unable to commit to the show. You know he is doing a documentary." I think they would get the point.

xtina said...

HA HA ! I can hear my mom now "Don't talk with your mouth full!"

p.s. Tomato juice is a remedy for hangovers, ladies... !

Unknown said...

Ick! No Tomato juice for me... lol but I did try the "drink more alcohol through a hang over" trick. My head is still spinning. But on a good note, I've finally finished my X-mas shopping!

Pemberly said...

This blog was as funny as last night's 360. Both were great. I hope the snark continues in 2007.

Thanks to all of you at ATA who work so hard to entertain us. You are truly appreciated. I hope the real Santa (not the guy in your picture!) rewards you for your efforts on Monday.

Anonymous said...

If you are being forced to cover Miss USA and/or Trump v. Rosie as your top story, what better way to do it than snidely? But I was wondering where the gummy bears were?

Araceli Elle said...

man, i missed 360 last night! my love for local cover bands took control and i went out. but those caps are HILARIOUS!! what was that! i can't believe i missed it.

lol it looks like you guys had a great party! thanks for sharing the pics!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if any of you guys had the clip of the snarky Anderson eating popcorn and could upload it. Unfortunately I wasnt able to record it and I am dying to watch it again! Please...

Anonymous said...

Please, another request for someone to please upload the clips from last nights show so we can watch them again and again and again!



Anonymous said...

If you subscribe to cnn pipeline, the 'Anderson eating' video is on there. Enter his name in video search box in upper right corner.

Anonymous said...

Oh Phebe! Maybe, just maybe, I was wrong about the ahh-hemmm-- more serious note stuff. LOL
Merry Christmas and DO take it easy you gals. No more . . . ummmm . . .parties! Until next year.

sydney said...

He was just too cute last night. Probably because it'll be the last time we'll see him until New Year's, I fear.

That, and Rachel's video in the next post gives us some pretty visions to dance in our heads for Christmas! :-)

ACAnderFan said...

I thought the show was hilarious. I LOVED seeing Anderson with the popcorn, and soda, and was the funniest thing I've seen in a while.

Anonymous said...

merry christmas! thanks for posting up those caps from that episode, snarky Anderson with all the snacks was just hilarious! i just wished i had taped the episode!

anyways, i hope you guys don't mind that i used those caps to make a few icons...i made sure i gave credit to where they came from and such :) : icons

Francoise Esquivel said...

hi there! I would like to ask where to get the video of the AC360 episode where Anderson Cooper was discussing about the Rosie-Trump Feud? The one with popcorn-and-coke-and-candy thing? Please?