Sunday, December 10, 2006

60 minutes

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Tonight was Anderson's first appearance on 60 minutes. He lead the show with his story on Joe Darby, the Abu Ghraib whistleblower. I really saw his style adapt more to the 60 minutes format with the way he conducted his interviews and the tone and pace of the story. For his first time out it seemed like he did a great job!

Watching the story was upsetting to me because I kept thinking how ignorant and careless some people can be. In my mind, what is supposed to make us better than the enemy is the way we treat people. We follow the Geneva convention even when they don't. We allow people their rights when they would not extent the same to us. That, to me, is what American is about and has always been about. The military is out there on the front lines protecting our rights and freedoms and I hope that they would respect others rights and freedoms... they should be the first to do so, in my opinion. But when other people are treated less than human by the people that are fighting so hard for us it is sickening. What does it say about some of the people in the country that they would threaten or look down upon someone like Joe Darby? This man did what was right and that is the mark of a REAL American, not the "soldiers" that treated the enemy in the way they did at Abu Ghraib. That showed no respect for the prisoners or for themselves as captors. That's not to say that some of the prisoners weren't horrible or didn't want to harm us but I still think, we as Americans, should act with dignity and hold our heads up high. Unfortunately, these soldiers did not.

I respect people in the military because I think they basically have a thankless job. They put their lives on the line for the rest of us and that is more than most would do. It's sad that a few people had to make the rest of the military look so bad. Someone like Joe Darby should be thanked for what he did. If he hadn't who knows what could have happened. Anyone capable of doing what was done to the prisoners is capable of doing worse and to who next?

I'm looking forward to more great stories from Anderson on 60 minutes. Nice to see a story from him that made us all think and hopefully react to! For more info about the story and some clips go to CBS. Here are a few more caps of the show, Thanks to Phebe.

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sfacfan said...

While I really enjoyed his piece on 60 Minutes, and thought it was well done, I was left wondering why they didn't interview anyone from his hometown to find out the "real" story behind them not wanting him to move back there. To me, simply saying "he's a whistle blower" wasn't enough. Just my opinion and other than that it was great!

cactuskid said...

Great post and caps, PT and Phebe. That was a great interview Anderson did last night.I believe Joe did the admirable thing and was very brave doing so. It's sad that some thought he "ratted" on them when he was only trying to correct a wrong. Can't believe Rumsfield spoke publicly of Joe being the one who reported all of this! He certainly wasn't thinking about Joe's safety issues!

sydney said...

I thought Anderson did a great job, and I'm glad this story got told. I guess the thing that surprises me most is how the man's friends and family have turned against him. I can understand the people in his unit being that way, with the military's attitude of esprit de corps, but the people he grew up with? That's just outrageous.

Van said...

Great job by Anderson and the 60 Minutes crew. Joe is an american hero, to do the right thing. I think that it's a shame people's reaction back home. There is no excuse for what happened ... and it took courage for him to blow the whistle. I'm glad AC filed this important report.

phebe said...

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard Rummy say the Sergeant's name before Congress. What a dumb shit, excuse my French.
It was a great debut for AC and I'm looking forward to many more.

Van said...

I can't stand RUMMY - can't stand him - but I think the reason the Fool used the man's name was because Rummy was under so much pressure and he wanted the public to know that NOT all the soldiers over there were involved in the
criminal activity - and he just foolishly blurted it out ...But he did put him in danger.

lori said...

I thought Anderson did a fine job. There is quite a debate going on in the comments about this story at

Purple Tie said...

Hey Sfacfan, glad to see you back. I think AC did talk to someone from his hometown. I can't recall his name but he was vetern, I believe. But I agree maybe he would have been interesting to hear from an unhappy family member or friend. Perhaps none of them wanted to talk in public because they know their opinion is stupid? :/

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to share this little find with everyone. It's just a little page on the CNN website I came across this morning about Anderson's reports this week.


American Tomboy said...

I also enjoyed Anderson's debut on 60 minutes. I wonder how many stories he needs to do before he is allowed to say his name in the opening? I read an article that said that Anderson does all the work on the pieces on weekends and during vacation time. "I don't really take vacations anyway, so it hasn't been too bad," he said. Man, this guy is a hard worker. It means he really loves what he's doing. The pieces that air on 60 minutes will also air on 360 - which is cool in case you miss one on Sunday night.

Van said...

Purple Tie, there you go, hitting the nail on the head! I concur!

BookAsylum said...

Great post PT!

Rumsfield doesn't do anything accidentally. I'm probably more cynical than most but he's been around too long NOT to know what would happen to Darby.

Pixie Gresh said...

@sfacfab, the guy explaining that it wasn't safe for him to come home was (I think) the recruiter in his home town. If they are all as narrow-minded as him, it is better that Joe find another place to live.

I think Rumsfeld said his name because he was pissed that it came out. I think much of humiliation was done with his knowledge. He had to know by mentioning Joe's name would accomplish two things. 1) It would make him a marked man, and 2) the military would have to send him back to the US for his own safety. That gets him out of the way so the prisoner abuse could continue.

Anderson did a great job. He seemed more relaxed than he does when he is interviewing someone on his own show. He repeated Joe's answers back to him, laughed where appropriate, etc. He looked amazing and very professional.

I love to see Anderson in so many different situations.

xtina said...

Colin Engelbach, the VFW Post Commander in Mr. Darby's hometown was the dissenter. But I got the impression that many people in the VFW and Darby's hometown were against him. You're right, it's noticable that no one but Engelbach got on camera against Mr. Darby.

Pixie Gresh said...

I'm unable to vote. I will try again when I get home.

What a difficult choice, I like them all for different reasons. You guys are so talented!

Anonymous said...

I really really enjoyed "60 Minutes" and thought it was a great collaboration on both CNN and CBS's parts to do the segments. I was grinding my teeth at the TV when people considered Joe a traitor for doing the right thing. It was a very compelling story.

I like the simplicity of 60 Minutes and think that Anderson would be a great addition to the team....hint hint.

He seems to like his job enough to continue with 360 simultaneously.

Anonymous said...

This doesn't have to do with the current topic, but I really wanted to order one of the Andy Blankies that Kelly Ripa had on Regis and Kelly on Friday. I tryed to order it today and THEY ARE ALL SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



a.t.f. said...

It amazes me how people who step forward as whistleblowers in an effort to do the right thing, and bring things to light that most likely would never be addressed by the "powers that be", end up scapegoated and ostracized.

xtina said...

Putting aside for sec. whether or not Darby was right or wrong, there's a piece missing to this puzzle. Why in the world would someone who wants to live under the radar go on "60 Minutes"? What purpose did Mr Darby's appearance have? Did anyone here know the name Joe Darby before Sunday? What are he and his wife really asking for by "coming out" on TV ?

Anonymous said...

TVNewser has the AC video links up.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised people are buying the AC360 blankets! I didn't think those products would be big sellers outside of Anderfandom.