Thursday, March 22, 2007

We Have Answers!

We received John Roberts answers to your questions today and I'm please to tell you he answered every question that was submitted to him. That's a lot of questions, so we will be dividing them up and posting over the next week or so. Enjoy and a big thank you to JR!

From Book Asylum:
Does the proliferation of blogs make your job as a journalist easier, harder, or no impact?
Blogs have actually given more ‘flavor’ to my reporting. They are really a terrific way to find out what people are thinking. I scan a number of blogs every day – particularly conservative blogs. The media is frequently criticized for a liberal bias. Reading conservative blogs and listening to radio programs like the Laura Ingraham show helps me to understand what they’re looking for in terms of coverage.
From A Viewer in Virginia:
How did you end up at CNN? Did you approach them or did they approach you about a job?(Please tell him that he adds much journalistic credibility to CNN.)

Hey, thanks very much for your kind words – CNN really is a terrific place to work. I was the White House Correspondent at CBS before coming here. One day, I ran into CNN President Jon Klein at the White House. He and I had worked together a decade before at CBS. We got together for lunch and started talking about the future. I’d been at CBS for nearly 15 years, it was time for a change and CNN had a great opportunity for me to cover many of the subjects that I love – politics, world affairs, the military. It was a perfect fit – so here I am.
From Cindy:
I really enjoy your work on CNN, on AC360, and your special reports. I've seen you in many places around the world. I would like to know out of all the places that you have been what is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you while you were out in the field?
I think the most frightening thing was in Belgrade, during the Kosovo war. I was at the Chinese embassy the night it was bombed. The typical NATO pattern had been to bomb a target, then come back about an hour later and bomb it again. My crew and I had been at the embassy for about an hour, when suddenly we heard the telltale sound of another bomb coming in. It’s a weird ‘ripping’ sound that’s almost like fabric being torn. We all thought we were dead. But the bomb hit a hotel just down the street. It did almost kill a friend of mine from another network, who had just driven into the hotel’s driveway.
From Lori in Chapel Hill:
What a time to be a White House correspondent -- between Clinton, the 2000 election and the Bush administration. As a reporter, was the transition between administrations difficult? You certainly had lots to report on! Anything about your years in the White House that you wish to share as your most memorable?
There are so many great stories, I don’t know where to begin. There was elephant polo on a Clinton trip in India – bungee jumping in New Zealand – Pisco sours in Peru…..
As far as stories go – the trips to Russia were amazing – as was President Bush’s first meeting with Putin in Slovenia. I think the most memorable though, had to be 9-11. But here’s the rub. I was supposed to be the pool correspondent on Air Force 1 that day, but skipped the trip to Sarasota because of a story I had to do in DC the day before.
The transitions can be a challenge. I had been covering Gore and had to quickly learn all of the people in the Bush camp – without the benefit of having been with them on the campaign.
From Xtina:
What is your opinion of the line being blurred between giving news and giving opinion; and if the "opinion news" shows such as Beck, Olbermann, O'Reilly, Daily Show... are a positive influence on teenagers or could these shows be harmful in them forming their own critical thinking of world issues.

I think opinion is good, though I prefer observation. One thing I think the growth of opinion shows has done is allow traditional journalists to speak their minds a little more. Katrina helped change that. We were allowed to express a little outrage during that story - and I think it’s a good think.
As I pointed out way back at the beginning – I listen to talk radio. I like to find out what people are thinking. The problem can be, though, that some of these shows (not naming names) thrive on outrage they create. And, it is very important for people to listen to others, but maintain their independence and form their own opinions based on the facts. Otherwise, they risk becoming lemmings to the manipulation of others.
From Sue in NY:
Here's a three part, past-present-and-future question: Of your current work, which interview or story are you the most proud of (and why)? What story or person would you most like to do in the near future (and why)? Last part: what story or individual interview from any time in the 20th century (that you did not cover) would you have like to do, any why?
So far, it’s Katrina, because we got results. We accomplished what the media is supposed to do.
I’d like to interview the leader of a peaceful and stable Iraq. Because right now, that person doesn’t exist.
I would liked to have covered D-Day. It has been reported on so much from a historical perspective, to have actually been there would have been a unique experience. Surviving it would have been good, too.
From Purple Tie:
How do you feel about CNN and other network news shows covering more tabloid news such as Anna Nicole Smith and Brittany Spears? Do you think they put these stories on because people really want to see them or do people really want to see it because it's on so much?
The ratings prove that people want to see those kinds of stories. And I don’t think we should be “above the news”. Everything in balance though.
To be honest, I am concerned that many people shun substance. They want to know more about Britney’s breakdown than they do the education bill. And it takes a scandal to get interested in Washington.
As a nation, we seem to care less and less about important things – while our global competitors become more serious.
Historian Will Durant’s wife Ariel issued a cautionary note – writing: “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.”
What an interesting and faced paced AC360 we had on Wednesday night. The first story I want to address is certainly not the most significant of the night, but it had DH and I screaming at the television. Actually DH doesn't scream, he just said 'dumb a$$', but I wasn't sure if that was aimed at my favorite reporter, Gary Tuchman, or our illustrious ex-Governor Fife Symington. I think he was just amazed that CNN would hold our ex Governor, who resigned in disgrace, as the most credible witness to the anomaly of the Phoenix lights. The same Mr. Symington that was featured tonight on AC360 was the Arizona (Republican) Governor who was pardoned by President Clinton for offenses involving his activities as a real-estate developer. I love that Gary covered the story and maybe the national audience has forgotten the lack of creditability of one Fife Symington, but not those in Arizona.

Now on to more important things. I've been watching 360 forever and before tonight I've never heard a phone ring on set. John Roberts really thought fast on his feet. He went to the break by saying "Some breaking news coming up.......I'm going to get the phone. We'll tell you what that's all about". When he returned from the break he told us the sad news that Elizabeth Edwards may have a setback in her recovery from breast cancer. As JR said "our prayers are with them both". That they are.

We had another installment of the Jeff and John show. In hour one their exchange was all business, covering the combat between the White House and the subpoena that Congress may issue. In the second hour the J&J exchange was over the Phil Spector trail. I loved Jeffery saying that he could grow Phil Spector hair. And what about JR saying it will be hard for Phil to find a jury of his peers with hair like that? Snarky JR, Let it be!

I'm going to share my opinion on the sex trade stories and duck because I'm sure some of you will be throwing rotten fruit my direction. I'm not finding the coverage compelling at all. In fact I find it rather voyeuristic and frustrating. Horrific conditions exist for women and children in many 3rd world countries, that's undeniable and very, very troubling. I could be wrong but I'd bet after watching these types of stories that there are more pervs trying to figure out a way to get to Thailand and Cambodia then there are people trying to find a way to help the victims. It's just my opinion and I pray that I'm wrong.
And I'm just asking, because I've been traveling and missed some of 360 this week, but wasn't that the 3rd airing of Jeff Corwin in the Burmese market?

I had an email from a long time Anderfan today with a request to share some information. Her pet cat died because of the contaminated pet food that has been recalled. Sad news in itself but when she called the 800 number at Menu Foods to report the death she was told to take her dogs into the vet. Even though they didn't eat the type of food in the recall the company told her many pets 'steal' food from other pets in the house. Sure enough her Golden Retriever, Mabel, has some signs of contamination and needs to be watched closely. The lady on the 1-800 number confirmed that this is a major, major event and the number of deaths is much higher than the numbers being reported on the news. If this story is news to you here's the link to CNN's report.
That's it for me tonight. I'm finally back home and my bed is calling out my name. How does Anderson handle all that travel?


Purple Tie said...

Great post tonight! Thanks to John Roberts for answering not only my question but the rest of them as well. We appreciate your time in doing this. It's nice to hear an insiders comments on what's going on at CNN and in the news buiness in general. Thanks.

I can see your point on the sex trade stories, Phebs, and there is a fine line that you walk when talking about stuff like this. I guess you have to weigh the pros and cons and I hope that, in this case, it will make more people aware of this issue that didn't know about it before. I hope it spurs someone into helping and not exploiting it. I'm sure they just wanted to make people aware of the situation. :)

copperfish.jungle said...

First and foremost, I would like to extend my thanks to Mr. JR for answering all questions. That's pretty quick of him, but nice. He's also multi-tasking, anchoring a live show and answering a phone call. Isn't that nice of him. Looks like he's doing a good job in subbing for AC. And I'm beginning to like the tandem of JR & JT

Overall, I would say that Wedenesday edition of AC360 is still great.

Annie Kate said...

Great post - the question and answer stuff is amazing and JR is certainly gracious to answer in the detail that he did on the first ones.

I enjoyed Jeff Corwin's part on the wildlife. The numbers he gave on the number of tigers left over there were dispiriting. One tiger skin representing one percent of what was left. So very sad.

I really don't understand how the sex exploitation part fits into the planet in peril series; perhaps they wanted to do these stories to go along with some they had done over here before they left. I'm like you though - they make me uncomfortable, especially when I look at the small children they are picturinng.

Usually I don't like the part where they read the blog comments but when Anderson read the one at the end about the peppers and said wryly that he wished he had read it earlier I had this hilarious mental image of smoke coming out of his ears! I don't like really hot food myself so I could empathize. LOL.....

ACAnderFan said...

I was not impressed with 360 last nite. However I did like the way John Roberts handled the ringing phone, and I think that's the first time I've heard a phone ring on there.

OK the sex slave thing...It's just not working out. I mean I know it's an important issue but there is only so much you can say about it. It's wrong. It shouldn't happen. I does happen. And it's sad that it does happen. I mean what more can be said. Phebe, I think you're right about Jeff's piece on the animal market. It has been shown like 3 times.

Honestly I'm wondering if this trip to Asia is panning out the way Andy intended. Maybe he's not happy with it either, but is doing what he can with what he has.

FanGirl moment; Andy was looking very nice last nite!!! I'm really starting to like the field shirt. His hair looked very nice as well.

Megan said...

Wow what great questions and responses for JR so far.....I can't wait to read the rest. I am so glad that JR took the time to answe all the questions :P I always like JR ;P

I fell asleep at like 10:30 and obvisously missed the phone call but I did wake up at 2:15 to see Anderson and John talking about a press confrence today with the Edwards. - I pray for Elizabeth Edwards recovery.

Phebe - You must be reading my I was watching the report last night, my thoughts was how many men will go to Thailand and Cambodia now seeing how easy it is over there to get at these children. The story is sad and sickinging.

I am sorry to hear about the Anderfan's cat. that is so sad. Sending good thoughts your way.

I will post later tonight about the actual show after I actually watch the whole thing :P

Anonymous said...

Approximately how many questions were forwarded to John Roberts? I am impressed that he took the time to respond to I assume all of the questions. I've always liked John Roberts though there has been talk he tries to imitate Anderson's "look" while subbing for Anderson in the studio, but I don't think it is deliberate or intentional, it just may appear that way to the die hard Anderfans. I never thought he was trying to take over 360 but perhaps he wants to be the anchor of his own show.

BookAsylum said...

A huge thank you to John Roberts!

I loved he turned a blooper into a tease. Gotto love live TV!

Anonymous said...

Phebe..Love the post! I can't believe JR has already written back and answered all our questions! Thanks JR!

I totally agree about the sex trade stories. I also feel the same about the animal trade also. They are showing all of this but not giving any ideas on what to do to solve it. I posted on one of Anderson's blog stories that they should tell how to combat these issues...they didn't even post it. Instead they just posted the "FEEL GOOD" comments. Guess they don't want to or can't get into that side of the story. But I thought they are supposed to show all sides of a story hence the name of the show "360". They keep showing all these young girls beeing sold for sex and saying how horrible it is but aren't giving any suggestions on treating it. And they are telling about all the black market animal trading but haven't said one thing about how to try and stop it. Why? I just don't understand. I know it isn't an easy thing to combat but they could atleast give a few ideas on stopping it.

My thoughts exactly...we've seen Jeff's story too many times. I don't see why he can't go out and do others. What is he doing there? He has all week...Not like he has anything else to do!

I was expecting alot more in-depth coverage. Not just showing the girls and animal hides or parts. But really delving into the issues. Maybe interviewing some of the older girls or maybe a Mam. And really getting into why these people get into this. And what it would take to get them out of these situations and how to keep them from getting into it in the first place. That's what I'd like to see. Guess maybe I wanted too much.

On a good note...The show was pretty good. JR was very well dressed...quite dashing! The stories were good. Anderson looked great! I wish he'd worn a T though! That field shirt does nothing for me!The 1st hour was good the second was reruns mostly so I was up and about doing things in the house. When a new story came on then I'd sit and watch.

I hope Elizabeth Edwards will be alright! I send out my prayers and warm wishes to her and her family. They've already been through so much!

Hope Andy blogs today!


snooks said...

JR's comments very quite interesting

I think that 360 has worked out the kinks and has been firing on all cylinders - with JR as Anderson's counterpart in NY while he is in Southeast Asia really works and I feel the respect these two professional journalists have toward each other comes through

I still can't warm up to Kiran on 360 - she actually did a good job filling in for Kira on the afternoon broadcast last week and seems better suited to an afternoon newscast

The reports on human trafficing are a sad commentary on what happens to people who are uneducated and desperate - I think the governments of Burma, Thailand and Cambodia need to wake up and crack down on the preverts who bring millions into their countries as well as their own citizens who exploit these young boys and girls.

Araceli Elle said...

wow! john roberts jumped on those questions! i love that he did this for us. it was great of him to take the time out of his schedule to answer our querstions. and that was just some of the questions? they were great! i can't wait to read the rest!

@purple tie: i really liked your question. and john roberts gave a great answer. i think that the problem of people "shunning substance" is a big one. i'm not sure how we get people to change.

i'm not going to throw anything at you phebe. i definitely see your point about the sex trade coverage. it is frustrating and stomach turning and it's a massive problem. but other than just talking about it the way they did, i'm not sure how else they can cover the situation. like purple tie said, hopefully it made some people sit up, take notice and want to help.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. Reporting on underreported topics such as the sex trade in Asia is probably going to attract US perv's with money and time to burn. Sad, but true. Similar to the Red Light District-Amsterdam, the prostitution trade in Costa Rica, these regions were heavily trafficted by US patrons even more so after full circle reports in the US. The sick mind of a perv must see a report similar to AC's as a travel brochure. In the past few years wbringing heavier than usual reporting about young girls in Thailand's sex trade, there does seem to be more US flights and American men in Thailand.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone read to post to the 25 pieces of baggage post from Anderson? It is from Carlos in Miami posted at 2:10 PM ET. Hope ok to quote it here. Is he being critical of Anderson's brainpower or ability to understand?

From the post:
"Puting aside your inclination to be in the news as a macho man and being a "star"; no taking into account that you are an american self vested, of course, with the high moral ground, forgetting that as an anglo you are sure the american way is the right and the best; let's forget your simplicity to engage very complex problems,the problem it is not a poor thailandese feeding himself or his familly by selling exotic animals.
Do your brain has the range to know where is the real problem?"

candy said...

Nice Q&A with John Roberts--it was great to gain insight into his reporting history, and I felt that his handling of the Elizabeth Edwards news tonight was very caring and admirable. Thanks for posting his responses. :)

Hmmm...I see your point, Phebe, but I'd have to respectfully disagree with the notion that these stories are voyeuristic and actually giving possible perpetrators insight into the sex trafficking trade. This isn't the very first time that sex trafficking has been explored in the media, and I'm sure that it's a well-known fact among those intending to commit sexual crimes that there are hardly any regulations or consequences in place in Southeast Asia. I recall that John Karr was found in this area of the world as well--a testament to how well-publicized the sex trade is in that part of the world. Should the media NOT report on this? Should they pretend it doesn't exist, not examine it closely, not present it for discussion and possible change? Like I said, I see your point, but I feel that the benefits of exposing stories like this and informing the public of these very real injustices to humankind far outweigh the risks you've outlined. What would make this more legitimate reporting, in your opinion?

Alice said...

The sad truth is sex trade is a big business in Asia. We all heard of sex tour lot of American man go to just for the thrill of it.

Unless we can stop the flow of customers there will be no end of sex trade. If there is no demand, the business will dry up and go away. First thing we need to do is to crack down people who sell and buy these package tours to Asia in this country, throw all of these pervert to jail for a long long time.

I am beginning JR and JT should do an hour show each week (at Comedy Centryal) on celebrity justice. I love Jeff's comment on the hair, and JR comment on the LET IT BE album. Those two are on a roll.

candy said...

@ Cindy: What kinds of solutions should they present, in your opinion? Anderson's been talking to officials and ambassadors in that area since the beginning of the week, and he *does* ask them about the origins of the trade and whether or not they see any change or progress in the future...their responses don't seem all that optimistic, nor do they truly venture out and offer many concrete solutions. From what I've gathered, their main concern is getting people educated and knowledgeable about what's happening in those countries, so that change can flow from that education. So maybe shows like AC360, and other media outlets that are exposing the problems, are a major part of their proposed solution.

Why am I so talkative today? Shutting up now. :)

Purple Tie said...

I think the reports have been good and I can understand what some are saying about offering solutions but I think it's their job to just report what they are seeing. When they are in Iraq they show the war in all it's horror. To me, it's sort of the same with other stories. They are supposed to be an objective observer.

There is a fine line really but I do think its a story worth telling because there are so many niave and uneducated people that have no clue stuff is going on like that.

lori said...

Excellent post, phebe. Thank you, John Roberts, for your honest and insightful answers. Kudos to ATA readers for asking such interesting and intelligent questions. A good read, as AC would say.

Another action-packed 360 last night. I got a little emotional when I heard about Elizabeth Edwards. As many of you know, I volunteered to help with the Edwards campaign, and searched through the OneCorps blogs and campaign site earlier hoping to find some news or a clue as to what's going on. I found lots of well wishes extended to Elizabeth and the Edwards' family, but that's it. The press conference will begin in an hour. Elizabeth Edwards is a remarkable and very real woman. She and her family are in my prayers.

Thought of you, phebe, throughout Phoenix Lights! LOVED the 2nd installment of the "Jeff and John Show;" the hair snark cracked me up. Alice must have read my mind about the Comedy Central show.

Interesting point about the sex trade story. Everyone here has brought up compelling commentary about this, and I'm not sure what I can add. It's such a distressing story, and I wonder what can be done to go after the people who are paying $$ for this? Would raising people's awareness bring about resources necessary to address this problem? It's a story that needs telling, since it's such a huge and global problem.

I am very sorry about your friend's cat. I was aware of the story, but didn't realize the scope and severity of the contamination. Let's hope there is more media coverage so people will check their food labels and call that 800# to get the information they need to save their pets' lives.

Anonymous said...

@ Candy...They could have done better reporting by:

1.They could have tried to talk to the police or someone in the government on why they just turn a blind eye to these situations. Hasn't happened yet.(Both sex and animal trades.)

2.Someone could have taken a hidden camera, like Jeff did, and went to a brothel or whatever and tried to talk to some of the older girls.Asking them why they decided to do this or where they forced. Things such as that.

3. They could have went into these small towns and tried to get some of the residents to talk about this problem and what they think of it.

4. They could have looked more into where these dealers get the animal hides and parts from.And how they get them to these countries and others without being caught.Especially the more thorough nations like the US,UK,etc.

I have thought of more but will stop here. Now if I can think of this why can't Anderson and the other guys?


Em said...

The questions to JR are outstanding and he was so gracious to provide the answers quickly..very interesting. I was not a big fan but he as grown on me in the last few months especially with his special reports from Iraq. At first I thought he was just trying to be humorous because that's how Anderson runs the show. After watching him with Jeff, it's apparent that he really does have a great sense of humor. Has anyone noticed that Anderson is usually smiling or laughing when they turn the show over to one another? Makes me think that Anderson probably likes and respects JR. I will admit- against my better nature- I sometimes judge too quickly. I almost always find something to like about a person when I get to know them better. Thanks Phebe for taking the initiative with JR and helping us get to know him better.

I have been on a big deadline at work so I have been taping the show. I think it is probably okay, I am just so distracted I have a hard time really getting into all the stories. I also had the same thought about pedophiles flocking to Cambodia after they saw the reports. I imagine journalists like Anderson must face ethical delimma's all the time about whether or not reporting will make a problem worse. In the article he wrote about Terri Schiavo for Details magazine you can see Anderson's struggle between reporting an important story and feeling ghoulish about waiting outside for her to die. I think that might be why he always tells people he just tries to report the facts and let us decide.

I am wondering how much more we will see from Asia. You know they must have shot tons of video in Brazil we never saw and now I am feeling the same way about Asia. I wonder if they will eventually put all the peices together in a special report. Wow, I must be feeling the need for a break cause I am rambling on. Thanks again Phebe and ATAers for the great questions!

Anonymous said...

@ Candy...I'm not sure what the solutions are if it were that easy to figure out I hope they'd already be doing it.

They could have stricter laws. They could have a special unit in the government and police to deal with just the sex trade or animal trade. They could fire the police who turn a blind eye or get payoffs and hire people who will actually do their job. Or even have the UN make up some kind of task force in these areas and bust all of these places and crack down hard on them. Once these men are arrested they could give them serious time in jail not just a slap on the wrist.

That's just a few things I could think of. But you know I don't live there and can't even imagine having to deal with this. But hopefully something can be done to stop this perversion. I don't think education alone can stop this. As long as these sick men are over there it will continue.


Megan said...

I am alittle new blog from Anderson today.....not that I am mad at Anderson but this is what happens when expectations are raised cause you get into a groove of getting something new from Anderson daily......but I will be fine....I will go on :P

Sheryn said...

Cindy, Anderson did an entire hour special on Sex Slaves before his visit to Cambodia, if you remember. He had very indepth reports. I think that these segments are in addition to this special.

As for the reports on sex slaves, although I understand your point and its a valid one Phebs, I look at it from another direction. As you and I discussed, because you lived in the region, you are more aware of the situation. I had no idea the magnitude of this problem until I saw an Oprah special one day.

I think I look at these reports as informing the public of the problem. The more exposure this issue gets can only help effect change.

Thems is my two sense! LOL!

I also want to thank John Roberts for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer our readers questions! I can't wait until the next installment!

candy said...

@ Cindy--All good points to consider, especially the solutions you offered. The officials and experts Anderson has talked to clearly have some frustrations over the entire matter, and in watching the tape, Anderson does try and steer them into admitting where the problems are specifically. I agree that a LOT needs to be done in the judicial sector to reform the injustices in Southeast Asia. But as far as what the *show* can do, I don't believe they can truly go any further than educating, interviewing those affected, and offering insight into the trades. Anderson isn't an official himself, and I feel that he's doing his primary job as a journalist to inform us of the injustices being committed in that area. A BIG part of change is awareness, and AC360 is providing that to its audience.

As far as your suggestions for interviewing those particularly affected, and the lawmakers that can enact the changes you mentioned, it made me wonder whether or not there are specific security concerns surrounding such an attempt at gathering information. Just seeing how aggressive one of the 'pimps' got once a camera was noticed in one of the reporter's cars makes me question just *how far* Anderson and Co. really can go in their search for stories. From the blog, it seems like they're not even traveling with security, which would make these 'undercover' operations all the more dangerous to consider. The last thing you and I would want is for them to be put in jeopardy, I'm sure of that. So maybe what we're seeing is a purposeful limit on the avenues they can take to learn information and show it on the air. I'd personally rather them not risk going further, if danger is involved.

Thanks for replying to me!

Anonymous said...

that's a great post mis phebe! Mr. John Roberts answered the questions from ATA that's a BIG DEAL! I hope we can do this also with Mr. Anderson Cooper! LOL! Thank You!


Em said...

Oh My Gosh..we are getting spoiled..Anderson has another interesting blog on 360.

Anonymous said...

Anderson just blogged. It's a great one. They went to a wildlife rescue center. Jeff got thrown by an elephant.He's ok though. Anderson got felt up by an elephant! Lucky thing...the elephant that is! LOL


Purple Tie said...

It's also important to consider the fact that Anderson and his crew had only been in Cambodia for not even one day when they broadcasted. They didn't have the time to do more indepth, at that point, I'm sure. They also had a crew with Jeff Corwin. I don't think they had enough people to pull together an indepth look.

Doing a news program takes tons of prep and it's a lot of hard work. I'm sure if they had a week or two they could have done more with it.

Grace said...

And Em posted again. Her comment was way out of line again. Loved Anderson's post he always seems to blog when he is excited about something, but poor Jeff. I don't want to sound mean, but he's getting paid back for all the pranks he played on Andy in the Amazon, lol. Let's hope they both stay safe on the next expeditions.

Megan said...

Did anyone else get the impression from Anderson's blog that we will get to see him in the water tonight.....or if nothing else shorts again. Anderson in the water.............I am so going to the naughty chair with this one :P (I am sure i will see some of you here in a bit)

phebe said...

@megan, remember we did ask for shirtless Anderson? Ask, Believe, Receive!

beachlzrd said...

Hey Phoebe,

I made the POST - WOO HOO - keep up the good work, YOU TOO!


Dear Anderson,

You are like the bunny that keeps goin', and goin', and goin'...... Thanks for your stories, which once again are very informative! I also thank you for your insight into what is involved in your travels. I thought you guys just hopped on a plane and flew somewhere. Who knew just how many details went into just setting up a shot - my sincerest - WOW! Keep up the good work, and have a safe trip.

Posted By liz, Chino Hills, CA : 5:02 PM ET

sydney said...

Perhaps Anderson changed back into the field shirt to avoid a tight tshirt contest with Jeff? :-P

While I can understand why some are distubed by the slavery stories, for the media to ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist isn't going to do anything to make it go away. Change comes when enough people get mad enough to force change, and that can't happen if they aren't aware of it.

Looking forward to tonight's show. Poor Jeff Corbin, but knowing him he just laughed off the elephant incident.

Hopefully we'll get more the the J & J show! LOL Even though I didn't submit any questions for John, I appreciate the fact that he took time out of his busy schedule to send us answers. And totally irrelvant, I liked his outfit last night. Someone on a prior post speculated that he had raided Anderson's tie collection - I think there may be something to that... :D

Tiffany said...

anon 7:01 am, yes.

Seems to be Ander bashing, anglo bashing, and America bashing, etcetera. If there is a valid point in there somewhere, it is buried in bashing, and I can't dig it out of all that tone. Nor do I feel compelled to try.

Anonymous said...

@ Megan...I thought the same thing...Anderson in shorts!!! YEAH...Maybe he'll have shorts and a T on. Then we'll get to see his legs and his sexy arms!

I also thought...maybe he gets all wet when the elephant throws Jeff! Let's hope so!!

Well, I'll be joining you in the NAUGHTY CHAIR now!! "Scoot Over!! Stop hogging the chair!!" ;)


Anonymous said...

@ BEACHLZRD...Congrats on making the post. Mine's on there too. Cynthia from Covington, Ga.


Codeh said...

idk when you'll update to include tonights AC360, but did you see the opening part where the elephant grabbed Jeff's arm. OMG. I was screaming "OMG" "OMG".

I love Jeff. He's just AMAZING.

I bet Anderson was like freaking out! Just blown away. Atleast Anderson was there to help pull Jeff away...

Anderson is doing everything. He's in those muddy probable infested(with god knows what) waters playing with wild elephants.

Amazing he is!!!

Annie Kate said...

JR is in such a great mood tonight - relaxed, joking, smiling, etc. Perhaps showing our interest with the questions was encouraging to him and gave him a boost. Everyone needs that pat on the back or show of interest. Helped us and perhaps helped him. He sure is good to answer all these questions.

I certainly hope and pray that Eizabeth Edwards does well on her treatments. She seems like such a wonderful person.

Poor Jeff - guess this trip the scary stuff is happening to him instead of Anderson. Glad its no worse. And on the fan girl side - I ENVIED that elephant that was hugging on Anderson....MAN!!

Tiffany said...

Et cetera, not etcetera, just me, correcting me.