Saturday, May 26, 2007

AC360: Broadcasting from the Top Of The World!

Hi Everyone! Well, I'm sure everyone was happy to see Anderson broadcasting from Greenland last night for the latest installment of the Planet In Peril series! First, I'm going to give you my immediate and very shallow impressions and then I'll get all respectable on y'all!

1. Dang, it was nice to see Anderson all bundled up in the frigid cold. You could tell he was really excited to be on top of the world!

2. The Canadian ladies taught me a new word this week: Tuque. Apparently in Canada, a toque is something you wear on your head. In Jersey, we call the thing you wear on your head a hat.

3. OMG, was that a mustache I spied on Mr. Cooper? Me likey!

4. It's getting HAWT in here: I'm thinking Mr. Cooper should come home quickly, otherwise he might speed up global warming by YEARS! TeeHee!

Global warming is a problem RIGHT NOW!
Okay, now that I got all of the fangurl stuff out of my system, I'm able to sound more intelligent! Did you hear Jeff Corwin say to Anderson that global warming is not a problem in the future but in the here and now? The numbers that Anderson Cooper threw at us tonight are alarming. In some spots, the ice thickness has melted over 40% in the last 40 years. And "already in the last 30 years, at least 400,000 square miles of sea ice has melted. That's about the size of Texas and California combined." (Anderson Cooper 360 transcripts)

I am glad that global warming will be an major issue in the upcoming presidential election. Like Jeff Corwin said, this is an immediate problem. If we don't take care of our planet, what legacy will our children be inheriting? What will be left for our grandchildren? I don't know about you, but that thought is simply frightening!

On a cooler note, how awesome was it that Anderson was one of the first two people ever to step foot on the ground he was walking during last night's broadcast? Think about that! Think about what it must have felt like for Anderson as have walked were no man has ever walked before. That is simply amazing!

Apparently Greenland and Global Warming is attracting not only CNN but Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and members of the House of Representatives. According to, Ms. Pelosi and her delegation will be in Greenland today for a briefing by Konrad Steffen, a glaciologist from the University of Colorado. I wonder if Anderson and the 360 team timed their visit to coincide?

Remember our heroes...
I just wanted to leave you with a short video that I put together in remembrance of our fallen soliders from all around the world as we observe Memorial Day weekend here in the United States.

Have a peaceful and safe weekend! ~Sheryn


Unknown said...

Oh Sheryn, loved the post. Can you just see his business card now CNN Reporter, Jeopardy Champ and first of 2 people to set foot on the Island of Warmth. And may I ad a walking ad for NorthFace. Other than those superficial things I thought the segments on Warmth and with Jeff were fantastic. Now I can't wait until Oct for the full version of PIP.

Gotta love John King this week - he really seemed to be enjoying himself. Hope he is the permanent fill in host for 360.

ACAnderFan said...

I think I'll start off all FanGirl too.

Anderson looked SO SO SO adorable all bundled up. I am surplised the ice did not start metling faster. Who knew being all bundled up could be so attractive!!!

That hat he was wearing or as megan calls it a Toque made him look SO SO SO adorable.

Sheryn, I think I saw a mustache too!!! It looked good on him. I think he should keep it.

OK I'll be serious now. Global warming is real issue and I liked that Jeff said it is a now problem rather than a future problem. Global warming affects everyone.

Anderson being one of the first two people to set foot where no man has before was so cool. That's got to be one of the coolest things he's ever done.

I need to get all FanGirl again, I cannot get over how good he looked all bundled up!!! I really hope that was a mustache he had going on becuase it was super attractive.

*Goes to the naughty chair for the rest of the weekend due to some thoughts she is currently having*

Anonymous said...

Even when Anderson shaves you can see the heaviest part of his "beard" is his mustache. He must use an electric shaver (and everyone else up there). No makeup crew to cover up any blemishes.

copperfish said...

I missed Friday's telecast from Greenland. But seeing the screencaps made me smile coz it was the first time I saw him all bundled up. Isn't it that "toque" is also the one that chefs wear on their heads? I guess Sheryn is right that the word "toque" has different meanings but one thing is sure, it's for head use.

Sometimes numbers are hard to visualize but the fact that an island emerge in this place that decades ago isn't visible and then an island in the Pacific is slowly sinking is already a proof that something is wrong. I think we should not just rely on our politicians but each and everyone of us should do our share on whatever we think is necessary to protect our planet simply because we CARE. Simple things like planting trees, using of papers instead of plastics and recycling are few of the simple things that we can do. Not that it will make an immediate impact but in the long run it will.

ACAnderFan said...

I just thought of this. Last weekend Andy was in Hotlanta doing a book signing and now he's in Greenland this weekend freezing his cute butt off. What an interesting life he leads.

Oh and maybe all of us from the blog should go and keep him warm.

*sits in the naughty chair with her inappropriate thoughts about keeping Anderson warm*

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the vid Sheryn,it was nice.

Last night was one of those nights when even an old news and political junkie like myself would have loved to spend an entire hour watching Anderson and Jeff. Wonder how Anderson is holding up without his "crackberry"? I was thinking it probably doesn't work there and, even if it did, how long could he keep his thumbs out of those gloves before they got frostbite ;) I bet Anderson is very happy to be in Greenland for reason totally unrelated to his insatiable curiousity - he managed to miss the whole Rosie vs Elizabeth mess! Sure glad JK didn't spend too much time on it! I am really excited to see the whole PIP special in the fall. It will be amazing to see all these trips put together and I am hoping they have extra footage we haven't seen before. John said Anderson would be there for a few days so I hope we get to see more next week!

I am off to visit some hot springs or something with my son and daughter-in-law. Hope everyone is enjoying the same great weather we are having out west! Is it appropriate to say Happy Memorial Day? Seems a little weird but y'all know what I mean! Take Care.

Anonymous said...

Anderson has walked where noone has walked before. What an exciting thing for him and I think he was by the look on his face! Those pics were so surreal looking and the ice almost didn't look real, but know that it was. Very awesome! The article you linked said "the ice melting in two days is enough to supply New York City" is mind boggling to me. So we have members of congress going up there. Will be interesting to see where this will go if anywhere, but do hope by them getting a firsthand account their eyes will open up and try to do something finally to clean up our environment.

Sheryn, nice video for Memorial Day! I'd like to add a few years back I was in Washington D.C. for the first time and stayed with my brother who is a Marine. Was there Memorial Day week. As it happened the one day he worked while I was there I went to the Vietnam Memorial the day after Memorial Day. That will be a day I'll never forget. I went by myself and it was a site to behold with all the mementos, pictures, flags, underwear, bottle of whiskey, people etching on paper, and everything else. I was so moved and cried that at the end I had to sit down on a bench and didn't think I had the strength to make it back to my brother's apt. Was totally drained and sapped. My brother said The Vietnam Memorial did that to everyone and he understood. Thanks to all our military past and present for everything that you have done for us in case you are reading this site! I can't even begin to tell you how much what you all mean to me and all that you continue to do and sacrifice every day putting your lives on the line for our country. You ARE very special and close to my heart.

Unknown said...

What a coup if they meet up with Pelosi and Co. Take that FOX.

Araceli Elle said...

haha i'm glad your learned what a toque was, but it's not just ANY hat. it's a winter hat. what anderson is wearing. and i must say, he pulls it off rather well.

i'm sooo happy that i caught the first half hour of 360 last night! it's the first time i've seen it all week. i think my sickness is finally releasing it's death grips.

i am so proud of anderson for taking on this climate change problem. i don't see any other anchors or news teams braving the arctic cold to bring us the news. this really is an amazing thing he is doing.

can't wait for the next installment!

swmpratt said...

Mustache- I didn't see one but it might be too cold to shave up there or maybe he was just turning match his eyes.

Yes the global warming is an issue now. Everyday when I do my post on my environment/global warming blog it scares me just how far it has gone and how bad it really is. Some things may not be reversible - so the question is how will it affect humans? What will we have to do to adapt and what about all the other species?

Anonymous said...

Er, Sheryn, don't you mean "tuque"?

Quitty said...

I love the title of your post.

I used to think all this global warming stuff was just talk. Last year though, I was in the Canadian Rockies and seeing the then/now pics of the melting glaciers opened my eyes. I then realized global warming is a problem now. I just hope its reversible.

Anonymous said...

@ dannie - that is my fault......I spelt tuque bad :P

Cindy said...

I must say the show last night was really good. JK did a fantastic job filling in for Anderson. And I bet he will be on all next week. Cause I bet the Coop is going to need all of that time to recooperate!

So the segments tonight with Anderson and Jeff were really good and informative. This is how they should do it all the time! We learned a whole lot last night! That is if you could keep focused on what was being said instead of oggling the Coop! LOL ;-p

He did look SO HOT last night all bundled up...who would of thunk it! LOL And the hat on his head is called a tobogan. And yes it is sexy!!

I bet after sleeping in the tent last night Andy may be rethinking his idea of staying out in the remote area for a couple of days! LOL I hope they stay warm and safe...we don't need the Coop to catch pnuemonia or anything!

And I doubt they'll meet up with Pelosi. They are out in a remote area far from where she will be. And Anderson said they would be there in the Swiss Camp for the next couple of days. And I don't see her coming out there at all!!

ac said...

Hi everyone!
I would like a fangirl moment,if I may-didn't our MR.COOPER look so cute(and cold)all bundled up last night?Was that a hint of a mustache?I'm likin' it,too.It is scary to think what condition the planet is actually going to be in for our future generations.I can't wait to see the whole PIP special
in October.I was glad I stayed for the second hour of 360,as I missed the first broadcast of the'Dispatches from the Edge'special.Of course,you knew it was going to air again,right?
The first segments of Katrina as well as the Niger segment always make me cry.
I just received my Dispatches book/dvd and can't wait to watch it-it only took one week to where I am in Canada.
Hope you all have a safe weekend,everyone.

ACAnderFan said...

Maybe Andy has the mustache thing going on because he's tying to keep his upper lip warm...LOL!!! Or maybe it's just too cold for him to shave. Or maybe he figures this is a good time to see if a mustache suits him (I think it does). I think the mustache could be a good look for him.

Sheryn said...

Thanks for the editing tips! I changed the post. I'm still impressed I learned a new word!

I'm off to be pampered and to have my beautician wash that gray right outta my hair! (I just don't want that in common with Anderson!)

Have a great day all!

Anonymous said...

Sooo happy to see Anderson last night. Wooh! one of the two people to set foot on the island? you go boy!

Anonymous said...

Actually, either spelling of "the hat" (tuque) is an acceptable spelling, according to a dictionary. I live in Canada but am a U. S. citizen and must admit that I'd never heard the word until I came here. Toque (French)/tuque (Canadian French) can be defined as: a woman's small brimless hat; a chef's hat; a knitted woolen hat in the form of a cylindrical bag often with tapered ends that is worn with one end tucked into the other. I can remember calling it a toboggan cap when I lived in the U.S. (TN) so I think everyone who posted is correct. O.K. I promise I'm finished about "the hat" LOL.

Wasn't the Greenland segment great? Of course, I wish it had been longer. About 7 years ago, I visited the Columbia Icefields in Alberta, Canada. We were told that the best-known glacier there, Athabasca, had been receding/melting for the last 125 years because of the warming climate so global warming would seem to be an actuality (though I realize some consider it just a weather pattern) and is happening NOW. As Jeff Corwin said -- It's not just a future crisis.

I really enjoy reading this blog and everyone's comments each day. Thanks for All Things Anderson.

Anonymous said...

"Anderson looked SO SO SO adorable all bundled up."

I told you he would look like a little snow bunny.

Anonymous said...

oh my where to start......I had more then a fangurl moment when JK went to Anderson.....I literally had a SQUEE!!!!! moment. God that man looks good not matter what. How is that even possible? From a purple polo shirt to a black winter jacket in less then a week. What a life. Anderson last night was the new poster boy for North Face but that is good cause they have the best stuff. And finally, I got to see him in a tuque (or toque) fangurl moment for me. I didn't notice the mustache but cool.....let him have it for a while and then I hope he goes back to his clean cute beautiful face :) (MHO)

I absolutely love the pictue of Anderson and Jeff.....the two hottest snow bunnies I have ever seen.......they need to leave stat cause I can see those glaciers melting at a much more rapid pace with them there :P

The stats on Greenland are absolutely mind boggling when you think about it.....Jeff was right global warming isn't something our children's children will only worry about but it is happening now and we all must try to do what we can do in the fight against global warming.

I love, love, love the fact that Anderson was one of the first people to stand on Warming Island. Hard work and presistance to get the story of our Planet in Peril has brought Anderson this amazing gift. Not many people can say they where the first people on a newly discovered piece of land (He must have had thoughts of people like Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong.....I know I would have)

The other parts of 360 were great too (Glad the special was Dispatches again....but I noticed some differences, anyone notice too or am I just losing it).....I really like JK always have.....He and JR I really enjoyed when Anderson is away and now the JR is on in the morning it is great to have JK. Kinda OT but yesterday morning JR was talking to KC on American Morning about a big motorcycle thing happening in DC this weekend and KC teased JR about getting on his motorcycle.....I would love to see some pics of JR on his hog :P

So it looks like more AC O/C (you remember that ACanderfan LOL) from Greenland......I can't wait but he will totally need a vacation after this, he can't possibly be sleeping well up is like never dark

@ Sheryn - hope your having fun at the hairdressers......I love when I get my hair done. Your Memorial Day video was perfect. Not overdone.....just straight to the point and very classy. I don't want to say Happy Memorial Day because honesly it is a sad I wish we didn't have to have but unfortunately we do have it so I want to wish all my American friends at ATA a great weekend of spending time with family and friends, telling them you love them and thanking the men and women in uniform for all they do to protect all of our freedom!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that the guy Anderson was with on warming island meant that they, the research team were the first ones to step on the island, but Anderson is probably among the few who have visited there.

swmpratt said...

I wondered about that remark about being the first to walk on the island because Dennis Schmidt who AC was with took an expedition back there last December to study the island. Maybe he meant the first who weren't there to do research??

The more I do my global warming/environment blog the more disheartened I get about our chances to fix this mess in our climate. Some things are not going to be reversible; hopefully we can reverse the trend towards it getting worse. That may be the best we can hope for. There are animals, especially in the amphilibian world, going extinct every day. I'm sure in the big special Jeff Corwin will have all sorts of distressing statistics about that.

Did anyone catch his remark about the changing of the salinity of the water and the impact it would have on animals? Anderson didn't follow it up then - probably will later. But that is worrisome. Some animals will be able to adapt; some won't. We may be the last generation to see some of the beautiful animals we have today - polar bears, certain kinds of tigers, certain kinds of fish and whales. Its so very very sad and I'm afraid we just can't move fast enough especially if we rely on our government to do it.

Please everyone - there is a site for CFL bulbs that will tell you what kind of CFL bulb to buy for your needs (look in google; its about the first hit) - the bulbs use less electricity than incandescent and last much longer. Just changing out to these bulbs can make a huge difference. And its so easy......and its something you can do today so we will have a tomorrow for our children and the wonderful gifts of nature we are endowed with. I challenge you - each of you - change out just 1 bulb in your household to help with saving the environment. Lets show Anderson and Jeff that their words and efforts are not falling on deaf ears.

Sorry for the soapbox.....this as you can tell is my passion.

On AC - mustache or no mustache he looks good. I don't see him growing one for good though unless it didn't come in gray and then it might just look really really

Anonymous said...

Wonder what the "showers" are like in those little huts they are staying in. Bet there aren't showers, and that our little Anderson is smelling rather manly right about now.