Thursday, May 31, 2007

AC360: The Good, The Bad and the Downright Hysterical

Yay! I have a new pic to add to the mix! This one is from Patrick McMullen:

Good afternoon everyone! It's been a crazy day here in the Royce household. My daughter is graduating pre-school on Saturday and I'm running around like a nutjob trying to get things ready for our company after the ceremony. I'm such a goofball, she's only graduating from pre-school and just the thought of it makes me cry. Who am I kidding, I got teary-eyed the first time I heard Anderson say, "This is Anderson Cooper" during the intro for 60 Minutes, OF COURSE I'm going to cry on Saturday!

Anyhoo, let's talk about Anderson Cooper, shall we? No, he wasn't invited to the Mini-Me Royce graduation party but if he wants to attend, he's more than welcome. That is, only if he promises to brush his teeth first! LOL! I'm sorry, I had to do that! I'll be good now!

The New Hampshire Debate Coverage
Everyone has been asking if Anderson will be covering the debates on Sunday and Tuesday. That information was hard gather but I finally uncovered the schedule today. And here's the kicker, after I finally found a morsel of detail on some random New Hampshire blog, CNN issued a press release this morning. I'll just give you the Ander-related details here and you can click on the link for additional information.

CNN’s wall-to-wall Raw Politics coverage surrounding the debates kicks off on Sunday, June 3, at 7 a.m. (ET) and features CNN’s political team anchors including Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Lou Dobbs, Larry King, Soledad O’Brien and John Roberts. Programming highlights include:

Sunday, June 3
9 p.m.-11 p.m. Raw Politics, post-debate program anchored by Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Larry King and John Roberts live on location in New Hampshire

Monday 4 June
No special coverage involving Anderson Cooper

Tuesday 5 June
9 p.m.-11 p.m. Raw Politics,a post-debate program anchored by Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Larry King and John Roberts live on location in NH

11 p.m.-midnight Anderson Cooper 360ยบ with Cooper live on location in New Hampshire

AC360: The Good, The Bad and the Downright Hysterical
Let me first say that I liked a lot of the show last night. The story about Phylicia Moore, the high school student from Teaneck, NJ, was unbelieveable. I don't think I've seen Anderson Cooper that disturbed about a story in a long time. And as Phebe mentioned, Anderson's interview with Julia Reed was awesome. I love when she said, "Well, I ain't so worried about how good the French Quarter smells. It's not supposed to smell good. It doesn't need to smell like a can of Pledge. I would rather like start to talking about, you know, what we can really do to fight crime around here." I love a girl who speaks her mind!

Although to be perfectly honest, something is bugging me about the priority given to some stories as opposed to others. I know that there are a bunch of meetings throughout the day to discuss the stories that will be covered that night. I'm sure that it isn't easy to decide what stories make the cut and if they do, where they'll be placed in that 2 hour time period.

That said, I just cannot phatom why AC360 chose not only to lead with the TB story, they spent a huge chunk of the first hour on Drew Griffin's KTH story as well as repeated Gary Tuchman's Killer Priest segment from the night before. Why does this bother me so much? Well, there were 5 US and 2 British soldiers killed in a Chanook helicopter crash in Afghanistan yesterday. And if you didn't read about this elsewhere, you might have missed the VERY brief coverage it received from AC360.

Not only did the downed helicopter story get a two second mention in a 360 Bulletin but we never saw the Planet In Peril coverage from Greenland either. Normally I wouldn't squawk about the PIP stuff but Anderson did mention the coverage in his post yesterday.

Okay, I'll stop my gentle complaining. I'd much rather talk about how funny last night's technical difficulties were. And after they finally got Erica's tape to work, did you notice how fast he had to talk so he didn't run long? I remember when I was a newbie in this fandom. It would hurt my head how fast he could talk. (And you should hear how fast I talk!)

Well, I'm going to turn off my computer now because there is a big thunderstorm rolling thru. Have a wonderful night tonight. Can't wait to see Anderson's 360 special from Chicago. He blogged again, btw. Although, this one is more conservative. Dang...



Anonymous said...

Nice caps! Does anyone know what is up with the "360" blog?

sydney said...

I actually found the TB coverage interesting, but then I'm into anything medical. However, they didn't have to repeat the segment, and we didn't need the other repeats, either. And yeah, I was disappointed at not seeing some Greenland stuff (when they do show it, I guess it's a good thing they don't have smellevision LOL!). My FF button got a workout, but I enjoy seeing Dr. Gupta and Jeffrey Toobin.

I noticed how worked up Anderson got about that girl in Africa, too, wow! This coming from the guy who runs over there by himself halfway through his senior year! I wonder if he hears this stuff and realizes how lucky he was.

ACAnderFan said...

Aww...that's cute that your daughter is graduating pre-school, Sheryn. I hope she has fun.

Also, thank you for finding the information about Anderson's part in the debate coverage.

I hope 360 dosen't spend too much time on this TB case. They spent far too much time yesterday. And I'm sick of hearing about it on the Atlanta news. Just this evening one of the local news stations taled to TB guy's wedding planner. Who cares???

I too noticed how fast Andy had to talk at the end of the show. He talks almost as fast as I do, and that's saying something, becuase I can talk pretty fast.

I'm looking forward to tonite's show I think it's going to be pretty interesting.

Anonymous said...

Sheryn - great pics. I love every single one of them. That is so exciting that your daughter is graduating pre school. Just make sure you wear water proof mascara and bring kleenex and you will be fine :)

I really enjoyed last night's show but I do agree they should have done some coverage about the helicopter crash/ambush of the troops in Afghanistan.

Hopefully not much about TB tonight. I am starting to lose interst. Although the Raw Data on TB was interesting.

Mr. Raw Politics - on top of his game last night :)

Ok Anderson is is such a movie buff....I want to watch Broadcast News and Spellbound now. I would love to just have a movie marathon with Anderson on a rainy Saturday.....he could pick all the movies.

The story about Phylicia Moore is so sad. I feel so badly for her parents. Imagine sending your child on a school trip and then your child never comes home. It is truly heartbreaking. It is really dishearting to think that the chaperons did not do their job to protect these children. It was really disturbing to think they kept the students on this trip after this happened. Anderson seemed floored by this story and honestly so was I.

The Anderca banter was fantastic last night. And the thought of Andertheft of hotel towels is way too funny. Although I do think they wash the robes....he spoke without not him but Anderson was funny because he can't fight the temptation :P Anderson has said he travels light....maybe making room for the towels. And yes firefighters are cool!!!!!!

JK looks mighty cute last night!!!!

Mayor that speech was a piece of work. I will give him the fact that you can't control the weather but take some responsibility for what has happened in NOLA since Katrina. I really enjoyed Julia Reed. She was direct and quiet a hoot. She made Anderson giggle with her smelling streets comment and Nagin being the one not to talk about global warming :P Gotta love those politicians passing the blame.

Oh my gosh when they had the technical difficulties with Erica, Anderson was so funny......"whoa where did Erica Hill go." Late night that was the fastest plug for the podcast I had heard Anderson give....he can talk quiet fast. I was laughing out loud at almost midnight.

Anonymous said...

I love how in the picture of Anderson on the lap top, Anderson has coke, diet coke, diet pepsi....whatever it is in his coffee mug and not coffee since we all know how he feels about hot drinks. He has to get his caffine some how right :P

Anonymous said...

I am watching the Scripps National Spelling Bee right now and Samir Patel has been eliminated. He is not in the final. That is too bad.

Quitty said...

Thanks for the debate schedule!

Unknown said...

I also saw on American Morning this morning (YES, I was up that early....ugh) that Wolf is actually moderating the debates. I guess he won the coin toss. LOL

ac said...

Hi everyone,
Sheryn,best wishes on your daughter's graduation this Saturday.
I remember the first intro for 60 minutes when Anderson introduced himself- I was so proud of him!
It looks like our Andy is working on his birthday-though he probably
prefers it that way.I wonder how soon he will be in NOLA again?
We lost Erica due to technical problems-boy can that man talk really fast sometimes!
Looking forward to the special from
Chicago tonight.
Have a great evening,everybody.

Anonymous said...

Anderson's in New Hampshire next week??!!
Gas up the Winnebago, Phebe, it's time for an ATA Road Trip!

(psst, don't forget the U-Haul for shoes!)

swmpratt said...

I loved the talk with Julia Reed - especially the comment about Nagin and global warming. Like the guy who reported on the Queen's visit, Julia had AC speechless with laughter there for a bit. My kind of girl!

I was perturbed tat PIP didn't air any. And I bet it won't tonight either since they are in Chicago and they are already going on about TB - Tom Foreman even in on it with his maps. (Man he likes maps).

Too bad about the spelling bee boy - I was hoping he would win.

AC has his usual field shirt on tonight. Is that shirt attached to his person permanently and he even wears it under his shirt or what?

Too bad he has to work on his b'day but he doesn't celebrate it anyway and I'm sure turning 40 he would rather do anything but remember that! If he just knew that 40 isn't bad - 40 life begins; you get your act together finally.....or at least you tell yourself that!! LOL.....

Anonymous said...

All I can say is "Firemen are cool" was the funniest statement out of AC's mouth all night...

Such a funny character!!!

copperfish said...

@Sheryn, congratulations to your daughter on her forthcoming graduation.

So he's still working on a sunday and his b-day at that. That guy feels that he'll get sick if he stops for awhile.

swmpratt said...

I think he feels like if he stops for a while they will find someone they think is better and replace him. I don't get the impression that AC feels like the good times will roll that long if you know what I mean. After all what is job security?? It doesn't exist for most of us and I bet its worse in that industry.