Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Anderson Cooper, You Crack Me Up!

Oh my word, Anderson Cooper blogged today and he made my job so easy! Hee! I don't think I've ever laughed so hard and screetched "EWW!" so much while reading one of Anderson's posts! Have you read it? I usually don't paste his entire post into my post but today is too precious to ignore! Well, precious might not be the right word to use. Gross, maybe? Funny as hell? Tell me what you think after you've read it!

Five days, same clothes, no toothbrush

The car alarms. The garbage trucks. The straphangers who crowd the doors on the subway and then lean into you as you try to squeeze past them.

Ah, it's good to be back in New York. At least when it's warm.

I just spent a few days in Greenland for our "Planet in Peril" series. We were at a place called Swiss Camp, it's a research outpost run by a scientist named Konrad Steffen out of the University of Colorado.

A more remote spot I have not been to. Nothing but ice as far as the eye could see. We all slept in tents and the toilet was a hole in the ice in an igloo. They call it the shigloo. You can guess why.

It was stunningly beautiful there, and the researchers were a great bunch - wickedly smart, but also very funny. When it's ten below zero a sense of humor is essential. I have to confess, I'm not a big fan of the cold. How cold was it? It was so cold I didn't bother to change out of my clothes for the entire five day stay. I slept fully dressed in a sleeping bag, and I didn't even bother to brush my teeth the entire time.

The scientists are there for a month. I don't know how they stand it. By the time the helicopter came to pick us up I wanted to run towards it as fast as possible. Complaining aside, it was a great experience and I learned a lot about how the ice is melting in Greenland and how it is going to affect sea levels for generations to come. We're planning to have some of what we shot on the program tonight.

I just noticed that all three New York newspapers have different headlines splashed on the covers. The Daily News has the latest on Lindsay Lohan. The Post is running exclusive photos on a baseball player's visit to a strip club (catchy title: Stray-Rod). And the New York Times is exploring the Supreme Court's ruling that limits the timeline for sexual discrimination lawsuits.

As for us, we're looking at the tuberculosis quarantine story...there now seems to be a dispute over what the TB patient knew, about how contagious he is and really-- what was going on-- if his health posed such a threat why would he not have been quarantined in the first place? Lots of questions.

And as always we're "Keeping Them Honest." Our correspondent Drew Griffin is looking at Congress' seemingly insatiable need to bring home the bacon, (your tax dollars) in the secret process known as earmarking...even when they vow again and again to be transparent about the process. (Hint: Rep John Murtha, who has been in the news for his strong opposition to the White House on Iraq, will be at the center of one of tonight's reports)

There is always something for everyone.

See you tonight.

-- By Anderson Cooper

So, are you thinking what I'm thinking? Oh the tent must have stunk to high heavens with all of those smelly men! Eh gads! And Anderson honey, have you ever heard of the tooth paste on your finger trick? No water or toothbrush needed! Who feels sorry for that poor person who flew them back to civilization! Do they issue nose plugs to those pilots?

And I'm just not addressing the shigloo thing. YUCK! I just can't imagine...nope, I simply cannot imagine living like that for a day let alone a month!

Though, I did wonder how one changes clothing while living in below-zero conditions. But, how come Ms. Nancy Pelosi looked so good in her pictures? Hmm, she must have just gotten there!

Two last notes about the post:
First, I have been on the E-Train at 8am during the summer rush-hour. If Anderson is happy returning to those conditions, believe you me, it must not have been pleasant in Greenland!

Secondly, I don't know about you, but it always gives me the warm and fuzzies when Anderson says, "See you tonight." I don't know, something about that just makes me happy!

Last night's show - The Whoosh Edition
Okay, now that I got that out of my system, can I say how good it was to see Anderson last night? He looked great and he was uber-funny! Oh yeah, the show was kickin' too! Who was surprised that we got a full two-hour show? I certainly was!

But truly, I have to say Anderson's podcast Whoosh sound effects just crack me up! My husband was sufficiently amused as well! He proceeded to imitate what Anderson would look like in his office playing Star Wars with his blackberry and cell phone as if they were the Millenium Falcon and Death Star. My silly DH whipped out his cell phone and said, "This is Anderson, 'Whoosh, Zoom, Whoosh' Luke, I am your father!' Yeah, anyone who can Whoosh on a major news show is not too image conscious!" Oh, my lovely DH is such a card, isn't he? He really gets a kick out of Anderson and is a Star Wars geek himself, so he's just projecting! LOL!

Well, I'm off to play princesses with my daughter. I'm really good at that game! Whooosh...I'll see you tomorrow! ~Sheryn


Cindy said...

@ Sheryn...I really enjoyed the Coop's blog today. I saw it as he put it up...I was on there messing around.

Guess we know he is deffinately a typical man! He didn't change clothes for a week...YUCK!! But I bet he didn't can you sweat in that weather!? And not brushing his teeh...I bet his mouth tasted horrible! Not to mention how his breath smelled! LOL I guess you can tell I'm a typical woman! LOL

I would have LOVED to seen the Coop sleeping fully clothed in his sleeping bag....OOPS! I think I'm off to the naughty chair!! LOL I have a feeling I won't be there alone!! LOL ;-p

ac said...

Ohhh and Ewww-that was one of the more 'interesting'postings from Anderson,but with a little too much information,I think.I wonder if they incinerated their clothes when they got home.Wouldn't you have loved to have been on that plane?!Nancy Pelosi,on the other hand,was fresh as a daisy.
I love the 360 sound effects-'whoosh,whoosh'.Anderson acting like
a big ol'kid-so cute!

Unknown said...

Sheryn, I have tent camped in the winter, not single digit temps, but cold none the less. Being good Girl Scouts we always changed out of our clothes into pjs at night because we were told we'd feel better, NOT. I would have loved to see Anderson run toward the helicopter as it touched down, the poor pilot. But it sounds like he had a great time.

As for the sound effects his are even better than those on FX for their little corner card.

Anonymous said...

I have been camping in the snow in Yosemite many times. It is possible to change your clothes while in your sleeping bag. I always sleep in my clothes when camping. As for not brushing your teeth, eeeewww, no excuse! You drink water don't you? But I loved Anderson's post today. So funny and "real". I tried to respond, but their system is not working again.

As for the sound effects, they are so cute. Anderson can be such a paradox, so serious sometimes, and so silly other times. You've got to love the guy.

ACAnderFan said...

I loved Andy's blog post. The man is hilarious. Although I must admit, I feel bad for who ever had to clean that tent when they left. That thing probably smelled terrible. and not to mention Anderson probably didn't smell much better...LOL!!!

Now as for the shigloo, for some reason I can picture Anderson giggling like a little boy when he found out what it was called.

I think this is one of the funniest things Anderson has ever posted!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who smiles at each "See you tonight".

I didn't 360 last night -- did I miss the Star Wars office play or was that in something else?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the entertaining post, sheryn! Anderson not brushing teeth is T.M.I. ewwww. Somebody send him a box of those little Listerine sheets that you pop into your mouth.

Sheryn said...

@Cassie, Anderson was making his Whoosh podcast imitation noises again last night.

My husband got funny and said he could just imagine Anderson making those noises behind closed doors, in his office pretending to act out Star Wars. Yeah, my DH is one funny dude!

Happy belated B'day, BTW!

Anonymous said...

so my internet was down at work today and I said to myself....I can gaurentee that Anderson blogged because I can't get to it...and I was so right on about that one. I love that Anderson shares with us what happens on his trip but I think this time I am going with TMI :P

Onto last night's show. So excited when I saw Anderson during LK but I too was surprised he was back in New York. The frequent flier miles he must have is probably astounding. Anderson looked so lovely last night. Rosy cheeks, no sign of blue lips. He thaws out pretty nicely.

I LOVED when Anderson was talking about the American who is now in Pakistan and Anderson said "he comes across as a pompus boar".....I laughed out loud

Raw Politics - Tom Foreman, can't wait for the
Q & A

The story about the beauty queen murder was very interesting. Cold cases are so interesting.

Oh the seemingly mighty fall. I guess I have no sympathy for you. Great segment with Anderson and Dr. Drew.

Oh know when Donald is on, Anderson is going to be funny, so thanks Trump.

The Andersound effects are getting better and longer.....they are so great. I wish they would show Anderson's face when he does them :P

Oh my gosh when they did the Shot and Anderson said "she fell on her hey lady" I laughed so freakin hard.

Anyone else find that when Anderson comes back from a trip from somewhere he is snarkier then usual. Maybe he just thinks the things that happen here are so trival compared to the things he has seen out in the world.

The TB story is scary.....when I first heard Atlanta earlier in the day I almost freaked cause I was just there....until they gave dates. All I have to say is be care Dr. Sanjay at work!

It was really sad to hear that the nephew of Jeff Warrens finally saw his wife and son and she totally turned on him. That is really sad.

That's a big pig!!!! Ummmm boar susage! Maybe the kid will send some to Anderson, but if he does......don't eat it YUCK!

Oh I love when he shuffles the papers and ends the cute :)

Sorry my post is long I just wanted to try and get it all in at once.

Anonymous said...

That is one of the funniest posts I've read by Anderson! And you know you're on one of his very special rides by the title. LOL! Silly boy! You can use good dental hygiene even in the cold! I have to say that may have been too much info., but they are guys. I'm with ya'll. You need to pack at least some Listerine strips so your mouth will at least feel and taste better. And some of that Purell! LOL! Looking forward to more on Greenland tonight!

I'm interested in hearing more about the TB guy. His side vs. the health officials. Think there's a whole lot more story to that. If you are contagious you certainly are told not to travel. Wonder why he did? Guess will hear more tonight.

Anonymous said...

Anderson was smelling rather manly I see.

Anonymous said...

Same underwear - I'll leave it at that!

sydney said...

Didn't I tell ya' he looked miserable? :-D

OMG, "shigloo" that's the funniest thing I've heard in a long time! I needed the laugh today, even if it hurts - I may not have TB, but I picked up something nasty on my flight home, one of the worst chest colds I've had in awhile.

I can understand not changing clothes (there's been a few subzero New England nights when I've gone to bed dressed), but not brushing your teeth? Ewwww....

Last night's show was a nice surprise. A wide variety of topics, some snark, and not too much time spent on LiLo. But Anderson, I don't imagine boar sausage is too good for the cholesterol! He's such a boy inside, all the "whoosh whoosh" and tapping to the bump music. Is he trying to stay 39 for as long as possible? :-)

Anonymous said...

Do anyone know if Anderson will be in on this primary stuff on June 3 (his birthday!) and later? I.E. traveling?

Anonymous said...

New CNN site goes live July 1st.

It's Andy's birthday coming up but it looks like we're the ones getting the present. According to TVNewswer, CNN is launching a new beta version of on July 1st which will include FREE access to *all* CNN video. Those who had bought CNN Pipeline subscriptions will be getting a refund and the rest of us will have full, unrestriced access.

I feel a little Nth degree surfing coming on. (I just hope the new system has better search than Pipeline.)


Anonymous said...

Excellent post Sheryn! Of course you had great material, didnt' you? He said that the scientists were wickedly smart and very funny. I think the same could be said for him! Smart and snarky...what a great combo!

Thanks for the laughs at Anderson's expense! In this case, he totally asked for it.

If Mr. Cooper should happen upon your post, I'm sure he would be highly amused. He's bound to appreciate not only the quality writing, but the sarcastic remarks as well. Oh, and of course, the sound effects! : )

You guys run a great blog! I'm really looking forward to the Q & A with Tom Foreman. It is so very nice of him to do that for us all.


P.S. Your DH is quite the character!

Anonymous said...

@ Cactuskid - thank god for the gift of purell you gave to Anderson :P

copperfish said...

Reading his blog awhile ago made me laugh. Makes me wonder of the "shigloo", if it really stinks coz' of the below zero temp. naturally it would freeze so I doubt it if there would be smell. Well, just a logical thinking, I could be wrong. Makes me wonder too how many times do people there take a bath or no bath at all. In situations like that, I think men can manage more than women, coz' we had a lot to think about when it comes to hygiene.

ACAnderFan said...

@cactuskid, I'm sure Andy is getting alot of use out of that Purel you got him. You getting him that was great.

ACAnderFan said...

@Anonymous 4:15PM, I had the same thought. It is rather nasty though, but then again he is a typical man...LOL!!!

swmpratt said...

Well I got in to the comment part of AC's blog just before the show - which probably means it will never get posted but I did tell him I hope he used a breath mint before he met with Nancy Pelosi.

My DH loved the shigloo part. In Girl Scouts we had an outhouse at camp and I remember to this day how nasty it was. I hope that the ice and cold had a somewhat temporizing effect on the shigloo.

Anyone seen any evidence of AC having a cold after this trip? If not does that mean the cold agrees with him as far as that goes?

One last comment - on the helicopter back with all those aromatic men - I wonder if anyone rolled down the window to get a good breeze blowing? Poor pilot!!

Anonymous said...

I've been gone for a few days and just had a chance to read the 360 blog. Anderson cracks me up. Ironically, I just returned from what I am referring to as “The camping
trip from hell!" Four days, one porta-potty for 12 campsites, water that was not potable, no showers within miles, 20 degrees at night, 95 degrees during the day, no trees in our campsite, and mosquitoes the size of dragon flies. After 4 days in a campsite with one porta-potty and no bushes of any kind, I would have happily ventured into the shigloo!! Oh, did I mention our darling doggies found a leak in the porta-potty and thought it was just the place to roll around and cool off? I ended up bathing them in a creek full of moss and suckerfish. Thank god, I brought my Mattrix shampoo that smells like melon! Growing up with five brothers whom are all avid hunters and anglers means that I have quite a bit of experience with primitive camping. In fact, I was 19 years old before I ever spent the night in a motel. However, this camp was billed as a “camping resort” with crystal springs – NOT! You are probably wondering why I stayed for four days? Mr. Em and #1 Son were catching mega-trout. Need I say more? FYI, I did change my clothes daily and brush my teeth. Thank god, my men did the same. I cannot imagine 4 days in a tent with my boys and no showers. I don’t think I’d even want to do that with Anderson! I haven't had a chance to watch the taped shows yet but from your descriptions, I imagine I will have something good to watch this weekend. Thanks for keeping me updated!

aries moon said...

When Anderson does a blog post as informative and funny as Wednesday's, it makes you wish he'd write every day. Don't you just love the fact that this sophisticated, elegant and refined man would so easily tell the world that he didn't brush teeth or change his clothes for an inordinate number of days? I'm a fan of his for many reasons, but his off-beat personality is one of the main ones. He says the weirdest things sometimes!

Sheryn said...

Gray Angst, I couldn't agree more!!!