Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Thanks to Sheryn for the screencaps.
Surprise, surprise, surprise. I never expected Anderson to be back on Tuesday night. It was a jam packed 2 hours with lots of new, interesting stories. I did find the TB story exceptionally interesting and was prompted to send a related story idea to 360 Feedback. In Phoenix we've had a man imprisoned at the Maricopa County Medical Center for almost 10 months. His crime? He has the same type of TB and refused to isolate himself from the general population. Our sheriff felt the only way to keep the antibiotic resistant strain of TB from spreading was to imprison the infected man. I think I remember Erika touching on the subject briefly during the 360 News Bulletin a while ago but I do think it would make an interesting feature story.

On the humor side of the news we had The Shot of Ms. Universe USA falling on her keister, prompting the 'hey lady' sound bite from AC. And the dog show pictures were adorable, but my favorite moment of the night was AC's whoosh sound effect for the Podcast. Is he mocking the sound effects that I've been bitching about for months now? I like to think so.There was some news in the Warren Jeffs story today, but not on 360. It seems Warren Jeffs isn't doing well in prison. He sometimes goes for days without eating or drinking anything and has developed ulcers on his knees from spending long periods of time in motionless prayer. The man is just too weird for words, but I think everyone realizes it by now.
And now onto the big news of tonight, at least for ATA readers. We have received the go ahead from the nice folks at CNN public relations for our next q & a. We had some great guesses but no one got it right. So without further ado our next participant is (drum roll please!) Tom Foreman, Mr. Raw Politics. We'll follow the same rules as last time: You can email us at allthingsanderson.com with your questions for Tom or you can also put them in comments, if you want to remain anonymous, but I will not post them, only forward them on. Please include some sort of screen name (it does not have to be your actual name) so I can identify whose questions he's answering (I don't want to be calling you anon 2:34). Also one question per reader and please don't ask personal questions about Anderson, this is an attempt to get to know Tom Foreman, not Anderson Cooper. All questions must be received by midnight on Sunday June 3rd. We're really excited about this and hope many of you will get involved and be supportive. Thank you.

I'll leave you tonight with 3 new pictures sent to us by Xtina. The first is a candid of Anderson interviewing Peter Biro (for 60 Minutes). (credit Laszlo Biro) The other two are outtakes from the O Magazine story shoot in NY Jul .05. The one with his jeans showing was rejected in favor of the same pose with him smiling (credit pro corbis. com).


Unknown said...

Tom Foreman! Yay! I'm thinking of my questions now.

Thanks for those pictures, xtina. I've only seen one of those before.


ACAnderFan said...

I really liked 360 last nite. It had a little bit of everything.

I liked the story about Lindsay Lohan. Yes, that is shallow and ridiculous. And I have nothing to my defense, other than I love hearing about celeberites. my friends tease me that I'm the reason all those entertainment news shows are on the air...LOL!!!

Tom Foreman...that's cool. Now I have to think of some interesting question to ask him.

Warren Jeffs...I just don't even know what to say about him. You're right Phebe, he is too weird for words.

FanGirl moment: YAY!!! Andy wore the pretty shirt and tie!!! I love that shirt. It looks so pretty on him. And his hair looked very very very nice. Oh and it looks like he thawed out pretty nicely too...LOL!!!

copperfish said...

It was interesting to know how a new strain of TB virus came to be. If there's a strong resistance to antibiotics, then there's no hope for the man who's infected.

Miss USA has grace under pressure. I think it's rude for those people who booed her. The pictures of those dogs in their nicest hairdos were really cute.

I think Mr. Cooper has plans of becoming a sound engineer and would want to replace the one in AC360. LOL!.. He seems to be having fun doing it. Mind you, he"s good huh!!

The Irene Garza murder is interesting. I knew that there is a prescription period for capital crimes, I just don't know how many years. But even if there will be a case, I think it will be a tough one coz' some of the witnesses have died already. Anyway, they say that if one can escape from penal laws but not from the one above.

Tom Foreman is an interesting subject for the Q&A. I knew nothing about him except for his Raw Politics.

@Xtina, those pics were new to me. I kinda liked the last two, he looks quite chubby on the face on the third one.

swmpratt said...

I thought the show sped by on wings - so many things to report; a lot of them not so good - the war dead, the TB case, Darfur, etc. While Anderson looked great as far as hair, etc. I noted he didn't smile as much as sometimes - he looked a little grim. Or maybe just tired. Or both. I have often wondered how the reporters, especially the anchors who get exposed to all the bits of the news, handle all the bad news over time. It must be discouraging at times.

I was a disappointed not see more of the Greenland coverage. While I'm sure they are saving it for their big special, I think that dribbling it out is good - who knows what could be in those reports that might get people to do more about global warming now rather than later. The big show is in 6 months. We can't afford to lose 6 months.

I highly recommend the National Geographic article on glacial ice melting - its called the Big Thaw. If you don't subscrbe, click on over to their website - they have it reprinted there for your reading pleasure and you don't even have to register. Be warned though - for those fellow environmentalists its a sad and worrisome article.

Back to lighter things - my favorite moment tonight - when AC and Erica were going on about the boar sausage - UMMMM good, that's might fine eating. As obsessive as he is about his cholesterol, I bet AC doesn't eat sausage.....much less boar sausage!! But it was a cute exchange.

Anonymous said...

1 Question. When I read it was Tom Foreman....at least 6 questions popped into my head :P

DId I read this wrong because I am still half asleep :P

Whoot Mr. Raw Politics!!!!!!!! Whoot

Anonymous said...

The ATA Executive Staff rocks!! Congrats on the interview! (and are you re-naming the blog "All Things Tom" for the Q&A?!)

Cindy said...

I was very pleasantly suprised when Coop did the tease last night. I thought for sure that he wouldn't be on. But I am SO happy he was. Although he did look extremely tired..but we did get a little snarkiness out of him!

The show was good last night. It had many great stories! I hope it keeps on being this way!

Alright Phebes...great catch...Tom Foreman...I LOVE him!! I can not wait to ask him some questions and hear his answers to us all!! This should be awesome!!

As for Anderson's shirt and tie combo...NO WAY...wasn't feeling it at all!! He needs someone to dress him...COME ON CNN COME OFF THE HIP AND GET HIM SOMEONE!!! As much as they push his looks it seems like they would!!

Anonymous said...

I think AC is glad RO is off the air. It is funny on how he count people that the Donald insult. I like the segment between him and Dr. Drew. He is back to state, hopefully he will stay put for several weeks.

Sheryn said...

Jumps up and down, YAY Tom Foreman! I love Tom Foreman!

Phebe and Xtina, *IZDEAD* from the pretty! Thanks, Ms. Xtina!

The show was great last night and I was also surprised to see Anderson back in the studio.

@AnnieKate, I love that phrase, "sped by on wings." Very nice! I would like to use it and credit you!

Have a great day everyone!

Anonymous said...

Last night I thought Anderson was dressed in true sartorial splendor. I just loved the suit, tie, shirt combo. And although he may have been tired, his make-up looked terrific. He had a healthy glow without looking like he had a faux tan.
The show itself was interesting, not too many repeats, thank goodness. Gary Tuchman's reporting is always excellent.I wish someone would tell Deborah Feyerick (sp?) how to pronounce al-Qaeda. It grates on my ears when people say it with a long a instead of the long i which is correct. You'd think they'd get it right after all this time.

I wonder how Anderson is feeling about turning 40 this weekend.

Roonie said...

I almost hit the floor when I saw Anderson back in NY. That was FAST. He's got really good time management, and he brought us a fantastic show! I enjoyed all of it, TB, Iraq, Lindsay, Immigration, a little bit o' everything!

Tom Foreman! Sweet! I think I've got a question all lined up too :) Thanks Phebe!!

ac said...

Hi everyone,
Wow,it's great to see our Mr.Cooper back in N.Y.,but was hoping for more Greenland coverage.
Thanks for those pics,Xtina-the look on his face in the middle pic-oh so adorable!Sigh!
It's hard to believe that diseases from the past such as TB are coming back,all those people who travelled with this man now have a great worry.
I'm loving the sound effects-"whoosh,whoosh"!
Warren Jeffs-there is just something weird and creepy about him,I think.How cold for that young man not to be with his little son.
Tom Foreman-yay!It sure is nice of him(and John Roberts)to take time to do this-can't wait to see who is next on your list.
Is it true that Jeff Koinange is gone?What the heck is going on at CNN these past few months?First,they move Soledad and Miles O'Brien,then Thomas Roberts leaves,and now this!!Sorry,that was a brief soapbox moment,but I really liked these people.
Oh purple tie-I love that Puppy Love avatar with Andy and Molly,how did you do it?
have a great day everyone!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Tom Foreman! I'm really impressed! I love when he does Raw Politics and breaks out the magic 8 ball.

The show was really good last night.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

I can't claim the avatar! I've had it saved for along time. I'd give credit but I don't know who did it. :)

Anonymous said...

According to the blogs, Jeff was fired for having inappropriate relationships with female sources. He seemed professional and like a decent guy, I'm a bit surprised.

Taffiny said...

I'm confused. You aren't in favor, of people with contagious, antibiotic resistant, potentially fatal diseases, being isolated from the general public? (you said the person refused to do it himself voluntarily, so I assume he could have just stayed home, but didn't).

Is there another reasonable choice? I do not find exposing, and potentially infecting hundreds of people, who then can expose and infect hundreds, and hundreds more, an option. Yeah, isolation for a few totally sucks, but not as much as mass death would.

Am I off here? Am I missing something? Am I misreading you?

Bear in mind, I have a cold and wish the person on the bus trip who gave it to me, would have just stayed the heck home. And I am not at all at risk of dying from this cold. Shery Crow is however very upset about the number of tissues I am using.

Taffiny said...

Purple tie,
that is just so cute, watching Anders kiss his dog.

Phebe said...
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Phebe said...

@Taffiny, I fully believe the government has the duty to protect us from people with contagious diseases. But in this case (as usual for our sheriff) I think they went overboard by confining the man to a prison type room in the medical center with no television, radio or telephone. Finally the courts intervened and granted him a few luxuries after months of pressure from the press and the general public.

Anonymous said...

you guys should head over to cnn.com and read Anderson's blog from today....its great! he talks about the cold in Greenland :)

Anonymous said...

@ Phebe & Xtina - those pictures are amazing.....thank you for sharing them :) Anderson looks so fine

swmpratt said...

@sheryn - I am complimented that you want to use my phrase. Of course you may - no credit necessary.

I would love to see what everyone's favorite Anderson phrase is - mine is in his book - "slap of silence" - he used it describing his father's book. That is probably one of the best crafted phrases and most descriptive I have ever read. Amazing.

TB - if it is medically resistant and the person won't stay put I'm in favor of confining them. Back when TB was common here in the US, they confined people in sanatoriums. My ancestral line has all sorts of people who died of TB - my DH's too. Its a real killer and it is a horrible way to die. You don't fool around with this one.

Taffiny said...

I get your point. That does sound like a prison environment. I wonder why they didn't want this person to have a phone, TV, or radio? It is bad enough being physically isolated, but being completely cut off like that, is really harsh, and makes no sense.
Thanks for answering me so kindly, I really appreciate it. My cold may have made me cranky yesterday, but today, I'm plumb tuckered.

When someone has TB does the degree to which they are contagious, fluctuate? Does it vary depending on how long they have had it, or is it a matter of where the TB is, within them? Like they said about the TB traveler, his is deep in his lungs so he is less likely to spread the disease. Will it stay there, and in the future will he be safe to travel, or might it progress and shift, always having to be monitored?