Thursday, August 02, 2007

Breaking News and Leno

Anderson hosts special coverage, live from Minnesota, on tonight's AC360.

Wednesday's AC 360 was an extended 3 hour program entirely devoted to the tragedy in Minneapolis. Would anyone be surprised if Anderson ended up in Minneapolis on Thursday night? I'm not sure if his scheduled appearance on The View would preclude this, guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Our very own commenter Aruna lives close to the collapsed bridge and I received the following from her earlier tonight.

I just wanted to tell you gals that I live in Minneapolis and very close to the bridge that collapsed. If you're following the story, it's incredibly terrifying how it essentially split at both ends, sending cars into the river. I can see the wreckage in plain site from the off-ramp and I am going to be living very close to that area starting in September. Several of my friends could feel earthquake shakes as it collapsed. Another friend was on the freeway during the collapse and saw people making u-turns prior to the breakage point.
It's just a horrible scene. Now that it's so dark, I can't imagine the recovery effort in the Mississippi River.

I'm also so grateful to live in a city with so much compassion and concern for fellow human beings. I've always felt at home here, and we're sending our thoughts and prayers to the victims and rescuing/recovery personnel and all of their families. Thank you everyone for your concern.

From the horrible tragedy to a lighter note. Anderson appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday night. The show was taped at 4 PM in Burbank, just as the tragedy was unfolding in Minneapolis.

I'm admit it, I'm a geek. I smiled from ear to ear throughout AC's entire appearance. He did such a great job. Even though I'd heard most of the stories before I don't tire of them.
If you've read Anderson's Detail's articles you know he compares going prematurely grey to premature ejaculation. But have you ever heard him talk about it? Obviously Heidi Klum hadn't. The look AC gave her was classic!
The appearance was really perfect. AC did a great job and really seemed to interest and amuse Leno. Good job Mr. Cooper.


Jennifer said...

is a awful tragedy the Minnesota bridge that crosses the Mississippi river was a horrific site, I started watching it not long after it had happen it reminds me of the bridge in California few years ago that collapse after an earthquake so far they don't know what cause this bridge to collapse I know their are 7 dead and was reported 50 cars in the water.
From what I understand they have found all the people that are alive they are still looking in the water for more people that may have drowned.
It's such a horrible tragedy.
Their were kids on a school bus I'm glad they got out okay,
I feel for the people in Minnesota tonight my goodness how the families are coping with this tonight, I can't imagine what they going though. My heart goes out to the people and their families of this tragedy.
I've heard that theirs 60 children that was on the bus. My prayers is with everyone in Minnesota.

Anderson he sure did look great and did a great job on the show, I love to hear him talk about different stories about himself, and he also did a great job on 360 tonight, I can tell that he is tired and like he said it's going to be a long night.

@ Phebe, The pictures that you posted tonight their are really good ones.

ACAnderFan said...

I LOVED seeing Andy on Jay Leno last nite!!! I love when he comapres going gray to premature ejaculation...HILARIOUS!!! No matter how many times I hear the stories he told I never get sick of them. Oh and I loved when they showed that clip from when he was at Channel One. How adorable. It was just a great appearance all around. Oh how could I forget how cute it was when he said that in his mind he still has brown hair...he's such a dork, but that just makes him all the more loveable.

No, it wouldn't surprise me if Andy showed up in Minneapolis today.

FanGirl moment: How amaiznig did Andy look last nite??? He looked so pretty. I loved the blue siut with blue shirt ant red tie...very very very nice color combination. And when he was on Leno his hair looked so absolutely perfect.

MeshugahMazal said...

I watched AC on Leno's show. Frankly, I wasn't sure at first if Anderson was going to make it to Leno's show since the awful bridge tragedy occurred around that time. Thankfully, Anderson did show up and had a delightful conversation with Leno. Interesting, I did not think that they had things in common (mild dyslexia as children, premature grey hair, etc). I look forward to watching it again as it repeats next week (if it's not already posted on the 'net somewhere), smile. Still, it was nice to see him be himself on a different tv show! He works too hard (I think) sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Heidi Klum looks like she is taller than Anderson!

Unknown said...

I have read this blog for a long time now. So, I guess this is a good time to throw my two cents in.

I live in Minneapolis. I go to school at the Univerisity right there. (We call it the U of M, or just the U. I'm a Poli Sci major. Go Figure) I had to work last night at a local hospital since we had an Orange Alert so I'm a little tired. Right now everything feels really weird.

As for Anderson possibly coming here... would not be surprised. It'd be a little cool. Wish it could be under better circumstances.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

sydney said...

How did I know he'd end up going to Minneapolis? I knew he couldn't stay away.

@anon 4:59 well, since Heidi *is* a model, I'm sure she is taller than Anderson, and a lot of other men as well.

@michelle sending some more prayers and good wishes your way in the wake of this tragic event.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone record Leno last night? My dvr messed up and didn't record anything after midnight - thus no Anderson interview :-(

Anonymous said...

When you think it is just going to be hot, sleepy August thoughts go out to the people of Minneapolis...such a great city....

Even in such a horrific tragedy, most of the news organizations are giving real kudos to CNN for last night's coverage.
While FOX News was on the air first with the story(only because the regular Fox Network has a collaborative structure with its local affiliates for the cable Fox News), the I-Report called into Wolf Blitzer's Situation Room is what set the stage for what some are calling the most comprehensive and "you are there" reporting. Most critics gave Anderson Cooper very high marks in anchoring the story for the three hours he was on the air taking over from a four hour non-stop Wolf Blitzer. This is even with Brian Williams at NBC topping the other broadcast nets by doing cut-ins and a full special at 10PM (a tough night for Brian, he had a funeral that night).
Over the next few days, it will be interesting to see if the comments continue to hold and what the ratings say. Everyone stayed with straight news - no O'Reilly, LKL, so let's see who they turned to for "hard news."
J in LA

Sapphire said...

words can not even begin to express the sadness I feel for the victims, their families and the citizens of Minneapolis, they are in my prayers. Aruna and Michelle I can't even imagine the vibe of the city right now. Keep strong.

Anderson and the whole 360 team did an amazing job with last night's 3 hour broadcast. I do hope they update us about Randi's missing family members....I really hope she recieved some good news. I was like in tears when Randi said she had not heard from her brother in law.

I am glad Anderson will be there tonight. I don't know how he does it but he somehow just makes me feel better about the situation. For anyone who has not seen it yet Anderson BLOGGED about his upcoming trip.

I did switch over to Leno last night to watch Anderson.....he was so fantastic. Witty, charming, and oh my gosh so funny. When he said what he said about greying early, I was like no he did not just say that and the look he gave Heidi was CLASSIC. I also loved the story about the motorcycle and Gloria not wanting him to have one. The story was so funny....Gloria never even noticed the helmet. Who knew that Anderson and Jay had so much in common. Can't wait until the View tomorrow

ACAnderFan said...

I taped Andy's appearance on Leno last nite and I've seen it like three times!!! I just can't get enough of it. It was by far one of his best interviewes even if he did tell stories that we've all heard before. I love seeing on shows like Leno becuase he's always so happy and full of smiles. I crack up everytime I see the look he gave Heidi...HILARIOUS and PRICELSS...he's such a dork, but a very cute and sweet dork. And I cannot wait to see him on The View should be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Friday night's show looks like a taped special, pending any other breaking news.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Leno. I could listen to Anderson for hours. I can see why he asked for some jokes..he could use some new material (said with much love!) However, I hadn't heard the motorcycle story and didn't know Jay also disliked hot beverages!

I am not surprised Anderson is going to Minnesota. It has been awhile since he was in the field on a disaster like this. I agree with Sapphire, he brings such a human(e) quality to these reports. This is so scary. My family is originally from the SF Bay area. Since the big earthquake there, I have this terrible fear of being stuck under an over pass when a bridge collapses. I absolutely hate to end up parked under the bridges when I'm waiting to get on the freeway here. My parents also had a harrowing experience when a mud slide hit a highway bridge where they live on the Oregon coast. If you have ever been there, you will know these bridges are basically hanging over cliffs that fall deep into the ocean. Luckily, everyone was able to get across or stop before their cars were pushed over the edge. I feel so terrible for the families waiting to hear about loved ones. I just heard they don't ever expect to find some of the bodies. When I was in my twenties, a dynamite plant exploded here. No bodies were ever recovered. My sister-in-laws older brother was working at the time. He was 21. We are the same age and share the same birthday. Ironically, our birthday was yesterday..August 1st. I feel sad every year when my sister-in-law calls to wish me happy birthday cause I know she is thinking about her brother. God bless these families!

Marilyn said...

First and foremost, thoughts and prayers to all citizens of Minneapolis. This has been an unbelievable tragedy. I've been watching the CNN coverage since minute one and Anderson did do a great job covering it for so long last night. It was really weird switching channels from the somber tone on CNN to his goofy stories and banter with Leno. Heidi Klum didn't know what to think about his premature graying comparison to premature ejaculation. I couldn't believe he said that on tv. I'm a religious follower of Project Runway and Heidi is so classy and professional so I enjoyed watching her as well. I look forward to his coverage of the bridge collapse tragedy tonight because I know he'll get to the bottom of the story. One other reporter we shouldn't forget who seems to be becoming a workaholic as well is John Roberts. I was watching at 6am and he was already at the site of the accident so that was a mere 6 hours after it happened. Kieran Chetry was on at 5 but didn't seem to be happy about it but John was out there waiting for sunrise and interviewing people. Kudos to CNN's unrelenting coverage.

ACAnderFan said...

@em, I too see why he was asking for some jokes. He does need some new material (said with love, like you mentioned). Maybe if he could ever actually go on vacation and enjoy it he might have some new material...LOL!!! I did enjoy the motorcycle story though. Can't you just picutre him riding one??? lol

Anonymous said...

heidi klum is tall but she had high heels on...

ACAnderFan said...

I've been watching headline news and I must say that I am very impressed with the way Christi Paul is handeling the story. I think she's done the best out of everyone at CNN and Headline news.

Anonymous said...

Here in Canada, thoughts and prayers go out to the bridge collapse victims and their families. What a horrible tragedy!

I agree that Anderson does bring a real sense of humanity to his coverage of any catastrophe.

Our cable station (KARE 11 Minneapolis) which broadcasts the Tonight Show was, of course, covering the bridge collapse during the show's regular time slot so I managed to stay awake to watch on another channel which aired the Tonight Show at 1:30 a.m.
I thought Anderson seemed, perhaps, more relaxed and even more confident than on some of the other talk shows, especially, when he was doing promos for his book. His segment last night was just far too short! I wonder if his live coverage in Minneapolis tonight will mean the cancellation of his appearance on The View. I guess the poor guy can't be everywhere at the same time.

Evelyn said...

Doesn't surprise me one bit that Anderson is going to be in Minneapolis tonight. The man just can't keep away from breaking news.

He did an excellent job last night with the breaking news. Even people who don't watch CNN said that they did a great job and Anderson in particular did a great job too: "Best on TV when it comes to breaking news"

Has anyone seen the CNN exclusive security video of the bridge collapsing? It is truly harrowing. People may watch all those other cable news networks from day to day, but when something tremendous happens in the world, they turn to CNN.

My thoughts go out to Aruna, Michelle, and the victims of the tragedy.

Anonymous said...

@Brenda..I was thinking the same thing about the View but I think it only takes 2 - 3 hours to fly from Minneapolis to NYC (you easterner's please correct me if I'm wrong!) Anyway, knowing Anderson, if that's the case he will fly back tonight and be on the View tomorrow!! CNN the hardest working men/women in the business!

Unknown said...

My thoughts really go out to the people in Minnesota. I know we all feel that way.

Anderson did a good job last night. It's always amazing to me the way that when there is important news or breaking news that most people tune to CNN, I think that speaks volumns!

Jennifer said...

I got a feeling that Anderson wont be on The View tomorrow morning.
Since he's covering the tragedy in Minnesota or unless The View is already been taped.

This morning I watch on America Morning I saw how the bridge collapsed it something else.

The guy that got the kids of the bus the guarding angel was Jeremy Hernandez how AMAZING. He said that the bus felt like it still moving in the kids was screaming he was already on the bus his survival mode kicked in. He started to getting the kids off the back of the bus couple of people came up to help so they were able to get all the kids off the bus an into safety they are heroes in my eyes.

I don't understand how they got them over the broken bridge and to safety it look like it would have been an impossible mission for 2 or 3 people to do. From what I understand their was 50 kids from the ages kindergarden and up. I can't imagine what a terrified situation to be in.

My prayers goes out to the ones that's in the tragedy and also the ones on the bridge and their families also the rescue workers and news media.

Anderson voice last night when he came on 360 it was like a calm during the storm.

Anonymous said...

I AM SOOOO Late, but the ratings just came in, and there was some very good news for AC 360 fans:

While CNN wasn't quite able to top FOX News in total viewers (People 2+ - Fox News is very heavy 50+ and they watch a tremendous amount of television), it was able to beat the channel in the very important demographic of Adults 25-54 in key hours in prime time (8-11PM).

CNN, in its later night coverage from 9PM-3AM due to its staying with live coverage was #1 with Adults 25-54.

It was also able to rank #1 with Total viewers (2+) 11PM - 3AM, again no doubt due to it staying live with the story.

In straight primetime - 8-11PM, it was a very close race with CNN and FNC with Fox News just nipping CNN because its strength 7-9PM. 10PM turned it around for CNN and kept it that way for the rest of the night.

Adults 25 - 54 audience:
Courtesy Nielsen Media Research:

AC 360 took Adults 25-54:

10-11PM (Eastern Daylight Time):
Fox News: 1,031,000
MSNBC: 505,000
CNN: 1,188,000

11-12Md (Eastern Daylight Time):
Fox News: 748,000
MSNBC: 474,000
CNN: 913,000


J in LA

Anonymous said...

Anderson's View appearance was taped last week.

Jennifer said...

I have watch my dvd of the Jay Leno several times Anderson did such an amazing job last night he is funny, witty, and smart.

I love to see old news clips of him back at channel one back in the days I remember seeing it when I was in high school, also never get tired of hearing his stories.

Poor Heidi Klum she wasn't expecting Anderson to talk about his premature graying the way he did. I just loved it he also look very handsome last night. I think he did a great job he didn't have anything to worry about :)

Unknown said...

Where did you hear that parrotslave? I was thinking that might be the case.

Anonymous said...

@ purple tie

the view is never live on friday's. they always pre-tape. i'm assuming that since anderson was in L.A most of this week then the view was probably taped last week.

Anonymous said...

TwoP's (Television Without Pity) View bashing thread had a report from an audience member who was there during Anderson's visit to the View.

Unknown said...

Thanks, parrotslave. :)