Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fire up the bong and pass the doobie?

I know Anderson Cooper will never, ever communicate with me. Why? Could it be because I have this little devil that sits on my shoulder some nights, as I type, saying 'go ahead, I dare you'? And how can I resist? I mean, come on, the gorgeous, suave, debonair Mr. Cooper talking about bongs and doobies? And on the same day he's interview Bill Clinton (who I bet would know about bongs and doobies). ATA's crack research team remembers AC mentioning that his mother came across a bong in his college dorm at Yale. It wasn't Anderson's, but his roommate's. And I bet neither of them inhaled either.
Wednesday's AC360 started with mystery of the 'Joe Cool'. There was a similar story 18 months ago, that happened off the coast of San Diego. In that case 2 potential buyers were taken for a cruise by a couple trying to sell their large yacht. The couple were never seen again and presumed killed and thrown overboard. This story sounds like it might have a similar tragic ending.
Jeanne Meserve's report on the threats to our power grid was truly frightening. I know we need to know these things, at least at some level, but I really don't want to know.
Most of you are aware that I live in a Mormon community. One thing the Mormon's teach their members to keep a 3 month stash of food. Costco's and Sam's Club's, in my neighborhood, sell large buckets of freeze dried meals that keep for eons and only need water to reconstitute. After watching Jeanne's report I really don't think this is such a bad idea. Just keep lots of bottled water and a bucket of the freeze dried meals and you might be able to wait out a power grid failure. Of course an even better plan would be for our government to put some safeguards in place, but maybe that's asking too much? 2% of all drugs prescribed are unapproved by the FDA? The FDA won't supply the public with a list of the unapproved drugs? The FDA won't say how many people have been killed or hurt by unapproved drugs? The FDA won't say which unapproved drugs have killed or injured people? Just what will the FDA do? Not much from the sounds of Gary Tuchman's excellent report.
I love Bill Clinton, no surprise there. But wow did he show some anger and disgust with the Republicans response to's ad. It was a great interview that focused on the ad and on Clinton's Global Initiative. If you missed the related interview with Ted Turner's and Sanjay we posted earlier today make sure you check it out.
If you check our CNN Events Calendar you know that John Roberts was the Master of Ceremonies for the 9th Annual Drug Free Kids Campaign Awards Dinner in Washington, DC on Tuesday evening. The event raised over 1 million dollars for the program. Congratulations JR on a job well done. And thanks to BA for the picture find.
I wish I could say that Anderson was emailing Ms. Quitty happy birthday greetings earlier tonight, but I can't. So I'll do the next best thing and say


Thanks to Cyn for sending this to ATA:

Apple Retail Store events Advance Screening:

iTunes Presents: CNN's "Planet in Peril"

Join us for an exclusive, advance screening of a 40-minute excerpt from the new CNN documentary "Planet in Peril," featuring Anderson Cooper. Special guests will be on hand to discuss the making of this four-hour film about our planet's greatest threats. October 21 at these Apple Retail Store locations:

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SoHo, New York City with special guest Anderson Cooper


Unknown said...


Yeah, I'm sure Anderson has NO clue what a bong or a doobie is ;)

Jennifer said...

Tonight's 360 had a lot of good stories, The interview that Anderson did with Bill Clinton I thought it was interesting. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was suppose to do a 30 minute interview with Christine Amanpour, but this morning someone call and told her that he would be able to come and answer one question. No one knows the exact reason why.

We never know whether the medicine we are taking is FDA approve or not. That is very supprising and scary to know.

Pictures of Anderson at the Elton John benefit last night, I forgot to mention earlier that Anderson look very handsome and nice :-)

@ Quitty, Happy Birthday

copperfish said...

Sometimes I had a hard time catching up with the slang words you americans used but I think that incident was mentioned in his 2006 class day speech at Yale.

CNN have been showing the full length commercial of PIP and judging from it indeed looks spectacular production and one can't help to expect big.

And to Quitty, happy(2x) birthday!

ACAnderFan said...

Yet Another fantastic 360 last nite :)

I vahuely remeber Andy mentioning his mom finding a bong in his dorm room.

The threats about the power gird were scary. And the governemnt won't do anything to protect it. That's just asking too much from them.

Gary Tuchman yet again had a great story. That is really scary that 2% of all drungs out there are not fda approved. That was one of the most interesting things I have ever seen on 360.

Bill Clinton's intervew was great. I like the way he presents himself. It was interesting seeing him get so worked up over the republicans.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Quitty!!! I hope you have a great day and get to do something you enjoy.

FanGirl moment: How pretty did Andy look last nite??? I don't know what it was but he was looking extra nice last nite!!!

Anonymous said...

"crack" research team!!! you "crack" me up!!! :)

happy birthday, quitty!!!!

Roonie said...

Bongs and doobies? HAHAHA. Just to hear him say it is just adorable. Even better to know he didn't own any.

The show was chock full of interesting stories, but I am bummed about the Iranian president cutting the interview short. I'm glad Christiane got to ask a few questions and she made them good ones.

Bill Clinton is awesome, that's all I can say.

Happy Birthday Quitty!

My job at work is to make sure we don't get called out by the FDA for audits, which is why absolutely everything we do is submitted for approval. I work with medical devices. You'd THINK the same thing would happen with drug companies. JEEZ.

Sapphire said...

bongs and dooubies.....ATA "crack" team.....too funny all around on so many levels.

Happy Belated (now) Birthday Quitty......hope you had a terrific day capped of with a terrific 360

Sheryn said...

Happy Birthday, Ms. Quitty!!!

Doobie? What's a doobie? Funny story, my Mom thought my roommate's bong was some sort of weird vase! LOL! We love to remind her of that ALOT!

I was really looking forward to the Ahmadinejad interview. But the Clinton interview was great too. I knew something was up yesterday when 360 kept playing with the program tease on 360's website. First Christiane's interview was there. Then it was replaced by the Clinton interview. And then they put both up.

Off to find some coffee! Great post Phebe. BTW, so that's why there are so many Costco's out there? I never knew that!

Anonymous said...

I though Clinton's interview was great. AC looks so good in it. He really enjoy talking to the former president. You can tell he really admire the man and his cause.

I though it was interesting when he talked about his feeling about Burma and their repressive govt.

A light moment about weed, I wonder where he pick up all those slang (from his roommate)???

aries moon said...

Happy B-day Quitty!

One of my favorite moments from the show last night was when Anderson scolded the emailers for assuming that CNN canceled Ahmadinejad's interview. I like when AC loses his customary cool reserve a little and gets a little riled up.

AC's interview with Clinton was also good and I don't even know where to start about AC's bong and doobie comments other than you just never know what he'll say sometimes.

lori said...

Another fine post, Phebe. You "crack" me up, too! (*winks at BA*)

Happy Birthday, Quitty! Many, many happy returns. I'll toast with a manhaddan, straight up. Better to screw up the liver than the lungs...

Sapphire said...

Clinton wears righteous igdignation very well. Fantastic show all around.

Why would people think CNN cancelled the interview after promoting the heck out of it. geez sometimes people just don't get it

Quitty said...

Thanks for the warm birthday wishes :)

Sapphire said...

I love how Anderson was so busy typing on his computer he didn't even look up at the girl bringing stuff to his desk :P Makes me wonder where he was surfing the net at that moment?!?!?

sydney said...

Yeah, it's my roommate's, that's the ticket! :-)

Glad I'm not the only one to snicker at "crack" research team...

And his saying he doesn't know what those things mean, puhleeze. Anyone who went to college, even if they didn't partake (which I didn't) knows!

Anonymous said...


When you talked about AC typing on his computer and the girl bringing him something, was that on the second hour? I always stop watching after the first hour, and was wondering if they ever do any things different in the second?


Sapphire said...

@ Anon 1:27 - no it was during the first hour. I am pretty sure it was going into the first commercial

cactuskid said...

I agree Anderson does know about Doobies and Bongs! LOL!!

Happy Birthday, Quitty!!! Throws confetti!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info I'm gonna try to catch the PIP advance screening on Oct. 21 here.

Happy Birthday Quitty - have a great day :-)

lori said...

@ sapphire and anon: yeah! I saw her drop something on the desk and he was oblivious. Maybe making some trades on those Gummi Bears. ;)