Friday, September 28, 2007

Two Hours of Anderson!!!!!!

Hello everyone. Hope you are having a great one. All I can say is thank God it is Friday. And speaking of which, where did September go??? Time is marching by and to quote one of my favourite movies Steel Magnolias “One day you realize time is marching on and it is marching right across your face”. Next weekend is Thanksgiving up here in Canada and I know some might not like this but before you know it, it will be Christmas (yipes!!!)

Well after Cyn’s delicious post (thanks Cyn)…on to tonight’s show(a big thanks to Book Asylum for the caps). The breaking news of the night was the good news that Madison, the girl that the nation had been looking for has been found safe and sound today.

Kara Finnstorm has been covering this story all week when the investigators of this case released a picture and the name of Madison to the media in hopes of finding this young girl. The photo which was taken from a video that was found by a man who said he found the video in the desert 5 months ago of this beautiful little girl being repeatedly attacked. Today Madison’s mother called the police and a positive identification was made. The media has been asked to no longer show the photo of Madison as she has now been found and has now shifted focus to Chester Arthur Stiles, the suspect in this case.

The last 15 minutes of the first hour of 360 tonight was the live press conference from Nevada about the Madison case. The saddest thing for me to come out of this press conference was the news that Madison was 3 years old when these attacks took place. She is now 7 years old. I am sure more will come out as the investigation continues.

The other main story covered on 360 tonight was the continuing conflict coming out of Burma (which is also known as Myanmar). Today the government cut phone lines and internet throughout of the country. Details are now very sketchy as it is now even more difficult to get information out to the rest of the world as foreign media is not allowed into the country. The number of dead in this protest ranges anywhere from 9 to several hundred. The protest in Burma began over high fuel prices and escalated when the Buddhist monks joined in on this protest for democracy.

Dan Rivers reported from Thailand and spoke on the protests that were held in Thailand in support of the people of Burma. He also stated that Burma is ranked 164 out of 168 repressed countries in the world in the media according to reporters without borders.

Anderson spoke with Derek Mitchell about the situation in Burma. They discussed the last time a violent upraising happened in Burma which was 1988 where more then 3000 people died. Anderson also asked Mr. Mitchell about President Bush wanting to meet with leaders of Myanmar. At the end of this segment, Anderson talks about Burma being the first story he ever told. I personally have never been to Burma, I have been to China which to me felt very repressive but when I think of how much more of a strangle hold the government of Burma has on the people of that country; it is a very sad story all around. Hopefully the members of the global community will be able to help in the horrific situation happening in Burma.

With such heavy news it is always nice to have a great dose of Raw Politics. Tom Foreman’s comment of contenders and pretenders gave me a good chuckle. It’s time for the candidates to show us the money honey and the number of dollars raised is going to be huge!!!!! As you all know I am Canadian and can not vote but I seriously don’t get why the Republicans candidates are continuously not showing up for these debates. They need all the help they can get to help their party and their parties image. They need to get a clue and start showing up or maybe Americans should start looking at the ones that are showing up to these debates (I like Obama find Mike Huckabee to be the most interesting of the Republican candidates). And last but not least for a good laugh during Raw Politics - Breast not Bombs….enough said (although that is legal in Toronto so it would be no big deal but no one actually does it thank goodness).

You know there are just some things I know for certain. I know the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. I know snow is cold, leafs change color and I know that I will always have a good time when I watch Anderca banter. So tonight Erica gave Anderson a very mini citizenship test that may be used in the future for immigrants trying to obtain citizenship. Well Erica asked Anderson two questions and how well did Anderson do??? He got 1 out of 2 questions right. 50/50 but Anderson was way to cute in getting the second and more difficult question wrong. Now all of us ladies have different ways we put our posts together, for me I take notes and write up things later. Well as I was watching Anderson try to answer his second question and Erica hum the Jeopardy theme song I wrote down “Anderson is a Jeopardy champion”, not even two seconds after I finished typing my thought up Anderson said that he was a Jeopardy champion. It is like I read his mind……not really I am sure we all thought it but still I like to think there is some sort of mental connection there since it happens all the time.

Randi Kaye did a story on a crime fighting tool that would help in solving a lot of cases if actually used. Randi spoke with the parents of Katie Sepich a young lady who was raped, murdered and set on fire. Before she died, Katie fought back and got her killers DNA. The law right now is that DNA is only taken from criminals convicted of crimes. Katie’s parents Dave and Jayann want to introduce Katie’s Law nationwide – which would make it mandatory to conduct DNA testing on suspects arrested in violent felony cases without convictions. Seems like a good idea to me. We will see what will happen with the law as I am sure that Randi will keep up on this story as it progresses.

No more Great Lakes?!?!?! Anderson you could have said Michigan and Ontario to make me happy. Miles O’Brien did a report on the Great Lakes. I don’t believe this is part of the Planet in Peril series but still very interesting piece. Seems like everything is disappearing. I am getting so excited, PIP is getting closer people…..25 more days!!!!!!!!!!

I know it has been a while but is was really nice to have Anderson on for the full two hours. It has been far too long and most likely only because of the breaking news so we will have to wait and see.

Don’t forget this weekend's Special Investigation Unit is Anderson's piece Homicide in Hollenbeck.

Well after a long week and some heavy news, I want to treat you all with a piece of comedic gold featuring our own Anderson Cooper. I came across this video on YouTube and it is one of the best Anderson interviews I have ever seen. It is Anderson being interviewed by Jiminy Glick (done so masterfully by Martin Short) who was sitting in for Larry King. I must tell you there is a whole lot of Andergiggles in this one and I have to agree with Jiminy, I think Anderson is wonderful.

Courtesy of: revolutionnine

Have a great weekend all with the sweet words of Anderson “I will see you Monday night” in your ears and I will see you in two weeks.


Unknown said...

Ah, that interview is was my introduction to Anderson! I though that any news man that didn't take himself so seriously had to be someone to watch. I watched his show and loved it. The rest is history.

The stuff in Burma is horrible. I really hope that democracy wins over. Any regime that can murder and lock up monks or any holy men is sick!

ACAnderFan said...

Yet another great post by the lovely Sapphire :)

I'll be honest I diidn't like 360 at all last nite. I thought it was terrible.

The only story I did take interest in was the Burma one. It is so so so sad what is going on over there. I mean there's something really wrong when monks are being murdered and locked up. That's sick!!! Sadly I think it's going to get alot worse over there there before it gets better. My hearts goes out to those living there.

FanGirl moment: Andy looked so so so pretty last nite!!! He always looks good in a black tie. His hair was also looking good last nite too...LOL!!!

Jennifer said...

Tonight's 360 it was good, I notice it was live for 2 hours, I like it that way.

I'm glad that the little girl in Nevada was found. Thank God she's alive. My heart goes out to any child that's missing, I hope they find the man soon that sexually assaulted her.

Circumstances in Myanmar, is really getting worser they close themselves off from the world they don't won't contact with anyone not even China. That goes to show you how bad of a situation it is, I feel for the people in Myanmar. Can't imagine being as scared as thoes people has to be right now.

360 shot and bulletin, The man was breaking glass with his head - boy I bet he has a headache LOL :-)

The bathroom at the airport from what I understood is being made over cause of Larry Craig.

Anonymous said...

Why do news anchors (he's not the only one) say "I will see you X night" when it would be more grammatically correct to say "you will see me X night"? That always bothered me: it's like setting up a delusion field for the looney tunes.

Anonymous said...

The Jiminy Glick video was too funny! I loved it! It was cool to see Anderson on for 2 hours last night, and I am wondering if that is how it will be on Monday night. Wow, September did go by fast. Monday will be October 1st, and before you know it, Anderson will be in Times Square to host New Year's Live on CNN.

ACAnderFan said...

I should probably clarify why I think 360 was so terrible last nite. It wasnt Andy's fault. I just didn't find any of the stories interesting except for the Burma one. I will give 360 credit for having a mix of stories on the show last nite.

Anonymous said...

That was wonderful to have Anderson's lives for 2 hours. I admit that I've enjoyed it for first time since pass summer. Anderson has gained his tremendous energy. Wow, that was great. I really like his recent haircut and truly think that he is very good-looking, not the pretty one. The "pretty" one is for the lady. I don't mean to be offenive, but I am puzzle for using that word. He has a perfect feature matching with his hair. He fascinated me with his intelligence and wit.

I can’t imagine how the people from other side unable to reach their loved one in Burma without telephone, internet and media. I never thought how rare for the Buddhist monks stood up firmly for the people in Burma. Buddhist monks are very delicate, sacred people. They are so courageous to do that.

I am truly glad for that little girl was found safe, but the story is so bizarre. I hope that guy will be caught very soon.

hearing impaired gal

Roonie said...

BEST INTERVIEW EVER!!!!! Okay, that was absolutely hilarious, and thank you sooooo much for posting it!!

*again, horrible transitioning* but this Myanmar/Burma story is so incredibly saddening. I really hope some intervention happens quickly. I really think it's necessary.

Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled that 360 is leading with
the Myanmar/Burma.Good to see that
360 was live for hours on a Friday night.

aries moon said...

Woah, totally weird to see Anderson "live" until the very end of the show and on a Friday yet! I know CNN said that he'd be around in the second hour if there was breaking news, but it's been so long since he's worked on a Friday, that it was just a nice surprise. I'm not crazy about press conferences, because they tend to pre-empt everything in the show, but the show was still interesting, especially the Burma reports and the DNA piece. I hope AC will be able to anchor more often on Fridays.

Anonymous said...

Sapphine: Thank you so much for the priceless Jiminy Glick/Anderson video; it was hands down the best of the best "cute Anderson" interviews I have ever seen. Jiminy had Anderson going better than Robin Williams in Las Vegas. What a treat!


Sapphire said...

I can't get enough of the Jiminy Glick interview. It is hilarious :P

@ PT....glad to hear you Anderstory :)

@ Aruna, Diane and all - no problem, glad you enjoyed the video so much.

Unknown said...

@anon 12:26

What? Anderson doesn't talk to you directly like the rest of us? Hmmmm.

*Disclaimer to anyone who thinks I'm serious: This was a joke :P

Anonymous said...

All I can say is... ew ew ew when I look at the picture of that guy Chester Arthur Stiles. Something about his face just gives me the total CREEPS! Even if I did not know what he is accused of, I think I would still just be totally creeped out! Yuck! Thank GOD they found that little girl and she is safe. I have to turn my head whenever I see that creep's face on TV.

Anonymous said...

I finally caught "live" anderson !!But unfortunately only for an hour...I think Malaysian censors cut him short for the other hour..bummer. I always enjoy the bantering between him and Erica too, it's always guaranteed to be funny. The news on Madison is a huge relief, I hope to God they find the perp soon.WE had a recent case here where an 8 year was brutally and sexually assaulted with foreign objects, but the sad thing is we didnt find her in time till it was too late.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot to put this in my last comment, abit off topic here but does anyone know roughly when planet in peril's gonna air? I know it's on the 23 & 24 of Oct but does that mean it'll be on 24 & 25 in Malaysia ? We are 12 hours ahead of you and I really want to catch it ? Maybe @Phebe can help since she's been here...Thanks alot