Friday, September 28, 2007

"Worms, WASPs, Rivers, and Guns"

Another post by our guest blogger Cyn:

~ Tanya Tucker?!? Am I the only one tortured by the memory of Helen Reddy's number one hit? (And now earwormed by it, thanks so much, Anderson!)

~ Loved the "g and t" reference. We are so very WASP. (I don't suppose Anderson is a Douglas Adams fan, which is a shame. There's a very funny bit about the gin and tonic in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series.)

~ Dan Rivers, who reported last night from Burma, is the CNN Bangkok correspondent. He did a stint recently in Baghdad, and I have to admit to wondering why they were letting a high school kid do such a dangerous assignment. Well, turns out this "kid" has quite an impressive resumé:

Dan Rivers is CNN's Bangkok Correspondent. Based in Thailand he covers news and business stories from across South East Asia and has reported on stories including the Indonesian earthquake, the eruption of Mount Merapi, flooding in Thailand and the release from prison of controversial Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Ba'asyir.

Prior to joining CNN in April 2006, Rivers was ITN's Crime Correspondent for ITV News. During his career at ITN, Rivers broke the story, in August 2005, that a series of police blunders led to the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes who was shot and killed at a London underground station after being mistaken for a terrorist. Rivers' report was subsequently nominated for a Royal Television Society Award in the UK.

While at ITN Rivers covered major national and international stories, including exhaustive minute by minute coverage and analysis of the Hutton Inquiry, an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Dr. David Kelly in the UK, for the ITV News Channel.

In March 2003, Rivers was one of the ITV News reporters covering the War in Iraq as an embedded reporter with the Royal Navy, broadcasting live from a ship in the Gulf. He was first with a tip-off of the initial attacks on Baghdad and also filed exclusive reports on mine sweeping operations off the coast of Iraq. During the three weeks after the fall of Baghdad, Rivers covered the unfolding humanitarian and aid problems in southern Iraq. Further international experience includes his coverage of the Asian Tsunami and the break-up of Yugoslavia.

During his first 18 months as a reporter for ITV News, Rivers covered major UK stories such as the Potters Bar rail crash, the foot and mouth crisis, the 2001 UK General Election and numerous high profile trials, including breaking the verdict for the Lord Archer trial as well as the events of 9/11.

Prior to joining ITN, Rivers worked for EuroNews in Lyons, France, where he reported on a variety of international news stories, including the fall of President Milosevic in Serbia.

Before that, he freelanced for LNN on 'London Tonight', producing and occasionally reporting around the British capital. Rivers' first job in journalism was as a journalist and newsreader on an independent local Radio station, Pirate FM.

Rivers studied Social Sciences at Durham University and Broadcast Journalism at Falmouth College of Arts.

Okay, he only LOOKS like a kid... or am I just getting old? Hmm...

~ Finally, since there was so much discussion earlier in the week about Anderson's biceps, I thought I'd share some screengrabs from the June 11th show (in NOLA). Happy weekend, everyone! ~Cyn


Sapphire said...

oh my Lord and thank you TJ.....those pics of the guns are A-maaa-zing (Ulgy Betty refernces LOL). Thank goodness I am on my bed cause I would have fallen off a chair. I love the 3rd picture......looks like Anderson is posing to show off the muscle and shaking someone's hand, now there is some awesome multitasking

oh I like Dan Rivers.....he is totally a cutie and has been doing a great job covering this Berma story.

I am not going to lie.....I am off to look at those pics again and head directly to the naughty chair ;P Thanks Cyn for a great post.

Jennifer said...

I have been listening to everyone today talking about this song called Delta Dawn. Would someone be kind enough to tell me what is going on can't help, but wondering.Thanks!

sydney said...

I think my laptop just short-circuited...

Roonie said...

My goodness this story on Burma/Myanmar is so horrifying.

I hate horrible transitions, but here it goes anyway...
Thanks for the pictures, I was abroad during that NOLA show, so the biceps are looking pretty good!

Agreed about Dan Rivers! Cutie!! Love his work too.

Nice job Cyn!

Em said...

Phebe, I love that Bette Midler album and think I have it in storage somewhere. Unfortunately, it's Tanya's version that has been going around in my head all day. I also once came down with food poisoning after eating at a "quaint little restaurant". I was about 150 miles out in the desert on a job and stuck in a hotel...pure hell. I feel for you and hope you get over it quickly! Between my dental disaster resulting in two oral surgeries this week and a bout with the flu (I swear Anderson gave that to all of us!)I haven't been lucid for long periods of time this week and don't remember much about AC360. My oral surgeon uses these wonderful drugs and I have to tell you all, I was worried I would talk about that blue-eyed man while I was under. Fortunately, my doctor promised me today that I did not say or do anything to embarass myself. Glad Cyn didn't post the pictures of those fantastic guns earlier this week ;) Have a great weekend and hope everyone is feeling well next week!

cactuskid said...

Oh, gosh! Anderson in a black shirt!! Those pictures should have come with a major warning!!!!! There's just SOMETHING about him in a black shirt! Thanks for posting, but I think I may need some O2 now! LOL!!!

m.minkoff said...

Earworm.... I love that expression.Fortunately I don't know this song. I have enough problems with insomnia!

Love the pictures. Thanks.

In case anyone was wondering, my Outlook Express problem sort of fixed itself. That is to say that it works as well as the rest of my computer which is very, very sick. Windows barely functions, so I had to buy a new computer which I have not set up yet. That's on my list for this weekend, as soon as I can figure out how to transfer my files from my old to new computer with only one monitor.

360 has been pretty good this week. The events in Burma are very interesting to me.

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!