Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Anderson Cooper reporting for GNN

Good afternoon, all! So when was the last time heard the one theme song that always gives you the warm and fuzzies? Come on, admit it! Just hearing those little kids singing "Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?" makes you feel like your back in Kindergarten and you don't have a care in the world! In truth, the great thing about being a stay-at-home Mom is you get to see Sesame Street every day! It never gets old! (Well, on some days Elmo's voice gets to me.)

But today was really neat! Today, watching Anderson reporting from inside Oscar The Grouch's trash can. Now that was my two worlds crashing together! My darling daughter was thrilled to see Anderson on one of her programs. And I think she might be the only kid to have gotten that GNN was a take on Anderson's home network, CNN. She was really amused by that little fact! Although I had to explain 'g-g-gastroenteritis' to my child this afternoon!

I know a bunch of people missed today's episode so I thought I'd clip it for everyone. If you want the video to keep on your computer, just let me know and I'll send you the download link. If I get enough requests, I'll post the link here at ATA. Enjoy!

There is no good segue here!
I'm not sure how to segue from cute little muppets into a deep discussion about the Washington Post's report on Al Qaeda in Iraq. Thank goodness some good news! I am not being flip here when I say that I'm cautiously optimistic regarding the progress reported on today. But I'm also very aware of how this administration likes to spin a good yarn. That is why I am grateful that there are people like Michael Ware and Peter Bergen to turn to for the truth.

Peter just lays things out on the table and doesn't get involved in the politics of things. I love how he said "I'm not going to go there Anderson," when Anderson asked Peter about the timing of WaPo's article. That's what I want when we are discussing the situation in Iraq. I want the facts not spin.

Lately there's been so many differing opinions on the War in Iraq that it is hard to know who to believe. Usually we can rely on Michael Ware's frank reports from the field but he's been taking some much deserved down time. One other person I really trust to give me the straight facts is CBS' Lara Logan. I'm not putting words in Anderson Cooper's mouth when I say he admires her brave reporting from the region. Anyone who was at the 92Y heard him say it with their own ears. Did you have a chance to see Lara sit down with Jay Leno last night? He asked her how we are doing in Iraq and what she said really struck me.
Thankfully the media has shielded us from seeing dead US soldiers. Journalist in Iraq like Mick Ware and Lara Logan have been bravely reporting on the day-to-day situation for years now. They know the real deal and are not afraid to speak their minds. Kudos to their fine reporting!

Your PIP fix
Here is your evening PIP fix! Have a wonderful evening! ~Sheryn

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Phebe said...

Thank you for the Sesame clip, I stayed up so late wrestling with Blogger that I slept through SS this morning.
And did you notice James Spader on the couch in the Leno clip? Love him.
Great post Ms. Sheryn, thank you.

bluediamond (Jennifer) said...

I got to watch Sesame Street this afternoon. I watch the whole show it was really good. It's adorable Oscar being the newsman for GNN. It was just to cute :-)

I saw Tyra Banks on Sesame Street to. She was struggling to get her sweater on that was funny.

It was neat how Anderson pop up out of the trash can. The interview didn't go no-where's the interviews with Walter Cranky and Dan Rather-not LOL :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ms. Sheryn for that wonderful interview with Lara Logan. She is awesome! Did you notice that she said something similar to what Anderson says about being witness to such horror? He always talks about the extreme horrors and extreme kindnesses. I also agree that we are all very fortunate that there are people like Mick Ware and Lara Logan willing to risk their lives to get the truth out there.

I too missed Sesame Street. Alas I no longer have kids that age, but what fun to see him with Oscar! I'm sure he loved doing it.


Sapphire said...

oh my gosh how cute was Anderson on Sesame Street. That was a cute skit....had me in g-g-giggles :P

Your daughter is just to smart Ms. Sheryn, love that you have her on CNN so young.

Sesame Street has changed so much from when I was a kid but it is still awesome!!!

I have never seen a report with Lara Logan but she sounds like a very smart, well informed person who knows her stuff. Gotta love these reports with the super cool accent

@ Phebe - I noticed the cutie that is James Spader LOL

Such great Anderappearences this week. What a treat!

Aruna said...

That was quite possibly the most adorable video I've ever seen with him. Oh I looooooove 'Sesame Street' so much!!!! I was half expecting to hear Anderson diving into water and hear Oscar's pet elephant Fluffy :)

Who wouldn't want to work for GNN?


J.West1@yahoo.com said...

Okay, because I am so impressed with her, I have to give a shout out for mentioning Lara Logan. She is the best! I hope the story is still on the CBS.com site she did when she uncovered an ophanage in Baghdad where the children were chained to the beds and had be left...really...you have to see it to believe it...otherwise I just would have said, it isn't possible, no human would do that.

And I also have to say, there is nothing like receiving a phone call from Baghdad and hearing Lara yelling in the background "We're out of Red Bull!" Hilarious and that is the energy level. She's amazing....
J in LA

Quitty said...

How cute was that SS clip? I loved the G sounds he'd make with every word and I'm so relieved they didn't give him the letter T.

When I first turned on Jay Leno last night I didn't recognize Lara. I loved her outfit. It is so refreshing to see an interview with a beautiful woman having something intelligent to say rather than just giggling and smiling for the camera.

Cyn said...

Thanks for posting the Sesame Street clip, that was great!

I happened to notice that Lara Logan was on Leno's show when I was setting my TiVo for Conan. It was a very good interview. I have a clip on my site of her appearance on Reliable Sources last June, talking about how difficult it is to investigate a story in Iraq. (She was, in fact, discussing the orphanage story that jwest mentioned.) With John Burns just having left Iraq, there are very, very few reporters who have been there for the duration.

Sheryn said...

@Phebe, You are quite welcome. I did notice Mr. Spader sitting on the couch on Leno. I thought the comedian that came after Lara was a hoot too!

@Bluediamond, I thought having Tyra Banks do a skit on the word "struggle" was appropriate since I can see her throwing a good tantrum or two if she was struggling with something.

My baby girl wanted to know how Anderson got into the garbage can and how he was going to get out in time for his job!

@Carrie, I did hear her say that. I think that she and Anderson have both seen the good and bad in people. Lara is tough as nails and darn good at what she does!

@Sapphire, Sesame Street really does try to keep up with the times. I credit the program for helping me teach my daughter her ABCs as well as counting and things like sharing. It really is a wonderful program for educational purposes. And hey, I enjoy watching it too!

I loved how Anderson and Conan said that they would talk to the puppets and not the human even when they weren't taping. So funny! I guess it is hard not to just talk to those cute little devils!

@Aruna, I agree wholeheartedly! Like I said, it's like my two worlds collided today! What a great outcome!

@JWest, I am in awe of Lara Logan's reporting. She is top notch! Hee, Red Bull, that's great! Thanks for the story!

@Quitty, so funny! Now if they gave him "T" instead of "G" he could have had a lesson in diction! LOL!

I so agree with you about Lara. It is refreshing to see a beautiful woman with a brain on TV. A wonderful role model to young women.

@Cyn, thanks for the tip. I'll have to hop over there to watch that clip. These very brave journalists are gifts to the free world, I think. Without them, the public would have to rely on the administration's view of the war. I'm so glad that is not the case!

Thanks for your comments everyone!

Pixiedust said...

Sheryn, thanks for posting the SS clip. I DVR'd a SS today, but after watching 15 minutes, then ff'ding thru the rest, apparently I recorded the wrong SS.

I also thought it was interesting that when Laura remarked that no slain soldiers or coffins were allowed to be photographed, no one was shocked.

Right away Bush stopped photos of the coffins returning for fear of public reaction.

Had those photos been allowed, I truly think this war would have ended long ago. Seeing sanitized reports, regardless of what is said, doesn't have the same impact. Seeing the "real" killing fields, even if they were delayed by travel days, still made a huge impression during the VN War and the public was far more furious.

Today CNN reported that the number of suicides have increased in Iraq, and they are beginning to investigate whether the extended tours of duty may be the reason...duh!

Millie said...

Hey Sheryn,

That Sesame Street clip was adorable... Not only did you share some great screencaps, we were treated to the actual video clip as well!

Anderson popping in and out of that can was priceless!! Thanks again for posting it for all to enjoy.

anne carter said...

Well I watched a whole hour of Sesame Street,and no Anderson!
So now I found out it is on tomorrow,according to the TV listings for the PBS channels I get.
The things I do for that man!
He looks so cute popping up out of that trash can!LOL
I just wish he would pop out of mine some day!LOL

Anonymous said...

I have a new favorite clip. How sweet was that?

@Quitty you had me in g-g-giggles with your "good thing they didn't give him the letter T" comment.

I think it's great that a serious grown-up with a serious job makes time for children and takes his play seriously too. I know it's been said before, but if Andy doesn't get to be some lucky kid's Daddy the universe will have missed out on something wonderful.

I was so hoping that Erica would do the update last night, cause you know she would have mentioned the Street. Maybe she got to watch it with Westin?

Side note, am I the only one who never noticed as a kid that Sesame Street is set in New York? I know they didn't have the Brooklyn bridge in the intro when I was young, but they did all live in brick apartments and brownstone walk-ups. Too funny what adult eyes see.