Friday, October 26, 2007

A Cornucopia of Anderson Cooper

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is doing well. It has been a very busy and hectic week. I wrote earlier in the comments today, we have had an Anderoverdose with Planet in Peril and the breaking news of the California wildfires this week. We are now about to enter an Anderdrought next week. Anderson is heading to the Congo this weekend to begin work on a 60 Minutes piece. We all wish Anderson a safe journey and hope he get much accomplished. Since there is no Anderson or AC 360 tonight I thought I would do a cornucopia of Anderson Cooper and 360 info. Enjoy!!!!

Tonight instead of a 360 with a sub, we got part one of Planet in Peril. Just a reminder you can get Planet in Peril from iTunes, Netflix and

While you are at, I would highly suggest looking up The Mole. I purchased the first season of the Mole. Let me tell you there is nothing better on a rainy day then popping the Mole into the DVD player and watching Anderson travel the world. It is probably the best $17.99 I have spent in a while.


Speaking of Planet in Peril, Ms. Sheryn came across a terrific article in regards to the series. The article compares Anderson and his team's work on PIP to a segment John Stossel did for 20/20. This part of the that caught my eye.

I have to say that I was skeptical when I sat down to watch the first segment of "Planet in Peril" on CNN. The title itself seemed to promise the typical sensationalized fare. But I found it to be remarkably well reported. CNN pulled out all the stops on this one, sending Cooper, Corwin and Gupta around the world to report on biodiversity loss, pollution and climate change. They were even unafraid to include science in their reporting. Imagine that! We've now gone from not having a single full-time environmental reporter or producer in all of broadcast and cable news just a few years ago, to four hours of gorgeous high definition imagery and solid television journalism on the fate of the planet. Unbelievable.
To read the entire article, click here


Also in the Planet in Peril vein, ACAnderfan made a video featuring pictures of Anderson, Jeff and Sanjay. It is terrific and the music is beautifully haunting and fits wonderfully. Thanks ACAnderfan


This week was not only the premier of PIP but also what has been referred to as California in Peril. As the days pass and the residents of California will begin to pick up the pieces of their lives, we continue to send our thoughts and prayers to those effected by the wildfires. Here are some pictures of Anderson in California I found on

Courtesy of Misssewon

Courtesy of alexhempton

Courtesy of alexhempton

Courtesy of Nick C Carlson

Along with Anderson, we have some great pics of other CNN reporters who reported from the front lines of the California Wildfires. All photos are courtesy of Justin Larose/CNN

Kyra Phillips

John Zarrella

Rick Sanchez

Randi Kaye

Reggie Aqui


It has been a while since I share one of Ms. Gloria’s fantastic poems. I chose this poem because it reminded me of nature, and nature makes me think of Planet in Peril.

A field of poppies orange
How they dance to me
All merry and heart true
May green grass around and around that blue
And around that and everywhere….you
© Gloria Vanderbilt – 1955

Thanks to Purple Tie who found this lovely photo of Gloria on her wedding day to her first husband Pasquale DiCicco. Gloria is only 17 years old in this photo. She is a classic beauty.

I thought I would share one of my favourite pictures of Anderson and Gloria. Sorry for the watermarks but Getty Images has the name on everything.

Have a great weekend and I will be back soon!!!


kriscutten said...

I was wondering if you had any information on the roundtable discussion on planet in peril. I thought that it was supposed to air this past thursday, but it didn't. Do you know if it'll air at a later time?

Anonymous said...

Wow, it seems just like it was February and Anderson was in Brazil kicking off his Planet in Peril reporting, and now we are in October and it has all come to an end. I am excited for a new year to come to CNN when their new lineup should be announced by 2008 hopefully. We already know partially that The Situation Room will now be from 4PM-7PM ET, and that Lou Dobbs Tonight will be on at 7PM ET, Campbell Brown at 8PM ET, Larry King Live at 9PM ET, and AC360 at 10PM ET, coming back to the one hour format with rumors of a repeat of either Lou Dobbs or Campbell Brown at 11PM ET, but I really would like to see Out in the Open move to 11PM ET, how cool would that be? Anyway, that's my CNN lineup opinion. I really look forward to AC360 this coming New Year because the show will be an awesome, fast-paced one hour LIVE news program, and I look forward to seeing where in the world he will be reporting LIVE from when there is big news developing in certain parts of the earth.

Here's looking forward to 2008!

ACAnderFan said...

WOW Sapphire, I am very impressed. I knew you would have a fantastic post despite the fact that the guy and the show you blog about won't be!!!

I love Gloria's poem. She's very creative. I just think she's such a cool person :)

Aww... that wedding photo of her and her first husband is cute. She was pretty then and I think she is even prettier now :)

Anonymous said...

What is an Anderoverdose? I don't think that exists.

Judy/Brooklyn MI said...

Acanderfan, Your video is beautiful. When I feel the pangs of Anderwithdrawal this week I will watch your video again and again and again. Thank you!

Starshadow said...

Lovely, lovely photos and information! Thank you so much for sharing them and for making this blog such a great place to visit.

I just finished reading Ms. Vanderbilt's memoir "It Seemed Important At The Time", and it has another gorgeous picture of her when she married that first time. She is an awesome, lovely woman, whose ability to overcome all sorts of personal storms must surely be an inspiration to Anderson.

Quitty said...

Thanks for The Mole reminder. With Anderson in the Congo next week watching it will help with the Anderwithdrawals.

What a sweet poem Gloria wrote.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that Quills Awards will be on live tonight in NY. I may be wrong cuz I just saw the NBC News this morning. Or could be just the program? I am wondering if Anderson will be there or what.

Anderson needs to rest more for preparing for next trip. I don't know why he has to go or he wants to, but it makes no sense of it. I just have a feeling and it is not good place to go for now.

Is DVD available now or later for Planet in Peril?

Hearing impaired gal

Anonymous said...

According to VH1, Anderson is having the Best Week Ever. Check out the show if you get a chance. It was pretty funny.

Sheryn said...

I can't believe that PIP has come and gone. I'm with the Anon commenter who said it feels like he and Jeff just took off for the Amazon!

What a great post, Sapphire! The poem was very sweet. And that pic of Gloria! She looks so pretty! Great find, PT!

I will miss Anderson this week but the Mole is a great idea! LOVE the Mole!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the article.It is no doubt
that PIP is a success since FNC is yet again
attacking another CNN doc. I don't
think Lou Dobbs or Campbell Brown will
be repeasted at 11pm.The viewers are
younger at 11 and BOR is on FNC and that
would make people move to Showbiz or
shock docs on MSNBC. When I look at
the numbers last week for CNN on TV
Newser. Rick filled on LKL on Thursday.
Sanchez was the top demo for the hour.
I think when Larry King retires Out In
THe Open will get the slot.It seems like
in the last few weeks they have been
going with some guest host.I am thinking
Campbel, Rcik & Anderson could be a really
cool lineup in the future for CNN. I think
we are witnessing a chess game in cable
news.Having TSR on at 6 makes a whole
lot of sense. Wolf is an old school solid
journalist.He could be an alternative to
NBC, CBS and ABC who only have 30
minutes. Lou firts at 7pm with programs
airing during the hour. Dobbs will likely
pull some viewers from MSNBC.
I hope CNN gets back to doing the 2nd
live hour of 360 targeting west coast
viewers with the retro 360 with the music,
even the old opening to kinda send the
message that the shows are different.It
seems to me there are some viewers tuning
in at 11pm that were not there before.
Hopeffuly in 2008 they will work on HLN.
Please make HLN a 24/7 cable news channel
again.I have always felt HLN could be used
against MSNBC to the benefit of CNN. I
also noticed last week that CNN had something
called the interactive news room focusing on
I-Reports and e-mails. I still think the need
to have a newscast geared toward women
featuring all of the female anchors and
reports who work at CNN and HLN.Also
a program geared toward 18-35, hire
some people from Current TV to do the
program. 2008 should be very interesting.

bluediamond (Jennifer) said...

@ Sapphire, I enjoy your post. Thanks for the information, Planet In Peril and The Mole it sure help with my Anderwithdrawls.

@ Purple Tie, thanks for sharing the photo. Ms Gloria sure does look pretty in her wedding picture.

@ ACAnderFan. You did a great job on the video. It sure was good.

Anonymous said...

Andy is having the best week ever. Very funny dedication. Someone please upload a clip of that, it's great!

Anonymous said...

I ususally watch "Best Week Ever", of couse I missed it Friday. It's a funny show. Thank You, for the upload. I would like to thank everyone that contribute to ATA for their hard work on this site. It is appreciated much by this "Anderfan". -scrappin' sista