Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday mashup

Welcome to your Monday 360! John King will be your guest host this evening, while I (Cyn) will be your guest Monday-night-show blogger. Short on clips and screengrabs due to a technical issue, my apologies in advance...

The show started with Ted Rowlands giving an update on the SoCal fires. Several of them are still burning, although contained, but the news that the Santa Ana winds are expected to resume tomorrow is definitely not good news. Kathleen Koch also did a piece on federal buyouts of homes destroyed by disasters. Not a speck of surprise that such help has been slow-to-nonexistent along the Gulf Coast...

FEMA's fake press conference. It would be funny if it weren't for the fact that this is the agency that we're supposed to count on for help after disasters. They set up a phone line for the real reporters who didn't have enough time to get there (15 minutes in SoCal? You can't get three blocks in 15 minutes under NORMAL conditions!) but it was a listen-only line so the reporters couldn't ask questions, and then they had to have FEMA staffers role-play reporters in order to have someone ask questions. Somewhere, George Orwell is laughing.

The political panel tonight was Amy Holmes, Paul Begala, and Gloria Borger. I thought John had the best idea with the four-day workweek. But then Paul stole the show with his description of how he strategized to make a move on dates. Well, his wife fell for it enjoyed it!

Okay, a commercial break, and I have some questions here. (1) Why are the gas cans pining over the train? The train never needed/wanted them. Shouldn't they just be happy with all those zillions of cars on the freeway? Of course, they are clearly male gas cans, so... (2) The commercial with the new father talking to his older self? Creepy. And the sleep deprivation hasn't even started yet! (3) It's great that the deaf can use alternative methods to communicate, but wouldn't sending text messages be a whole lot easier than the special writing-stylus phone?

Back to the show: John talks to Rick Sanchez about the latter's exclusive interview with just-freed Genarlow Wilson. I like the way CNN lets the exclusive "stay" with the reporter, rather than having John tell the story.

Randi Kaye does a KTH on the Topps hamburger recall story. The recall was delayed for weeks after the initial complaint came in, while further testing was done. This is one of those infuriating stories: can you imagine how many false panics we'd have if every report of a possible contaminant resulted in a recall? On the other hand, if you are one of the people who got sick during that extra time (or worse, the family left behind after someone died) that has just got to be an unbelieveable example of red tape.

John asks us to send in questions for the PiP panel, but no clue as to when that will be rescheduled.

Gary Tuchman does a story on an exhibition of a new version of the controversial "Chocolate Jesus." Did we really need the "second coming" and "resurrection" jokes? Really? I don't have any further comment on the whole thing, since I personally have always found the chocolate crosses sold at Easter time offensive. I mean, you really want to eat (and enjoy) one of the most horrific torture devices ever thought up? Or, for that matter, one of the holiest symbols of your faith? I mean, either way... I'll stick to the rabbits. And hope PETA and the pagans won't mind.

Finally, a few non-show items: Stephen Colbert was officially awarded Favorite Son status in South Carolina, a big boost to his Presidential campaign!

A couple of weeks ago, Anderson spoke with Peter Bergen and also mentioned that they had done a lengthy interview that was going to air later in the week. It kind of got pushed aside, but I hope it will still be shown.

Tomorrow is the Middle East Institute conference in DC, which includes a panel discussion featuring Michael Ware. It doesn't look like C-SPAN is carrying it this year, so if anyone happens to be attending and can provide some insight, please
drop me a line.

(So, um, any chance Michael might get to guest host 360 this week before he returns to Baghdad? Hmmm?)


m.minkoff said...

I thought JK did a great job tonight. He is my new favorite sub. I was half hoping that we would all be wrong and I would turn on 360 to find AC's smiling face, but no such luck.

The story on the fake FEMA press conference blows me away. Did they really think they could get away with that? What kind of rubes are running our government? Was the guy in charge (who just rightfully got canned) another recent grad from some tiny evangelical university whose daddy is a big contributor to the GOP?

Yesterday was the first day we had blue skies here in L.A. News media are still reporting that the air is moderately unhealthy, but I no longer have a constant headache and swollen sinuses as I did from the smoke. It's been been rough, but I am grateful to live in an area that is not subject to wildfires. Just the occasional earthquake and constant traffic. I'm not really complaining. L.A. has its faults, but there are plenty of wonderful reasons to live here, including the best weather in the world, as far as I am concerned.

bluediamond (Jennifer) said...

Tonight's 360 it had a lot of good informative stories.

Meat Recall! I don't think that it should take so long to alert the people about a product recall when someone buys something from the grocery store and gets e-coil poison. It taking 3 to 4 weeks to alert people is ridiculous.

Whether or not the government should pay to have everyone's home in California rebuilt. I think the insurance companies should be made to pay. Anyone that lived in one of those homes and didn't have insurance there is something wrong. If the government pays to have those homes rebuilt they should pay to have everyone's homes rebuilt in the U.S. that's destroyed by fire. If a person cares about their property, home, cars, and so on, they will have insurance.

Deadly fire kills 7 people at Ocean lsle, North Carolina. 13 young people goes for a weekend getaway to the beach 7 of them was killed by a house fire. The reason for the fire hasn't been determined yet. 6 of them went to "University Of South Carolina" in Columbia, South Carolina. The other one went to "Clemson University" in Anderson, South Carolina. It's a real sad time for all of us in South Carolina right now. I been to Clemson University. Ocean Isle, North Carolina, Is only a few miles from where I go in the summer time at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for getaway.

bluediamond (Jennifer) said...

In politics I vote for Stephen Colbert thanks for posting the video Cyn. That's Cool LOL :-)

ACAnderFan said...

Obviously I am a terrible 360 fan.I didn't see one second of the show at all. I really like John King and I think he does an excellent job filling in for Andy becuase he brings an energy to the show that AC just cannot bring. However as soon as I hear that AC is gone for the week I get all excited becuase that means I can finally catch up on my MTV shows. So that is why I am a bad 360 fan.

Phebe said...

Paul making a move is so cute to imagine. He was the highlight of the night along, of course, with John King.
Thanks for catching me up on 360 and for giving me the night off Cyn.

Aries Moon said...

I can take or leave all of the subs, personally. I like John King, but I don't see him bringing anything special to the program that Anderson doesn't already; they all have their own styles, but frankly, I prefer Anderson's; even when 360 isn't at its best, for me, he makes it watchable and it's NOT all about his looks, but just his unique style of reporting and his quirky and funny personality.

copperfish said...

Hmm...I think it is interesting to see MW sit on the anchor chair of AC360.

Mavis said...

I don't know, I sort of like the gas can commercial. I think the cans are cute.

I just see Michael Ware anchoring the show! Very colorful!

AND where are my fellow Peter Bergen fans!?!?! I want to know who else out there thinks smart is hot!

After The Love said...

I knew AC was not going to be on so I did not watch the live hour at 9(cst my time). I did watch the 10pm cst and it was a good show. I like JK. He is no AC but I got my news right!

Em said...

I love JK so, of course, I thought last night was great. Wonder if he will be there all week? Paul is hilarious...he never pulls a punch!

MM so glad everything is getting better down there. The weather is such a strange thing. Now those dreaded Santa Anna's that swooped down on you all from our high deserts have reversed and all the smoke is landing up here in the Rockies. We have had air quality warnings most of this week. Glad I don't have to go to the city this week because the air is bad enough in there already.

Maybe it's just me but the segment on buying up homes and communities just seemed unrealistic. Where can you actually live in this country that you don't have some natural disaster every year. The West gets it wildfires, usually followed by flooding and mudslides. The Midwest gets it tornadoes. The gulf and east coasts deal with the hurricanes. And then, there are all of us who live on earthquake fault lines! Seems like there is a risk involved any where you go and telling people they can't live there seems unrealistic. Don't get me started on the insurance companies. The fact that most insurance companies experienced record gains the year following Katrina has to tell us something!

I spent two glorious weeks in North Carolina this summer. Don't know if I loved the shore or the Smoky Mountains the best but the fire is such a tragedy. I could just imagine what a wonderful time the students were having . That is one of the great things there, you can rent a home close to the shore for a very reasonable cost. I feel so badly for the families that lost these young people. Losing your children has to be the worst thing I can imagine.

No comment of FEMA except to say nothing surprises me anymore that comes out of the folks in D.C!

Millie said...

I have new appreciation for what you guys do! I just covered last night's program over at johnthenewsking and it was a lot of work to break down the entire 360 show! Kudos to you all for doing this on a daily basis!!

@ ACanderfan: bad girl! bad girl!
(LOL - just kidding!)


Pati Mc said...

OMG Cyn, you crack me up!!!!

Firstly, I slept through the show -no fault of John K.'s - so thanks for the update. Figures, I missed a good one. LOL

I have to commend you for your comments on the commercials. I am with you! I love the gas can commercial, but never understood their pining after the train either, til my Dad pointed out that they used to run on diesel fuel -and some still do. Um, oh, okay...DUH! LOL. "Obviously male cans" - LOL - too funny! =)

Okay, so I totally vote for MICHAEL WARE as sub! Wow, great idea! He is just the best.

And Mavis - here I am (*waves hand in air vigourously*) completely attracted to smarts and brits! Peter Bergen ROCKS! Love him! His books are amazing! No one on earth knows Al Queda and Bin Laden better than Peter. Rock on!

BookAsylum said...

Assuming that AC will be out the whole week- I could handle John King subbing for the whole week. I thought last night's program was great. The remark that John King made about James Carville cracked me up.

Great post Cyn! I've always wondered how many of the commercials that air are local versus national. For the longest time I was sure that the "Head On" (& everything else "On" these days) commercials had to be local- no way they could be running nation wide.