Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year Everyone!

original cartoon courtesy of Time Magazine

I feel like I've been gone from ATA forever. The last time I did a live program post was almost 2 weeks ago. Was Santa Claus good to everyone?

I had quite a mess to clean up at the ATA offices, when I came in this morning. You ladies sure are messy when you party!

I thank Cyn for the fine job and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves at ATA's live NYE blog. Next year we'll have to put a limit on the Anderblue martinis.

I've been catching up on posts and comments that I missed while on vacation. I must say I was a bit disappointed at how quick some of you were to criticize CNN, and Anderson, about the Pakistan trip. While I agree it seems odd that AC traveled all the way to Karachi to stand in front of some greenery, and do satellite interviews, we do not have the whole story. What if CNN was promised interviews if they sent one of their major on-air talents? Or what if AC did some filming for a future report? Or just made connections to gather the rest of the story? Even did a little networking so when there is more news he has a trusted source? Any of this, or none of this, is possible. We are not privy to what happens behind the scenes and because of that I think we need to cut AC and his producers a little slack.

We are also not always privy to last minute scheduling decisions about AC360. Sapphire reported, in her Friday night post, that there would be a live AC360 on Saturday night. This information was posted because of advertisements that aired during various CNN programming. I am always sceptical about special editions of AC360 popping up on weekends, but the sourcing on this was sound. Unfortunately, the program was pulled with no explanation. I'm sorry to those of you who count on us to get it right. We try very hard but sometimes even our best efforts aren't enough.

I finally took the time, on Tuesday night, to watch Anderson's New Year's Eve program. I loved Kathy Griffin (but then I knew I would) and hated the musical guests. Very, very lame for a program that usually is cutting edge when it comes to music. John Zarella was such a blast and who knew Sean Callebs could jam? Gary Tuchman needs not apologize for his finish time of 49 minutes. At least he finished. Did you hear AC say his skinny little legs couldn't run a marathon, on Tuesday's AC360. Maybe he needs a new trainer? Any volunteers?

And speaking of AC360's New Year's Eve program did anyone catch AnnieKate's shout out to all of us at ATA? Very, very cool to see the blog on the crawl. I pasted the caps together so the message would be easier to read. Thank you Annie Kate.

Since I had so much catching up to do in this post I'm going to skip over Tuesday's AC360 rather quickly.

•First up was politics in Iowa. I don't know about you, but I'm going to be glued to the caucus results show on Thursday evening. This should be very interesting.

•'What Were They Thinking' was a discussion about the daredevil who made the record breaking motorcycle jump in Vegas on New Year's Eve. Anderson was impressed, but not as impressed as he was with Fonzie's motorcycle jump on Happy Days. Hmmm.... maybe the Fonz was the inspiration for this AC photo of old?
•Jack Hanna has been saying all along that there is more to the tiger attack than meets the eye. I hope, eventually, the facts will emerge. If those boys were taunting the tiger, shame on them.

•And another story that we don't have complete information on is the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Unlike the San Francisco Zoo story I'm not sure we'll ever know who is really responsible.

If you've been with us at ATA for a while you know we offer you the opportunity to download an Anderson Cooper/All Things Anderson calendar every year. This year we've designed something a little different. All the pictures are of AC from the PIP series. I think it is our best calendar yet. You can download by following the link to yousendit. Please let me know if you have any problems with downloading. If you have a dial-up connection be forewarned, it's a large file. Enjoy!


ACAnderFan said...

360 is off to a good start for the new year :)

Normally I am not too wild about the opening story being political, but last nite's held my attention. I think thursday is going to be political hell. Let's just put it this way, I'll be watching more of MTV and occasionally flipping to CNN to see what's going on.

I guess AC is a fan of Happy Days. Ick. I like old shows, but not that one. I do however, like when Gary does the 360 Bulliten. He and Anderson seem to have a good on camera relationship.

I think Jack Hanna is right, there probably is more to the tiger attack. I think eventually everything that happend that day will come out.

I think the assassination of Benazir Bhutto will go down as one of history's famous mysterys. I really don't think we'll ever know exactly what killed her.

FanGirl moment: AC looked so so so pretty last nite. I love when he wears striped suts. They look great on him :) His tie was a pretty color that brought out his eyes and of course his hair was looking great as :)

ABout the whole 360/Pakistan thing. I don't know, nor do I really care why they never did air a show on saturday. However, my guess would be they filmed stuff that we will see later on in some SIU or 360 special.

copperfish said...

I missed that message of Annie Kate. Sometimes some messages on the crawler went unnoticed when your attention in on the hosts. But that's cool! and a big thanks to Ms Annie Kate.

That old AC photo you've posted is one of my faves. I wonder where was that taken.

Whew! the Pip calendar is quite huge so I decided to save it on my thumbdrive. It's a nice one to use this 2008. Thanks!

Even if some of Kathy's comments were quite off and knowing her kind of stuff, still she added some sparks to the program and I think it's what made CNN people get her services. Her hosting was really the opposite of that of Anderson's. It's quite a team actually.

Anonymous said...

@ Phebe, thank you so much for the PIP calendar, am going to print it out, and place it on my desk at work for all to see !! LOL!
On a more serious subject, Benazir had named a few top officials in Pakistan if ever any harm were to come to her, but that's going to be hard to such it saddens me that her only son is to take over her party when she has made it clear before that the Bhutto involvement in politics should end with her.

cactuskid said...

Happy New Year, Phebe! I enjoyed the Live Chat very much. It was great fun. Hope that we get to do it more often, but sorry we made such a mess for you to clean up! Cyn did a great job moderating and getting the comments posted quickly.

I have no idea what was going on with the Pakistan trip, but probably is more of the story to come. Peter Bergen is still over there as we saw last night. Unfortunately, there was no autopsy done on Mrs. Bhutto so there can be only speculation on exactly how she died.

I liked the NYE 360 special and the banter between Anderson and Kathy was priceless! It went by too fast for me! Anderson gave it back as good as he got. Hilarious!
I agree about the musical guests and I've never understood why they don't let them play their whole song.

Thanks again to Annie Kate for putting the shout-out to ATA on the CNN crawl. Very cool!

I have been thinking that there is more to the story about the tiger. A tiger just doesn't jump a fence like that for no reason and if those boys were taunting it that is very sick. I hate that one boy was killed and the other two mauled, but I, also, hate that the tiger had to lose her life because of it and especially if these boys were taunting this animal.

Delie said...

Happy New Year, Phebe! Thanks for the awesome ATA calendar! So nice!

Iowa caucus is the main subject in the French News today (with the Kenyan crisis). Some of them try to explain the process with graphics but they all end up by saying it's a bit "tough" to understand! Lol! Yeah, jus a little bit...

Roonie said...

Whew! I am BACK from NYC and New Year's was a total BLAST! (While I was not in Times Square, it was very fun nonetheless).

With that said, I'm NOWHERE near caught up on the recent ATA events, so this post will have to suffice with FanGirl stuff and earlier news.

I managed to see the rerun of the countdown at my friend's apartment after we returned from our own party and I just LOVE Kathy Griffin :) She's hilarious and they looked like they had a marvelous time! How I wish I could have been there. Next year. I'll go again and serve as a field reporter. ;)

I wasn't at all surprised with Anderson's trip to Pakistan and I think that we'll see something come of it in the future. Maybe traveling there to get the facts (at the time) was necessary, and as we keep hearing new developments, only more questions arise of Bhutto's assassination. The aftermath is bound to keep us questioning even more.

Last night's '360' was pretty good, jumping right back into the news, IOWA CAUCUSES, Pakistan and the developments with Kenya are sure to make for another great program.


ac said...

Welcome back,Phebe,and Happy New Year!

I have to admit I was puzzled as to why Anderson and company only went to spend one day in Pakistan,but I would say there is probably a special program coming soon,with extra interviews maybe.

The tiger story is sad as to how it ended,but I do wonder why those 2 young men are not talking much.

Was the animal teased after all,maybe?

The New Years program did not have much music at all, and what they did have was really not very good,from what I saw anyway.
I would have liked more,especially considering the great acts they have had on the past 2 years.

I just downloaded the calendar-wow, it is terrific!

Kristien said...

Hi Phebe, thanks for posting the shout-out Annie Kate send. We couldn't see the crawl on CNN Int.
The show was great and the chat kept me awake! It was fun! :)

If those guys really bullied that tiger, I can't feel sorry for them!! How stupid and cruel can you be?

The election seems to get more exciting by the day!
Wow, there's a sentence I never thought I would use! LOL

That picture of Anderson 'The Fonz' Cooper is cool!
I still think the jacket he was wearing NYE made him look great!
Naughty chair great!! LOL

Tiffany S-T said...

Thanks for the calendar Phebe! And thank you for putting Canada Day on there too! That is one less Canadian holiday I will need to write in by hand:) lol

I didn't get to see any of the NYE special, but I did watch the snippets they have posted on Looked like a great show!

Kristien said...

Phebe, the calendar is gorgeous!!! Way nicer than the official PIP calendar!! Thank you :D

Anonymous said...

If you have ever been to a wildlife zoo and seen tigers, you would appreciate how wild and unmanageable they really are. I stood outside of a chain link fence quiety observing and a tiger came at the fence with the intention of getting to me. Shame on you for blaming the victims! The tiger was either released or made great effort to escape. There was a giant moat and a 16 foot wall folks! The boys happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and if you were severely traumatized physically and emotionally, having watched your friend being mauled to death, you might not want to or be able to speak about it!

As for Anderson in Pakistan, the AC team has had a lot of problems with audio feeds and technical difficulties (New Years had some notable glitches) as well as the Pakistani governement being notoriously unsafe for journalists (Daniel Pearl) so I for one am joust grateful that he made it back in one piece. Nuff said.

Phebe said...

@Francesca, You raise a very valid point but how do you explain the slingshot found with the boys and the empty bottle of vodka that was reportedly found in their car? It leads most people to believe there is more to the story.

Anonymous said...

As an Anderfan I was NOT at all pleased with Kathy Griffin. I think she got out of hand of few times and it has been edited on She was vulgar and insulting at the expense of Anderson...I-reports etc. Those of you who listened and watched know what I'm referring to. Anyone who is really funny doesn't say what she said at the expense of someone else. Here's hoping he goes it alone for next year.

Kristien said...

@Franscesca: I agree, these are wild animals and they don't need much or anything to get angry.

I don't know what happened in that zoo, but IF they did do things to anger that tiger, then they did contribute to being attacked.
That's my opinion!

Quitty said...

Love the cartoon! So cute!

Roonie said...

Oh, and thank you for the shout-out Annie Kate! That was very sweet of you :)

Anonymous said...

I miss the whole show. How are Anderson and Kathy doing? I've heard from my friends that Kathy was downright rude and went too far. And Anderson was kinda of crash her down. I guess that's her nature. She is okay, but I don't care who she really is.

I just laughed so hard and almost got piss when he said "I'm not sure my little -- skinny little legs can stand that sort of thing" I have my closed captioned on. (oh..guess what? CC is back recently on CNN program).
I really enjoyed his sense of humor.

hearing impaired gal

Anonymous said...

If Anderson gets a co-host next year, I hope Jack Cafferty applies for the position. Unfortunately, I am afraid it may be past his bedtime.

Sapphire said...

I love the cartoon with Anderson and Larry. Very adorable.

Something about the Anderson/Fonzie comparison is very cool eh!!!!!!