Thursday, March 13, 2008

Praise the Lord and Pass the Macadamia Nuts!

Anderson opened Thursday night's AC360 with a brief overview of the program's content for the evening. Maybe it was just to let us know that we would be getting more news than the sex news coming out of NY. I for one was grateful.
First up was the piece on Senator Obama's minister, Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ. Obama has been a member of this church for 20 years and categorizes Rev. Wright as 'like an old uncle, who sometimes says things he (Barack) doesn't agree with'. If it's family that's one thing, if it's church.... just walk away and join another. There are churches on almost every block of most cities in the United States. By attending you imply agreement with the message.
I can't image a man of God preaching hate, or at least contempt, for another person from the pulpit. What kind of church does that? Just my opinion.
Anderson explored the topic further with Gloria Borger, Candy Crowley and Roland Martin. AC seemed a bit surprised that conflict like this is dominating the campaign, instead of the issues. But, it seems to me, that it was the networks that began the focus on race and gender many months ago...long before it became an issue with the candidates and their supporters.

As someone who was born, raised and attended college in Pennsylvania, I can tell you that this type of story benefits HRC more than you can imagine (in PA). A large percentage of Pennsylvania's White, male, Democrats will hate voting for a woman, but they will never vote for an African American. And they will point to stories like this to justify why.
Joe Johns caught us up on the grand plan for a re-vote in Florida. Of course it won't work, nothing seems to work when it comes to voting in Florida. The Spitizer story was presented by Erica Hill, with legal commentary by Jamie Floyd. Then AC had a round table discussion with Jeffery Toobin and Lisa Bloom. The legal discussion was much more interesting than the pimp angle from Wednesday night's AC360. And awwww how cute was it that Jeff brought Anderson a souvenir from Hawaii? Mmmmmm....macadamia nuts!
I've had enough of the prostitution discussion so I'm going to just skip over the report by Tom Foreman.
I thoroughly enjoyed Randi Kaye's profile of Michelle Obama, I haven't been Mrs. Obama's biggest fan, mostly because of her close association with Oprah. But I realize I haven't given her a real chance. She a beautiful, accomplished, articulate woman, who would make a wonderful first lady. (But I'm still not ready to change my vote!)

So that was an overview of Thursday's AC360, but wait! I've got some real treats for you....especially if you didn't get to see Anderson on Live with Regis and Kelly on Thursday morning.
First here is the video of the opening 20 minutes or so of the show. I love that Kelly seems to be as enamored with AC as we are.

And my absolute favorite moment of the show was when Cheryl Hines and Kelly did some improv and Anderson would not cooperate. Check it out!

And last, but certainly not least, Erica Hill's wonderful video blog entry for Thursday. Notice that 'ask, believe, receive' is at the top of the white board. That should make Ms. Sapphire's day. I hope AC360 makes this behind the scenes video report a regular feature on their blog. I loved it!

So that's it for a very busy Thursday. My recording cut out before the end of the second hour so I don't know if we got a 'see you tomorrow' or not. I'm thinking Anderson could use a little Spring Break. We'll just have to wait and see. Special thanks to BA today for help with the embeds.
Enjoy your weekend everybody. ~ Phebe

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Anne said...

Hi Phebe,

I am trying to understand your statement that "a large percentage of PA's w/m/democrats will never vote for an African American". If he won in Missouri, Alaska and Wyoming, why can't he recieve votes in PA? Even in the deep South people have evolved and changed. I am from Missouri, the race ratio is about the same as PA's. He split even with her there. I don't understand, if millions of democrats really feel that way in your state, I would be reluctant to want to visit. I am not trying to be critical, but can you speak for that many w/m democrats? I enjoy your blogs, but this topic has bothered me.

nobbins said...

Thanks for posting the Regis and Kelly clips. I swear, I could not stop laughing for the first 20 minutes of the show. I liked how Anderson didn't repeat some of his old jokes this time. Everything was funny and new. Thanks again!

ACAnderFan said...

Anderson on Regis & Kelly yesterday was great. I think it was his best time yet on there.

Cheryl and Kelly improving with and AC who didn't want to was hilarious. And Cheryl touched Anderson's hair *is jealous*

AC talking about his gray hair to Kelly was cute. It looked like he was going to compare going gray to premature ejaculation and then decided against

My other favorite part of the show was Kelly doing her Paula Abdul impression. That was funny. She's very good at it.

I wasn't really impressed with 360, but at least AC was on with Kelly this morning so it more than made up for the not so interesting 360.

Phebe said...

@ anne, It's not my State anymore, I have lived in AZ since a few years after college. PA has a large African American population in Philly and Pittsburgh and a few other areas. Obama will carry those areas by a huge margin. But a large % of the rest of the State is made up primarily of blue collar workers. I think you will learn in coming weeks that these blue collar workers are going to vote against Barack...and if that means supporting Hillary so be it. As to why Pennsylvania is so different from Missouri or Alaska or Wyoming I can't say....but I believe it is.

jackie said...

i agree regis and kelly was good yesterday. ac impersonating paula was crazy. and doing it throughout the beginning. kelly was cute at it. the improv moment was priceless. i guess he could never have a guest spot in a tv show or movie, though that would be cool to see. hehe

copperfish said...

It was a hilarious desk chat they had and I loved Kelly's impersonation of the AI judges.

On Michelle Obama's profile, no wonder she's been called "his rock" by her husband. I would have to agree that she has the makings of a First Lady.

Cyn said...

Haven't watched the show yet, but checked the end -- he did say the usual "I'll see you tomorrow night."

Kristien said...

Phebe, thanks for the clips, I don't think I've ever seen such a long clip of the show before and it's fun to see them together!

That picture of Anderson in that magazine looked good! He so should have been number 1, I mean, George can't touch Anderson in the looks department, right?

BTW, when I wasn't glued to Anderson, I couldn't take my eyes of Kelly's arms. Wow, I'm jealous!

Grace said...

Just finished watching the 5 AM 360 repeat and AC's ending line was:

"American Morning starts now and I'll see you later today."

anne said...

I love those clips you posted from R@K-my satellite signal kept going out on me all day(a snow/rain storm),so I missed some of the program.

I love when he goes there,he has so much fun,and we hear those giggles too!LOL

He has had so many great R@K moments:
the improv scene,the cooking segment,the ''drunk girls'',playing with toys,the CPR segment(that made me wish I was one of those CPR demonstration dummies ),the coke blak,just to name a few......
I wish we could get all those highlights on a dvd!

I am a different Anne from the 10:46pm one,
I am the Canadian one.

Aruna said...

That was seriously one of the funniest R&K appearances EVER!!!!

I was giggling hysterically and thought that the entire beginning 20 minutes of the show was awesome.

Does anyone know what Anderson was referring to when he said "No, I won't say that" about his gray hair?

Haha, I do ;) I know many of you do as well.

Thanks so much!! It made my morning!!

nobbins said...

@ aruna: He was referring to the line he's used in the past, "Going gray is like premature ejaculation. You know it can happen, but when it does, it comes as a shock." Or something along those lines. He's used it on late night shows, so I suppose he didn't want to say it since this was daytime.

J in LA said...

To take a break from the "serious" (ahem) topics of the week, I was surprised at the minute detail AC knows about IDOL! Clearly he's one of the 15% who TIVO in addition to the 29 million who watch it!
The New York Post headline was the priceless in the worst way of bad taste, and I notice AC didn't show it when he held up the newspapers...

And the one liners I had going with Toobin having been in Maui and back with macadamia nuts...ooooh last night could have been really festive....I had friends in from the East Coast and they all had "Got Brady?" T-shirts on, so of course we were all doing play on words for the macadamia segment.
JT sitting in that chair on the computer cam the other night at the Hawaiian hotel (where was his flowered shirt????) was too hilarious - he and AC could barely keep straight faces in doing the segment.
The late night comic shows have been having a field day with this week's news.
Have a good weekend.
J in LA

Aruna said...

@Nobbins, I already knew that, as I stated in my comment, but didn't want to post it. Still funny though!

Phebe said...

@everybody, As I said in my post Wednesday night the Spitizer story isn't such a big deal out West. I finally had a chance to read YESTERDAY'S Arizona Republic and it was already just a small bit on page 3. I have a feeling when I finally get to today's paper it will be even less. Maybe CNN needs a West Coast edition of the news to cover the issues that make news in this region? Of course I'm being facetious, but it does go to show how difficult it is to do a program that is relevant to all of the country, let alone International viewers.

Orlando Rodriguez said...

The Anderson and Kelly clip was hilarious. Anderson is so cute :-) Do you know if he has any public events coming up?

Anonymous said...

phebe, is it just my computer or did the hostchat of r&k (march 13th 2008) vanish?
please post it again... andy wearing his green tie is just to cute plus it's one of his best appearances on Live!