Friday, April 25, 2008

Chairman of the Board is in the House

Hello everyone. Long time no see right? I hope everyone had a good Friday. Anderson is still MIA which makes me wonder if he is working on some big story. I guess we will have to wait and see. John King filled in for Anderson tonigt from Washington. I have come to the conclusion that, this week for me it did not matter who subbed for Anderson I just was not into the show. Both Campbell and John did a fine job. I just was not into the stories. When your not into the show it is really hard to blog. With that said I guess I will post screen caps and a little recap of the stories that were on Friday’s 360 and then let everyone discuss.

Friday’s 360 opened with Larry King sending the show to his friend “the chairman of the board” John King.


Friday night the full Rev. Jeremiah Wright interview was aired on PBS so we got to see more clips. I know that this is important to a lot of people but for me I am so over it. I have moved passed it and don’t particularly want to spend 20 minutes of every 360 talking about it. John was joined by Gloria Borger, Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton. They spoke about the Rev. Wright interview. All I really caught from it was Rep. Tubbs Jones basically get in John King’s face. After that I tuned her out. I am not against anyone wanting to share their views and not wanting to be interrupted but I cannot stand when a guest comes across as rude to the host. That's how it came across to me. Some may disagree with me but everyone see something different when they are watching.

Jessica Yellin filed a piece on Rep. James Clyburn. Rep. Clyburn is the senior African-American in congress. He is an Obama supporter and spoke about the Clintons on the issues of race and gender. John was then joined again by the panel to discuss the comments made by Rep. Clyburn.

At this point in the show Erica did the News and Business bulletin and one of the biggest stories of the day, The Bell verdict got a 30 second blurb. I was so disappointed. I think this story should have gotten a little bit more coverage. But then again I am also tired of hearing about Rev. Wright so of course I would be displeased.

John spoke with Susan Roesgen about the Texas polygamy case. The number of children has risen as it has been found out that some of the mothers are underage. The families will be back in court next week.

Ted Rowlands was in Solana Beach, California to cover the story of the deadly shark attack. The victim was 66 year old retired veterinarian Dave Martin. On the one hand you cannot blame a shark in its natural habit for what happened but on the other hand you have to feel for the Martin family. John spoke with Ira Opper and Jeffrey Graham about the shark attack.

David Mattingly did a follow up for Uncovering America on the situation on the streets of Chicago. David spoke with Ronald Holt whose son Blair was killed in Chicago last summer. The situation in Chicago does not seem to be getting any better but worse.

John and Erica ended the show with Beat 360 and the Shot. Tonight’s shot reminded me of a piece Anderson did years ago about mentos and diet coke. In case you missed it, enjoy.


Well that is it for me this week. Sorry if my post tonight seemed like a downer. I hope to be back to my cheerful blogging self next week. Have a great week everyone ~ Sapphire.

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Kristien said...

I agree Sapphire, it was rude of Rep. Jones to cut off John like that and the story needs to be laid to rest, though I doubt that that last thing will happen very soon.

On to The Shot: hooray for Belgian students, lol. As soon as I saw that on our news this week I wanted to send it in, but I'm not very clever when it comes to uploading and downloading etc, so I gave up on that.
I'm glad it got shown anyway, though it didn't look as impressive as it did on our news, where they showed shots from above where you could really see all the "explosions" at once.
Still, it made me proud, as silly as that may sound!

Sapphire, thanks for the recap and I hope you'll enjoy the show more next week!

Aries Moon said...

John King did a good job Friday night. I don't know why Stephanie Tubbs-Jones flew off the handle when he only was going to interject a bit of information, which is what most reporters do. I'm also sick of hearing about Reverend Wright and wish that everyone could move away from this story, but unfortunately, it's here to stay. Anderson will probably bring it up himself when he returns.

I was disappointed with the Bell verdict, but not really surprised and the continuing violence in Chicago is distressing. The shark attack report was really frightening. Maybe AC will mention what he was up to when he returns, I hope it had something to do with PIP or 60 Minutes, but who knows?

Anonymous said...

Can't say enough good about John, folks. Think we all have to agree there. He is the chairman.

ACAnderFan said...

360 was OK l;ast nite. A little too politcial for my taste, but I can more easily take politics from John than I can anyone from else.

The polygamy case gets more and more interesting. It'll be interesting to find out just how long those children will stay in state custody.

That Stephanie Tubbs Jones got on my nerves. She was rude and didn't have very good manners. if you're going to be a guest on a show, then tyr and be polite.

I wonder where Anderson is. Maybe working on something for PIP.

I am having interent problems and not feeling well, so I don't know how often I'll be commenting on here this weekend. Stupid interent!!!

scgemini said...

I really appreciate that I was not the only one who was disapointed that Bell story got such little coverage, it's a very important story that should be discussed in length.

Plus, Rep. Tubbs is my representative and she is a live wire. It seems to have gotten worse when Hillary started to run.

Anonymous said...

Sapphire, I agree with you that Rep. Tubbs was totally out of line with John King. He was going to interject something about the Super-delegates and maybe she is one, but he held his own and handled the situation with dignity. I'm glad Larry King called him the "Chairman of the Board," which is very fitting since his sudden claim to fame with his Magic Board.
He and Soledad always do well when they sub for Anderson.
On another note, I think CNN has the responsiblity to its viewers to say,"Anderson is on assignment," or something to that affect. I realize there are stalkers and we are not privy to everything, but it's just curtesy to the viewer. We don't need to know where or why, but we should be recognized. JMO

Anonymous said...

I just want too take some time out thank the active members for doing what you do and making the community what it is im a long time reader and first time poster so i just wanted to say thanks.