Friday, May 23, 2008


Update: I've just posted pictures of Kiran Chetry and her new baby at our sister blog, All Things CNN. Check out the pictures of her beautiful family and her personal account of Christopher's birth. The big story on Thursday's AC 360 was McCain's pastor problems. John McCain wanted the far right's support to help him win the Presidency. But John McCain will only compromise so far and then he snaps. Thursday was one of those days. As Tom Foreman said, Pastor Hagee and others were courted to bring the religious right on board with McCain's candidacy.
During his rebuke McCain mentioned the church he attends, North Phoenix Baptist Church(NOBC). NPBC is a huge, well established church that sits on 40+ acres in the Phoenix. The congregation has over 8,000 members and a very active community outreach program. If you're interested in learning more about NPBC's philosophy I've included a link. Next the panel discussion with Peter Fenn, Candy Crowley and Tony Perkins. Peter Fenn (Democrat strategist) said McCain worked hard for the endorsements of Hagee, Jerry Falwell and other clergy of the Religious Right. When Mac reached out to these far right leaders Arizona (McCain's home State) journalist's were doing a lot of head scratching. It was definitely a case of strange bedfellows.
Now that McCain has clinched his party's nomination it's time to throw these religious leaders under the bus and get to his real agenda. And his real agenda with attract more and more Independents. So he loses the Religious Right and picks up right leaning Independents, who can't bring themselves to support Obama. What a huge shock the Texas Supreme Court ruling was today. But after reading some of their opinion (here's the link ) their decision, legally, does make sense. I also thought Carolyn Jessop offered an interesting perspective in her post on the AC360 blog. She feels that criminal charges will be filed against some of the church leaders. Between that and appeals the YFZ members will be in court for years to come.

If you missed the second hour of AC360 on Thursday you missed an excellent Planet in Peril investigation piece by Joe Johns.

It was great to see Tom Foreman in the DC studio with Anderson (yes AC was in DC last night). American Morning showed a very funny segment on Thursday that pitted Jamie McIntyre, Zain Verjee and Tom Forman on a race to the CNN studios, using different forms of transportation. Take a look at TF in his biker shorts, he's look'in good!

On a personal note, I wanted to share a bit with you about the trip my family and I took last month. At the time I told you all I was going on vacation, but that really wasn't the whole story. We flew back to Washington, DC to bury my parent's cremains at Arlington National Cemetery. I had never been to a full military funeral before and cannot begin to convey how moving the ceremony was.
I thought Memorial Day weekend would be an appropriate time to share a picture from their funeral with all of you. Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend. ~Phebe

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ACAnderFan said...

It was nice to see Tom Foreman in the sudio with Anderson last nite. Tom isn't on the program enough.

I think Texas screwed up big time with YFZ. You can't just take every child away like they did. The needed to investigate each child and see of they were being abused. And that one girl David Mattingly spoke with, she's 18 what the hell is she doing in foster care??? That's just wrong.

What's with Anderson's aversion to color lately??? All his ties are colorless. His hair is stark white and his skin is so very pale, at least when he wore a colored tie it gave him some color. I'd love to see a blue tie on him again.

Phebe, I like that photo from the funeral. It's very striking.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why Anderson was in DC last night?

Kristien said...

Phebe, thanks for sharing that picture from the funeral. I would like to offer my (belated) condolences. I wasn't 'around' when your mum died, but I have read about it.

I think the show was quit well balanced again, let's hope this is a new and lasting trend!

The pictures of Kyran's baby are very cute!

Phebe said...

@anonymous, several have suggested that it might have been a bachelor party for John King. His wedding is this weekend in Cape Cod. We have no idea, but it does sound possible, doesn't it?
@kristien, I think the picture (that a friend color enhanced) is just so beautiful that I had to share.