Wednesday, June 04, 2008

An Historic Night with Our Boo

Oh, and here I thought I wouldn't have much to clip for y'all tonight! Silly me!

It was an historic night for our country, and the three speeches made by the candidates tonight (as the CNN panel pointed out several times) really showed the differences amongst them. I don't want to turn this into a campaign commercial, but my phone and IM were ringing and pinging and there was a lot of whooping and hollering going on. (If you missed the speeches, CNN has posted them on their video page.)

These graphics are astonishing:

I'm the first to admit that I did not think Americans would vote for a woman or a person of color. As I've said before, seldom have I been so glad to be wrong!

But on to the show recap...

Clip #1 is Jeffrey Toobin and David Gergen's critique of John McCain's speech. The Toob and The Gerg disagree, but boy, does Toobin ever get points for honesty!

This is just a sweet moment between the Obamas as he prepares to address his crowd. I think Michelle is amazing. What an incredible First Lady she will be.

Anderson may not know what a boo is, but he sure does know how to sweet-talk the super-delegates! And poor Donna... in the past few weeks we have learned that Anderson, Wolf, and Stephen Colbert are not her boo. Loved her "Are we still on TV?" -- makes you wonder what she would have said if they weren't!

A longish clip where Toobin pretty much questions the sanity of the Clinton campaign. A lot of what was said here was being said by myself and many of the people I spoke with tonight (all Obama supporters, admittedly.) I am really saddened that Senator Clinton did not take the opportunity to unify the party. She could have done it brilliantly tonight and been a hero to the party, and chose not to. And she may well continue to keep the party split.

The Gerg tells Anderson that he has some birthday wishes waiting for him on the blog... and is Anderson blushing? Well, he sure does know when he's thrown some YouTube bait out there...

When they did the preview of Larry's midnight show, he also mentioned Anderson's birthday:

All in all, a remarkable night for this country, and a very good night for *deep breath* The Best Political Team On Television. The primaries are finally, finally, finally OVER and we can start focusing on November.

Here's to you, Anderson Cooper: thanks for keeping TBPTOT in line... and hope you had a great birthday!

UPDATE: Just had to add this t-shirt from the CNN headline collection...

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Anonymous said...

I think Anderson was doing what he liked best for his birthing, working, doing the election coverage!

ACAnderFan said...

After about 10pm I quit paying attention and started looking at things on the computer.

I did see Hilary's speech however, and it sounded like all her other speeches. I guess she isn't ready to unify the party yet. But last nite would have been a great opportunity to start unifying the party.

I wonder which was said more last nite, BPTOT or historic nite. I think we all knew it was historic, they didn't have to keep reminding us.

Kristien said...

Cyn, I love your title, lol and you are right, it was an historic night. (and Anderson is of course our boo :D)

I just finished watching the bit I taped and I got to see Obama's speech and what a great speech it was, it makes me wish I could vote for him!

I do hope that the Clinton supporters don't feel too bad and that they will rally behind Obama.

Cyn, thanks for the clips, they show the great spirit everyone seemed to be in.
I watched the clip with Donna Brazil several times, it cracks me up, lol.
Let me tell you, if Anderson said to me that he wanted to be my boo, boy, I would have jumped over that desk, straight into his arms, tv or no tv, lol.

Have a great Wednesday everyone and let's hope Erica does something to celebrate Anderson's Birthday tonight!

cactuskid said...

Barack Obama gave a very wonderful and moving speech last night and he made some very nice comments about Hillary. Hillary's was good, too, but now it's time to move on and the Democrats need to start pulling together instead of apart if they want to win in November!

That comment last night between Donna and Anderson, I have to say, it caught me off guard and at first I thought Anderson said I want to be your boob!!! I was thinking "OMG, I can't believe Anderson just said that!", but then realized that he was saying boo! LOL! She was so flustered after he said that which made it even funnier. I didn't know you could fluster Donna. I wondered, too, Cyn, what else she wanted to say after that comment. Now that would really have been something to hear! Now we'll need to find out what a "boo" actually is. Classic moment and yes, it will be on You Tube! Anderson, I'll be your boo anytime! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Thnkas so much for clipping all those moments-they were great!

Anderson is ONLY 19 years old,huh?LOL

Awww,I hope he had some time to celebrate and so something yesterday.

Cindy said...

I loved when Anderson said he wanted to be Donna's boo! That was too funny!! I was laughing my butt off with the rest of them. I can't believe he has no idea what it means!

BTW... it is a term of endearment that some use like a nick for their significant other. Instead of saying this is my boyfriend or girlfriend they say this is my boo.

So Anderson was saying he wanted to be Donna's boyfriend! LOL That is why they all were laughing so hard!

aries moon said...

One of the best things about CNN's primary coverage were the panel discussions, not only do you get blunt and thoughtful commentary, but you also have those wonderfully funny moments like what happened between Donna and AC. I never thought I'd hear Anderson say he wanted to be someone's boo, even if he didn't know what he was actually saying. Donna was on The Colbert Report once and she was kind of flirting with Stephen in the same way. It's nice to see the lighter side of the pundits.

It will be interesting to see what Hillary Clinton is going to do in the next few days.

Cyn said...

I just added another photo to the end of the post -- CNN is offering a tshirt with the "you're not my boo" headline.

cactuskid said...

@ Cindy: Thanks for clearing up what a "boo" is. I didn't know either. Anderson can still be my boo anytime. LOL!

Roonie said...


It was phenomenal. I was on the floor, about 30 feet away from the stage.


And great post Cyn, too cute about wanting to be Donna's "boo" and I about keeled over laughing :)

I hope Anderson had a fabulous birthday, b/c I was DEFINITELY celebrating!!

Kristien said...

I just ordered the shirt...I think I'm what they call an impulsive shopper, lol.

Sapphire said...

Wouldn't we all love to be Anderson's boo??? I just can't support that shirt but it is funny. Hope someone has explained to AC what "boo" means.

Last night was absolutely amazing and historic. Years from now I will remember this moment with great pride.

The later the night gets on primary night the funnier the panel gets :)

Anonymous said...

Did Donna mean the word "beau" or is boo actually a word? I think Anderson knew what the phrase meant and he answered in the affirmative because he wanted to be on the "inside of Donna's informers."
Does CNN have to make money off of every 360 moment in reference to the t-shirts?

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of Michelle Obama but I thought they were both cute on stage last night. The "put it there, right on," gesture was very in the moment.
Hillary Clinton should be ashamed of herself for not graciously conceding the nomination. Instead she asked her supporters, "What does she want?" Question: Why is SHE entiteled to anything? Lady you lost. Get over it.
Nice summation in clips.

Sapphire said...

@ anon 4:51 - boo is a slang word. I suggest finding the lyrics to and listening to the song "My Boo" by Usher and Alicia Keys.....someone should play that for AC