Friday, August 29, 2008

CNN = Politics

As the Democratic Convention comes to a close I, like TBPTOT, am ready for the weekend. It has been a very emotional experience watching the speeches and the coming together of the two factions of the Democratic Party. CNN did an amazing job covering the event and truly lived up to their slogan CNN=Politics.
Again we are fortunate to have a lot to blog about, so let's get going. This first item was sent to me by DAFan. It seems that some enterprising AC fan is selling Anderson Cooper bookmarks on eBay. The bookmark is 8.5 inches tall and is made of cardboard. If you can't live without an Anderson Cooper bookmark just follow the link.
One of our regulars, Kristien, sent us a tip that Campusvoices had posted an interview they did with Anderson on Youtube. The discussion centers around the importance of young people getting involved in the elections. Thanks for the heads up Kristien.

I do not know how DAFan found this next video but she did. It is a well done video by a young man who chronicles his trip to NYC. His friends, his family and a few people he happens upon on the street. You might just recognize someone about 2 minutes into the video. Enjoy!


One of our readers sent us a wonderful tip today. There is an article in the September issue of Conde Nast Traveler about Anderson and his experiences in NOLA. It is available to read online. Our tipster says the picture online (that I have posted) is only half of the picture. The other half is the table he was sitting at with his lap top and blackberry and some newspapers. The picture was taken on May 19.
CNN, in conjunction with the Times Square Alliance, hosted a public viewing of Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-Ill.) presidential nomination acceptance speech. The over 500 attendees watched the speech in Times Square – located at the corner of 47th Street and Broadway. Here is a picture of Anderson on the jumbo tron. To see more pictures of the event check out All Things CNN. Photo courtesy of CNN and photographer: Marvi Lacar. (click to enlarge)

I know at least one reader (Quitty) would want to see AC teasing Wolf about Twitter. My clips tonight are a bit jumpy as we were having the most incredible storm during the broadcast. I thought my power would go out at any second. So forgive the jumps and enjoy the teasing.


At the end of Thursday's convention coverage the Denver panel took a look back at their special memories of the week. I thought it was a fine way to wrap up our coverage too.


Anderson will be on live from New Orleans Friday evening. Let's all say a prayer that Hurricane Gustav comes ashore far from NOLA or any populated area.
Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend and we'll do it all again next week with the Republicans. I really need to figure out a drinking game to get through the Repugs convention, any suggestions?~Phebe

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pebbles said...

Thanks for posting the last clip, I agree with Phebe, that WAS the best way to wrap up their coverage. Anderson still hasn't stopped teasing poor Wolf, but I think he doesn't mind. And of course Wolf had to mention that they REALLY ARE TBPTOT, which is definitely true.

I think I also heard Anderson saying earlier that he'll be in NOLA THIS COMING WEEK. So I think there is a possibility he won't be attending the Republican Convention.

ACAnderFan said... many goodies in tonites post.

Kristien, thanks for finding that video on youtube. I love little informal interviews like that.

AC seems to like teasing Wolf, lat nite Twitter, the nite before the band.

CNN was not lying when they said CNN=Politics.

I hope Anderson enjoys his time in NOLA, and that we get a good 360 tonite and that Gustav stays farway from NOLA.

Kristien said...

Phebe, I agree that the coverage on CNN was great and that they lived up to their name.

I love all the clips and can I just say that that picture from Conde Nast Traveler is absolutely beautifull!

I don't think a drinking game alone will be enough to get me through the Republican Convention, the drinking will have to start way beforehand, lol!

It has been a great week on CNN and on ATA! Thanks !!

Anonymous said...

My daughter was in Biloxi at the beginning of the summer to help rebuild houses. The entire area, not just NOLA, is still devastated. Neighborhood after neighborhood in Biloxi are still flattened empty homes. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

John King and Roberts were talking this morning that depending on what Gustav does McCain may make the decision for contingency plans for the Republican convention, either delay it entirely or maybe just have it for 2 nights or whatever happens.

I would imagine that if Gustave does not hit as feared that Anderson will go on to the convention.

Anonymous said...

So you proved that Anderson goes to NOLA. Big deal! He went there to promote himself once again, as always! The only times he has been this year is when he was getting paid...Tulane...or when he had to for CNN...the media convention and NBA All-star stuff. But yeah he loves NOLA!

If he cared so much he'd be telling on TV how the homelessness has gotten way worse, how the lower income towns are desolate and how crime is rampant, to the point of it being dangerous to go out at night alone. But all he cares about is the "ritzy" area with the 4 star hotels and restaurants....oh and the bars. Lot of good that does the regular people.

sydney said...

Well, this election just got interesting. No matter what happens now, we will have an historic moment, either the first black president or the first female VP. I'm finally getting excited!

I don't think we'll get much of a political break, though, before starting this all over again for the Republican convention. I'm sure they'll spend every moment analyzing McCain's pick of Gov. Palin.

Anonymous said...

Watching the interaction between Anderson and Wolf from Monday night through Thursday, Anderson trying to get Wolf to loosen up and Anderson's teasing him, Wolf didn't seem very receptive to Anderon at first or at least didn't seem to react to him much at all and by Thursday night Wolf I think came to enjoy Anderson's joking around and Wolf was even bringing up the music and his band and all on his own without Anderson's prompting.

Wolf had a couple of expressions on his face on Monday or Tuesday where you could see no reaction or Wolf not liking it or wondering how to react or what to Anderson, thinking about it. I think Wolf realizes now that people like Anderson's personality and that it is ok to loosen up, so different from the robot-Wolf he tries to give us.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:00: thank you for your comment. Yes, Anderson does like New Orleans apparently, and stays in the four star hotels and such.

Yet this is the first time we hear of this "mini vacation", months after the fact.

Yes, he deserves to do with his life as he wants and to spend his money as he wants.

But the way he was talking to Carville the other night, he was very empassioned and acting like he is the only person who cares about the place, talking like when he goes down there he is doing all this to keep the story alive and in the public eye when really all he is doing is going down there to relax for a weekend in a nice hotel.

It wouldn't bother me that he doesn't keep the story alive, just don't go around tooting his own horn about it on national TV.

And, no, Phebe, this is not like the husband who says he is going to take out the trash and never does, that is totally different.

Anderson loses credibility every time he opens his mouth on national television about it and contracts himself with his words and actions.

Em said...

@Phebe re. the drinking game

I was going to suggest you take a drink every time someone speaking at the RNC felt the need to interject the "Hussein" when they said Senator Obama's name but I'm afraid you might get alcohol poisoning!

Gov Palin...have to admit I am somewhat surprised. Have to give it to the repub strategists. Of course it seals it for me. She is way too conservative and I can't help but wonder about the claim she fights big oil when she has been pushing strongly to drill in the most pristine areas of Alaska. This could get very interesting!

Phebe said...

@anonymous 8:00 & 9:30, seriously why do you read ATA? You are always welcome to post your opinion here (as long as you keep it respectful) but why bother? You are not going to change our minds about AC. In addition,I find your empathy with the people of NOLA suspicious and self-serving. Maybe you are two of the delusional people that I wrote about a while ago who try to drive the fans away from the anchor so to have him all to yourselves?

Anonymous said...

As much as I love candid photos and videos of Anderson, the one posted - the guy walking around NYC - was too much garbage to wade through just for a couple of seconds of Anderson. But thanks for letting us know when he showed up so we could avoid the rest of it.

Maybe Anderson thinks about NOLA constantly but, due to the constraints of his job, can't talk about it constantly or be there constantly.
Maybe Anderson thinks about NOLA once in a blue moon or whenever a hurricane is barreling right into the city.
We don't know. We can guess and theorize all we want.
For some people whatever Anderson does concerning NOLA is fine and good; for other people, it's never enough.

Gustav is supposed to hit the Louisiana coast Monday night.
I'm betting Anderson will stay there during the hurricane instead of coming back for the RNC.
He'd rather be in the driving rain and furious winds, wet and in danger of being blown clear to the Arkansas border than sitting high and dry in a news studio (whether in St. Paul or NYC).


Anonymous said...

Wow! The Political Tide in America is absolutely on the cusp of Historical CHANGE with these two firsts. The first African-American Presidential candidate and the first possible potential female American Vice President.

The Visionary Leadership I see in Sen. Obama and Sen. Biden is truly amazing.

America has a grocery list miles long, of Challenges, awaiting the next President of the U.S. My take-away from the Denver Convention is, despite the length of the list of Challenges that awaits the next President and his team, on no other Continent can I envision two better Leaders to tackle these issues other then the Obama/Biden team.

I don’t take anything away from Sen. McCain or Gov. Palin. Their service and sacrifice in their respective ways and having given back to their Country and family is remarkable, but from a Leadership standpoint, the Vision Senators Obama and Biden have for America, is truly going to re-shape America and AMERICIANS for decades to come.

The disposition, temperament, game-plan and execution Sens. Obama and Biden will ignite over the next 73 days, is unparallel and unprecedented in modern day American History. The grass-roots movement they have energized is extraordinary. I can not wait to see these two superb American Senators place their hands on that bible, take the oath of the highest Office of American Government and get to work for the American PEOPLE and Citizens of the World.

Looking from the outside in, the World awaits these two super Americans to execute the much needed change not only in the U.S., but also, in the World at Large!!

Anonymous said...

Phebe, I would like to add my two cents about Anonymous8:00 and 9:30
I ust wonder if the are one and the same person or if they know each other and try to gang up on us that still enjoy Anderson.

Like you say, why read ATA or even watch Anderson if they seem to dislike him so much.

We come here to get news and conversation about Anderson, good or bad and you do a great job with this blog. I don't know if we have thanked you and the other ladies lately, so I want to Thank you now.

You guys have had some amazing post this past week and lots of extra things, that I am sure took some research by someone.

Again thanks, and I for one look forward to seeing Anderson's coverage from NOLA tonight

Anonymous said...

What happened to the Anderson piece on the Daily Show?
Did I miss it? Is it next week? Was it thrown out?


ACAnderFan said...

@Jaanza, it hasn't been on this week. I have been watching the Daily Show all this week and it's not been on yet.

Anonymous said...

I am sooooo happy McCain picked a woman! Especially since this woman is vertually unnone. No, I don't support him and now, hopefully, all the rednicks wouldn't support him either. Just my guess, but I'm hoping that this will be political suicide for him. Most white men, according to the demographics, would rather have a man, any man, than to pick a white woman. Hillary was the exception. McCain's thinking is supposedly, progressive. I hope it back fires big time. Can't wait to see it happen.....and of course I'm an Obama supporter. Always was.
And no, I don't think all the Hillary supporters are going to jump to him because they see a woman. If they do, and they know nothing about her, they're really dumb. What a stupidly "good" mistake!

snooks said...

Phebe - I haven't had the time to comment lately but have been faithfully reading and kudos to you and all at ATA

I thought the coverage of the Dems by CNN was terrific and the analsysts provided well balanced commentary (exception Leslie Sanchez)

I have been an unabashed Obama supporter since the Dems convention in 2004 but have always respected Hillary and no more so than this past week

McCain's choice of a trophy VP to go along with his trophy wife is embarassing and shows just how out of touch this man is

The choice of Palin illustrates that McCain thinks women are interchangable - since Hillary was not chosen as VP he took the I'll show you attitude and picked a woman no on has ever heard of, from a town in Alaska no one ever heard of - the man is so desperate and pathetic - if he wanted to select a woman for his ticket I am sure there were more qualified and capable women in the GOP that he could have chosen

But instead he picked an individual who he had only previously met once - talk about pandering to the conservatives of his party - wasn't he once considered a maverick!

Tedi B said...

I thought Obama's speech last night was amazing. I'm feeling even better about the Dem ticket and wondering more about the Rep ticket now that McCain picked a woman. It's nice that she can make history and appears to be a nice, hard-working mom. I do have to question his motives for going with her, though. The best for the job or the best to get him the job?

As for Anderson and Nola. He does what he can, which let me say is about 1,000 times more than most other news reporters or anchors. Brian Williams is about the only other person who still reports about it. Do you see Greta or Keith or anyone else there? Nope. Listen, none of us understand how it works in the news business. None of us know what it takes for Anderson to keep going back to Nola. It's not just him that goes back but it's crews and other correspondents to do the stories.

Perhaps it's not on his mind as much as it used to be but I do believe him when he says he vacations there and goes there for the weekend from time to time. That's more than anyone that critizes him. He did more to bring the cause to the forefront in the first 5 weeks after Katrina than any other reporter. What have you done to help Nola?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:45 pm - McCain did not pick the first vice-presidental candidate.
That honor goes to Mondale in 1984 for choosing Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate.

If McCain thought he could sway Hillary Clinton supporters over to the Republican side by choosing Sarah Palin, he is wrong and condescending to women in thinking gender is more important than a person's political beliefs... And Palin's political beliefs are way far away from Clinton's.


Em said...

@Janzaa I agree with your last comment but understand why McCain would think picking a female was more important than his policy positions. After all, how many times have you heard Hillary supporters say they would vote for McCain or stay home(basically a vote for McCain by abstention) rather than vote for Obama. I still don't get it, but that's what they say. I am a Hillary supporter and still believe a vote for McCain or now McCain/Palin shows a total lack of support for the policies Hillary has spent her life fighting for. I just don't understand what these women are thinking. IMHO it's obvious McCain thinks any women in a pant suit will do (loved that line last night) and if you can throw AK47 for the ultracons all the better.

Anonymous said...

John McCain has proven to be a very self-serving individual. He chose someone unknown, thinking any woman will do. What an insult to all women and especially Hillary supporters. He deserves to lose big time!
I truly believe AC went to Nola, this time, because he does care. I didn't like the reporting the last two times, but this was in depth and there was no other motive.

Dinadarling said...

I don't know if this has been mentioned, but Anderson made an appearance on the Daily Show today for the Denver coverage. He was shown briefly, but it was cute nonetheless. There should be repeats this weekend or perhaps on Monday.

Anonymous said...

i know this is off topic, but do any of you guys know if Erica Hill will be on the Early Show tomorrow? We really haven't seen much of her this past week and she definitely gets a lot air time on the Early Show.

Anonymous said...

I posted without proofreading at 6:29 pm. I should have wrote "McCain did not pick the first WOMAN vice-presidential candidate."

However, this is the first time a woman veep has been on the Republican ticket.


Anonymous said...

Cnn did a good job covering the
convention and will do a good job
covering the republician convention.

Anderson is to my knowledge the only national reporter that still
does pieces on NOLA on a regular
basis. I would say he cannot go
as far as he would like to because
of politics. We should be grateful
for what he does do.

Thank you,