Sunday, September 28, 2008

The former Jeopardy Champion is returning! This time Anderson will be providing the correct answers instead of the correct questions. Jeopardy is looking to CNN's Best Political Team on Television to help them out this Thursday. To see the promo that has been airing on CNN, check out my post at All Things CNN.

This week's 360 in :60 features three segments by Anderson Cooper and one segment with Erica Hill.

Anderson was seen signing autographs after his appearance on Conan. Thanks to Kristien and an anonymous tipster we have the short video clip for you.

As was requested, this week's puzzle is from one of the pictures taken at the TV Emmy's.

AndersonCooper New Jigsaw PuzzleAnderson Cooper New Jigsaw Puzzle

The August Cooper & Co. calendar will appear in the post immediately below this one.

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ACAnderFan said...

As always I enjoyed 360 in 60. Bookasylum, thanks for taking the time to put it on the blog every week.

I love the video of Anderson signing autographs. I swear his BlackBerry is like another appendage for him. The poor man would probably go through serious withdrawal if he ever left it at home.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the clip of Ac signing autographs after Conan. Was this the same person who called his fans on that same show "crazed?" Unless he had another book signing, I for one would not ask for his autograph, again. If you wait after a show appearance you could also be referred to as a "stalker." No one is that important and I already have his autograph so why bother.
Words are very powerful and he of all people should be aware of that.

Anonymous said...

Early indications are that CNN did not place first in cable ratings for the lst Debate. Hence we have CNN Celebrity Jeopardy which I will not be watching, even for Anderson. My main interest on Thursday is Palin and bets are on, even scripted, she's a loser.

Kristien said...

"What's an exit pole?"

Did I win Anderson? (he would be a great price, huh?) That program looks like fun and a must for CNN fans.

I wonder if he's actually talking to someone in that clip, lol. It does show he's good at multi tasking.

The Emmy picture does make an atractive puzzle! (7:41 Phebe...)

Thanks for the calendar and the rest BA!

Anonymous said...

Kathleen Parker, a syndicated columnist for the Washington Post Writers group, said after hearing all her interviews with chosen anchors respectively,"If BS were currency, she'd have enough to bail out all of Wall Street."
Hopefully, the message about Sarah is getting through.

mizzkel said...

Grrr, because of the VP Pres Debate on Thursday night, Jeopardy won't be shown at it's regular time on the west coast (CA). Do you know if it will re-air on another date? I've checked Tivo but they don't have it on their schedule to be replayed later that night. I hope ATA can get some clips for those of us who can't watch!


ACAnderFan said...

@Kristien, congratulations you've won Anderson!!! But you can only keep him for 24 hours, then you have to give him back.

Anonymous said...

If a woman shows up to his apartment with 6 pieces of luggage, I would have to agree with his assessment that he has "crazed" fans and "stalkers" (as every celebrity and TV personality does). I don't happen to be either one of those, so I don't get offended when he says things like that. Just my two cents.

Em said...

My first thought with the autograph seekers...Is he reaallly talking to someone? It seemed pretty natural but then again we all know he is a master of using the Berry to avoid speaking to strangers! I just found it incredibly funny that he was on the phone...maybe I didn't get enough sleep last night!

Thanks for the heads up on All Things CNN. I don't know if I can catch Jeopardy it comes on too early in the day here and I am still working. I loved the Bono interview with John Roberts. I am a huge U2 fan and John is always in his element if you throw a little music in with your hard news. I need to remember to check out the sister site more often, there's always such interesting info over there.

Once again, I will not be posting my puzzle times! I think I have a learning disability when it comes to spatial relations ;0)

Em said... exit poll is when they have polsters stand outside the polling stations and ask voters to tell them who they voted for then the use the data to project the winner of the election.

Kristien said...

@Em, lol, thanks for explaining, but I was giving the Jeopardy answer and I think that should be "What's an exit pole?". After your comment, I'm pretty sure I've won, lol.

@ACAnderfan: thanks, yay! Where do I pick him up? ;p

ACAnderFan said...

@Kristien, you can pick him up at a really nice Italian restaurant. Enjoy!

Em said...

@Kristien...LOL...I was thinking that was a weird question for a newsfan like you to be asking...sorry I had a Sarah Palin moment...goes to show you shouldn't comment before you have your morning coffee!!

Milla said...

Thanks for the clip...I ve just wonder,why AC did nt use A ... Bluetooth...!!!Oh!Yeah!Let me guess...Let me guess...!!!lol!!!
Greetings to all from Athens(GR).

Sapphire said...

love the clip of Anderson signing autographs but I have to say....what he said is exactly what I say when I am "fake talking" to someone. I do it too so who knows if anyone was on the other line but I found it funny

Anonymous said...

Thanks for yesterday's Nth Degree and today's clip of Anderson leaving Conan's show.
Maybe Anderson always has the cell phone or blackberry in his hand as a precaution against crazed fans? "You can't abduct me right now and make me your love slave because I'm on the phone."
Anyway, he was nice enough to give autographs to those folks.

I did 5:40 on the puzzle. The puzzles always come up in the 67-piece classic cut. Are you guys doing the puzzles in other cuts?

Tonight on 360 - economic news, everything's tanking... eat your money.


Aries Moon said...

Nice autograph signing clip - I love to see Anderson outside of his 360-mode.

Anonymous said...

@em: I love you're Sarah Palin moment instead of a Senior moment?
Maybe it will catch on after her debate where there will be "standing room" only. Or....the moron might surprise us and actually know the alphabet, but does she know it starting in the middle?

Phebe said...


Kristien said...

@Phebe: I just did the puzzle again and I got 5:28 too. I was hoping to beat you, but I'll settle for a draw :D

BookAsylum said...

@Jaanza- I settled on the 67 piece puzzle after experimenting with a few other sizes/styles. This one seems to fit all puzzle skills levels.

(If I'm wrong- y'all need to let me know.)

@em - I just couldn't resist posting that Bono interview. Great combo of good journalist and good subject. I also had no clue that Bono was writing for the Financial Times.

@sapphire- you don't do that around the ATA office, do you? LOL

Anonymous said...

Just saw the new revised AC 360 commercial and it does say #1 @ 10 PM. But I think there is also another one that doesn't say it.

Anonymous said...

It is clear to me that Jeffery Tubin really dislikes Sarah Palin and speaks of her in a distainful manner because she is so unqualified. Speaking in TSR he appears almost mortified every time he says her name. Way to go Jeffery!
David Gergen is more restrained, but you can just tell he agrees. On 360, though Ed Rollins is a Republican Strategist, he quite objectively pointed out that McCain was not allowing Sarah to "be herself." I think the campaign did allow her to be herself and she failed the test.
Roland Martin has to be given the prize for lacking all decorum when it comes to Palin. He looks as though he's about ready to burst out laughing every time she opens her mouth.