Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike, The Day After

Anderson Cooper anchored a special two hour edition of AC360 on Saturday that took a look at Texas on the day after Hurricane Ike. Here's the intro for the broadcast:

Reports were filed by Gary Tuchman in Galveston. This is his interview with a very fortunate couple who decided to ride out the storm and luckily lived to regret their decision:

Rob Marciano also reported from Galveston Island:Chad Myers updated us on the storm from CNN's Atlanta Weather Center:Ted Rollins, reporting on the latest news about the train accident outside of Los Angeles:Ali Velshi, reporting from Baytown on damage to the oil refineries and the impact on gas prices:Rusty Dornin talked with AC in Bridgetown about the rescues she witnessed throughout the day:Rick Sanchez was with the Coast Guard rescue team at Ellington Field:Jeanne Meserve reported on the damage in downtown Houston:Sean Callebs reported by broadband from Kemah:Josh Levs reported from Atlanta on the history of train accidents in the US: Retired General Russel Honore gave an overview of the storms aftermath:

No one enjoys the necessity of special coverage because it almost always follows the occurrence of a catastrophic event. But among the loss and the tragedy there were also a few lighter moments.
Anderson came across a dog while he was standing in the waste deep water. Unlike the dogs that he saw in the wake of Katrina this one was apparently not lost, just accompanying his owner on a rescue mission.

Anderson seems a little obsessed with not embarrassing himself and the video landing on YouTube. I, for one, wish he would have taken those extra two steps!

Rats and snakes and alligators? Oh my!

So there you have it,a brief overview of the two hour special. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope to see you back here soon. ~Phebe

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Phebe for working so hard on this. The special was pretty good. Wonder how Anderson felt standing in that water for all that time. A little pruney? ,O
*sigh* Those darn cannons of his get me every time. ,P

aka Shanderson

ACAnderFan said...

I am very sorry I missed this special. I was down in Atlanta doing the CNN tour for like the 6th time.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch Anderson talking to someone off camera while Chad Meyers was doing his update. He obviously didn't think his microphone was on, and said something like, "I don't know what Impact your World is." He said it a couple of times and then realized that people could hear him. Chad seemed a little confused. And then a bit later they talked about Impact your World and gave the web address, etc. Someone must have been trying to tell Anderson about it thru his earpiece and he was responding to them.

ACAnderFan said...

Not that I care, I don't care if I see this special or not, but does anyone know if it is gonig to repeat sometime during the nite???

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I was wondering where AC was all day. Now I get to wonder where he will be tomorrow. I just love his reporting style.

I couldn't help but also wonder if he was wearing a bathing suit under those waders! Ha!

Thanks ATA for all your coverage the past 24+ hours!

Anonymous said...

Great recap. Did anyone noticed that he called Rusty, Randi twice, once to her face and second when he said "That is Randi's video we are seeing"

I guess he is just more use to working with Randi than Rusty, but she took it in stride.

It was so cute with the dog and I was nervous about the snake.

Chad did act like a mother hen, I guess since Anderson's own mother wasn't there. I bet Gloria was nervous about seeig her son in that water up to his arm pits.

I was kind of surprised we didn't get a reporters notebook, but guess he didn't have time to put one together.

Anonymous said...

It's so sweet how Chad keeps warning Anderson about things. He must know how much of a dare devil Anderson is.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was funny he called Rusty Randy twice. And that is funny because he has called Randi Erica more than once.

ACAnderFan said...

When it comes to hurricane coverage, I think Gary is very under rated. He is one of the absolute best at it (of course all of CNN's reporters on the scene do a wonderful job) but Gary is really good at it. Alot of times I look more forward to his reports than Anderson's. *waits for things to be thrown at her*

Anonymous said...

LMAO! At the dog at 0:20. He just wanted some camera time. That was adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Phebe for keeping everyone informed. I do hope AC has had all his tetanus shots. It really wasn't that necessary for him to stand in that polluted, bacterial infected water to make his point.

Kristien said...

Thanks Phebe! ATA is becoming Hurricane Headquarters, lol.
CNN Int. went back to their own scedule in the late afternoon, so I couldn't watch this special.

I wonder how Anderson would react if he saw a snake swimming by while he was live on the air? I bet he would've taken those two steps very quickly, lol.

Anonymous said...

Rick Sanchez on his twitter account said Anderson fed everybody last night. How nice. Anderson seems to appreciate everybody. I am starting to read Rick's twitter now because he gives us little tidbits on what is going on, like Anderson feeding everybody. Think that is where we first heard Anderson was airing last night at 6.

I got the feeling last night Anderson and crew were staying through today as well but we will see.

Anonymous said...

Just read this on Rick Sanchez's Twitter page:

"just drove from houston to austin, flying out at 530 am. so little sleep! finally got meal last night with crew, anderson bought, yeah ac"

This was posted about 4 hours ago.

Sounds like AC might be heading back to NYC?

Anonymous said...

Thanks ATA for all those pics and clips. I really missed a lot of Anderson's reports during the storm, but I was very confident that you'd post it here - for those of us who weren't able to see it. I enjoyed the light moments, love seeing a smile on Anderson's face.

Anonymous said...

What was Anderson standing in? In the dog clip, you can clearly see he took some stairs down after petting the dog, and on other segments I noticed his hand was resting on an elevated thigh. Also, late in the show, the camera angle showed a mailbox post way out of the water, a car bumper out of the water, and Anderson waist deep between them.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:05 AM: It does sound like Anderson may be heading back today to NYC after rereading Rick's twitter post.

I got the USA Weekend paper today. After reading it, I was left with the feeling maybe he isn't doing 60 Minutes this year, even though he did say what his deal is with them, but for some reason I just was left with the feeling he wasn't doing it this year.

Pati Mc said...

Phebe you guys have outdone yourselves once again with the immaculate coverage of Ike. Awesome job, and I thank you!

Being the CNN junkie that I am, I was parked in front of it all day hoping that Anderson would show up and he did not disappoint. I thought his show was excellent and Rob, Rick, Gary, et al did an amazing job.

acanderfan, I totally agree with you. Now, I cannot go as far as to say that I prefer Gary over Anderson himself, but I do adore Gary and agree with you that he does a superb job.

Clearly, Chad gives all of we fans a voice in his "mother hen" constant warnings to Anderson. I have to chuckle because he always says excatly what I am yelling at the TV. Yuck, Anderson was putting his hand in the water and we all KNOW that he was touching his face and whatnot.....even when he KNEW there were dead rats in it? Bleah :P That is disgusting.

His love of doggies warms my heart. So thankful that you clipped this as well as the warning of Chad's regarding the alligators and the fact that Anderson could have ended up on You Tube had he fallen in the water. Yes, I would have laughed, but it would surely have made him sick and to me that is no joke.

Seeing him standing there in those ridicluously huge waders cracked me up. At first I could not decide whether he was wearing a dress, or had loaded pants on. LOL. Very funny picture. He kept pulling at them too. I am sure they were hot and annoying. Musta been bunching up on him. Yikes! I wondered as well what was under there, but I will vote for jeans. Anderson is so self-consious I am sure he would not have donned waders even in front of the crew with no pants on. He is so silly!

Not at all surprised to hear that he treated for dinner. When I talked to a guy that works for him in NYC, he told me that even though Anderson is not a coffee drinker, he frequently shows up at work with Starbucks for everyone. Aw! He really is the sweetest guy!

ACAnderFan said...

pati mc, I am glad someone agree with me about Gary. I figured I get all kinds of things thrown at me for my comment. You are so right when you say he does a superb job. I have also really enjoyed Rick's coverage as well. The entire CNN team has done and absolutely FANTASTIC job, but Gary and Rick have by far been my two favorties this time.

aries moon said...

Did anyone catch Anderson talking to someone off camera while Chad Meyers was doing his update.

I caught that and felt a little sorry for Chad because it was clear that Anderson wasn't even listening to his response! I notice that when he's out in the field a lot of things that viewers don't normally hear during a regular studio broadcast are aired and it's interesting to hear the little snippets of AC talking to his producers.

I really got a kick out of AC's wading in the water coverage yesterday, I certainly didn't expect to see that! It was also sweet when the dog came up to him and he was whistling at it, he really has a strong affinity with dogs.

Anonymous said...

I just got a copy of USA's exactly the same as the article posted on the website and they only used the pic of Anderson on the rooftop. For those of you who still can't find it, there's a link on their website which tells you which local paper includes it as an insert.

Phebe said...

@anonymous 2:01, I don't know about you, but I was rather disappointed in the USA Weekend photography and article. I have rarely seen a bad photo of AC but none of the ones that accompanied this article were good. And the cover is probably the worst professional photo I have ever seen of Anderson. And don't even get me started on the amateurish questions. No press is bad press, as they say, but this came close.

Anonymous said...

@Phebe: I agree with you about the cover photo and article, if you can call it that. The website did a better job at presentation and who wants to see a 2004 photo with his mother that we've all seen, how many times???
The questions on the website weren't that much more forthcoming, but this Monica could have used anyone of the number of other photos she took. It was a disappointment.

Anonymous said...

Phebe, thanks for all the clips from someone who didn't see the entire show yesterday.

acanderfan, I've been noticing Gary more and more the last couple months. He has done some excellent reports about politics and, of course, terrric reporting from Galveston.

The cover photo of Anderson on USA Today Weekend is good at first glance but the more you look at it the more you wish Anderson was a little more relaxed, that his eyes weren't so scrunched, that the background wasn't red - in short, you wish for a better photo.
The photos inside were a little better.
The article/interview gets a grade B.


Anonymous said...

Phebe: I have to agree with you on your assessment of the article. Well, I was ok with the photos, not the best,was expecting some of the street photos to be posted in the magazine.

The questions were totally lame. Probably nothing we did not know except that CNN hired him a bodyguard to accompany him home at night, but otherwise the same canned questions that are asked of him. Perhaps Anderson's people give guidelines of what to ask? I don't know.

I hate to say this for fear of how it may sound, but I think that a lot of the pictures of Anderson these days may just a photo op to show off his guns and keep people interested or to sell copy. For this article in particular, what was the purpose of all the street shots other than to show off how good he looks?

Phebe said...

You are welcome to continue to comment on this post but I've continued my USA Weekend rant on BA's current post that has the scanned article and pictures.

Anonymous said...

@Phebe, this is Anon 2:10. I completely agree with you about the photo and article. They didn't do a good job choosing the pics. Anderson is quite photogenic so it was surprising that they chose such unflattering pics of him.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't have a steady bodyguard. Don't know why CNN/Cooper still is claiming that, but few street shots in NYC show him accompanied.

Phebe said...

@anonymous 5:54, The street shots you see of AC are daytime shots. The article says he has a body guard take him home after work (that would be close to midnight). From what I know this has been the practice since he was accosted by a fan on his way out of the CNN building after work several years ago.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that he has been accompanied home AFTER work for quite some time, and I suppose it has been after the teddy bear incident, like you said. Maybe the six pack woman just reinforced why he has security then.

What surprised me was that Anderson said this six pack woman had been e-mailing him for two years? Seems she should have been or could have been reprimanded in some form during that time in some attempt to get her to stop emailing Anderson.

But maybe he never really reported her to security at CNN or to anyone. He has talked about his stalkers on the air which is probably not a good thing, the stalkers probably like that, they are getting attention from him, and he should stop talking about them.