Sunday, January 25, 2009

Anderson Still Isn't Her Boo

AndersonCooper 360 Jigsaw PuzzleAndersonCooper 360 Jigsaw Puzzle

The puzzle tonight is from a screencap that I had from the Inauguration coverage. There's something about having the Capital in the background at night.

You may have noticed that my 360 in :60 reviews have been missing. I haven't had any luck in the last few weeks finding the report on CNN Radio. If it reappears, I'll you know.

Remember Donna Brazile telling Anderson that he wasn't her boo? On Friday's Situation Room, Don Lemon reminded her of that comment. The clip below is a bit lengthly but includes the Don's report about Ben's Chilli Bowl and the discussion that followed.

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ACAnderFan said...

Anderson can be my boo...LOL!

That was funny when it first happned and she told AC that he wasn't her boo. It certainly brought out the Andergiggles.

ACAnderFan said...

Erica is on American Morning, filling in for Kiran Chetry. It's nice to see her on there and getting to do something other than be Anderson's sidekick.

Anonymous said...

Erica was in for Kiran Chetry this morning. Since I was only able to watch for a little before going to work, I didn't hear any comment on whether Kiran was out for the week and Erica would be back there tomorrow or what. Did anyone hear?

She was better there than she was on 360, she is professional with John Roberts and doesn't flirt with him like she does with Anderson which is really nice because then she actually does something. though the Saturday morning program is really for her because it is more of the light general interest stories that brings out her personality.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that 360 is a long enough program for Erica to do more than what she really is doing. 360 is Anderson's show, let's face it. Not sure anyone can honestly say they want him to have a co-anchor with just an hour no matter who the coanchor is.

Where American Morning is a long show with lots of time for many different types of segments and it needs co-anchors.

Anonymous said...

Do you have the video segment of Anderson getting his office tested for germs?I believe it was a report by Heidi Collins,I DO remember him smelling his phone at one point in it.LOL

Could you post it?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Erica will be back on American Morning tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

I was going through the archives here for some older videos,but now when I try to play them,they WILL NOT play.
I have Internet Explorer,do I need something different now, because they used to work fine on that before.

Phebe said...

Great Don Lemon clip. He is fast becoming my,funny and a great smile.

As to Erica I'm hearing it was only for this morning, Kiran will be back on Tuesday. If the response was good maybe Erica will get to do AM again one of these days.

@anonymous 2:41, Some of the older videos on this blog were uploaded by former contributors and were stored on their private photobucket accounts. If the links have been broken there is nothing that we can do to fix them, you'd have to contact whomever posted them. If the videos are the ones stored on the CNN servers we cannot fix those links either. CNN has recently disabled may of their old videos, thus the broken links. If the videos you are referring to are Blogger videos (uploaded by us to the Blogger servers) then please let us know, those we can usually fix.

Anonymous said...

Donna Brazile changed her mind and Anderson IS her boo. I think it was the second day of the Republican Convention, Donna commended Anderson on his hurricane coverage and then told him he is her boo.
There was a charming clip of this, showing Anderson and Donna split-screen and Anderson's expression changing from serious to all smiles when she said it.

Belated thanks for the sleep clinic video yesterday.


Anonymous said...

@9:28 AM: Trust me, Erica knows better than to "flirt" with AC.

Kristien said...

Pfff, I seem to be getting worse and worse at these puzzles.
But, I do love them, BA!

@Phebe, Don is growing on me too...but Anderson is still my boo #1! Thanks for the clip, BA!

Laurie Beth said...

Yeah, I don't see Erica's banter with Anderson as flirting at all--it's teasing between friends. Society seems to have a strange view of platonic friendships between men and women in that whenever women joke around with their male friends, it's perceived as "flirting." They're just having fun together.

I agree that Erica knows better than to flirt with Anderson...but let's not forget that she also has a husband, and that she and Anderson might be...friends. Shocking concept, I know.

Anonymous said...

@ Phebe:

one of the videos I DID come across was the germ video,it is in your archvies for January 25,2007.
When I try to play it,nothing happens whatsoever.There is no message or anything that pops up,just nothing happens when I press play.
Usually your blogger ones always play ok for me,so I do not know what the ''germ one'' is.
Perhaps maybe you may remember who put that one up?

I also had this same problem with one of your most recent ones as well,I believe it was the ''it's so cold'' one of Anderson on his desk,but someone posted THEN that I would need a new browser,Firefox,in order to watch it.

So,is this what I might need to play some of those older ones?

I figured there would be some kind of message or error come up if the link was broken.

Phebe said...

@anonymous 9:16, the germ video and the cold one you mentioned are both stored on the CNN servers. The issue is with CNN, not with our blog. I found the germ video yesterday on the CNN video site and it isn't working there either.