Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Purposeful Walk

I couldn't get into Thursday's AC360, guess I watched too much television during the day so nothing seemed like 'news' to me. Or it could have just been that I don't enjoy all the depressing financial stuff...more job cuts and nationalization of our banks being considered, as reported by Ali Velshi.The encouraging news was that the Obama team has stayed on message and are moving swiftly to try and repair the US image worldwide. I did think Ed Henry was a bit nit picky when he criticised Robert Gibbs for calling Thursday Day Two of Obama's Presidency, instead of Day Three. Technically yes, but really it was only their second day of doing real business.
I did appreciate Henry's inclusion of the information on William Lynn's nomination. Lynn, a former lobbyist for Raytheon (a defense contractor) was said to be an exception to Obama's no lobbyist rule. Surely there are others out there who could do just as good a job without the lobbyist label? It just sends the wrong message, IMO. Thursday's panel was David Gergen, John Ridley(NPR commentator) and Ed Rollins. Topics discussed were Obama's daily economic briefings, the economy, nationalization of banks, the stimulus plan and probably lots more that I missed while putting a load of clothes in the dryer. Candy Crowley reported on the strange ending to Carolyn Kennedy's short political career. CC called the story bizarro world. Not as much snark as Wednesday night, but at least we got something. Candy did manage to get an Anderlaugh when she described NY politics as 'combat sport mixed with Broadway musical'. Jill Daugherty filed a report on Hillary Clinton's first day at her new job, the appointments of special envoys to some of the world's most troubled spots and President Obama's appearance at the State Department on Thursday. The panel was back to discuss the appointments and the day's activities at State. Randi Kaye gave us a preview of National Geographic's new documentary about Air Force One and it's newest Commander in Chief. The special airs this weekend on National Geographic Channel. Did anyone notice the first time AC teased this report they showed a picture of the USAirbus in the Hudson instead of AirForce One? Oops!

The program wrapped up with a look at some wonderful Obama images from Time photographer Callie Shell, an AC tribute to two producers who are moving on and The Shot which featured an Indonesian Obama look alike.
So there you have it, the Thursday edition of AC360. But that's not all, on no it's not. Do you remember when AC mentioned walking purposefully through Washington, DC? Well of course someone snapped a picture and our intrepid researcher team, namely Julie, found it. Here's a link to a blog that talks about being in the crowd on the Mall watching AC do AC360.
I will be back with you on Friday night, since Ms. Sapphire is still on her European vacation. I plan on posting clips from Anderson's appearance on Regis and Kelly, so if you forgot to set your recorder no problem.
I will leave you for tonight with a few more images from Anderson Cooper's week in Washington, DC. ~Phebe

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Anonymous said...

Is Anderson honestly walking with a cop or some type of security in that DC pic?? Please tell me it aint so...

ACAnderFan said...

Nice pics Phebe, especially that last one.

I couldn't get into 360 last nite either. I don't know what it was but the show wasn't very good.

I am looking forward to Anderson being on Regis&Kelly. He's always so funny on there.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Anderson because I'm guessing those ladies aren't just following because it looks like he knows where he's going. : /

he's photogenic though, not gonna lie. haha

can't wait for r&k tomorrow! thanks Phebe : )

Anonymous said...

Maybe they have a new director or maybe a wallaby was loose in the control room. Besides the shot of flight 1549 in the Hudson while Anderson was talking about Air Force One during the tease that Phebe noticed, there was also a bit of sloppiness earlier when the camera kept Gergen, Ridley and Rollins on camera far too long while Anderson was telling viewers to join the discussion on the blog.
There was one more sloppy edit but I can't remember it right now.

Maybe Anderson walked "purposefully" in Washington DC to get away from the mob that was following him.

Love that last photo of Anderson. Photos like that make me think Daniel Craig should play him in the movie.


Anonymous said...

@anon 12:54, doesn't he usually use security when he goes home? or is that sarcasm that i didn't catch..
i wouldn't be surprised if that was security : /

Anonymous said...

Come on Jaanza, even a wallaby knows the difference between a Airforce One and flight 1549. Maybe a delayed echo was playing with the technical equipement.

Anonymous said...

I hope he still has some security people that go with him to things and places,and is not out there alone.

If he IS alone, then that is worrisome, that he AND the network would even ALLOW it,considering the incidents he has had in the past,incidents he has mentioned not only on his own show,but on R@K as well.

Do they not care about his safety,the poor guy deserves to have some CNN personnel around,considering all that!

M in Oregon said...

Ah. Andy in Winter! What a spectacular photo - chapped lips and all. It is impossible for this man to be anything but heart-stoppingly gorgeous! And he can talk and check his Blackberry at the same time. Amazing.

@ Anon 12:54 am: Yes, that would appear to be a DC cop, or uniformed private security escorting our guy on his very purposeful walk through Washington. I think he's purposefully trying to get away from the drooling young females who appear to be just as purposeful in their desire to get up close and personal with Mr. Too Good To Be True! (Thank you M. Gore from New Zealand for your lovely - if too short - blog and pics from the Mall - and especially thank you to Julie for finding them in the first place!)

Last night's show was not nearly as good, or as lively as Wednesday, but then every day can't be entirely perfect. I did enjoy the Air Force One segment, and the amazing stills by his personal photographer from Time. Pretty much everything else fell flat.

Is it me, or does David Gergen seem to be bored to death, lately? And I wish someone would tell him that the hideously busy Boston skyine background is really getting old, and does him no service. The other two panel members - no matter who they are - appear in front of calmer, usually blue backdrops, and look better for it.

I think the mistaken clip of the Husdson plane might be due to the fact that, according to Andy, two of his show's finest are leaving for greener pastures. "Another company?" I wonder why anyone would leave a show like his.

Looking forward to R&K - taking an early lunch to go home and watch personally.

Anonymous said...

Now that’s what I am talking about people!!!! Thursday’s AC360 was one of the better ones I’ve seen in almost a Year!!! Believe it or not!! That’s how it’s done. BRAVO Anderson!!

Keep this up and your ratings are sure to hit the charts!!

In my humble opinion, I disagree with you Phebe. I seriously believe AC360 last night was on of his better ones in a long, long time, despite the terrible forecasts of the financial crisis and job stats today. At least Anderson didn’t go on and on about the same topic throughout the show. A variety of subjects were covered and discussed, and it made for some interesting News, not just spin & endless dissection of what if’s and in the event of... type News we normally get from him and his Producers.

Anonymous said...

I don't follow Anderson all that much anymore, cause in all honesty, he's got boring and very predictable. But for someone that says he's just like all of us it just seems odd to me that he would want some type of security. Is his head getting to big, or does he really fear for his safety?? I'm not sure. He should of stayed on the roof top, or gotten a lift to where he needed to go if he was really afraid. No?? A million+ people in DC as well, come on. And their was no sarcasm - dead serious.

Anonymous said...

I am truly taken aback by the comments from many of you who did not appreciate the AC360 show last night. Despite some of the tech glitches, I was much more enthused by the content of the Show last night then I have been in a very, very long time. WOW!! Y’all have really thrown me for a loop here!

Personally I thought the show was well balanced between content and discussion as well as variety, despite the dire stats that were quoted throughout the broadcast.

It just goes to show what a wide ranch of individuals this program brings to the telly and why?!! Rather interesting I find. I must say I haven’t been impressed by his show for a very, very long time and his ratings proved that, but last night, I more then appreciated “the balance” of the show.

Anonymous said...

@M in Oregon: Would that mean you as well?

Anonymous said...

Daniel Craig, really? They look nothing alike. I think the bigger question here is why would their be a movie about Anderson though? I'm very curious about that one.

Anonymous said...

I found it funny that Eric Mccormick was on when Anderson was on. Eric's character on Will & Grace had a crush on Anderson...atleast for one show anyway.

Anonymous said...

Did Anderson get the BlackBerry Storm? Ugh! I soooo want that phone. I'm jealous if he did! I have the BlackBerry Pearl, but its been acting a little crazy on me as of late. They are very addictive, I agree. If you don't have one then you just wouldn't know.

Anonymous said...

I really liked last night's show as well despite the minor glitches. I must say the Ashlee Simpson comment and Anderson's reaction to the CEO, who paid 83,000 for a new rug in this recession, was the highlight of the show.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:22 PM - Why should there be an Anderson Cooper movie? Because I want one. But I know Anderson would probably hate having his life story on the big screen or even in a small screen TV movie.

Daniel Craig and Anderson have the same kind of eyes and he can match Anderson's serious expressions perfectly.

If not Daniel Craig, then who?


Matgaret Anne said...

@anon 1:26 Anderson has the BlackBerry Bold.

M in Oregon said...

It's 1:00 p.m. in Oregon and I just got back from watching Anderson & Kelly.

Any opportunity to see Andy outside his "comfort zone" is a good opportunity to learn a little more about the boy - and today was no different. We already knew about the germ-a-phobe thing, but I was more interested in his hotly competative-"I'll crush them!" attitude. For those who engage in active mental exercises (i.e. fantasies) about all aspects of Anderlife, we can now speculate a little more accurately as to, say, how those morning meetings go when Rachel, or Greta, or Keith are up - or down - in the ratings. Hee. Hee. You sick'um, Andy!

Frankly the rest of the show was a yawn, and Kelly was growing a little irritating about Wolf Blitzer - after the tenth time.

Phebe - wasn't that YOUR tie?

Anonymous said...

@12:12 There is no reason to assume the officer who is crossing the street at the same time as Anderson is with him. The picture gives no indication they are together. Many bloggers spotted AC around DC and some posted pictures of him. There was no mention or sign of a security person or cop, only at times an assistant.

Cars were not being allowed into the area, so driving would not have been an option even if he wanted to.

Of course CNN assigns him security sometimes, though. Anybody who has multiple stalkers needs security at times. He is modest in interviews and seems to make a real effort to live normally, but he is famous and it would be foolish for him to completely ignore the reality and ramifications of that or for us to expect him to.

Em said...

I thought 360 was okay even if I do hate being reminded of the bad economy during my down time. I haven’t had many opportunities to check in with ATA this week because I’ve been swamped with work. The poor economy has trickled into the human service sector. It feels like we are trying to move mountains with teaspoons. It certainly seems to be an awful time to downsize human service programs but the reality is donations and tax revenues are down across the board creating a widening gap between need and available funding. Hope someone finds a solution soon.

I tried to catch as much of the inauguration as possible but we were told we could not watch online at work because it would slow the servers. Then some mid-level manager took it upon himself to walk through the building writing down the names of anyone who actually had access to a TV/Radio to make sure they weren’t viewing on work time. Don't you just hate officious little people? I do think we need to be accountable to donors and taxpayers but the reality is my team regularly eats overtime to get projects done when there is no budget. Ironically, Mr. Officious was patrolling a floor where no one works for him. I wonder if he took annual leave to write down all those names. After all, policing us is not in HIS job description. The upshot is that I missed most of AC’s coverage. I really think all Americans should get at least ½ hour from work to watch their new president take the oath but I’m sure many would disagree.

I wanted to share a little piece of personal irony given our economic woes. Mr. Em received his 35-year pin for Federal Service last week. Stamped proudly across the front of the pin in little gold letters were the words “Made in Hong Kong.” Don’t you think Lou Dobbs would have a field day with that one! LOL

Interesting about Anderson not being on R&K next week. Wonder if they didn’t need him or if he might be planning an interesting trip. I’m sure ATA will let us know if any plans leak out. Have a great weekend everyone!

Kristien said...

My favorite part were all the wonderfull pics from Inauguration Day.

Talking about wonderfull pics: those pictures of Anderson are great, especially the one with Wolf Blitzer (nice smile!)

Thanks Phebe!

Anonymous said...

The germ test on R&K with AC & KR was absolutely priceless!! Despite his constant harping about being a Jeopardy Champion he was stream-rolled by Kelly on the answers!! I wouldn’t be surprised if AC contacts Dr. Sanjay Gupta to reconfirm the answers versus his responses! It was priceless to watch him get whipped by Kelly!

It’ll be interesting to see if he brings it up on his program tonight!! He also isn’t a very good looser, tosses stuff off and pouts a tad, too!! Interesting!

M in Oregon said...

@Anon 12:15 I think I am a little dense today, since I have no idea what you mean when you ask: "Would that mean you as well?"

I'd be happy to answer, if I knew how. thanks.

Anonymous said...

either Daniel Craig
or Guy Pearce (he could pull it off on talent),
or Christian Bale he disappears into his character.

Anonymous said...

Having been to DC many times, and having attended many of the sites, securtiy comes with the territory. If there's a large convention in town, or one that's of special interest concerning diplomacy, security is always present. There was on this occasion plenty of security for all journalists as well as spectators. CNN didn't need additional security, it was there. But as one commentor stated, if AC didn't mind the attention, why walk?

Anonymous said...

Believe me, Anderson doesn't need the type of security. He is always in his owns. I think, the way I saw that picture, he is being discreet and doesn't let people bother him.

I live in New York City and do know that Anderson knows how to survive himself at the city. By the way, you may think he is boring type of person, but can be very unpredictable at the time being. He is an excellent journalist.

ACAnderFan said...

On The Daily 10 on E! they talked about Anderson stumbling over his words wednesday nite. It was the number 1 story.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe someone actually wrote in an email to R@K saying they wanted to propose to Anderson?

I hope security got the full address and can track it back.

Guess it is probably the same nut who turned up at his place not long ago!

Anonymous said...

Phebe: If Anderson went there, then so should you. On his own show he said, "I'm not drunk I'm just tired." By not addressing certain subjects you let them fester and they pop up else where and become bigger than they actually are. On Friday's 360, it was fine, because we knew he was kidding around. On Wednesday, he stumbled on serious issues. Totally different. Right here you posted something that was on E. WE know what that something was, so why let it go and become larger than life, address it and get on with it. At least give us YOUR opinion.

Phebe said...

@anonymous 10:10, If you watched Live with Regis and Kelly this morning you know that the show is trying to find viewers who wanted to propose marriage on the program. I think that Pati's email was tied to that and was meant to be funny (which most of the audience seemed to think it was).

@anonymous 11:54, I didn't address it because I didn't notice it, didn't watch E! and don't have an opinion on the matter.

And to those who question why some speculative comments get posted and others don't....if it's from a regular I know their tone and that they are respectful. If you are posting as anonymous I have no idea your intentions and don't usually feel inclined to be too lenient.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't take anything the Daily 10 says seriously. It's ridiculous to assume that Anderson was drunk on Wednesday night. After working four days straight in DC, he was back in the studio without a break. The morons at E should try anchoring a news program on little sleep. All they do is read a teleprompter about what celebs are wearing, etc....none of which requires actually brain power.

Anonymous said...

Phebe: Thank you for answering my post. Please remember that a lot of anons are regulars and I'm sure you can distinguish their meaning and tone. anon 11:54PM

Phebe said...

@anonymous 1:07, well said. I can't really believe all the hoopla over this. It didn't even register with me when I watched the program on Wednesday. Maybe regular viewers know him too well and realize sometimes he does stumble whether from exuberance or exhaustion.

@anonymous 1:20, you are welcome. I realize that a lot of anons are regulars but you must realize that I don't have the time to try and figure out who they are or differentiate one from the other. If someone wants a real voice in ATA comments they need to create a profile and comment with a blogger name.

Anonymous said...


well,perhaps with all the ''incidents'' Anderson has had with so called ''fans'' of his,incidents he has talked about on numerous shows,including HIS OWN,maybe HE did not find it so very amusing,despite what the audience and some others may think!

I DID watch the entire show,and KNEW what Kelly was talking about,AND what they were looking for,but I for one,do not think it was very funny,especially considering what he has been through with ''admirers'',and I doubt HE found it funny either,even though it might APPEAR he did.

Anonymous said...

Phebe: I know I am not the only regular anon that has this problem. I have an e-mail address that is already established. I have been told that Google/Blogger prevents some people who have certain "fire walls" from establishing another identity without creating total havoc to the entire system, especially if you are running Vista. Even though I enjoy your insiteful blog, it is not worth the effort to keep trying to establish another identity.