Friday, January 30, 2009

A Real Quick Blog Tonight

Hello all. Long time no blog. I am finally home from the UK and while I am happy to be home part of me wishes I was still there but alittle more on that later.

I was in the midst of watching 360 and a waving of nasty nauseau hit me so my post will be short tonight with pic to fill in.

Tom Daschle tax records under fire. His nomination in question. Dana Bash and Ed Henry report
Mark Halperin, Paul Begala and Amy Holmes join Anderson to talk about the Daschel blowup

Wall St Outrage
20 million dollars in bonuses. Jessica Yellin reports on the Wall St fiasco
Ali Velshi, Paul Bagala, Amy Holmes joins Anderson to talk about Wall St.

Finally blogger is being nice to me. Floor Crew Friday

I had written this before the show. Last week I had the amazing opportunity to be in the United Kingdom. I was in Belfast, Northern Ireland when President Barack Obama was sworn in as president and it was an incredible experience to be in another part of the world when this happened. When the people found out we were from North American, they offered warm wishes to a bright future ahead.

I am not going to lie I went to the UK to see the New Kids on the Block.....what can I say. While I was there I had an opportunity to hang out with their opening act Shontelle. During the evening the topic of Obama came up which lead us to CNN which of course lead to Anderson Cooper. I was surprised to learn that Shontelle is a huge Anderson fan. She told me that when she is interviewed and asked about her celebrity crush she always answers "Anderson Cooper" which throws people off because they expect her to say some like Will Smith or Jamie Foxx. So even on my crazy NKOTB adventure, Anderson was never far behind.

That is it for me this week. See you next Friday ~ Sapphire

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ACAnderFan said...

I thought Obama's vetting process was supposed to be extensvie. I guess not, since there have been a couple of people on his cabinet who have had tax issues.

I am so over the woman who had 8 kids. Why does someone who already has 6 kids need more kids??? I wonder how long until she ends up with her own show on TLC.

The shot was the best part of the program. The dancing floor crew was hilarious! Anderson seemed to really enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

OMG,I want a job with team 360- what an amazing place to work!
You get news,the Shot,dancing,AND Anderson,wow,sign me up!!!
I was wondering though,our guy Kevin was not there.
Now,I have that song stuck in my head,lol.

OregonMJW said...

The floor show by the 360 Dancers was not to be missed. Well, Ok, I could have missed it personally, but Andy was having so much fun that watching him, watching them, made it all worth it.

There's just nothing as compelling as watching the sun coming up in that man's face when he smiles from inside. It lights up the whole room!

Interesting concept, ditching the second hour broadcast in favor of EVEN MORE GRIM NEWS! I'm sure Andy was half way to Long Island by the first commercial, since it was obviously pre-recorded. In real time, he seemed in a good mood and ready for the weekend.

I'm beginning to believe the media is playing a BIG role in tamping down the Holy Grail of the economy: "consumer confidence." It is news to reports that Huge Corporation, Inc. is laying off 7,000 people. It is not news, but opinion, for panels to sit around for an hour predicting the imminent death of the cat, in all nine horrible permutations. The predictable result is that people no longer have "confidence" in cats. Give us a break, doom & gloomers! If you're not Suzie Orman, tell us what we CAN do, and leave the dire predictions about what we will no longer be able to do for the movie.

ACAnderFan said...

@ M in Oregon, Anderson does have a wonderful smile. It makes you want to smile because you can tell how happy he is.

Phebe said...

I think we need to sterilize the ATA offices because we keep passing these stomach flu bugs around. Feel better soon Ms. Sapphire and we are so very happy you are back!

Em said...

Floor crew Friday...words cannot express!

I am beginning to wonder if there are officials in Washington D.C. who do not have "tax problems.” Seems to me it takes a lot of money to be elected and these days’ people with lots of money do not have very good accountants...or something like that. LOL

I have always wanted to go to Ireland. It sounds like you had a good trip. It is funny how you start talking to people and find out they are Anderson fans. My niece had me sign up for Facebook. She is in her twenties. When she saw me add Anderson's Facebook to my friends list she sent me message telling me how "hot" he is and how all her friends love him. I thought they were too busy jet setting and snowboarding to follow the news!

I do not know what to say about the second hour. I generally like Ali but last night he was frenetic. I don't know if I was feeling anxious because of concern over our economy or concern that Ali was going to explode at any moment. Just kidding...IMHO, he needed more time or fewer panelists.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:20am I am with for working for
360. The woman with the 14 kids just
blows the mind. How did see get any
doctor to go along with this ? I must
admit so far this year 360 is becoming
my must see tv.I really wish CNN would
do a weekend 360 with all of the best
clips like the floor crew and the best
clips from the show for the week.
But please add some of the material from
the webcast. All week long the traffic to
360 blog has been amazing. I think a lot
more people are discovering 360. Which
is definitely a good thing.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, but of late, I have found Anderson coming off as quite a jerk when he reports on others in power who may fall from grace or have make mistake in their public life. He questioning of his panel comes off as sounding very arrogant, condescending and makes himself sound like a superior individual in all aspects of his life. It just bugs me when he seems to take an attitude like he has never made a mistake in his entire life. I find it rather sad and sometimes feel sorry for him, ‘cuz God forbid if Anderson were to ever make a mistake or fall from grace, and it would be interesting to see how he would handle the criticism and how he would handle himself. Last night’s “Breaking News” regarding Tom Daschle was a perfect example.

How about just trying to “report” the News and leave it at that Anderson, versus reporting the News and dissecting every statement and comment, including the construction of the sentence with a panel, if you will? Give it a rest with the panel discussions, please!!

Has he forgotten about Iraq, Afghanistan, the Middle East, the Far East, Africa, and Katrina – all the stories that really got him to where he is today? He talks about going out to where the stories really are, but where is he? I really can not tell you all how disappointed I am in Anderson’s reporting of late. Very Frustrating to say the least!!

As for the floor shot of the crew dancing, its absolutely stupid and unnecessary and it does not below on a so called News Program, absolute waste of time.

Anonymous said...

The SHOT to me seemed like Anderson was laughing “at the Floor Crew's" attempt at dancing versus laughing “with them”. I really think it was a mockery of their ability to dance.

The rest of the program was a total wash and waste of time.

Anonymous said...

I too wasn’t impressed by the Program last night. Why can’t we get the AC360 from 2-3 years ago covering International and Domestic News Stories including proper Breaking News? I guess 360 is a 360 view of American News stories, unless it affects the US. I miss the real hard-core NEWS coverage with substantive stories. Sad to say, but the AC360 News coverage we’ve been receiving over the last year and a half really sucks!! There is absolutely no attraction to watch this Program any more, unless it's for the superficial attraction of the Anchor. Sorry folks, we’re all entitled to our opinion. Freedom of speech and all...

Anonymous said...

Someone needs a real swift kick in the behind for the quality of this Program? It’s been terrible for the longest time now, and doesn’t seem to be improving at all. YES for the Love of God we all understand we are in the WORST Financial meltdown since Roosevelt, but for Pete’s sake, at least bring us up to speed on what’s taking place around the rest of the world, so we don’t feel like we are in it alone. Yes people need to be aware of what’s going on here in the US, but there is also a need for us to be kept abreast of what’s talking place elsewhere in the World. I just don’t understand why Anderson can’t take a stand on what he is being asked to cover. I thought the man was made of more then this, but I guess I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

@Em: Ali Velchi was ready to explode because if you caught Campbell Brown, the night before, Rush Limbaugh, that conservative know nothing, criticized him on his radio program and called him "incompetent." Ali looked angry on Campbell's program because he was not allowed to respond in kind.
Personally, I'm no Suze fan, but I really don't know how competent Velchi really is and presenting the gloom and doom show after a 360dance crew routine was really...stupid. I'm sure half of the viewing audience were tuned out.

Kristien said...

Hope you're feeling better Sapphire!

The show was ok.
I wonder how the mom of those 8 babies is gonna cope, if she already has 6 other kids. Rather her than me, that's all I can say!

The Shot was funny, most of all because of the very, very lousy dancing, lol.

Oh yeah, Sapphire: I used to be a huge NKOTB fan, so I'm totaly jeaulous of you!

Anonymous said...

The mother with the 8 babies didn't give birth, she had a "litter," and that's a lot for a cat. At least a cat is equipped to handle her little ones and is responsible enough to know what to do with them. This woman showed the responsiblity level of all those that were "fiscally irresponsible" with their mortgages. Lady, if you have six already, I'm NOT supporting the other eight even though you "love" kids. I love cats, but I'm not asking YOU to support them. Gramdpa said it was an accident. No, she knew she was having seven and that Gramps, is a small "reading group." Now your grandchild has a CLASS, with the inclusion of those at home.
The only "accident" is the fact, that at the age of 33, someone in your family didn't learn addition.

Anonymous said...

I thought Friday's show was okay - not their greatest but not garbage either. There was a good variety of news, granted not much on the international front but I enjoyed the talk about Senator Claire McCaskill (my new favorite politician).

Almost all news programs end the show with a light news story, whether it be "Making a Difference" or "The Shot" or Keith Olbermann talking all Super Bowl with Dan Patrick. The dancing crew members was just silly fun, it left me wondering if Beyonce gets a royalty check everytime somebody parodies her video.


Laurie Beth said...

I think people need to watch Anderson's speech at Columbia to get a stronger grasp on why certain things get covered. He and CNN have to pay attention to ratings whether they--and we--like it or not. He's working in the television industry, and this is the way that industry has always been. He's working within the constraints of that industry. Welcome to the world.

I'm a little sick of people jumping on Anderson because he can't be everywhere in the world at every given second. If you look at his credentials and all of the places he's been and things he's seen, to expect more from him is unconscionable to me. Yes, he's one of our most trusted, but there are other journalists in the world. Instead of bitching because Anderson's been in New York, why not be positive and give Nic Robertson some credit for all the time he spent in Israel? Anderson can't be in Israel every day, particularly since people apparently expect him to be in the Congo and Afghanistan, too.

And this economic crisis is overwhemingly the most important issue facing the United States. To say, "Yes, we're facing the biggest financial crisis since Roosevelt, yada yada yada, BUT..." is offensive and disrespectful to the people who are losing their homes. People are literally killing themselves over this, because they think their kids will be better taken care of by relatives or in foster care. If you have an issue with 360's coverage then send an email, but I would phrase it nicely, because Anderson Cooper has likely given you more through his years of journalism than you'll ever give back. Dedication, intelligence and passion like his are rare.

He's not even close to perfect. He's quite flawed, and usually owns up to it. I resent the implication that my "attraction to the anchor" is superficial, because while I'm not blind and I can see that's he's extremely handsome, M in Oregon read my mind about his smile--it's a joy to watch because of the person he is on the inside. I firmly believe that his perspective on world events and life in general, as well as his humor, are unique enough that I won't find it anywhere else.

I'm glad he isn't perfect. He wouldn't be Anderson if he were perfect, and I wouldn't trust his perspective as much as I do.

But if he plays that Beyonce song one more time, I'm going to have to smack him. ;)

Anonymous said...

It’s not often that I comment on this blog, but enjoy its content and breezing through the feedback and comments from other bloggers, but shot of writing directly to CNN and Jon Klein I must say I totally agree with Rick, Chris, Anon 3.30 and Anon 3.34. Guys, gals, we’ve got to do something to change less then par coverage of the News on AC360.

Gosh darn it, the man has such talent as well as such an amazing opportunity to really impact his audience, yet he settles for this mediocre News coverage and topics he covers. What an absolute waste of his God given talent and this once in a life time opportunity.

What’s going through his mind as he partakes in this farce of a News Program is absolutely beyond me!

Maybe Jon Klein and David Doss should hear from us, how else will they improve? What do y’all think?

Anonymous said...

Jaanza – did you happen to catch the News with Don Lemon on Sat at 7.00 pm and 11.00 pm. I highly doubt Beyonce gets any royalties from that Video – It was banned in a school that used similar dance moves in their drill-team routine dance. The drill-team was disbanded, the choreographer was fired or suspended, and Parents didn’t think it was neither funny nor appropriate. Folks were really ticked off about these moves being used in a high school dance environment.

Anonymous said...

@Patrick; I think he's doing exactly what he said he'd never do, "Be a blow dried anchor." There he is, sitting behind his desk playing for the ratings and from the looks of it, taking it easy and getting paid big bucks. Yes, he's wasting his talent, but if you listen to his lecture, it's not all up to him.

Anonymous said...

I thought Friday's show was pretty good, I really don't understand the anger around here. Lots of things were covered, and it's Friday, you want it to be light in the end, if anything it's lucky that people still watch news on Friday night.

And to say that he laughed at his floor crew instead of laughing with them? Are we watching the same program? What kind of an idiot would laugh at his co-worker on air?

I do agree with one of the suggestions here though, there is a lack of coverage on international news, especially Europe and East Asia, which are no less important than middle east. While this is quite common among all the news programs, I do wish AC360 can make a difference here.

Anonymous said...

@ Laurie Beth – 7.43 pm – You might want to consider with all the facts here Laurie Beth........

Firstly, nobody disputes the fact the Anderson is a highly credentialed Journalist who works hard and can not be in all places every time there is a BREAKING NEWS Story everywhere around the world, but guess what, Nobody EXPECTS him to be, but what we do expect is that the News Stories are covered and given the appropriate attention and respect they deserve. That is precisely why CNN has invested in the most experienced comprehensive and seasoned Journalists, Anchors, Writers and Producers as well as all other Resources for their News Organization around the World. Why not use those resources more frequently, more concisely and comprehensively, versus all the monotonous panel discussions with the same panellists over and over again each and every single day.

Secondly, nobody is down playing the Economic Crisis and the fact that it is hitting each and every single one of us in different ways some worse then others, and not just in the US but across the World. So pardon me if I take offense to you implying any one of the bloggers on this blog is being ‘disrespectful to the people who are loosing their homes or literally killing themselves over this crisis”, ‘cuz honestly, you really don’t have a clue of what each and every single one of us is going through individually, be us located in the US or around the World. Some of us have it worse then others and believe me, you haven’t seen the worst of it until you’ve lived in some of the poorest Nations around the World.

As for Anderson being perfect, nobody indicated he was/is or needs to be. We just need him to be honest with himself and his program mantra “Keeping Them Honest” ratings or not, was it not Anderson who said many a time, it’s not my job to worry about ratings, my job is to report the NEWS as it happens, as I see it. Wasn’t it Anderson who also said, you can’t just cover the News from behind a desk, “you have to go out there, feel it, see it for yourself, touch it, you got to see it to report it......” or something similar to that effect? What happened to that mantra Ugh?

Laurie Beth, we are all hurting in one way or other over this Recession and Financial Crisis, but we can all still be respectful of each other and support each other through these tough times. Anderson is a Professional and Journalist and has broad enough shoulders as an individual of his stature should to take whatever criticism comes his way – the good with the bad. If he is man enough (and we all know he is) he can handle it and doesn’t need any of us to handle him with kit gloves in our criticism of him.

His Profession demands excellence and we all know he is more then capable of that kind of excellence, as we’ve experience from his past performance, and we need to continue to always hold him to that kind of standard, as we do all such Professionals. There is nothing unconscionable about that.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what AC360 used to be like because I have only been watching this last year. I really enjoy the show, so I have no idea about it not being up to par now. I think its a good mix of everything. I personally think the lighter stuff works because the news can tend to be drenched with negative - so a few smiles and light stories work for me, but then you need to count me in as superficial with M in Oregon and Laurie Beth. I never watched CNN until I saw Anderson.

Anonymous said...

@M in Oregon I think that you are right. I usually miss the second hour but your summary was more than enough to catch me up.

I never took Shontelle as a smart woman, apparently we agree on something, LOL, go figure.

I think any information would be useful to people at this point, even from Suze Orman, just to see if it was applicable to individual circumances.

OregonMJW said...

My thanks to AcAderfan, Laurie Beth, Olsond and Moley Willows for your kinds words, and additional interesting contributions. I love it when we all CumByAh.

For those in the "I'm so disappointed with Anderson" crowd, not so much.

If you can't find it in you to be a fan (THERE, I said the dreaded word) of this complicated, talented, compelling, endlessly interesting, beautiful - and very hard working young man, then you have my condolances for your loss.

I will throw you the following bone: Earlier clips of Anderson, Nth Degree, and even after he became anchor of 360, do show an even younger man, with a little less weight on his shoulders, and a little more freedom of movement and expression. Maybe that's who you are pining for. Understandably so.

Laurie Beth said...

First off, I used to be Lauren33 and I am signing in the same way as always, with my Google ID--so I have no idea why my username changed. Sorry about that.

"what we do expect is that the News Stories are covered and given the appropriate attention and respect they deserve."

In an hour? Good luck with that. Like I said, Anderson's not the only journalist in the world. I think Nic Robertson did a tremendous job with the Gaza story when Anderson couldn't be in Israel himself for that long.

"nobody is down playing the Economic Crisis and the fact that it is hitting each and every single one of us in different ways some worse then others, and not just in the US but across the World."

That's not the vibe that I got. It seemed very disrespectful to me; granted it's not always easy to determine one's tone from type.

"‘cuz honestly, you really don’t have a clue of what each and every single one of us is going through individually, be us located in the US or around the World."

I'm the first to agree with you there, but at least I'm making an attempt to figure it out and I appreciate people like Anderson trying to aid me in doing so.

I continue to fail to understand this concept that reporting on domestic issues rather than international ones is "wasting his talent"--yes, IDEALLY there should be a mix, but when we have such an economic crisis at the same time that the cabinet is being confirmed, our first African-American president is starting what I hope to be the best work of his career as our commander in chief, NOLA is still a shambles and governors are being thrown out of office, that's pretty difficult. Charity begins at home.

"was it not Anderson who said many a time, it’s not my job to worry about ratings, my job is to report the NEWS as it happens, as I see it. Wasn’t it Anderson who also said, you can’t just cover the News from behind a desk, “you have to go out there, feel it, see it for yourself, touch it, you got to see it to report it......” or something similar to that effect? What happened to that mantra Ugh?"

Yes, he did say that first thing, but he also said that he's not going to sit and pretend he doesn't think about ratings, because he'd be a fool not to. You can't report on ANYTHING if you have no platform, right? There has to be balance here.

He also said the second thing, but he has also said that he enjoys the desk because it's much more intellectually stimulating that it seems to many people. He's likened it to running along the edge of a sand cliff as a kid on the beach: it's crumbling underneath you and you have to keep running. You're going along your merry way, then something crazy happens, the world turns on their TV and looks to you for information and reassurance, the teleprompter goes dead and you either know your stuff or you don't. Yes, I think Anderson does his best work in the field. But in one of the moments I mentioned, I'd rather have him in the anchor seat than Greta van Susteren; I will tell you that with a gun to my head. It takes a lot more than a talking head to be a good anchor, and his work behind the desk does not get enough credit.

I agree with you about criticism; I just think the current criticism is baseless and I will defend him in such a circumstance. As a matter of fact, I think it's a compliment to him to be criticized. If his work didn't touch a nerve, and if people felt that their concerns would go unheard, then they wouldn't bother. So I think voracious criticism is actually a compliment. In this case, however, I disagree with it.

Let me just add one more thing--not only has he traveled much more this year than people realize due to PiP--he is a real person with a family. There are plenty of reasons that could be none of our business that could prevent him from traveling. He has an 84 year old mother and I can understand why he might not want to spend too much time away from her as she gets older (not to disrespect Gloria Vanderbilt; I think she's still got it and I have endless respect for her, but 84 is 84 and we don't have intimate details about her health) not to mention he has two half-brothers and nieces and at least one nephew who are not in the public eye, along with aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.--we don't know what's going on with his family. Somebody could be sick (God forbid) and of course he wouldn't publicize that, but he'd likely stay close to home.

I try to give people the benefit of the doubt as often as possible, and the enormous amount of respect that I have for him is even more reason to do that.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to interrupt the Anderson dissection, but John King had a very interesting discussion with the head of Fortune Magazine concerning the financial crisis. He suggested cutting payroll taxes to give the economy a boost, instead of dumping or pumping additional money into the economy and calling it a stimulus. At least this was a concrete suggestion. John King always seems to get to the root of the matter faster than anyone. Ali Velshi's program, IMHO, was poor on Friday.

Anonymous said...

@M in Oregon, well said!

I actually enjoyed the floor crew's dance routine. We can't be serious all the's nice to take a break from the constant bad news about the economy, unemployment, etc. I personally think it's great that Anderson has a sense of humor.