Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Speed Blogging

Some of you may be familiar with speed reading? Tonight I'm going to try speed blogging. Not because Wednesday's edition of AC360 wasn't good, just because I am so tired. We went out to dinner at a terrific new restaurant and I ate (and drank) way too much. Now I'm in this stupor that doesn't lend itself to clear thinking...let alone clear writing. Please forgive me and I promise no more weeknight gluttony in the foreseeable future. ○The program opened with the breaking news that the House passed the Stimulus Package on Wednesday night. The Republicans did not break rank, but in the end it didn't matter. What does matter is what the Senate will do and how much pork will or will not be included in the final version. Ed Henry and Candy Crowley gave us the Stimulus news of the night.
○ The Strategy Session included all my favorites: David Gergen, Paul Begala and Amy Holmes (glad to have her back on 360). They discussed how the Stimulus Package will work ... and if it will work at all. I was a little disturbed at some of the information that Paul shared about the bill. For Obama to take out family planning money and to add pro business tax cuts to please the Republicans and then to still not get a single vote from them is disturbing. Partisan politics still lives on Capital Hill.

○ Ali Velshi explained what the Stimulus money is earmarked for (at least at this point).
$142 billion for education
$90 billion for infrastructure
$54 billion for energy
$111 billion for health care
$72 billion aid & benefits
$16 billion science & technology
○ Tom Foreman took a closer look at the US infrastructure failure and needs. His report was followed by an in-studio interview with Stephen Flynn, author of Edge of Disaster. If you don't think this is an important topic I would suggest you do a little homework. It is the weakest link in our effort to keep our country safe from attack.

○Joe Johns gave us the news on the Science Foundation employee's addiction to internet porn. Yuck.....anyone feel like they need a shower?

○David Mattingly had more Ted Haggard news for us on Wednesday. The Haggard story is comparable to a train wreck. You don't want to watch but you almost have to. This guy is such a mixed up mess of a man that I almost feel sorry for him. But until he is honest with himself and his family I don't see a happy ending to his story.

○Is anyone over the Sasha and Malia stories? The media points fingers at Ty and other companies for exploiting the Obama girls but how is that different from their continuous coverage? Those girls sell...whether it be coats, dolls or airtime. I will be glad when everyone moves on.

A few of you have mentioned in comments that the lecture Anderson Cooper did at the Columbia School of Journalism has been posted by the school. It's fairly long, and begins with familiar information but it is worth a listen. Enjoy!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Have a great Thursday and I hope to see you back here soon. ~Phebe

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Anonymous said...

I'm one of the ones who commented previously about the Columbia lecture and even though it is long, you can adjust it and move it along. I didn't notice it, the first time I viewed it, but AC does have a tendency to say, "you know," a lot. But then, he's not running for a political appointment like Caroline Kennedy was. Thanks for embedding it.
I'm disappointed with this new bailout that's being pushed through and am not surprised that the Republicans didn't favor it.
What about including and repealing shall we say, NAFTA?? This was Clinton's baby and it is one of the leading factors behind the loss of jobs here in the US. I really thought Obama had new vision. Surely he's thought of this and knows the damage NAFTA has caused, so why ignore it?? As a donor to his campaign I intend to put forth this idea on his website because it is absolutely critical that this bad bill be repealed. At least it would be a different approach to the horrible mess we're in. Everything else is just more of the same.

aries moon said...

Haha! Your opening on this blog post made me laugh - it sounds like you had a wonderful evening out - the food and drink must've been spectacular. Don't worry, your recap is as sharp as ever.

It may be that President Obama will have to drop the whole bi-partisan idea if the Republicans continue to resist, even after concessions have been made - they are playing politics. I say fuhgeddabout them. The breakdown of the earmarked Stimulus money looks pretty reasonable to me.

Ted Haggard AND his therapist are pathetic - the man is gay and is twisting himself into knots in order to keep from accepting it. I don't have much sympathy for him. I agree that 360 overdoes the Sasha and Malia reports - they are lovely little girls, but we don't need to hear about their EVERY move and I'm sure their Mom and Dad feel the same.

Anderson and Beyonce's "Single Ladies" - is he obsessed? I'd love to see him shaking his a** to that song. Never gonna happen. Thanks for the link to AC at Columbia - I watched it on YouTube the other night and really enjoyed it - it's interesting to see how engaged and humorous he is with the students and hearing him discuss ratings and story selection. I loved that he chose to sit on the desk during portions of the talk and him just dropping the f-bomb out of the blue was funny - it's shallow, but I love hearing him swear!

Anonymous said...

I had a problem with Ed Henry calling the passage
of the stimulus an ugly win. I play sports and there
is not way that is an ugly win. Sometimes CNN
seems to think the GOP has all of the power and
every achievement for President Obama is a
failure. How is that CNN reporters missed the
cuts in infrastructure were replaced by tax cuts
Republicans asked for? Good mix of stories for
the show. The 360 blog is really blowing up these
days it had more than 750 in one hour.

ACAnderFan said...

Last nite had to be the best 360 of the week.

Tom Foreman's piece on infrastructure was a bit disturbing. It's scary to to think the infrastructure has got that bad over the years.

The porn story was interesting, becuase the people looking at it are so dumb. They're at work, they didn't think someone might be monitoring what sites they go to. This is kind of off topic, but I don't really like Joe Johns. He gets on my nerves.

Ted Haggard's life is likea sopa opera. There's always some kind of drama going and and I think he likes it. I think he likes all the drama and all the attention it is bringing him.

And the shot of the day as usual was stupid. The shot used to be good, but lately it's been bad. They need to find someone else to pick it, because who ever is doing it isn't doing so good with it.

Anonymous said...

The comments from last nights post about AC360 being "all blokey" (my summary of comments) when Erica wasn't there are intriguing.

As for CNN playing 41s "joke" (I use that term loosely) all day (as I understood) - I guess when you're around anchors and celebs all day its easy to laugh at the normal/ugly people. Maybe the ratings are just too good.

Glad you enjoyed your meal Phebe.

OregonMJW said...

Good Morning, Phebe. Always eat the parsley decoration (or ask for some) after a big meal - absolutely guaranteed to relieve that "heavy" feeling. Hope you had good time, and feel better.

You are not alone in being happy to see Amy Holmes again. Bright, articulate, really lovely, not scary (since she's a (R), you have to make that distinction) and a wonderful counter-weight to Paul Bekala. I've always thought those two should come as a boxed set.

John "Bone Head", the current (R) congressional minority leader, is leading his small, but noisy, flock of (dare we hope) lame ducks over the cliff of history. Let the record show that when the chips were down, he was a downer not a doer. The good guys won the day anyway. Do the words "Nah! nah! na, Nah! nah!" mean anything to you?

Our country cannot be saved: Starbuck's closed their 5 year location inside the Safeway where I shop every a.m. Do they have coffee in Canada?

CNN's sister, or glitzier cousin from out of town, HBO is really humping . . .ah, pumping the Haggard story. Since it airs tonight, I guess we have one more evening of Andy talking about sexual confusion and male prostitutes. Odd.

To be fair and balanced, we now have the delightful tale of the $58,000 Porn King at the Science Foundation. They only checked ONE server? Wow, that must have been a thorough investigation! Good job, guys. Guys? . . .uh, guys?

Hey, how about those peanut brains in Georgia? Didya hear the one about the guy in Minneapolis who DIED? Hee! Haw! I hope the Georgia authorities are really serious about bringing criminal charges. I KNOW the lawyers of the 15 families of the recently deceased will be filing their wrongful death suits by the end of this week! And who says our justice system doesn't work.

Altogether, a good show, good mix. Andy looked great, and Ali Velshi looked smokin' in that dandy-striped 3-piece. Rimshot, please.

Em said...

I was distracted last night so to use a current phrase, "I was just not that into it."

So here goes speed commenting:

Sick of watching the legislature fiddle while Rome burns.

Ted Haggard is just plain sad.

Don't want to drive across a bridge any time soon.

Can't believe those boneheads and the porn and can't believe they can access it a work. We can't even access You Tube or Blogger!

Would love to see the floor crew perform to "Single Ladies", only thing better would be AC previously stated, never gonna happen!

Anonymous said...

Aries Moon I think you are right.
Republicans are trying to co-op the
government. Their polices were rejected
in November. President Obama had better
stand up to them and not give in to these
crazy demands. CNN coverage bothers me
though. Someone must have sent out the
everything is bad for President Obama.
CNN seems to be lining itself with the
GOP. Rachel Maddow made the point that
Mr. Obama does not need the Republicans.
Sorry. I find myself increasingly not watching
CNN at night until 360. Although I do watch
The Situation Room.

Anonymous said...

@M in Oregan: YES, our country CAN be saved, and it will be. What if our founding fathers said that? Would we not be this great country we are if they did.

I liked Ted Rowland's story on the falling apart school and that Obama has identified our infrastructure as something to be worked on - it will create jobs from architechtects to engineers to all many millions of jobs and it will get our country back to where it should be.

This is an opportunity, not a time to throw in the towel.

Kristien said...

I skipped all the stimulus package talk, I have to admit that it's boring me.

Ted Haggard obviously goes to a bad therapist if the therapist says that he's "heterosexual with gay attachments"?
Either you're gay (or bi) or you're not, but I've never heard of someone with "gay attachments"!

Thanks for the recap Phebe, you're really good at drunk blogging, lol.

OregonMJW said...

@Anon 11:51 - Thank you for your observation. I thought the tongue-in-cheek nature of my posting was pretty clear. Of course our country will be OK - eventually. And I don't really know what our founding father's would have said if faced with the loss of their local Starbuck's.

Anonymous said...

LOL M. Made me think of the Boston Tea Party...before you know it the Pugent Sound will be awash in Starbucks.

aries moon said...

@anon 11:47, exactly - I don't like the tone of some of the reporting by Candy Crowley, Tom Foreman and Ed Henry - there seems to be a vibe of "let's nail him" when it comes to President Obama. I'm not saying that his Presidency should not receive any scrutiny or criticism by the press, but they did practically nothing when Bush and Cheney were going about their merry way and wrecking the country. CNN needs to stop kissing the GOP's butt because times have changed.

OregonMJW said...

@ Anon 1:24 pm: Thanks for your support. I'd ask you if you could spare a dime for a cup of coffee. However that wouldn't cover the cost of today's froth on top and, as I reported, it's not even available anymore. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Is the Q@A with Miles O'Brien now history because he is no longer working at CNN?
I was also wondering why some of your videos used to play here for me,but now do not.Is it because I am using IE,or do I need some other browser to play your stuff on?The Blogger ones are working.It is very frustrating to be able to see them awhile ago,and not now.All I get from the ones that are not Blogger uploads is--- nothing!

Danielle said...

Thanks for posting the lecture. As a new follower to this blog I have to say I LOVE IT...keep up the awesome work!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kristien. I have never heard of someone being "heterosexual with gay attachments" either. That's like someone telling me that I'm Homosexual with straight attachments. LMAO! It aint gonna happen. He's clearly Gay or bi. Either way, he's ashamed to admit it.

There are a lot of Haggard's out there. I know a few men that are married with children that mess around with guys all the time. Haggard and guys like him will never admit the truth about who they really are. They are perfectly comfortable living a double life. I feel bad for people like that, but feel worse for the wife and kids though I think.

I myself could never do that to someone or myself, that's why I came out of the "closet" (I hate that term) pretty early on. And it was one of the best things I have ever done in my life! : )

Anonymous said...

@ Aries Moon – 1.56 pm – Couldn’t agree with you more. Talk about “keeping them honest” - why can’t CNN keep their own Reporters and Anchors honest in the way they Report the News. Its unfortunate CNN likes to use their bully pulpit at the microphones across the airwaves with some News Stories versus others. Rather despicable and irresponsible to say the least! Where is the responsibility by CNN?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to use this phrase, but I think on the whole, CNN has been "fair and balanced" in their reporting on the Obama Administration. There was previous criticism through out the campaign that all media coverage, especially that of CNN, was pro-Obama. I was unaware that Ed Henry, or Candy Crowley, had an "attitude." Ed Henry called it an "ugly win," merely because our new President was trying very hard to use his charm as persuasion, and it back fired. I never cared at all for W. but it's far easier to criticize when you're a by stander.
It's time for 360 to just let the shot go.