Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stand Back....She's Fix'in to Blow

I'm going to try and get through my discussion of Tuesday's AC360 before I go on my little rant. If you watched the program can you guess what has me so worked up? More on it later in my post.Tuesday's AC360 opened with Ed Henry, who caught us up on the latest news from Capitol Hill. This transitioned into Ali Velshi reporting on how much of the stimulus bill would actually be tax cuts. Wahoo...$500 per person, $1000 per family. That's just so much money I don't know how I'll spend it all. All kidding aside, bundle that money and use it to help the people that are really hurting, those that are losing their homes, those that can't afford heat, those that can't afford food, those that have to choose what prescriptions they will fill. There but by the grace of God go I.
The evenings first panel was David Gergen, Ed Rollins and Roland Martin, who took a closer look at the President's trip to meet with House Republicans. All the panelists were encouraged by the dialog that has begun. At one point Roland went off on the concept of another czar being appointed (to oversee the stimulus spending) which seemed to get The Gerg's dander up a bit. As Gergen sited historic precedent and the success having an authority figure provide oversight Martin backed off and didn't say another word.

Speaking of Roland Martin Julie found an interesting blurb by Cindy Adams in Tuesday's NY Post speculating that Martin might be a temp sub for Campbell when she goes on maternity leave. I was hoping that Don Lemon would get the assignment.....guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Tom Foreman not only was in for Erica Hill to do the 360 Bulletin but he also handled the 'Keeping Them Honest' segment. He took a closer look at Guitner's edicts for how TARP will be handled and how the banks executives have survived the payouts while many employees haven't.President Obama's interview with Al-Arabiya was discussed again on Tuesday, first in a 360 Dispatch with Nic Robertson. Robertson said that the interview has basically been ignored in Israel, who is much more focused on Sec. of State Clinton's pro Israeli comments. And then the second panel of the night with Reza Aslan and Peter Bergen, who broke down the meaning and impact of Obama's interview. Aslan made the point that W spoke in lofty terms to the Arab world talking of liberty, freedom and democracy.....all important but somewhat abstract to those in the Middle East. While President Obama spoke in more concrete terms sighting poverty, education, family issues that resonate far more with the Arab people.Peter Bergen discussed the President's interview as it relates to Al Qaeda, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Bergen said that much of Afghanistan's people are very encouraged by the election of Obama because they feel that he will be tough on Pakistan. Bergen went on to say that Al Qaeda doesn't see much distinction between a Bush presidency and Obama holding the office. Their goal is to destroy Israel and reform the Middle East and no US President, no matter what political party they belong to, would let that happen without a fight.

Nice to see Joe John's doing a happy story for a change. What a blessing for that lucky California couple to have 8 healthy babies. From other reports I've heard the mother carried the babies until 31 weeks, which is just incredible. The smallest child weighed in at 1 pound 8 ounces which is also pretty miraculous.

And at last we come to The Shot and what has me so riled up. I am completely disgusted that someone at AC360 would find Bush 41’s comments about a woman’s right to choose funny or even remotely politically correct, let alone worthy of being featured on The Shot. And for Anderson Cooper to introduce the segment by saying to Tom Foreman ‘I know you are going to enjoy tonight’s Shot’. WTF? Did he watch it first? Does he have a working brain?
If you missed the clip it was Bush 41 telling a story about a woman that approached his limo carrying a sign that said ‘stay out of my womb’. He categorized the woman as ‘ugly and angry’....isn’t that just charming talk for a former President? The punch line was 41 saying he'd have no problem staying out of the 'ugly, angry' woman's womb. Classy.
If you don't get my outrage think of the story in different terms. Would it be funny if it was two 'ugly, angry' gay guys holding a sign saying 'stay out of our bedroom'. Hardly.
I could go on and on, but I will spare you. I would also request that AC360 spare us from future demeaning episodes of ‘The Shot’. ~Phebe

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Anonymous said...

Phebe: We don't always agree, but you are absolutely right about Daddy Bush. When he said ugly, the first person I thought of was...Barbara! Hope that makes you feel better. Yes, that's why the gay issue, to me, is getting a little out of hand and they wouldn't dare go there, either one of them. Daddy Bush would much rather have Bill as his son,than the dummmy he gave birth to.
Also I'd much rather see Don Lemon sub instead of Roland. Don is much more personable. Martin is NOT objective at all and he appears to have a "chip on his shoulder," since the outcome of the election.

ACAnderFan said...

I liked 360 last nite better than the one on monday nite.

I'm sure alot of families out there would love an extra $1000. It could help them buy food or pay some of their bills. Hopefully it will go though.

The lady with 8 kids...wow. It made me think of that show on TLC, Jon and Kate Plus 8. First they had twin girls and then 4 years later they had sextuplits. I can't imagine how anyone could have 8 kids and not go insane. On that show there's always a kid crying or screaming or something.

Lately the shot of the day hasn't been very good, they're either lame or stupid or pointless. Who ever is picking it either needs to pick better ones or they need to get someone else to pick it out.

Anonymous said...

On Tuesday the talk about the economy, the bailout and politics seemed too repetitive, like we've heard it all before.
The news about Obama's interview with the Arab media and reaction to it from Nic Robertson and the panel with Peter Bergen and Reza Aslan was fresher news and well reported and discussed by all.
I don't need any more information about John Travolta.
The remark from GHW Bush was not surprising. However, it was surprising that Tom Foreman and Anderson didn't diss Bush about it.

My mom had eight kids but not all at once. I'm #7.


Anonymous said...

I did not like the comment made by Bush 41
either. I wonder if it were not chosen for that
very reason.So far this year I must say 360 is
finding a great mix of stories. It was refreshing
to see the ratings for Monday's 360 on TV BY the
Numbers. Anderson won his hour in viewers and
the demo. Just goes to show what real news can
do. Since it is Cindy Adams I am not sure it is true.
But Ronald Martin has gotten some good press in
Rolling Stone and others. I would like to see Don
Lemon as well. It will be interesting don't count
Erica out.

Aries Moon said...

The Shot was in poor taste and not the least bit funny - I've certainly never cared for 41's political views but I *thought* he had more sense and tact than his son. There's been a lot of talk around here about what some of us consider "offensive" - I'd put 41's despicable "joke" in that column.

It was disappointing for me to see Roland Martin back on the program, he had been MIA and I thought he wouldn't come back. I do wonder sometimes what AC, Gergen, Rollins and some of the other 360 commentators REALLY think of Roland, I'd imagine it's not good - what's strange is that there were many times during the primaries where I agreed with him, but he's just begun to irritate me and his brashness is an odd fit in the generally calm atmosphere of the show. It didn't take him long to start hollering - I thought AC had a "no yelling" policy on the program.

Anonymous said...

What caught me attention in the The Shot, was Mr Clinton's comment that he could not get away with saying something like that; which is true.
I, personally, expect more from Mr Clinton, in terms of respecting women and selection of jokes when public speaking. For poppie Bush I don't expect too much at all, old school, boys clubs, not too much at all.

Why are the Rebs putting down the free medications? (yes ok they're contraceptives) when low income families are not spending money on medications they are spending it on other things they need, like petrol, food, school supplies, locally manufactured items (maybe not new cars). It is money flowing back to the community and circulating.
Money that goes to banks and automotive companies goes into unaccountable excutive accounts, lollists and slush funds; oh right Republicans.
Mr Blago - I am amazed at the smugness.
Has AC360 covered last week's arrest of Laurent Nkunda in Rwanda on show, did I miss it? Its on the blog.

Why did Bergen cut his hair?

Anonymous said...

And Nic looked so tired I thought that he was going to fall asleep in front of the camera, luckily Anders snatched it back when he started to stumble. Bet Anders wished he'd had someone like that last week.

What is CNN doing to their staff? Last man standing wins what? a chair.

ah if Martin is covering for Campbell; that does explain his agro comments in the last couple of months, face time = more face time.

Anonymous said...

Phebe, I agree with your take on Bush Sr. and the shot. I was similarly unimpressed. People who don't turn on Bush don't get the right to feel strongly about issues affecting them? Who does that unattractive old bugger think he is to dismiss people for being ugly? I think it's very much a guy thing to find that story in any way funny. Clinton's response, though, I did find amusing because it was so true.

Anne said...

Hi Phebe,

I was dismayed that AC would introduce this awful Shot as enjoyable. I am with you on your take that it wasn't charming for an ex-president to tell such a disrespectful joke. It only got worse with Clinton adding on to it. My brother and his wife have been layed off for months and there have been layoffs where I work. I only hope the stimulus bill passes and something, anything gets started. Anne D.

Anonymous said...

Don Lemon would make a great sub for Campbell ......perhaps it is not too late to submit your suggestions/feedback to Campbell's program folks - I will do that.

It will only take a second of your time. Don't say it won't matter - who knows - that's like saying your vote won't count.

Anonymous said...

''W'' senior is just as dumb as his son!

What an insulting,ignorant jerk he is,to make that kind of remark,boy,it seems as if the apple does not far from the tree, indeed.What a pair!
I wish they would just give up the Shot,if they cannot come up with any better crap than they seem to lately,same goes for that lame beat 360.Just a waste,IMO.
The old nth Degree segments re- aired would be better.
Usually do not comment on this but,what in god's name did Anderson do with his hair this time?
Whoever cut it should be fired!

snooks said...

Roland was making my blood boil last night and was thrilled to see that the Gerg put a halt to his short sighted thinking

Regarding the shot, I thought it was just stupid and it only proves boys will be boys at any age instead of two former presidents showing any class especially since they have different views on woman's rights to abortions - hopefully both Hillary and even Barbara gave them hell when they got home - this is the kind of behavior that many were worried about now that Hil is the new Secretary of State

As far as the story about the 8 babies good luck to these people maybe they will be able to cash in and get a TLC program as well

Anonymous said...

Phebe: I did not see a minute of last nights show. I have never seen nor heard about that clip. What exactly was it about, did it have something to do with abortion? That was my first instinct, cause of ‘stay out of my womb’. I don't know though.

As a Gay guy I really don't see your comparasian. If you could clarify exactly what 'The Shot' was all about, maybe I could understand it a little better.

‪@Anonymous‬ 1:43: What did you mean by:

"Yes, that's why the gay issue, to me, is getting a little out of hand"?

M in Oregon said...

The subtext of Tuesday's show, and some of your comments, Phebe, seems to be childbirth. I agree with you completely on the Shot. The elderly, inarticulate Bush the Way Older, telling a crude story full of distain for civil rights, and TMI sexual innuendo, was disgusting. They showed the same clip on LK, so the Geezer King and former President Carter could chuckle knowingly, along with their "pals." Well, right back attcha 41; you could not pay me enough to . . . .!

On the subject of the birth of 8 babies to the California couple - you called it a "blessing." I call it a tragedy. First, given the hosptial where they were born, I predict we will learn that the couple is poor, and very likely not US citizens. Second, I can predict that 8 more human beings have arrived to be neglected, raised in poverty and, no matter how much their immediate family may love them, they will not grow up to be contributing members of society. I am one of those people who strongly believes that if you have to get a license to get married, you should have to get one to have kids. Some sort of fitness, both economic and emotional, is a minimum. Working as I do, in Family Law, I see the result of that neglect sitting across my desk on a daily basis. I hope these children get all they need;it's not their fault - and we will all be paying for it.

I can see why Roland Martin might be picked to sub for Campbell. I don't like her style or show because she's always pushing her opinion. She's almost like the Anti-Andy. For every effort he makes to remain neutral (including tying and untying himself in knots to do so), Campbell just shakes her mane of hair, takes a position and, with exactly the same caution-to-the-winds atitude, and dog-with-a-bone intensity that often riles us up about Mr. Martin, drives her point home. Roland Martin is a perfect candidate - he's just Campbell with less hair and a tan; people will barely notice she's gone.

I wish, just for a change, they'd have Ali Velshi at the desk, and use charts and graphs in another way. Every time he's on, they use that long shot in front of the gigantic screen and, eventually, you detect this little bald guy off in the distance pointing at a dollar sign bigger than his body! A little more respect, please.

Sorry for this long rant.

Does anyone notice the difference in the cadence and tone of the show when Erica - or any woman - is not present? Comments?

Diana said...

I'm so glad to read that others felt the same as I did about the shot. What an ugly comment 41 made! And I, too, cannot figure out why anyone was going to enjoy it--or not be shocked that he said it out loud. I didn't find it funny and wonder what audience did, though I felt there was some nervous laughter. Clinton, I think, was trying to soften the blow of what 41 had said without saying he agreed with it or would say it himself. I think he was trying to help 41 out by even putting the spotlight on himself in a negative way for a few seconds.

As for the comment itself, so many things to wonder: was she ugly because she disagreed with him, was disagreeing with him what made her ugly, if she wasn't attractive did that have anything to do with the story, what was the point of the story at all. Overall, it was just mean-spirited, IMO. And I'd thought a bit more of 41 than 43, though not much. I guess the entire family may be lacking social skills.

Anonymous said...

The Shot from last night is now posted on the AC360 blog, I encourage everyone to post their thoughts over there. So far, there are only positive responses to the shot. (if you can believe that!!)

Also, the Hagard documentary on HBO is at 5 pm PT - 8 pm ET on Thurs, not sure if anyone has posted this.

Cyn said...

Phebe, they played 41's "joke" all freaking day yesterday. Oh, ha-ha-ha. Seems like the CNN staff needs to have one of those dreaded "sensitivity training" classes! I wish the whole Bush clan would just Go Away. Now.

M in Oregon, I think you are way off base in talking about the octuplet births. First, factually: I've spent time in Bellflower, and while it is racially mixed, your assumption that the parents are illegals strikes me as really bigoted. It is a solid working-class area (Chris Carter of X-Files fame grew up there) and no different than many suburban areas.

Also, the babies were not born in some county hospital's Emergency room, but at a Kaiser Permanente facility. That means insurance, that means a job. Also, naturally occurring octuplets are so extremely rare that it is almost certain that the parents were using fertility treatments, which means big bucks. But even if the parents were illegals, that doesn't equate to them being a bunch more mouths to add to the Welfare rolls... the vast majority of illegals who come across the border work their butts off. Take a look at who is cleaning your office building tonight. I would wager the people cleaning your toilets for minimum wage speak Spanish.

I think these children will be loved and well cared for. If you want to rant about how many unplanned pregnancies there are, how many children are going hungry or waiting for adoption, there is plenty of room for that soapbox. But your "predictions" are not only borderline racist but also "class-ist." Lots of children born into poverty manage to become contributing members of society.

And who, exactly, would be perfect enough to decide what makes a "fit" parent? Our society isn't even mature enough to embrace the fact that gay parents can raise healthy, happy children; I certainly don't want to give that veto power to a government, especially one that can be run by the kind of people that not only elected George Bush but then voted to RE-elect him.

I'm sure that in your line of work you see many tragic stories that are heartbreaking and color your view of this event... but please don't let them turn you into a Lou Dobbs fan! *shudder*

Anonymous said...

@ 1/28/09 10:40 AM
"Does anyone notice the difference in the cadence and tone of the show when Erica - or any woman - is not present? Comments?"

What do you see as a difference?
I only see a difference in Anderson when Erica specifically is not there. He tends to blog more when she is not there, and he acts differently with others sitting for her than he does with her. He seems to miss her not being there (and I am not implying THAT!). Which is sort of funny because he has been working alone without her much much more than she has been around.

On the other hand, the show seems more "normal" like it used to be. Hard to describe it.

Her bio on the CNN site says she is a correspondent for Campbell and 360. and now she sat in for Kiran and she has The Early Show gig.....sometimes I wonder if they are letting her try her hand at other venues.....

it would not surprise me if she were to move on from 360 is what I am saying......

all speculation my part.

Anonymous said...

I thought the shot was funny. It wasn´t like they were portraying Bush his stance on choice for abortion to be funny, they thought his reaction to the peculiar phrase written on the sign was funny. I´m just not that easily offended, I guess, and it must have been somewhat of an odd situation for him too, because he's the FORMER president, he doesn't go over abortion policy anymore, so the sign has no meaning for either of them. Even if he agreed with her, what was he supposed to do about it? I´m for freedom of choice, still the clip was somewhat amusing to me, in a rolling-my-eyes, boys-will-be-boys, kind of way, moreso for Clinton's reaction and my own "Are you sure you really want to make that joke, mr President?... O-K, apparently he is making that joke." reaction, than the actual joke he told.

Em said...

I liked getting to see Peter and Reza together. They are both so well informed and interesting.

I would also much rather see Don than Roland. I find myself watching more on the weekend now that Don is there. He is bright and has a wonderful personality. Roland is anything but objective.

The shot was juvenile and inappropriate. Anderson should know better. I wonder if he would have thought it as funny if he had to discuss it with Erica and if she would have called him out on it. The boys need to grow up; they picked the lowest common denominator. IMHO nothing is more passive-aggressive and misogynistic than a group of men telling jokes involving a women, her physical attributes, and her reproductive system. Mr Em learned not to go anywhere near there early on in our marriage because yes, I will morph into and ugly angry woman!

ACAnderFan said...

@anonymous 7:48am, as much as alot of us don't like what Anderson has done with his hair this time he probably loves it and thinks it looks great...LOL! Oh well it's hair and maybe he'll let it grow back.

Em said...

My best wishes for the family having babies. We were all overwhelmed with the care of my twin grandsons last year and can't imagine how you would even go about caring for 8 at once. Not mention a hospital bill over 80,000 for their birth!

One more comment on the shot. I found myself thinking that some of the men-boys who found this so humorous should be very thankful that their unattractive angry mothers did not excercise their right to choose!

M in Oregon said...

@Cyn: I appreciate the passion of your response to my observations about the 8 babies. I admit, I am not a fan of over-breeding, no matter who has the children.

I deal with a racially divrese population of under-educated, unemployed or under-employed, often single parents, often with two or three, or four children under the age of 10, and frequently with as many different dads - none of whom are paying support! Trust me, it's definitely not racist to want all parents to be educated, working, married, and committed parents to their children. So many people do not meet those standards - and never will. I'm not sure it's wrong to hope for better than that.

I trust you when you say it was a Kaiser facility (I am a Kaiser member myself) and that Bellflower is a nice community. Perhaps you're right, and the parents are all the things I outline above - who have just been blind-sided by scientific technique. I hope so.

I apologize for having expressed an opinion which did not comport which this forum, or with generally held beliefs. I'll try to limit all my future contributions to simply Yea or Nay discussions of our favorite young news anchor and his show.

May I also say that I can't stand Lou Dobbs - basically for the reasons you alluded too.

As it was Phebe's commentary I was addressing, I will also apoligize in advance to her for any offense I gave by speaking my mind.

Mavis said...

@ M in Oregon

"no matter how much their immediate family may love them, they will not grow up to be contributing members of society"

Never underestimate at child.

One of these children could be your surgeon one day.

Laurie Beth said...

I think it's dealing the feminist card pretty forcefully to get offended by that joke, and I'm as pro-choice and anti-Bush dynasty as they come. Women joke about men being unattractive; there's no reason it shouldn't go both ways--that said, I think the clip was played primarily because of how funny Bill Clinton was, not because GHWB's joke was so funny.

@Anon 1:43 AM...I think everybody who saw that clip must have had the same thought...as soon as he said "ugliest and angriest woman I've ever seen," my brain went, "And he's married to Barbara Bush!" *rimshot* I later confirmed with my mother during the 11:00 hour (we had watched 360 in separate rooms) that she had the exact same thought.

When did we start calling GHWB 41? That's pretty funny. :P

I liked the show (I rarely dislike it, though), but I missed Erica and was disappointed that neither of the two blog comments I submitted went through--I usually have pretty good luck. The final tally of comments was much higher than usual, though, so I'm just assuming they got hit significantly harder than usual and had more to sift through.

I don't think Roland Martin is actually yelling; I think he's just really loud--he had a smile on his face. I agreed with David Gergen, though.

Cyn: fantastic post. M, you made great comments in your second post, but I don't think people who are legally married are necessarily better parents than those who choose not to sign the papers--or even that they are necessarily better parents than those who live apart.

Good comments on this entry, all. :)

Phebe said...

@everyone, I appreciate hearing your opinions and find it reassuring that so many of you agree with me about last night's The Shot. This morning I sent negative feedback to 360, probably only the 3rd or 4th time I've ever done that. The Shot bothered me greatly and the nudge, nudge, wink, wink attitude of AC bothered me even more. Sometimes people (including me) need reminded to think about what they are saying.

@Moley, I think Bill Clinton tried to make the best of an uncomfortable situation. He handled it well and I'm glad of that for HRC's sake.

@anonymous 6:47, Great idea, thanks for the suggestion.

@anonymous 9:41, 41 and Bill Clinton were the guest speakers at a convention in NOLA. 41 said a lady approached his limo with a sign saying 'stay out of my womb'. He said the lady was ugly and angry and he had no intention of going anywhere near her womb. Clinton made a joke and said he could never get away with saying what 41 had just said.
My point was why is it acceptable for 41 to make fun of a 'right to choice' supporter? I tired to turn the tables and ask if it would be funny if 41 had been insulting a gay rights supporter, for example.

@M in Oregon, I must agree with Cyn on this one. I read your predictions with sadness. I assumed since the chances of having octuplets was 1 in 10 billion that science had a part in this birth. I since I am not aware of any program that provides fertility treatments to poor families or illegals I assumed it was a family of some means. But even if it isn't that doesn't mean the children are doomed to fail. You may be entirely correct in your assumptions (I hope not) but I'm sticking to my miracle theory and saying a prayer for the family.
I understand that you see the underbelly of society on a daily basis and that can be wearing, but there are families out there that are succeeding even without the education, jobs, marriage and committed parents that you site as necessary. In my own extended family I can think of an example of one family that has all you said is important yet their children are floundering and then another who has none of those criteria and her children are flourishing. Who knows why....no I.

Anonymous said...

But there´s kind of a difference between Bush´s joke being funny and the shot being funny. I agree the joke was not. I'm not outraged, but with the background of abortion rights it just wasn´t funny and didn´t make me think well of Bush. The fact that actually made that joke was funny to me, out of disbelief, because it´s not actually an acceptable thing to do and it's somewhat absurd that he would, and Clinton seemed to think the same thing which is why I thought it wasn´t such a bad shot. I don´t think AC necessarily found it a funny joke either to find it an amusing situation just for it being so bizarre.
12:37 PM

Anonymous said...

For CNN to put it up on their own website means everyone there is in the "good ole' boys club." They ALL think the entire thing is funny. It was a tasteless remark by Bush Senior and it was even more tasteless when Clinton defended his "getting away with it." No, Bill Clinton couldn't say that! Not with his HISTORY!!

Anonymous said...

Regarding Cindy Adam's comment in the New York Post:

She may as well have put it in The National Enquirer, in my opinion. I view it as a trash newspaper. The only valid stuff is the sports section.

That said, The National Enquirer got the John Edwards story.

Hope she is wrong.

Anonymous said...

I personally think we SHOULD deal the feminist card pretty forcefully when it comes to a bunch of old men laughing over our reproductive rights and making it seem okay because the woman wasn't attractive. WTF!

Anonymous said...

OK, I've been keeping up with you all today and I have to step in. The joke that Bush told had nothing what so ever to do with reproduction. Step off of your feminist boxes. He was joking that her sign said stay out of my womb and he said no problem, meaning he wouldn't sleep with her because of her looks. That's what the joke was about. Not about anything to do with a woman's right to abortion or what ever. Then Clinton joked that he couldn't say that meaning he was caught having an affair so he could never joke about it.

As far as Anderson goes, he has a very weird sense of humor so I bet you any thing he loved both jokes! That's why it was on 360 and why he called it enjoyable.

You all need to chill! It's a joke, no more no less!

And on Roland subbing for Campbell, well none of you like her anyway so I doubt that you watch her show so what does it matter who subs for her? The real reason you are mad is because it is not Erica who is subbing. Just admit it!

Anonymous said...

It's too bad Erica wasn't there last night. She would have brought a woman's point of view to the clip. She speaks up when she doesn't approve of a clip or disagrees with Anderson. She certainly made clear she didn't find the turtle wrestling guy funny and disapproved of AC getting his dog from a breeder.

Anonymous said...

Phebe, the exact equivalant of that statement is not "two ugly, angry gay men", it's "two ugly, angry men", see the difference? Do you think men will feel offended when they hear about two "ugly, angry" men? or even "stupid, jobless and pennyless" men for that matter? No. Then why do we feel offended by that? Is it because we don't have enough confidence about ourselves? Relax.

I have problem with men deciding whether women should have rights to choose abortion. I don't have problem with some women being called ugly, they do exist, I don't buy it that we can describe some of us being ugly but men shouldn't, it's almost like putting ourselves in a lower class. Especially, it's meant as a joke, regardless of whether I like Bush or not.

Anonymous said...

@ 5:12 PM: The NYPost is often quite accurate in their reporting. They are conservative in nature and do try to sensationalize lead stories, but most of what appears, at least on their popular PAGE 6, is true. I couldn't vouch for Cindy Adams, other than to say she is a thousand years old.
Isn't George Mitchel, the special envoy, stepping on Hillary's toes by traveling to the Middle East so soon, without her??? I sense a future conflict there.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see feminism has become such a dirty word. Guess women finally have enough freedom to be as sexist and crude as men. My mother would be so proud!

Nebraska Fan said...

I missed Cindy Adams in the NY Post and when I looked for it I couldn't find anything unusual. What did I miss?