Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stimulus, Haggard and Super Bowl

I am over the moon about President Obama giving Wall Street a dressing down on Thursday. AC360 opened with that news and the addition news that there would be a crack down on those big bonuses and perks. Ed Henry reported the good news and added that the government plans on making Wall Street accountable.

Tom Foreman took a closer look at some of the Stimulus money that is believed would not create many jobs. He broke the bailout boondoggle down like this:

$335 million for STD education
$420 million for flu pandemic prep
$100 million for lead paint clean up
$50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts
$650 million to transition from analog to digital television
$200 million for volcano monitors
$600 million for climate watching
$800 million for Amtrak
$8 billion for modernization of federal buildings
Thursday's panel was David Gergen, Dana Bash and Roland Martin. Discussed was the cluelessness of Wall Street execs and partisan politics.

Rod Blagojevich was ousted on Thursday as the Governor of Illinois. Jeffery Toobin was in the studio with Anderson to discuss the legal ramifications. It sounds like Blago is pretty much out of options and will face indictment in April.
The economy and the disastrous job market was the story John King brought us from Peoria. King interviewed a single mother of 5 who had lost her job at the Caterpillar plant and only had 10 more weeks of benefits to collect. My heart goes out to people in this type of situation.

I felt a bit like I was watching LKL not AC360 in the second half hour of the program as huge snippets of the Haggard interview with Larry King were shown. Anderson had psychiatrist Dr. Paul Dobronsky on to discuss Haggard. Along with talk of Haggard's statements and possible treatments there was also a mention of reversion therapy. Dr. Dobronsky is not a believer in this type of therapy, nor does he think it is effective.

terrible towel

Even though I live in Arizona I was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area and will always be a Steelers fan. This weekend's Super Bowl is really a win win for me....I love my Arizona Cardinals but I'll be waving my terrible towel and cheering on the black and gold. Have a great weekend and go Steelers! ~Phebe

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Anonymous said...

Why oh why did CNN spend soooo much time rehashing the sexual identity crisis of former preacher,Ted Haggard? This was the third consecutive night we had to sit through utter nonsense. I know there's a relationship between HBO and CNN and they're both owned and operated by Time Warner, but with the economy in a tail spin like never before and a half million people out of work, why is Ted Haggard important? AC might be the only one really interested in him.
The Blago Show is over. Could a talk show or a book deal be in the works?
I'm very glad President Obama spoke out against the "fat cats" on Wall Street and their ridiculous salaries, but the question remains: What does he intend to do about it? Yes, they might be embarassed for a while, but if the President were really serious he'd use Nancy Reagan's phrase when they asked for their bailout money and just say "No."

Anonymous said...

Finally...maybe someone will actually make sure companies aren't spending 1 million dollars for an office remodel.
Who doesn't love the underdog? I'm rooting for the Cardinals. : D
Also, I don't know if it's been said before, but there is a daily AC360 Podcast on iTunes, it's free and it gets downloaded every day. It's basically a recap of the show the day before, but I think it's a wonderful addition to the technological advances they're making, lol

Anonymous said...

Go Cardinals!!!
: )

Anonymous said...

A pretty good show on Thursday, Tom Foreman and Jeffrey Toobin get shout-outs for especially good reporting and analysis. I suppose 360 used clips from Larry King to help their own report on Haggard, but yes, they used too much LKL.

The Shot - YouTube guy's impersonation of Aretha Franklin - still isn't funny or entertaining. Bring back goofy dogs.

Speaking of football, I'd love to see a report from Anderson at the Super Bowl. I bet he'd have a hilarious take on the game and all the hoopla surrounding it.


Anonymous said...

I would much prefer Don Lemon to Roland Martin to substitute for Campbell Brown when she takes her leave. I also wish 360 would have Don on to partake in panel discussions instead of Roland. All Roland knows how to do is yell and thank AC for having him.
I never knew Don was in his forties. He certainly doesn't look it. Not only is he more personable, but he has a better command of events and makes a better presentation than does Roland Martin.

ACAnderFan said...

With Blagojevich out of office maybe they won't talk about him on 360 anymore. I have a feeling though we'll see him again. He seems to like the spotlight.

I am over the Ted Haggard story. Time for 360 to move on. He's another guy we haven't seen the last of. He'll be back. He likes the spotlight too much. He is probably loving all this media attention he is getting.

I liked Anderson's tie last nite. It looked nice on him. It had color in it which was nice. He needs to wear color more often. He looks nice in colors.

kui said...

What's wrong with these CEOs?, I don't think they live in the same world as ours. Do they even have a clue on what's happening around the country and the world for that matter? O.k, guess someone was born with a silver spoon in their mouth but, do they watch news? do they know that some people can't afford to pay their rent anymore? while they(stupid CEOs)are planning their next vacations in one of their many houses in Europe or Carribean which stays anoccupied for most part of the time? Do they even need to be REMINDED not to give themselves big bonuses because the economy's bad? (I think I need a drink)

I have a solution for Ted Haggard.

Dude, you need one GOOD SLAP!, to wake you up, keep your head straight and help you realize your true self!


Aries Moon said...

Good for President Obama for calling out Wall Street and expressing the frustrations of so many Americans, hopefully his administration can put the brakes on their outlandish perks, but we'll have to wait and see what comes of it. 360's lengthy Ted Haggard coverage seemed to irritate some of the live bloggers, but I'm guessing AC has his own reasons for the heavy focus on it. Haggard and his wife are very sad characters - if they think they can simply pray away the gay, they're quite mistaken. During The Shot, AC and Erica seemed to be hinting about something interesting happening on Friday's webcast - I wonder what they're up to....

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for the mother who lost her job at the Caterpillar plant.

snooks said...

The first part of 360 was good but I did not enjoy LKL as narrated by Anderson - enough of Haggard - the guy is tortured and still will not admit he is gay - buddy no one cares - stop lying to yourself and your family - you can be gay and Christian and happy

Also, enough of mentioning Palin - it is not necessary to give her any press coverage- she is not the only one invited to this weekends' dinner in Washington - if she's lucky she might get a handshake from the President - so the hillbilly from Alaska is coming to Washington - who cares - now that Obama is in office any mention of her is more irrelevant than ever - even if she can raise some money, she cannot find a brain and with the GOP such a mess she is not the answer to their problems - could any of you imagine her giving an interview to the Muslim world - please

Finally no more Blago - enough of all these train wrecks - I beg you David Doss please stop - let Anderson cover more of the stories we admire him for and less a repeat of LKL

Great weekend to all - and for those football fans I hope your team wins!

Anonymous said...

I do wish 360 and other CNN programs
would be a little more balanced in their
coverage of the stimulus package.CNN
is giving the GOP a free pass trying to
make it seem they are against wasteful
spending.Obama did not win running on
the Republican agenda he won on the tax
plan that he presented to America.Maybe
the future lineup on CNN could be Don
Lemon, Erica Hill. after Larry King retires
and AC. Erica has the personality to compete
with Rachel on MSNBC and offer am alternative
to FNC on HLN for the hour.CNN cannot continue
with Dobbs, Brown and King. It is just not bringing
in viewers. Anderson works because 360 is original.
Can't the come up with some original programs for
the other hours. CNN's journalism is to locked in
the ideological bull.FNC will always be the choice
for that type of programming because most of
their audience is 60 plus. Instead of using chat
to fill the hour how about some news. When
John King fills in for Larry his numbers hold
pretty well against Rachel.I think Erica Hill up
against Rachel could be good news for CNN.
Heck even throw in TJ and Betty to do some
items for the show.I was thinking this because
when Erica subs for Anderson see does has
pretty good numbers up against Greta.No
offense, but Dobbs, Brown and King are likely
to skew older. That's FNC audience CNN needs
to have programs that will bring in people 18-54.
That is the only way to top FNC and not be in risk
of losing ground to MSNBC.CNN please stop trying
to be FNC.

Anonymous said...

Enough of Haggard already!
Surely SOMETHING,ANYTHING,is happening somewhere in the world,where we could get some info on it???
Paint drying would be more exciting to watch than him.

Well,it seems we are once again back to politics,politics,and then more politics.
So much for hoping things would change AFTER the election and inauguration,and that we may get some actual news from around the world,instead of having to catch a snippet of it in the news bulletins every night.
What happened to the motto of giving us the stories,or the news from all angles?
Seems as if the tunnel vision did not go away after all,CNN is still stuck in the tunnel.
I feel like I am watching Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood most nights now!
It is time for the Shot to go,if this is the best they can do,same goes for the Beat 360,it is just boring at this point,folks,just like the webcam,AND that Live Chat,Blog,whatever they call it now.
Just a suggestion to the 360 gang,but why not concentrate on giving us some more variety, and decent stories from EVERYWHERE,instead of spending so much wasted time on all those lame extras?

Oh,and it is indeed pathethic of the literary industry,if they must sign the likes of Joe the Plumber,and possibly Sarah Palin or Blago to try and sell some books.Has it come down to them,if so,it is sad.

Tedi B said...

I'm with all of you guys! Enough of Ted Haggard! Bleh..

Em said...

I was impressed with President Obama. More than a little outrage is warranted when dealing with these Wall Street fat cats. At the same time, I think we should also be calling out the fat cats in Washington. They have screwed up our country tremendously but will also take their raise this year - what hypocrisy. How did we ever get to the point where this country is controlled by people (both in government and in business) who are so out of touch with the mother working in the Caterpillar plant? The thought that regulating these people will turn us into a bunch of socialists is absurd. We would not be in this position if the money people had reinvested in our economy as expected with Washington's "trickle-down" philosophy. I would suggest those trying to get us out of the mess remember a capitalistic society depends on the average man/woman having a little "capital" to spread around.

Having been with the same man for over 25 years, I have some sympathy for Mrs Haggard. I think she is co-dependent and suffering from extreme denial. She is obviously very invested in avoiding the reality of her husband’s sexuality. In her world, she has nothing to gain and everything to lose by facing that reality. Unfortunately, I think there is infinitely more pain ahead for Mrs Haggard and the Haggard children.

Kristien said...

I didn't mind hearing about Haggard one more time, but there's no need for them to talk about it again tonight. Surely Haggard knows that he's gay and his wife must also know, right? They can't be that stupid that they believe he's "cured"!

I don't know the first thing about American Football, but I'll keep my fingers crossed for your team Phebe!

Viewer in Virginia said...

hello campers,
I've accused 360 of being more oriented to 70W-120W, the longitude lines of the US more than once, and told them so. Did it change anything? Not hardly.
Blame the producer, whoever it is this week, for the content of the show. It's gotten so boring lately that I seldom watch. Sad, since I've been on board since Anderson's overnight coverage of the Iraq war in 2003, and have seen his show go from the tight, informative days of the first years to the Katrina-fueled two hour marathons, to now, which is quite frankly, rehashes of the day's news and whatever the suits tell him to read off the teleprompter.
Sad, I say again.
What a waste of Anderson's talent.

M in Oregon said...

@Phebe - I hope you will accept my apology. I am presumming I've been sent to the naughty bleachers for a time out.

Aries Moon said...

We may all have some complaints and frustrations with 360's current format, but I don't see them being anxious to change anything - the ratings have been pretty good for the past few weeks - AC seems to be gaining viewers and beating Greta in the demo on some nights, so what they're doing now is working for somebody out there. But I'd still like to see them shake things up a bit.

Anonymous said...

I live in number 83 Heath Miller hometown. I was going to get to meet him because he came back and visiting and he went to the elementary school but for some stupid reason didn't let him come the high school(his high school). Mom remember seeing him as a little boy because she would go with my aunt and her boy to the pewe football games. I hope he get to play in the Super Bowl Sunday.

Ted Haggard, I know like people are aggervated that Anderson keep showing him but it news.

I was kinda amazed they didn't have to hogtie Blago and carry him out of there because he wouldn't leave when this first started why wouldn't he try to fight and like say he not leaving his office.