Thursday, January 01, 2009

Urkel....2009 Has Begun!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! While Ms. Phebe is enjoying a well deserved vacation with her family I will be covering the first 360 of 2009. If Thursday’s show is any indication of the year ahead I am happily optimistic. Now onto Thursday’s program.

Breaking News of new airstrikes in Gaza. Nic Robertson reports on the 5 new explosions in Gaza aimed at Hamas leaders. Chaos abounds in the region right now

Iraq formally took control of the Green Zone today…hopefully one step closer to the troops being able to leave

The Obama’s leave Hawaii and will be heading to Washington. Obama needs to get working on his economic plan ASAP

Errol Louis and Ben Smith join Anderson to discuss the Obama economic plan. Honestly I am not sure if there is a win/win situation for anybody at this point….this crisis took years to make and it will not be fixed in a matter of weeks

Senator Bill Clinton??? The heavy hitting names are flying for the soon to be vacant NY senate seat. Errol and Ben discuss the choices with Anderson. Anderson some how made the list.

Aspen, Colorado had a scare New Year Eve when a man threatened to blow up the banks. A 72 man parolee who was the main suspect was found in a jeep after he committed suicide. The number of bank robberies has increased 54%. Deborah Feyrick reports

Erica Hill did the news and business bulletin – 54 dead in Bangkok fire, cruises hip fall, more time to indict Blagojevich, stolen statue found.

Ben Stein joined Anderson to talk about money. His philosophy is to spend. Personally I can’t disagree with him if you can afford it. If you can afford it, buy, buy, buy but don’t spend money you do not have.

Golden parachutes for Wall St fat cats. It is so frustrating as a tax payer. Randi Kaye is keeping them honest.

During the broadcast a number of explosions hit Gaza. Nic joined Anderson again with the breaking news. Nic pointed out again that journalist allowed into the area so that should clear any questions as to why Anderson may not be there.

Avalanche in Canada. A survivor of an avalanche tells his story. Gary Tuchman reports. This story is heartbreaking.

Charles Barkley….first mug shot of 2009. Erica Hill reports on the arrest of Charles Barkley. God Charles is such a moron and he wants to be Governor. Well he should fit right in with some of the current crop of governs. If he runs, Alabama please don’t vote for him. Whoa he was partying with Urkel….that was too funny. Guess that answers the “where is he now” question. Haha people on the 360 blog were unsure who Urkel was HAHA.

The Obama’s temporary homes. The Hay Adams Hotel, followed by Blair House. Samantha Hayes reports.

The Shot was the highs and lows of the New Years Eve special.

Here are a couple of clips from the New Years Eve program
Before the program began….thoughts of snuggling with Anderson under a blanket. I am going to the naughty chair.

Anderson dancing with Kathy (so he does dance!!!)

Well I will see you all again Friday night at my regularly scheduled blogging day. Have a good one ~ Sapphire

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Anonymous said...

Sapphire: Thank you for your clips.
Was surprised to see AC at the helm, and at his desk after his hectic New Years Eve celebration. It is a shame that poor Erica, as usual wasn't used properly and had to stand in the freezing weather with the masses.
Caroline should wait until she's elected to office and I have a feeling AC feels the same way. She is not a people person and knows very little about the hardships of upstate NY. Andrew Cuomo does. She is not the fighter Hillary was and lacks the linguistic ability in public speaking, which came as a shock to me with all her "You knows," interjected in every sentence. With her priveledged background, you'd think she would make a better presentation.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kelly Ripa will have more luck getting Anderson to boogey if she offers to slow dance?

I don't think Charles Barkley is cut out for politics...

ACAnderFan said...

Well the first 360 of 2009 was pretty good.

I hope things get under control in Gaza soon. It seems like so much chaos there.

Who knew the NY senate seat was something so many people wanted. It'll be interesting to find out who eventually ends up with it. Probably none of the people being talked about.

Clearly Charles Barkely is practicing to be a politiccal figure.

The shot of the day was great. They didn't play one of the funniest moments though, when Kathy asked Anderson if she could get a pap smear from Dr.Sanjay Gupta. AC was so embarrassed and uncomfrotable when she said that...LOL!

Kristien said...

Thanks for the recap and the clips Sapphire. For some unknown reason CNN Int. didn't have 360 on.

I loved seeing Anderson and Kathy on NYE and I'll be watching The Shot many more times, it was great fun.

Thanks also for the live blogging, that was fun too!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone get either of the webcams last night? I didn't.

Anderson said Erica was highly involved in the NYE program - but she barely had any airtime at all, or at least no more than any of the other correspondents.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:59: I don't think that Erica was used improperly, they all had to stand out with the freezing masses, Don Lemon did it, why is he different than Erica? He's not, and is just as talented. Erica is not above the other correspondents.

I just have a problem that Kathy Griffin hogs up all the time so that the other correspondents don't get enough air time. I also have to take issue with Kathy's mocking tone to Erica's LED answer - I felt Kathy was rude to her.

Anonymous said...

I think the first edition of 360 in 2009 was
awesome. It was jam-packed with news and
had a nice flow. I think that is a good sign for
360 this year. Anderson even blogged and seem
to hint that 360 will be better this year. Thank
all of your for this wonderful blog and Happy
New Year.

OregonMJW said...

Whew! I could hardly wait until Thursday's show, to see if Andy still had ears! Or were those prosthetics? The entire night I was partially distracted by the lack of head and ear protection in 19 degree weather. They had to have had some of those propane heaters on the platform, or Andy's entire head would look like Don's Coke! Frostbite usually takes only 24 hours to turn horribly black - so I guess the Anderears are OK.

I don't have a lap top, so I couldn't participate in the live blog, but I read all of it and it sounded like everyone had a lot of fun. Way more contributors than normal, too. I hope some of them weigh in more regularly on a daily basis.

I LOVED Kathy and Andy on Tuesday night in the studio. I was NOT as enamored of her on New Year's Eve. Yes, he had to ask her not to keep saying "pap smear", but he was completely flumoxed by (and apparently they had to "edit" out) her speculation about a certain part of his upper body anatomy. His urgent "I don't think you can SAY that on TV" was priceless. Actually, his ears were redder then, then from the cold later.

The first interview last night with Ben Smith was precious. And why not? Andy was looking his very best, and his eyes did see bluer than normal.

I wonder if Andy applies Ben Stein's dictum about "confidence" in his own life? I hope so.

Anonymous said...

Sapphire, thanks for keeping your word and posting the clip of Anderson dancing. I still bet Kelly Ripa is pea green with envy. I bet she brings it up next time Anderson is on his show.

Did anyone else catch Anderson saying come here and you could hear a sloppy smack like a kiss. ha

I think 360 was great last night. Lets hope they keep it up. I wasn't surprised to see Anderson on last night. He did the same thing last year and was on New Years night as well. I figure he uses some of his holidays for doing stories for CBS.

I hope all have a great 2009!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:59 AM, I agree with you about Caroline Kennedy. I feel like she hasn't done anything to prove that she can be an effective Senator. IMO, Anderson seems to feel the same way. Being a Kennedy shouldn't automatically qualify her for the job. Andrew Cuomo is far more qualified and he'd make a great Senator. However, according to the AP, Patterson is leaning toward Kennedy. I'm hoping he wasn't pressured into making this decision.

About Erica, I think she got just as much airtime as all the other correspondents. It would have been weird to give her more airtime than Gary, Don, and Sean. I enjoyed watching Anderson and Kathy. It was a great NYE!

Anonymous said...

I think Kathy Griffin is rude, crude and not funny at all. I absolutely have no understanding of what Anderson sees in her humour! All Kathy Griffin does is talk over people and tries to undermine whatever anyone has to say. She was even talking over Anderson for the most part, why they have her on with him co-hosting New Year’s is beyond me. There are numerous others who would do a much better job as co-host and who are a hundred times funnier they Kathy Griffin. I truly hope they don’t bring her back next 2009/2010!! She isn’t worth having back on the show!

aries moon said...

It was a good program, with Nic Robertson's vivid report from Gaza. I also enjoyed Errol Louis (one of my favorite 360 guests) and Ben Smith's discussions with Anderson. I wasn't happy to see neocon Ben Stein on the show, but AC seems to like him (I suspect Anderson has some conservative leanings) and Stein didn't bash Obama like I expected (but it would be his right to do that). The report about the avalanche tragedy was heartbreaking. Erica's report on Charles Barkley was not really needed and I felt bad for Erica having to repeat some of the raunchy things Barkley said to the cop - talk about cringe-inducing, but I did love the Urkel references - no one's talked about him in years, so he might owe AC and Erica a commission! The Shot was fun - I realized I missed a few things that happened on the NYE show, I had NO idea that Hinder dropped the F-bomb and Little Wayne's dancers were so racy. It was funny how Erica laughed when Anderson claimed she was "deeply involved" in the NYE show - she knew THAT wasn't true. I've got no problem with Kathy Griffin at all and hope they let her back on next time.

Sapphire said...

@ M in Oregon - It has been a hectic day and I havent been able to get all the comments posted as quickly as I would have liked. I posted your first comment but will not post the second as it is basically a repeat. Sorry for any confusion

OregonMJW said...

Sapphire - I hope to be forgiven. Please pull my last post. I guess I am just impatient.

Anonymous said...

Wait! Anderson was on his own show???
oops. Virginia Tech and Cincinatti were thrashing it out on the football field last night, and it was such a compelling and unpredictable game that I forgot to watch 360. I didn't watch the KG on the NYEve show and from what has been posted, doesn't sound like I missed anything. Dear Dick Clark, even with his speech deficits from the stroke, was up and going and gave his beautiful wife the MIdnight Kiss as he has done forever (for those of us old enough to remember). It was touching to see Dick on air and funny as ever. He teased Ryan Seacrest about the weather, how he had it easy as it was only cold. Dick has stood out in the worst, so he has the right to take a few licks at Ryan. Did Jack Gray get on camera at all?
Happy New Year to all the campers here at ATA... back to the bowl games.
(somebody tell KG that Sanjay is a neurosurgeon, not a gynecologist--wrong end of the pony--sheesh)

ACAnderFan said...

@anonymous 12:09pm I heard AC say "come here" and then the kissing sound. If Kathy did get a kiss from him she is one very lucky lady!

Anonymous said...

I was glad to see Anderson on last night. I know there are some issues about Kathy Griffin - but I think for those that really liked her on the show (I am one of those) also likes that she brings out such a fun side of AC. I don't think he is really embarrassed by her because he has got to know what her routine is by now! It's not like he is wondering what she says and do in her acts. He must approve to have had her back again. I also like Kelly Ripa because she brings that same funny side of him out. We can see him serious most of the year, but I just love the fun side of him. IMO.......

Anonymous said...

@4:48PM I absolutely, 100%, agree with you about Kathy Griffin. She was positively an embarrassment to CNN and they would be the first to call out FOX for putting someone of her low common denominator on the show.
Even though I like Anderson, I will vote with my remote next year if she co-hosts. He doesn't need a co-host. His ratings would be just as high without her. When you go "blue" you are no longer considered funny.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm glad I wasn't the only one who heard the smacking/kissing sound at the stroke of midnight. For a while, I thought I was delusional.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:04 PM: I agree, Erica should get the same air time as the other correspondents.

Kathy Griffin talked to much.

It was especially annoying when he had to tell her to be quiet and listen at the beginning of the John Lennon song, and then she kept talking when Anderson was trying to count down. She messed him up.

Anonymous said...

I did catch Anderson saying "Come here" to Kathy and you could hear a smack like a kiss! Too bad you didn't see them! Loved their dancing though! You just knew Anderson could dance! And bless Kathy for making him appear at ease! Happy New Year all!

ACAnderFan said...

@anonymous 7:11pm, I like Kathy, she is absolutely hilarious and I think NYE is more fun when AC has a co-host. Honestly the years when it was just Anderson, I found to be rather boring. He needs a co-host, someone to talk to, someone to make him giggle. Apparently alot of people like Kathy as CNN won with the ratings wednesday nite.

Anonymous said...

@Olsond, I agree! I'm also a KG fan. Both she and Kelly Ripa bring out the fun side of Anderson that we rarely see anymore.

BTW, this is random...but has anyone seen "The City"? I could have sworn I saw Anderson's head when they showed the DVF show.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I used to not like KG but after that NYE special I sure like her. She is so funny bc she is not afraid to say what she thinks and she brings out the "funny adolescent" AC. Anderson surely needs to laugh a lot so as to not get depressed covering all those depressing news.

About Erica, it was interesting to read what everyone thought. I got something completely different though. I thought Erica was rude and not very involved. She looked as if she just did what she did to don it and get it over it. Okay it was freezing and there were lots of crazy ppl but everyone had to endure it. I hated her comment " I wont answer your question bc if I do I lose my job and I need the money". I know she said it to be funny but I didnt like it. Also, interesting that on the "shot of the day" on the 1st, they didn't have a single shot of her except for not even second and it was her back !