Friday, January 23, 2009

We Just Can't Quit Him

Anderson Cooper was in a very silly mood on Friday night. Blame it on sleep deprivation, which he alluded to several times during AC360. At one point he apologized for more Blogo coverage saying we just can't quit him, giving me the title for tonight's post.

The highlight of Friday's AC360 for me was Peter Bergen, so that's where I'll begin. Peter talked at length about the plan to close Gitmo, something that he favors. The Pentagon released percentages of recidivism earlier this month that were much higher than what Bergen estimates the actual number. This shouldn't come as a surprise since the Bush administration was always trying to manipulate the numbers to justify their actions. Peter Bergen also mentioned that of the 800 or so that have gone through Gitmo he would only call 60 'the worse of the worse' as Rumsfield called them.Also covered on Friday:
○Pres O's day trying to convince the Republicans to playing nice. His response if they seemed reluctant? 'I won' and he has the popularity numbers to prove it.
○The signing of the International abortion funding memorandum.
○The bailout and what B of A and Merril Lynch need now. I wonder if Johns knew the $35,000 commode was not a toilet but a small chest of drawers, usually French and usually very ornate. Still a stupid expense for an insolvent company but not as stupid as if it was a toilet.○ The panel was David Gergen, John Ridley and Joe Johns. Best line was Anderson's at the end when he said 'hope you all get some sleep after this long week'. Amen to that.
○Suze Orman took our questions next....nuff said.
○ Randi Kaye reported on the extortion story involving the Travolta family. The report was short on details as formal charges have yet to be filed.
○ Erica Hill reported that Palin wants 11 million for her memoirs. This report should have been entitled 'give me a break'.○ The very disturbing report that Beanie Babies have 2 new dolls called Marvelous Malia and Sweet Sasha. The company insists the Obama girls are not the inspiration. Another 'give me a break'.
○ Don Lemon (yea!) filed a report on Michelle Obama and when she will begin her official schedule, including establishing a working office of the First Lady.

There were some really funny moments in the last few minutes of Friday's AC360. This was AC enjoying a little popcorn and the latest Blago news.

Erica Hill arranged a call in by Kelly Ripa to give Anderson a chance to save some face. If you don't know what this is all about the clips from AC's appearance on Friday's Live with Regis and Kelly are at the end of my post tonight.

And now onto Friday's Live with Regis and Kelly that Anderson co-hosted.

Host Chat part 1

Host Chat part 2

Host Chat part 3

Host Chat part 4

Washing Hands

The Germ Quiz

And the best clip of them all...the bonus footage of AC & Kelly reading letters from the InBox. This segment didn't make Live's Friday broadcast.

Whew, that was a lot of clipping for one little post. Thanks to BA for the help. We all will grateful to have Ms. Sapphire back next Friday, but none more than I. I want to get back to date night with the DH. ~Phebe

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Anonymous said...

I like tonight's show a lot, especially when it was close to the end with the fun stuff.

Phebe, on youtube they now have the entire speech of AC in Columbia University on video, I know if I put the link here the post won't make it, so please just search for Anderson Cooper and Columbia there.

olsond said...

Phebe - thanks so much for the downloads of R&K. Was upset I forgot to record and read you were going to post later tonight! So appreciate it. I love him on R&K.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the R&K clips!

And for the clip of Anderson eating popcorn while Blagojevich went nuts correlating his situation to a cowboy in a movie. There should be a 360 segment every week "Stupidist Politician Comment" and Anderson gets to snack and be snarky while it's shown.

The Obamas have a strong case against Tyco (or isit Tybee?) over the Malia and Sasha dolls. No jury will believe the names and the looks of the dolls are mere coincidence.

Thanks to the Blagojevich segment, Friday's show gets an A, but not an A+ because Suze Orman was on.


Anonymous said...

For what its worth I agree with Phebe.

Sorry for the length.

Its easy to hide behind anonymous.
If you have the thoughts and words, then you should own them, with at least a regular name/avatar/ID.

I am amazed at the job the moderators do here, giving up their own personal time to put this together. While I'm sure its a labour of love, and we enjoy it and can make it easier for them by naming pending comments and being respectful (I'll take that one onboard).

Comments get bounced (mine included) but that as the right of blog ownership.

So a komode is a set of drawers as well. IDNKT.

I loved watching tired & silly Anderson, especially when he had to wipe his eyes with his notes. Its not as if he is like that every show, he is always a professional and the reason the drunk jokes are so funny is because its so absurd. All those hours catch up, it proves how hard and long he has been working lately.

Good show.

Anonymous said...

Oh my,the last dancing clip on R&K is killing me! I love it when she tried to pull him closer with that rope or whatever. Where did you get it if it was not shown live?

ACAnderFan said...

Anderson on Regis&Kelly was great as usual. I'ts nice to see that side of him since we usualy don't see it on 360. I love how he's always trying to bring up that he was a Jeopardy winner.

The inbox segment was great. I love when AC was banging his head on the desk after that woman said a bat went in her husband's mouth. The e-mail from person wanting to propose to AC on the air was funny. The best part was when Kelly danced around Anderson and was touching him and he seemed some what uncomfortable. It was HILARIOUS. Seeing him uncomfrotable and/or embarrassed is always funny and cute.

Unknown said...

Thank you for posting highlights from today's R&K. So upset that I forgot to re-program my DVR for it! (And thanks again you guys for all the time it takes to upload these clips - I've lurked on this site for a while but haven't commented til now - just want you guys to know that it's greatly appreciated every time!!)

aries moon said...

Thank for all of the clips, especially the "Inbox" from R&K, I always love when they do that segment.

@Anon 1:51 am, thank you for the heads-up about the Columbia University video - I've been trying for WEEKS to play the audio version on QuickTopic, but my computer wouldn't cooperate - I'm hoping for better luck this time.

Anderson seemed a little surprised that the Pentagon would "cook the books" about recitivism - sometimes Anderson comes off a little naive - NOTHING about what the Bush Admin did surprises me, but it certainly disgusted me. Obama seems to have rolled into the White House with guns blazing, he's really accomplished a ton in his first few days - some people think his comment about how he "won" is arrogant, but let's face it, he his poll numbers are huge and he appears to have much public support - the Repubs are going to do what they have to do, but a lot of us have more than had it with them and their brand of politics.

Suze Orman, no. Just no.

When AC brought out the popcorn for Blago, I almost fell off my bed - I know he's done it before, but I never thought we'd see it again and his giggle fits with Erica and Kelly Ripa and his obvious joy at getting a couple of questions right was great - boy do I love when that man laughs. And I noticed Anderson mentioned something about how he may have seemed "drunk" at some point - his little brain glitches on Wednesday's show were a hot topic on the blogs, with many of them remarking that he appeared to be intoxicated! Yeah, suuuuuure you never read anything about yourself AC. ;)

Anonymous said...

"We just can't quit him." could also be a play on the line from Brokeback Mountain due to Blogo's cowboy analogy. Just a thought.

Kristien said...

I like that Anderson referred to another cowboy movie (Brokeback Mountain) when he was talking about not being able to quit reporting on Blagojevich. (at least, I think he did, lol) Gotta love Anderson for the popcorn!

Thanks for the R&K clips. All that talk about never being more than a couple of feet away from a spider did creep me out!
I laughed the hardest with their reactions to the email about the bat flying into that guy's mouth, lol. Yikes!

Thanks Phebe!

ACAnderFan said...

The best part of 360 was Anderson eating the popcron while making fun of the stupid Illinois governor. That's classic AC! That governor is ridiculous. He was just rambling on and made no sense at all.

Anonymous said...

I for one,do NOT think that the people who post as anonymous,such as myself,are hiding,last time I checked it was a free country.

I believe the reasons they DO post this way is because certain people on Anderson sites basically pick them AND everything they say apart,and do nothing but criticize them and bitch at them.

So why would anyone bother to post their names and have to put up with people like that?
Speaking from experience,all too well,no one should have to put up with crap from ANYONE,and why give those 'so called experts' the satisfaction?I certainly won't,ever again!

The trolls are indeed still around!

OregonMJW said...

Is there any way that we could insure Anderson's sleep deprivation on a more regular basis? The results are wonderful! Starting with the Blago Goes West segment with our Host, pop corn eating Andy, I laughed so hard last night that I turned back to the second hour after the Daily Show, just to watch it all again. Thank goodness, all the really funny stuff was packed into the last half of the show. There's no question why we can't quit him!

However, if She-Who's-Name-Must-Not-Be-Spoken appears again, I may.

Agree with Phebe and others about Peter Bergen. He has so much gravitas! World weary, super connected, really well educated and intelligent - I've always believed he was actually one of the CIA's best, and that he just plays a journalist on TV. Hiding in plain sight, don't you know. At least those ridiculous redictivism figures were issued by the Bushies; now, at last, we'll hear the truth.

What a huge treat to have seen the e-mails. I thought the first half of the show was really flat, and only liked the Germ Off - but those head-banging e-mails, Kelly's dancing, Anderson's hysterics and the PROPOSAL were really great to see, and save in my growing compilation of The Anderson Files.

Yeoman's work, Phebe! Thank you.

Em said...

Phebe, thanks so much for the clip of the R&K mailbox segment. It was fantasitic. I have very thick curly hair and the thought of a spider in my hair just creeps me out. I was totally relating to Anderson and Kelli. Ewww...bat in the mouth, OMG! Besides getting a chuckle out of Kelli dancing for AC as usual, I was even more amused when I realized Kelli was dancing to Santana's Smooth. Remember a while back when I sent in a slideshow I made of AC with that song? It has always reminded me of Anderson. Guess I'm not the only one!

I thought the program was pretty good. Sleep deprived Anderson is pretty darn cute.

ATA crew, thanks again for all you do!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if there was any video out there of Anderson's appearance a few years ago on Oprah. I recently read his book and loved it and I know the show had something to do with the book. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Last night's show was great! Everyone was in such a great mood. I haven't seen him do a popcorn segment since the Donald/Rosie fight...and that was years ago.

We didn't get a "see you Monday" last night. I wonder if Anderson is going to be off next week. That'd explain why his R&K appearances were cancelled. Thanks for posting the R&K bonus segment!

Laurie Beth said...

Thanks so much for the R&K clips for those of us who missed it--especially the one that didn't make it to air; how on Earth did you get that?!

Moley, I thought you had great comments today, even if I don't know what "I'll take that one onboard," means. :P I agree that everyone should hop on over to YouTube and watch the talk he gave at Columbia last month--it's wonderful and informative, and though you've likely heard the biographical stuff before, some other details he gives about working in news (...getting sent to Afghanistan without a camera crew? Damn...) and the Q&A session might clear up some people's questions about why some things get coverage and others don't, i.e. election coverage v. human rights issues in Africa.

Why do we Americans use the word "commode" for toilet if that's not what it means? I was also confused by that until somebody on the AC360 blog cleared it up. Weirdness abounds.

I also think the e-mail about proposing to Anderson was just somebody being cute, and he seemed to appreciate it. That whole segment was cute. I hope the woman who had to be escorted out in the beginning (I'm assuming that's what happened) is okay. I also think Anderson is more uncomfortable with the fact that she's trying to get him to dance than the fact that Kelly's touching him; they're clearly close friends and I don't think he cares if she touches him. I think we got an insight into their friendship when they mentioned that they both say "literally" all the time because they have a mutual friend who says it all the time. Cute.

So much on which to comment! Final thoughts, I swear:

1. I'm a New Yorker, too (not NYC, but close) and Anderson doesn't walk around Manhattan with security--as far as I know, he still takes the subway. But since some woman tried to grab him as he came up from the subway a few years ago, and he told a story on Conan where a woman got in the car with him as he was leaving a book signing, CNN has plenty of reason to set him up with security when he's leaving work or when there's an event happening, and any other time that the public knows where he's going to be--and I'm happy that they do. But no, he doesn't have it all the time--he'd go crazy.

2. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Suze Orman knows what she's talking about. That said, I do not enjoy the way that she talks to the viewers and I didn't like the way she spoke to Anderson at all. She snotted at him, "Haven't I said this several times already?" when he asked her a question--yes, Suze, but when you do a nightly show you take into account that people might be first-time viewers and you clarify things. He's under no obligation to her to let her make an appearance on his show, and perhaps it's David Doss's decision and not his, even so she should still be nice to him for having her on the show. She had no right to snap at him like that, *and* she talks to the viewers--some of whom are living paycheck to paycheck--like they're being frivolous and buying HDTVs left and right when a good deal of them are choosing between food and prescription medication month to month, and there are children involved. Having eight months of savings is a pipe dream for most people and she would do well to get out in the world and figure that out before she snots at them to "Figure it out and cut your expenses." I'm a little surprised our Andy doesn't go off on her for that one.

Anonymous said...

Phebe, what does DH mean?

Thanks so much for all the clips!

I echo what the other bloggers are saying, I appreciate it so much!

Phebe said...

To everyone that thanked us for the clips you are most welcome. Some nights it is a struggle to get it all done but those of you that send us appreciation make it all worth while.

To those that asked the Live Inbox segment was found on the program's website.

@anonymous 6:04, DH stands for Dear Husband and mine is a saint to put up with me!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 12.44 pm –my sentiments exactly – I totally agree with you.

The only portion of the Program I found remotely captivating was Anderson’s conversation with Peter Bergen. The rest of the show was basically that – “show” of which most was a repeat of items covered over the course of the week. Very Disappointing end to the week!

I was a tad surprised at the animosity toward Peter Bergen when he posted his Blog. What despicable individuals, honestly!!

Anonymous said...

anderson did post at the beginning of the live blog he was glad the week was over and he was looking forward to a long siesta, and with a no "see you Monday", he may be off next week at least a few days.

Anonymous said...

actually, Anderson's blog post said VERY long siesta - we'll see!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:31, I've also been trying to find that Oprah video. I believe they had it on youtube for a very short period of time. I'd love to see it, if possible.

Anonymous said...

@Lauren33: In reference to Suze Orman, I agree that she is a phony who has made a lot of money giving and selling advice on QVC. This advice is packaged to the viewer as something wholesome and trust worthy, while it is a mere advertisement to buy more and spend more, ON HER. Her total net worth is about 25 million dollars and she has worked as a waitress and been through bankruptcy court atleast once or twice during her "stints" on Wall Street. Having said this, I did not find that she had "an attitude towards Anderson."
I did find Kelly very insiteful during the opening monologue, when AC referred to his working on NYE. Her reply was that he, went right home and found solace in "cuddling
with his pay check." This remark is most intuitive as to AC's priorities.
Thanks for the imbed, but the rest of the show was, IMHO, silly and lame....but then R&K usually is no matter who is co-hosting.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see AC was so dismissive of Gov.Blago. Let's hope the "good" Governor is dismissed for real come Monday.

Laurie Beth said...

@ Anon 9:33

Thanks for addressing me directly! I didn't know all that background info about Suze Orman. I just don't understand that woman, I guess. I didn't think she had an attitude toward Anderson through most of the segment, but she definitely snapped at him once and it was uncalled for, IMHO.

I don't know if we know as much about Anderson's priorities as we think we do...just because he's socially awkward and shy doesn't mean he's always alone. He may have priorities he doesn't choose to share with us...though I do get the sense that he finds solace in throwing himself into his work, particularly from reading his book.

olsond said...

I loved the Columbia video. Anderson is coming is on the speakers tour just a few blocks from me in February. You have to buy the whole series to get a ticket to his. We are trying to all pool in on the cost of the series as my friends want to see other speakers and you know which speaker I'll be heading for. I think he really is an exceptional speaker and I've always watched with great interest on the subjects he chooses to talk about.
Wish me luck!

Ice Queen said...

The Oprah video that was on You Tube was removed from that and other sites at her request or should I say threat of a lawsuit. Oprah hates to have anyone post "her stuff" anywhere.