Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why Bother?

Uh..... I ask you all after viewing this picture for 1+ hours, WHY BOTHER?

Seriously, that was the grand sum total of the views from the webcam on Monday night! HA

Hope you all have a great Tuesday night. ~ Tedi B

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ACAnderFan said...

The webcam wasn't working for me last nite, but now I know I didn't miss anything. Was the webcast on???

Anonymous said...

Tedi B. I agree with you. That is the shot that I got all evening as well. I think Erica did one webcast and that was it.

I sometimes think CNN makes them do this, but they don't really want to do it. Might as well just call the whole thing off.

olsond said...

I was wondering if it wasn't working because of the big switch going on before the show and it just kind of got overlooked.

Em said...

LOL, thanks for trying!

Anonymous said...

It looks like we get the same view of the desk tonight. Why does CNN promote the webcast when half the time it's not working? *shakes head*

Anonymous said...

Olsond, you might be right, since they were so busy changing everything around.

It did work tonight.

Anonymous said...

I say, who really cares? Why even bother looking if THEY don't care enough to take an interest.