Wednesday, April 01, 2009

G20 Summit and Some Laughs

You've probably heard by now that Anderson's appearance at Penn State, Altoona Campus, scheduled for Thursday has been postponed, because of a change in his schedule. Expect to see Wednesday night's AC360 originating from London to cover the G20 Summit. I'm a little worried about non-stop G20 overload on Wednesday, Tuesday's coverage was more than enough for me, but I guess we'll face that when it happens.

Late Addition: We've just learned that due to the 4 hour time difference Anderson will not be broadcasting live from London on Wednesday evening (it would be 2 AM there). His interviews and coverage of the Summit will be pre-recorded and Lou Dobbs will be sitting in for AC in NYC, doing the intros and any BREAKING NEWS.

I've bullet pointed Tuesday's program since nothing really caught my fancy until the end of the program.
• Ed Henry gave us an overview of the Obama's trip to London. He detailed who is likely to welcome the Obamas and who is less thrilled that our President is attending.
• Ali Velshi took a look at the Dow's recent activity and the big picture of what may be to come.
•The Digging Deeper panel was Ed Henry, Ali Velshi and David Gergen. They discussed more of what can be expected to happen and come out of the G20.
•Tom Foreman took a close look at the security system that is in place for the G20. With every leader of a major industrialized country attending security is a major concern. The British banking system is also tightening security as is Buckingham Palace and Parliament . London's extensive city camera system will be a valuable tool during the Summit.
• Erica Hill's 360 Bulletin contained threats by a Taliban chief, a young American's murder in Mexico, Standard & Poor's report of record housing price declines and the 360 love affair with Oprah continued as Erica set the record straight as to just what happened at the O's African school for girls.
• Anderson presented the story of Madonna's current adoption quest. Adam Pertman and Randy Cohen provided expert opinion. Neither were wildly supportive of Madonna but both said they would need more specifics on the case before coming to a final conclusion.
• Joe Johns filed a report on IRB's (Institution Review Boards) and the sting operation that Congress initiated to see if they were doing the job they are paid to do. Not so shocking that both bogus organizations passed through the system and were funded without detection by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Now onto the 360 moments that deserve to be preserved.
This first clip is the staff's primer on how to properly curtsy. I'm lov'in me some Bob and betting that Kevin and Jack Grey knew they could never compete with this hunk of a man, so they didn't even bother to try.

Next up is AC's interview with the royal etiquette expert. Does anyone really believe that Anderson doesn't know what clotted cream is? I seriously doubt that Cool Whip is a staple in his diet.

And lastly we have 'The Shot' which involves a drunk on a motorized bar stool and a look back at the stoned cop who thought he was dead.

That's it for this Tuesday night, or should I say Wednesday morning? My clipping program was giving me fits and the Blogger god seemed to hate me too. I'm heading off to bed, but not for long. American Morning goes on the air with the President's speech in a few short hours. Until tonight. ~Phebe

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Phebe said...

You didn't think I was serious about Lou Dobbs did you?

Happy April Fools Day!!!!!

Coop1223 said...

Oh thank God. Haha good one :).

Anonymous said...

For Anderson, a 4-hour (or is it 5?) time difference is nothing. Much easier to deal with than broadcasting from Afghanistan or Thailand.

It was an okay show but nothing really outstanding, no nipples this time.

Has anyone here ever had clotted cream? It's one of those Brits-only things, right? Like kidney pie and bangers & mash.

Hope Anderson has some fun while he's in England, I'd love to see a segment of him riding the London Eye.


Tedi B said...

You got me on that one!! I was so confused.... LOL

aries moon said...

There's nothing like a well executed April Fool's joke and once again I was a temporarily shocked sucker! Nice one Phebe.

Maybe it was just the fact that AC was in high gear for his trip to London, but he was really lively, feisty and uncharacteristically chatty throughout much of the show - the entire program had a different feel to it, more upbeat, IMO. In addition to that he seemed to be tossing out zingers left and right and really putting his humorous side on display - it was a nice change, as was Monday's show - I don't want to go all conspiracy theory on it, but I wonder if the change has something to do with 360's ratings taking a hit. Well, whatever the reason, I loved it.

I'm kind of hoping AC gets to report from the front lines of one of those G20 protests - it would be right up his alley to be in the center of a volatile and potentially dangerous situation. ;)

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Phebe I am so glad you weren't serous about Lou Dobbs. I don't think I could have sat through 360 with him in the anchor chair.

360 wasn't too bad last nite. I liked Tom Foreman's piece on G20 security.

Joe Johns piece didn't surprise me at all. I think I'd be surprised if the bogus companies didn't pass through the system.

I think the best part of the program was Anderson's interview with the etiquette expert. You could tell he was having fun with that interview.

Tonite should be interesting. I am looking fowrard to what Anderson will have for us.

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza, I love clotted's normally served with scones. I spent my last semester of law school in London and I think I had clotted cream nearly every day. It is extremely fattening but it's soooo good. I think you can order it online in the US...I can't remember the website but if anyone's interested I'll try to find it. Another Brit thing that's really good is the looks like an English muffin but the texture is different. I believe they're available at Publix.

Anonymous said...

You had me scared Phebe!!!! Thanks for posting as always!

Anonymous said...

I've lived in London for the past 3years and have never heard of " clotted cream". London doesn't feel like you're in England. There are so many foreigners (which is great bc i love diveristy) and they all have their own sub-cultures, some don't even bother learning english. The English themselves eat mostly indian takeaway and chinese food. the only food that seems to be english is "fish and chips" which is large shaped fries with a pig piece of haddock fish. Before going to england i thought that I'd meet the stereotypical english people, but not at all. they are laidback and very untraditional. it feels like america only w more nationalities, and ppl dont even care about learning the culture, everyone just does their own thing and its just London and yay we love our London. the english are not that prideful in their country and they drink a lot. sorry but its true. they are also extremely self-deprecating, negative and love gossip. I bet half the ppl in London dont even know what clotted cream is, including the english (except for the queen and the high class ones) so dont worry Cooper, we in London wont hold it against you. on the other hand we may resent your lack of english cultural knowledge if when you come, you don't say "hyia mate, wanna go to the pub and then have some fish and chips...and ohhhh...absolutely LOVELY AND BRILLIANT....ohhh fantastic !!" this resume english ppl well. I dont why but they gotta say "lovely, brilliant, fantastic" and "pub" in all their convos. LOL. welcome to england Coop !

Anonymous said...

If that really HAD BEEN serious about Lou Dobbs,well,I for one would have preferred the Bear On The Trampoline to host instead if him.
Honestly,that man is as annoying as,well,let's see,Campbell,Roland,even Nancy Grace,I could go on.Why did they even give Campbell's slot to Roland?Weren't there others who are more qualified,or have been there longer,or does none of that even matter anymore?Seems like the latter to me.

Well,seems as you cannot keep our Mr Cooper inside that studio anymore these days,and for that I say,hurray,it is about dang time!

Madonna and Oprah,ok enough celebrity crap again,already.Leave it for E!
Just a suggestion for them both,but hey,why didn't they want to build a school right here,say in NOLA,maybe?
Plus,I am sure that there are plenty of kids here that would love a home.The way they show Madonna and Lourdes going around,it is like a trip to the mall with them or something,or a trip to the pet store!Sorry,it just seems as if once again the celebrities go to the head of the line with things like this,and the average person perhaps never gets the chance to give a child a home.

Sad,and cynical to say,but money does talk after all,which it what it all boils down to with these celebs.They have the money,and the nannies,who most likely see the kids more than the parent.

Anonymous said...

Oh, nice. You totally got me as well, Phebe!

I just made scones today, and was planning on having clotted cream with them. Funny coincidence, though I doubt mine are as fancy as the ones they'll maybe have.
(What is Cool Whip?)

snooks said...

Phebe - Lou Dobbs is a cruel joke on any day not just April Fool's

Anderson has been traveling a lot lately and that is a good thing - he seems to bring an energy to his reporting when he is in the field (not that London is a rough field to be in)

Anonymous said...

Anderson certainly is very happy that Erica is back but it is still disappointing to me that she isn't doing anything but make Anderson laugh. It's obviously not helping the ratings either.

OregonMJW said...

“Oh! The humanity!” I screamed in horror at the thought of That Person sitting in for Our Guy! The Hindenburg disaster? Not even close! You have a mean streak, Phebe. (Hee! Hee!)

I’m with you, the last half of the show was really worth watching. Anderson must have known, as far back as El Paso, that he would be going to London – that kind of operation, in that kind of security environment takes days if not weeks of careful planning and reservations. But, on the advent of such a trip, he is apparently just beside himself with giddy anticipation – and we got a couple of terrific shows and lots of Andermoments to laugh about, and coo over. Let’s see, Hm-mm, Altoona, PA or London, UK? I’d be a bit giddy too!

I make crème fraiche a lot. Just 1 cup slightly warmed up whipping cream in a good sized mason jar, add a Tbls. of warm buttermilk (see if you can get unpasteurized or barely so at the health food store) , and 2-3 tsp of sugar. Shake vigorously, then remove the lid, lay a piece of plastic wrap over top, and let it sit in a relatively warm location (top of my fridge does nicely) overnight (or up to 36 hrs.) and, voila, you have a version of “clotted cream.” Refrigerate. Leave it for the 2 days, and it’s about as thick as Kool Whip, but it’s way better on spring berries, or poured over fudgy brownies!

Hope the Obamas get the gift thing right. I suggested she might like a Silver Fox . . uh. . coat.

Em said...

LOL, all I could think is...Lou Dobbs, Lou Dobbs, huh? I'm the biggest Trout in the pond today, you reeled me right on in Phebe!

Not so much interesting last night but some variety. Unfortunately two subjects that bore me, Oprah and Madonna.

I did thoroughly enjoy Anderson's good humor and fascination with "proper ettiquette." Don't know about you all but clotted cream just sounds unappetizing! I'll take the cool whip!

QuotidianEditorialist said...

Ha ha ha ha Phebe, you little minx!

You almost had me, ok, you had me for a second. LOL. Good on ya! Only you would roll out the Lou Dobbs!:P

Frankly, in spite of the importance of the world economy, I look forward to the fluff of the First Couple's interaction with the Royals...and what Michelle Obama is wearing. Call me shallow, but I need a break from "serious" overload.

Should Anderson pick up a few Brit phrases, I will be doubly excited - they have so many good ones! He had me in hysterics last evening. You could tell that he was excited by the prospect of heading across the pond. Like many of us, he gets giddy before traveling. I find it endearing.

# M in Oregon, this one is for you:

There is nothing as appealing as seeing that man smile with dimples blazing, whist adorable giggles ring in the rafters.

My lame attempt at poetic fangirl.

Heather said...

OK Phebe – you really had us all going with the Lou Dobbs announcement!! Not nice Lady, not nice!!!

As for the program itself, I was rather unimpressed with both Monday and Tuesday’s shows. Just didn’t catch my fancy at all.
Unfortunate we can’t get some live reporting from London from AC, but understand the time-difference is always an issue. It’s unfortunate though, ‘cuz often times when there is Breaking News and Nic Robertson or Dan Rivers have to report in to the AC360 Program, they are on Live with Anderson from London (when there are in London).

Charlie Gibbson already has a scheduled Interview with Pres. Obama while in London. I wonder if CNN have any scheduled Interviews with the Obamas while on this trip?

Ian said...

None of the coverage on Monday and Tuesday caught my attention on AC360. I kept switching to BBC International and other International Broadcasters for real breaking news. Wasn’t impressed at all with the Show. After last week’s performance, it was a real disappointment. SAD!!

Side Note: President Obama is visiting Russia in July. It’ll be interesting to watch who covers that assignment for AC360 or if AC himself will make the trip?!?

Chris said...

Guess we will see a lot of Richard Quest giving a breakdown of protocol and of events while President Obama and Mrs. Obama are in London during this visit.

If any of you have been watching the Protests while the G20 is taking place in London, it’s unbelievable!!! Unprecedented really. However, I’ve got to say, the coverage on CNN and other American Stations are focusing so much on the protests, while International Telecasts are focusing on the Agendas and anticipated Outcomes of the various meetings with the Global Leaders and projected plans to tackle the numerous issues. I wish CNN would diversify their coverage of these events as they take place.

Coop1223 said...

Good to see Anderson so upbeat and laughing last night. Even though some of the stories were a bit boring, seeing Anderson like that made the show better. I know if I got to travel that much, I'd be giddy too :) (though I'm sure he's used to it).

I've heard of clotted cream before but I don't really know what it is. Is it like sour cream or something? And is it sweet? Maybe Anderson will have some haha.

OregonMJW said...

“There is nothing as appealing as seeing that man smile with dimples blazing, whilst adorable giggles ring in the rafters.”

@Pati Mc: Thank you!! I’d used up my fangurl allotment discussing my new avatar with Aires Moon.

Must . . not . . express . . these . . thoughts! (gasp!) That takes more energy than I can usually muster.

How kind of you to do that for me. And I agree completely with everything you expressed.

PS: I wish I knew how to put stuff in italics.

Viewer in Virginia said...

Phebe, you have kept your streak alive pulling the Lou Dobbs scam on us. Good on ya... you are the Woman!
If clotted cream is anywhere near as good as fresh lemon curd, then it must be heaven.

Shane said...

I was totally unimpressed with Vince Crew and his continued suggestion to Anderson that the Obama Administration should allow the Auto Industry to fail. Honest to goodness, what decent American with any kind of Intelligence would make such a suggestion?

Yes, these Auto Industry Executives have failed the American people through their lack of Leadership and Innovation in the 21st Century, Yes, they have run the Industry a muck and almost in to the ground, & YES they Royally Screwed Up, but to suggest the Government should allow them to fail is absolutely ridiculous.

If the Government did take this moronic suggestion to heart, what on God’s green earth would happen to the Millions and millions of Americans who are barely surviving in the Auto Industry as it is. They’d be out of work of course, then what? What does Mr. Crew suggest we do with them, to get them back on their feet? How daft and irresponsible can this guy be, honest to goodness??? Try and get a brain before you open your mouth with these ridiculous suggestions Mr. Crew. Honestly where do the AC360 Bookers and Exec. Producers find these morons?

Anonymous said...

Phebe: You keep out doing yourself. But I have to say the worst one had to be when you showed AC wadding into a pool of water and saying good-bye to CNN because he'd rather work for National Geographic. I know it goes back awhile but THAT WAS DISTURBING!
I found myself thinking, why go if you don't broadcast live and that little rascal Ed Henry is there on the TSR. Something didn't make sense and Lou would never lower himself to sub for anyone.

Anonymous said...

As long as AC keeps beating Olberman repeats, I think it is safe to say, he's holding his own.
I couldn't be happier that Roland is doing poorly. He's totally out of his element.... and he's not an anchor. He's not a journalist. I believe he's a talk show host. Again, bring on Don Lemon!
Richard Quest should have been fired. Wasn't he found "drunk" running around Central Park in, shall we say, his birthday suit?
Sorry to bring this up, but it did happen.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:30 AM, you have been missing out! Go to Harold's or Harvey Nichols...they have small tubs of it...cream cheese container size. I can't remember if they sell them at Marks & Spencer, Waitrose, or Tesco (probably not at Tesco).

- Anon 4:29 AM

QuotidianEditorialist said...

@ M in Oregon - My pleasure. Happy to help out. I fight it all of the time, it is not always easy, I know.

I have no idea how to do italics either, or make those cute little hearts. If I ever figure it out, I will let you know. But don't hold your breath. LOL.

PS: I like your avatar as well. Dishy!

Anonymous said...

YES !!!!

Anderson was on Live with Larry King at the start of Larry’s Show, and will be LIVE on his own Program tonight 10.00 PM EST.

olsond said...

@annon 7:03 - I think the problem is that he has not been beating Olbermann reruns. I keep getting Google Alerts saying that they were going to put something in Olbermamn's rerun spot but because the rerun was still beating AC that they were not going to change it.

Anonymous said...

Although AC looked very dapper in his trench coat and seemed to be enjoying himself, I found the program from London boring. Not at all like that from the field on the South West border.
Enough banter and babble with Richard Quest. How many times can we see Michelle shaking hands with the Queen and hearing about what she was wearing in the SAME shots over and over... and I like her.
The only point of interest were the protests against The Bank of England. Americans should be doing the same. Maybe if we were marching in the streets, our banks would finally get the message that they are here to serve us, not gouge the life blood out of us. It's exactly like Jon Stewart said,
"When we get mad, we e-mail in CAPITAL LETTERS."

Phebe said...

I'm so glad you all accepted the April Fool's joke with a good sense of humor.

@anonymous 9:51, you did know it was a joke didn't you? The way you emphasized 'LIVE' several times I'm just not sure.