Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Jolly Good Evening from London

AC360 came to us on Wednesday night from the Tower Bridge in London. The program opened with a quick look at President Obama's very busy day. From 10 Downing Street, to Buckingham Palace to meetings with the Russians and Chinese, our President did it all.•You all know how much I hate the 360 panels, but this one was an exception. Richard Quest and Ed Henry joined Anderson Cooper to 'dig deeper' into the days events. Henry focused on the politics of the day, especially with the Russians. Quest gave his perspective on what he feels the Summit will accomplish and financial issues.
• Nic Robertson gave us a first hand look at the ugliness of the protests in London on Wednesday. Some of the demonstrators were simply drunk, others seriously committed to their cause. It's easily to understand the level of frustration, but peaceful protests are much more to my liking than the destructiveness of those in the financial district of London. On a side note it was fabulous to have Nic back with AC. Wish we in the US got to see more of his great reporting.
•Tom Foreman was next up with a report on where the other countries attending the Summit place the blame of the world's current financial situation. China said that America was in blind pursuit of profit....can't disagree with that. And Brazil's President said the world economy tanked because 'blue eyed people knew nothing'. Well we don't all have blue eyes, but I do think he has a point about the greedy people who created this mess knowing nothing. Tom interviewed an expert who said it was not all our fault because European banks loved to buy sub-prime securities. But hold on a minute, wasn't it our Congress who paved the way to creating sub-prime mortgages when it deregulated the banking industry? And also wasn't it this deregulation that allowed the credit default swaps that are really at the base of this mess?
• Next we were back to Quest and Henry with more G20 talk and a look at the British papers. There were giggles all around when Quest explained you have to be very careful when opening a British newspaper on live television. To which AC replied that sometimes there are centerfolds on the second page.
•Anderson did a voice over on the footage of the Obama's meeting with the Queen and Prince. He also talked about the iPod that was the official gift (tacky IMO) and other Presidential meet and greets. Then came one of the most entertaining few minutes of the program. I swear I didn't understand half of what Quest was saying, but I enjoyed it and giggled right along with AC.

It's so great to have Richard Quest back on AC360. You just can't beat the winning combination of funny, intelligent and hard working. Please CNN more Richard Quest!

• Jeff Toobin talked with AC about the shocking announcement that the Justice Department is dropping all charges against Ted Stevens of Alaska. Toobin seemed to be expressing sympathy for Stevens but I'm not feeling it. Just don't think he's as pure as the driven snow.
•Erica Hill gave us the 360 Bulletin that included news of militant extremists in Pakistan, auto sales being down from last year, but still better than predicted, a Madoff yacht that was seized in Florida and Sarah Palin being out as a speaker for an upcoming Republican event. Erica also filed a report on the activities of Michelle Obama today in London, including the First Wives Club dinner. She also had details of the presents that the Obama daughters would be receiving from the trip.

Julie sent along these photos from the AC360 Blog of Anderson preparing for tonight's program.

Our wonderful friends at Radio City Music Hall sent us this high res picture from Tuesday night's event. I have some great news to report...our own Kristien actually got to attend. She and her sister in law are visiting NYC this week and we were able to get them a pair of tickets. I heard from Kristien today and she promised to give us some details of her evening when she returns home to Belgium next week. In the mean time here is a link to AM New York's review.

I didn't hear AC say if he would be back in London on Thursday night so if you caught the late repeat and heard anything please put it in comments. Until then have a great Friday eve.~Phebe

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Anonymous said...

I liked Wednesday's show - lots of news about the summit, good variety in the news and I even liked seeing Richard Quest again. I don't know if Quest is smarter than Gergen or any of the other usual panel guys but I like listening to him because he's so different from Gergen and the rest.

Everybody's report - from protestors to global economy to Alaskan ex-senators to newspaper coverage - were well done.

Maybe an ipod wasn't the perfect choice but what do you give the Queen of England? My mom always said food is the perfect gift because everybody eats but the Queen strikes me as a really fussy eater, probably wouldn't want a Chicago-style deep dish pizza.

Loved the behind-the-scenes photos.

During the show I wondered how Kristien felt - she goes to NYC and almost the same time Anderson goes to London which is practically in her backyard. Hopefully she'll have good news about seeing Anderson on Monday or Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Phebe, at the end of the 2nd hour, Anderson said he'll be reporting live from London tomorrow.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

360 was great last nite. These past few weeks have produced some really great shows.

I LOVE Richard Quest. He is hysterically funny yet smart too.

Richard Quest and Ed Henry is a panel that I certainly don't mind. I really wish they'd have Richard on the program more often.

Nic Robertson's piece was interesting. There is nothing wrong with protesting, but when you start destroying and breaking things you've gone entirely too far.

I think the iPod gift was a little lame. It just doesn't seem like something that should be given to the Queen. I don't really know what you should give her, but I don't think an iPod is it.

Congratulations to Kristien, for getting to go the event tuesday nite. I can't wait to read her account of it.

I think I saw a commercial saying 360 was live from London thursdy nite.

Phebe said...

Thanks for the info guys. I had a feeling AC would be back in London,
but hate to just guess.

Anonymous said...

I believe he will be in London on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. President Obama will be in Turkey on Monday and Tuesday, so perhaps we may see Anderson reporting from there those days as well, since it is a few hours away by plane.

aries moon said...

The President and First Lady clearly need to work on their gift giving skills! iPod's and DVD's just don't cut it as gifts for VIP's.

It's always good to hear an AC voiceover report, but I was hoping for some "man on the street" coverage from him - perhaps talking to some protestors, but that probably wasn't feasible because of the explosiveness of the situation and perhaps AC didn't have time to set anything up, but I like when he's *really* out there amongst the people and getting the stories first hand.

Richard Quest usually annoys me, but he seemed a *little* toned down and it was obvious that a highly intelligent man lurks beneath all that bluster. I loved his interactions with Anderson, especially when he smacked AC down for not being informed about something AC said RICHARD didn't know!

pebbles said...

I think I remember Anderson saying yesterday they will be in London from Wed. to Fri. and banners shown during CNN Today says AC360 LIVE in London ALL WEEK.

Anonymous said...

So what is with Anderson's incredibly exceptional good mood? Not complaining.

Richard Quest rocks. Anderson really like having him on. Hope he is back tonight. Thought I heard 360 was there the rest of this week. I hope so, and that Richard will be also.

Anonymous said...

Wow,we got Nic,the Toob,and Richard Quest all in one evening,not to mention Mr Cooper looking quite dashing in from of the bridge.Well,I thought he had been all dressed up,that is,until I saw the blog photos,and realized he had jeans and sneakers on.Somehow,when I see him wearing that long Chesterfield coat,I think he should be wearing the full suit and all,oh well,whatever works,Anderson.Charlie seems quite deep in thought in one of those photos,doesn't he?
Could be the time difference,I guess,but those guys should be used to just about every time zone there is.

Not sure I can quite picture the Queen strolling around the Palace gardens with an IPOD,to be honest,and it sounded a little weird giving her one.
What about some nice framed art,a vase,or something along those lines as gifts?Just a thought,but I think more appropriate.

OregonMJW said...

“You just can't beat the winning combination of funny, intelligent and hard working. Please CNN more Richard Quest!” Phebe, you could not have said it better. On the live blog, people were going crazy for him, and Jack Gray chimed in with “he’s bloody terrific!” No kidding. His actual commentary was insightful, knowledgeable and interesting. But that’s not it.

Setting aside the attributes mentioned, I want to see more of Quest on AC360 because of the effect he has on Anderson! Going back in the hysterical historical record (that would be You Tube), and particularly those clips which involved AC answering Quest’s questions about the Queen, is to review a years-long giggle fest! If we want Andergiggles galore, then we need to convince CNN to find a way to put Quest on the menu. I know I’m starting MY campaign on “Comments” today!

Nic Robertson’s piece was certainly compelling. Glancing back at his jostled cameraman, and being pushed and shoved by some rather obviously drunken mischief makers – and bloodied participants. Again, Richard Quest to the rescue, letting us know it was just “argy-bargy.” Something tells me that term will be popping up during The Shot from time to time. BTW, Nic has usually looked a little gritty in the past, Iraq and all, but last night looked especially enticing. My, what a shave and a hair cut can do for a man! (Are you listening, M.W.?)

I agree about the i-Pod. What were they thinking? Doesn’t the White House have a Chief of Protocol? Could they not have consulted with Letishia Baldridge – who we now know is still alive and well. (I hope Andy has her on again, I still play my copy of that F*@king video, and laugh.) All the rest of the coverage on the visits to 10 Downing, the Palace, the Ladies Luncheon were stock footage, and interesting only because it is our first time seeing Michelle Obama in her full glory overseas. So . .Carla Bruni Sarcozy (sp) bailed out because she couldn’t take the heat. Frankly, not a lot of women can hold a candle to our First Lady.

It was apparently a little chilly at 2 a.m. in central London, Andy had on his winter overcoat. But those photos from Julie were telling: Anderson Hayes Cooper! Where are your manners? Mr. Quest is properly dressed like a gentleman, and you’re wearing jeans and those gawd-awful shoes! (Cute as a button, though).

Anonymous said...

I don't think Toobin was expressing sympathy for Ted Stevens so much as distaste for how the Justice Dept handled the litigation -- as a lawyer, he's properly disgusted with the abuse/misuse of power by prosecutors who apparently ignored their ethical obligations, damaging the whole legal system in the process. The consequences of such behavior are not only unfair to the defendant (Stevens), but also to the plaintiff (us) because now it will never be known whether Stevens did commit a crime, nor will he ever be sentenced for it if he did.

Anonymous said...

I had a VIP ticket to the event, we all lined up to take a picture with the speakers. When it was my turn to meet them, Anderson was having a conversation with Arianna Huffington about a river cruise he took on the Nile. When he realized I was standing next to him, he grabbed my arm and said, "Hi, I'm Anderson" He spoke in a very easy and friendly manner. All the speakers were very polite and attentive.

Em said...

@Phebe, yesterday Anderson said they would be in London thru Friday but his plans often seem to change. I don't know how you keep up with him as well as you do!

"Tally-Ho!" I’m not certain I learned anything earth shattering but last night I did enjoy the entire program. I am so glad Richard seems to have worked things out. He really makes me laugh. Of course, I am a fan of BBC humor and love trying to decipher Richard’s thoroughly British colloquialisms.

Anderson in his wool overcoat brings out the fangurl in me…the tie wasn’t half bad either! He looked so sharp and proper. I have to admit, I was surprised when the pictures showed he was also wearing Levi’s and cross trainers. Oddly enough, yesterday I had to take a picture for work and send it in. They wanted a waist up shot for a project one of our developers is completing. I fixed the hair, make-up etc, and put on a professional looking white blouse. From the waist down, I was wearing flannel pajamas and big furry moccasins (honestly, it is very cold here right now). I don’t know if you can begin to imagine how ridiculous I looked (not to say Anderson looked ridiculous, jeans with a tie work for me.) LOL!

I have been a fan of Nic for years. Who doesn't like a CNN anchor who is an alumnus of People Magazines "Sexiest Man" issue!

I also thought about Kristien being here while Anderson was over's little ironies. Hope she is enjoying herself and look forward to hearing about her visit.

The Stevens thing is a joke. In my opinion, Mr. Stevens in unethical on his best day and criminal on his worst. I am fed up with white-collar criminals. I do not know what Jeff Toobin was thinking. How can anyone be sympathetic to this man losing re-election? I am thrilled that he no longer holds a position in the Senate. Cry me a river…he has certainly been amply compensated through the years!

Almost forgot, muchos gracias for including the shot of Charlie with Anderson!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the show last night, especially the part with Richard Quest. Which brings me to one point I like about CNN International (because usually I'm not all that happy with them only showing the first hour of AC360 and other questionable choices regarding CNN US coverage) and that's Richard Quest having a monday thru friday 1 hour programm on CNN International, which is absolutely great. Although I'm not the biggest insider on economic issues I really love seeing his show, and the bell (people who've seen it, will know what I mean).

Anonymous said...

I loved the show last night it really good.

And about the ipod according to the cbs evening news yesterday the Queen had asked for footage of here trip to the United States, I guess that the president and first lady wanted to be creative in how they gave it.

Coop1223 said...

More Richard Quest please! Though I didn't understand most of his references and British terms, I was giggling right along with Anderson.

I think the Ipod was kind of dumb too. I know it's hard to buy the Queen something, but I'm sure they could have come up with something better than an Ipod. Can you imagine the Queen with her headphones on and rocking out to some music? Yeah, me either.

Looking forward to hearing Kristien account of Tuesday night!

Cyn said...

I don't know, Phebe... seems like it's time to break out the NicPorn video. We haven't posted that in awhile, have we? (And you know it doesn't take much arm-twisting to get us to post Dominic sprawled shirtless on a bed...Mmm.)

I'm glad that International has gone with the "Quest Means Business" theme. He can explain business issues without being stuffy, he has a real human touch, and he genuinely enjoys what he does. He also has a great sense of when to cut the humor altogether; I've seen him cover breaking news and his journalistic demeanor is first-rate.

I have to admit I rolled my eyes about the iPod... but hey -- the gift has to be something intrinsically American, in good taste, and something she doesn't have already. She does have an iPod, but the music on it was probably the real gift. Do we know which model it was? Maybe an iPod Touch? (Besides, she can always re-gift it to the grandkids, right? I wonder if the Obamas had it engraved?)

Kay Jones said...

Hey guys. Anderson is, in fact, in London tonight and tomorrow. He did an interview this morning US time with Sec. Tim Geithner. We are waiting to see the video come in, but should be in soon. Also, expect more Quest tonight. Last night, he was on his game, and I think even with his sleep deprivation (he was up early morning London time and on 360 at 3am London time) he managed to do a great job.
We are working on a copule of other stories for tonight as well, including a disturbing one about a father who robbed a convenience store while his 9 year old daughter was standing next to him.
Hope to see you tonight!

OregonMJW said...

@Kay Jones: As you can tell from the comments here at ATA, and on the live blog last night, most are panting for more Richard Quest, especially in direct interaction with Anderson. Can you predict the likelihood of some arrangement which would make that happen? Maybe a weekly or monthly spot? Titles that come to mind are "Quest for the Truth" or "Across the Pond" or "The Andy/Dick Show" . . . no wait, that already got canceled.

Well, you'll think of something.

I know! An exchange student thing! Send Ali Velshi to England, and bring Richard Quest to NYC for a month, twice a year. Weekly split screen discussions on how they're both faring and how the other economy is doing - Anderson to moderate, of course.

The possibilities seem endless (and probably endlessly funny!)

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I read over Phebe's recap more carefully and see that Kristien did get to see Anderson in NYC before he left for London. That's awesome.

Anon 10:08 am - tell us more, does he look as good in person as on TV? Were you able to shake hands with him? Did you see any bald spots? What did you say to him?

If Anderson grabbed my arm and introduced himself I probably would have froze and babbled. In a perfect world I would have had an intelligent conversation with him about Egypt and their attempts to get back some of their ancient treasures from European museums. I'm currently reading Loot by Sharon Waxman, all about places like Egypt and Greece trying to get their historical artifacts back.


Laurie Beth said...

Jaanza, you're not alone. I might be cool with talking to Anderson on the computer, but if I actually met him, they'd have to bury me under the floor.

Heh, the webcam has caught him in jeans in the studio before--but I don't blame him one bit--if they only shoot him from the waist up, then who cares?

I'm in for whatever form the Richard Quest Fan Club has taken. His segments were hilarious, and the fact that Anderson didn't understand a damn thing he said and just gave up and said "tally ho" was priceless.

I have to voice my support for the iPod. It was a modern gift that had a touch of humor and irreverence without being inappropriate or disrespectful, and I thought it was a great idea--especially because they supplemented it with the more traditional gift of a rare, autographed Richard Rogers songbook. The best of both worlds. I thought the president and First Lady did beautifully.

And even if the Kennedy comparisons don't hold much weight on paper--the first thing I thought when I first figured out who Barack Obama was, was "Good Lord, he reminds me of Bobby Kennedy." The same youthful enthusiasm, the same eloquence--even the same cadence in his speech. I can't explain it, but the same hopeful feeling of Camelot comes over me when I look at the Obamas that I feel when I look at old reels of Jack & Jackie, and Bobby.

If someone could actually verbalize it that would be great, but I definitely feel it, too.

Anonymous said...

@Kay Jones: As you can tell, Richard Quest is very popular and Anderson seems to like him a lot.

I for one certainly wish that Richard can appear on 360 more often even remotely - he is terrific.

aries moon said...

Anon 10:08's account of AC and Arianna Huffington talking together is interesting. HuffPo's readers have been pretty tough on CNN and in some cases, AC360 lately.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@Lauire Beth, I've met Anderson and trust me it is not as nerve wracking as it seems it would be. I thought I would be super nervous, but I wasn't. He has a calmness about him and really makes you feel at ease.

QuotidianEditorialist said...

With the consensus - I too adore Richard Quest. He is spot on, as they say. Being an huge Anglophile, he is right up my alley.

More Richard please. With Anderson, even better.

The show was excellent and Anderson did such a great job, between being tired, surely and trying to understand Richard and his Brit phrases it had to be a challenge. Love his Chesterfield too. Very proper and British. I thought he was going to completely come unglued when Richard mentioned that some Scottish person had "shoved the Queen". hee.

For those of you who may be unware and can follow Richard Quest. Simply enter his name. :-) His Tweets are hilarious as you can imagine.

Kristien - welcome home! So happy you were able to see Anderson at Radio City. Glad you enjoyed your visit. NYC is the best we have!

Anonymous said...

Kay Jones:I have been rather hoping since the beginning that Erica would be able to do some correspondent work (from the field). It was announced that she would be and hasn't yet.

She seems to be so talented and yet is stuck in the studio doing the same old thing that she was doing from Atlanta and acting as Anderson's sidekick.

Anonymous said...

Phebe: I take issue with your idea on the credit default swaps. Yes, congress wanted it passed, but Slick Willie SIGNED, and PASSED, this legislation and I'm quietly waiting for the day when this truth about what the "rock star," actually did to our once thriving economy comes to light. Not only did Clinton do us this injustice, he PASSED NAFTA! Bingo.....all the jobs from the US went to Mexico and Canada. Then Bush "improved" upon the passage of this tidy little agreement and passed further Bank deregulation! So here we are today. I'm NO Bush supporter but please don't ever forget IT ALL STARTED WITH CLINTON, and I'm talking Bill. Time Magazine named him one of the 25 people who started this crisis. That was far too polite and kind.
Both gifts were inappropriate. I agree that Barack's gift was tacky. What was he thinking? She's eighty-five and not a hip 85! And what was Her Majesty thinking?
A signed photo of herself and the Prince? Please, every souvenir shop in London must have them and how egotistical can you get!
Good for Kristien! I had a feeling she might be headed to Radio City and I hope she got to meet AC and took lots of photos for us all.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'd like to know what Greta eats for breakfast. As far as I know she wasn't in London and still beat AC by at least a million some viewers and he was dead even with one of Olberman's repeats in his demographics. It must be nice to keep beating someone and never move a muscle. Having said that, AC seems quite chipper and not bothered one bit.

Coop1223 said...

@Jaanza...I would probably be reduced to a blithering idiot if I met Anderson so I'm right there with you. Not to mention I would be red as a beet.

QuotidianEditorialist said...

BREAKING NEWS (if CNN can, so can I):

If anyone is interested the Penn State Altoona lecture has been rescheduled for April 30th at 7:30p

Anonymous said...

Nic Robertson’s portion of the show was the only part of the show that caught my attention; the rest was all fluff, sorry to say. I just do not understand why the Producers of AC360 and Anderson himself can not find consistency with this program. I can not comprehend why they always resort to gimmicky type coverage the likes of Richard Quest. For Pete’s sake the man is not a journalist. He is there for fluff and fan fare, it’s totally ridiculous. Unfortunately, for the better part of the show I kept switching over to other International Station for proper News Coverage, that I really wish CNN would have on their respective Programs. As far as I was concerned, last night’s show was a total waste of time and a waste of Anderson being in London. Total Waste!!! I couldn't be more disappointed.

Anonymous said...

I wasn’t impressed with last night’s show at all. It could have been much better executed. Additionally, Anderson didn’t need to be broadcasting from the side of the bridge; he could have done this show from the CNN studio in London. There was hardly any significant coverage of the various meetings with the respective Presidents of Russia & China as well as the conversation with PM Brown. Talk about wasteful spending. The crap that they threw in and to call it “News” is utter waste of having Anderson and his crew going all the way to London for. This program has consistently been hit and misses for the last couple of years and this certainly was a “miss”. I really wish these folks would find some bearings and consistency with this Program, or else take it off the Air and give it to some one who really cares about what goes on the Air and How this Program is being produced. What a total waste of talent and resources, honestly. I wish someone who really gives a damn about “REAL News”, both International and Domestic, News that really matters to Golbal Viewers, would take over the Production of this Show, otherwise take it off the air!!!

Anonymous said...

In my humble opinion, I was more impressed with the 8 minutes Anderson and Richard Quest spent answering questions on Larry King Live last night and tonight, versus the actual AC360 Program last night. I thought last night’s show was a wash quite honestly. I really wish they’d get their act together with the topics and news stories that are font and centre on the Global stage. I sincerely hope tonight’s show isn’t a wash as well.

Anonymous said...

I know most of the people on this blog love the President and First Lady so you guys probably don't mind 360's lovefest. However, in my opinion, they spent too much time telling us how popular the Obamas are, how they behaved in front of the Queen, etc. I don't think they devoted enough time to the actual summit.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with ALL the anons before me and I must say I did post a similar response last nite. In fact my post was the last, as it usually is at this time.
AC could have stayed in the NYC studio and pulled down a London backdrop, just the way they do on the Daily Show and saved heaps of money.
Tonites show was an even bigger waste of time than last nites. Yes, Michelle Obama is an inspiration and we knew that before she went. She is truly interested in giving other children the same values that she is giving her children and she is a wonderful role model... and that's in part why I continue to support her and the President. But 360 lacked total substance. Richard Quest was brought back I suppose via Kay Jones for "entertainment" and we were treated to a repeat of last nite's witty quips with Ed Henry as a stand-by.
AC continues to look dapper but was less chipper and did nab what was termed an interview with Tim Geitner. It also lacked substance because it was completely off the cuff. If you have resort to "How did you act with the Queen?," and you're there for an economic summit meeting, well, AC...we all know YOU CAN DO BETTER.
If AC doesn't continue on to Turkey, with better results, he should come home. JMO

Cyn said...

Anon@6:35, nice try... but what Bill Clinton did was sign a budget bill that was at a must-pass stage just prior to Congress leaving town for the holidays. Phil Gramm inserted a 262-page addendum at the last minute that no one took the time to read, and that he thundered was necessary to prevent the very thing it approved. (It also helped Enron do a lovely job of screwing people over.)

If you want a politician to blame for this mess, Gramm's your man.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon – 12.53 am and @ Cyn 10.25 am – I could not agree with you both more strenuously with both your arguments and points of contention. @ Cyn 10.25 am – I find it really disconcerting why anon 6.35 pm continues to consistently hammer away at blaming President Clinton for NAFTA and jobs being shipped oversees to Canada and Mexico. What really ticks me off about this individual is the when the economic situation in the US was booming and flourishing, folks like anon 6.35 pm had no issue with NAFTA and International Trade Agreements across the globe, today, because of the kind of Financial Crisis unfolding not only in North America, but across the board, Trading with Canada and Mexico and the NAFTA Agreement seems to come in to question consistently. What pisses me off even further is NAFTA only becomes important and contentious when it’s “inconvenient to Americans”.

@ anon 6.35 pm – use your head – it’s called “Free and Fair Trade”. If you’d rather have your government abstain from forming Trading Partnerships with Countries across the Globe, know this – the American Economy will NEVER survive. Oh and by the way, What is currently affecting the US in terms of shipping jobs oversees, is also Affecting Canada and Mexico as it pertains to NAFTA. When an American Automaker for instance is struggling and opts to shut down, if they have a Plant in Canada, guess what – Canadians are also out of work when International Budgets cuts become a necessity. It works both ways, remember that. Americans aren’t the only ones loosing jobs, Canada has been affected tremendously by American owned conglomerates and Corporations. If you are the kind of far-right thinking individual who believes in “Protectionism” think again, it will never happen. Not in today Global Markets.

Anonymous said...

@4:09: You are obviously Canadian, and since when does, "Free and Fair" trade extend all the way to India? How many more jobs need to be out sourced before we can place blame?
The United States makes absolutely nothing now because every part and worker has been out sourced because of cheap labor....and sorry that includes Canada as well.
This should be posted as it is a valid reponse to a response.