Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another Night with the King

I'm off to a late start tonight and I missed both the live program and the repeat so I'll be speed blogging tonight. For that I'm sad because I love when John King is in the AC360 anchor chair. But a girl has to get her beauty sleep! And speaking of beauty, Mr. King looked fabulous on Wednesday night. I'm not sure who wins the battle of the plaid dress shirt, I'm calling it a tie (no pun intended).
•Can you believe that the far right has labeled Sotomayor a racist? Candy Crowley gave us the very 'Raw Politics'. Sotomayor's statement about a Latino woman making decisions vs that of a white male was controversial, but her record reflects her ability to dispense justice according to the letter of the law. Alex Castellanos and Maria Echaveste (former WH deputy Cheif of Staff) discussed the racist label with John King.• The stalemate with North Korea was topic number one at the dinner I attended tonight. I was shocked to hear several of those in attendance say we should just nuke North Korea and be done with them. Cooler heads prevailed on AC360 in Retired Brig. General David Grange and Mike Chanoy (author of 'Meltdown'). Grange was almost Pollyannish in his analysis of the situation, Chanoy explained it was posturing by the North Korean leader to position his son to follow in his footsteps.

• Is the recession over? Economists are saying the recession will end later this year. Ali Velshi reported from GM headquarters with the good news (housing sales are up) and the bad (GM will file for bankruptcy on Monday). Erica Hill's 360 News and Business Bulletin:
•3 suspects are in custody for the bombing in Jahore, Pakistan
•An America soldier was killed in Baghdad today bringing May death toll to 20
•305 Banks and Thrifts are on the troubled list
•Maryland has replaced lawn mowers with goats on some State highways
• Drew Peterson is now a comedian? The man is nuts
• A white tiger in New Zealand mauled its keeper in front of tourists
• Adam Lambert fans are not going quietly into the night. Cries of voter fraud are being heard
• Robert Gibbs is the funniest Press Secretary in recent history

•Tom Foreman took a look at the continuing controversy about California's Prop 8. George Bush's Solicitor General Ted Olson and Al Gore's lawyer David Bois (both who handled the Florida recount) have joined forces to oppose the California proposition and try to get it overturned in Federal court. Thank God for men like this who recognize and are willing to fight for equality for everyone of us.•Joe John's 'Crime & Punishment' report centered on an attorney Paul Bergrin who is now on the wrong side of the law. He is accused of witness intimidation and possible murder of a witness.

•'The Shot' was of men chasing a wheel of cheese down a hill in England. I love John King but he and Erica should just skip the's strained and not funny. Wonder what's happened to 'Beat 360'?

I read with interest some of the comments today criticizing those who say they enjoy John King's reporting over Anderson's. I really don't want to get into a big brouhaha BUT I did want to add my two cents worth and please remember this is strictly my opinion. I admire both JK and AC as reporters and anchors and think that both have different strengths and weaknesses. John King has paid his dues in Washington and has incredible contacts with those in government. In my opinion, Anderson is more visible and famous beyond the news business but must sometimes rely on CNN and/or his producers for access to the inner circle since he has not spent the time in Washington that King has. But conversely Anderson has contacts among the movers and shakers in this country (IE Oprah, Bill Gates, etc) that John King will never have. I read recently a complaint by Roland Martin that CNN didn't work hard enough to secure important political guests for him when he subbed for Campbell. Maybe that too is the case with Anderson. We'll never know. But when JK is in the chair I do think that some of the guest and panelists are of a higher quality then those that 360 usually gets. Again, just my opinion.

I'll be back to do it all again on Thursday, hope you'll be here too. ~Phebe

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

360 was OK last nite, it was by no means bad at all, but it just didn't hold my attention like it usually does. Maybe I was just tired. Oh and I vote for Anderson in the plaid dress shirt contest. While John does look very handsome, he just doesn't look as good as AC does...LOL!!!

Good for David Bois and Tom Olson. I think it is absolutely ridiculous that the government can tell people who they can and cannot marry. That is wrong on so many levels. Every should be allowed to marry whom ever they choose to marry.

Anonymous said...

I watched John King and I watched Keith Olbermann earlier. Keith had a better segment about Sotomayor and the Republican charges of racism. John (and Tom Foreman) had a better report about California's Prop 8.

Has any news program talked about Sotomayor being diabetic and how that might affect how she might rule on a case involving stem cell research?

John was good overall but I agree he's not smooth bantering with Erica, though he was better after the middle of the show bulletin.

When it comes to hard news factors, I give Anderson and John equally high marks. When it comes to making me all hot and bothered and headed to the naughty chair, it's Anderson.


Jordan said...

@ Phebe – I agree totally with your comments about not wanting to start brouhaha about the whole Anderson vs. John King better anchor debate on AC360. I too must admit, the more high powered panellists seem to miss being interviewed by Anderson, and to me that is the responsibility of the Producers and Executive Producers of the Program to coordinate and ensure the “best and most knowledgeable” of experts need to be called up on when required, no matter who the Anchor is. They need to be held accountable every single time for a missed opportunity when it comes to having an exchange or discussion or a panel discussion. That is part of their job description that is their duty. If they can’t do that, then there is something really wrong, when it comes to their Job Performance. The Anchor can only do so much, with what he/she has been given to work with.

Having said that, my other theory is that Anderson’s connections in Washington are far limited as compared to those of the likes of John King or Wolf for example. Additionally, Anderson, in trying to “keep them honest” as his slogan goes, he can sometimes tend to be a bit of a ‘hard-ass’ at times, and I say that with the deepest respect for his profession and his career, so when people watch the way he has handled some interviews, they are a tad cautious whom they are Interviewed by.

Lastly, CNN now has so many critical Political Programs like GPS with Dr. Zakaria, State of the Union with John King, The Situation Room with Biltzer and lastly Larry King who often Interviews Political “hot-shots”, Presidents, as well as new up and comers, and may of these “so-called Exclusive Interviews” are held aside for these Programs versus AC360. Over the last several years, I’ve also found that AC360 isn’t the International 360 Global Coverage go to Program we are used to seeing, but rather a 360 view of America instead, hence, some folks have lost interest in his Program, not because he is a bad Anchor, but because his Program isn’t as compelling throughout the Hour as it used to be. It’s become a “hit and miss” Program and that’s what’s killing him in the ratings department.

Just my thoughts!!

aries moon said...

The conservatives know exactly what Sonia Sotomayor meant when she said her experiences as a Latina woman give her a certain perspective that others don't necessarily have, but since they really don't have much ammunition that they can use in opposition to her, they have to highlight an inflammatory issue - Alex Castellanos seemed to be twisting himself into knots in order to find some way to discredit Sotomayor - those of us who can read between the lines aren't fooled.

This wasn't on 360, but I think VP Joe Biden has a beef with President Obama and is acting out! I'd love to hear more on this - some stories have been leaking out recently.

Todd Olson and David Boies should be commended for their efforts in trying to gain marriage equality for same sex couples - I've read a few commentaries on the net from gay bloggers who have some misgivings about filing a lawsuit to get Prop 8 overturned - they feel that the Supreme Court would ultimately rule against it and therefore make the battle for same sex marriage even MORE difficult - but some also think that every method needs to be tried - there is simply no justification for not treating ALL citizens in this country equally and fairly - religious beliefs should play no role in this whatsoever.

You would think Anderson has established himself sufficiently enough that he'd be able to draw some high caliber guests to the show - it's a real problem if 360 can only have interesting guests when John King anchors! I have to be honest and say that I've lost whatever enthusiasm I used to have for John King since he began hosting SOTU - there are aspects of his program and reporting that I find disappointing, his recent interview with Dick Cheney is one example - and while he's a good sub on 360, for me it's All Things Anderson...and I'm looking forward to his return.

Anonymous said...

I think EM mentioned this in the prior post: Would Anderson be able to anchor State of the Union in John's place?

Anderson and John have their own talents.

Anonymous said...

Anderson's only done one 60 Minutes piece this year if I recall correctly.

Cindy said...

Yet another awesome, aweSOME, AWESOME 360 last night with John King at the helm! He really knows his stuff and I like that a lot. I do agree with you Phebe that Anderson has to rely on the producers and such for a lot yet John doesn't.

I also noticed while watching 360 these last two nights that it is the anchor that sets the tone for the show and also for what subjects are on there and how much time will be spent on them. John spent an ample amount on each subject, there was no fussing or screaming and it was great!

Now you can not tell me that Anderson does not set the pace or the subjects for this show! His panels, his overdoing stories and his doing 30 minutes on what should have been a 5-10 minute segments at best on prop 8 and stuff like that is all Anderson.

So the bad shows and bad ratings are not Doss's or anyone elses fault. We need to look at Anderson for that! Doss is still there this week and so are the producers yet we've had a much smoother running and better show then when Anderson does it. We've had hardly any panels, we didn't spend 30 minutes fighting over prop 8, and we had an anchor who actually looked like he wanted to be there, who live blogged a lot and never once touched his BB to text anyone. Why is that!?

It seems to me that Mr. Cooper needs to step it up and get back into his show! I don't see him as being interested anymore. To me he'd much rather be hanging with celebs or doing R&K than 360. If that's the case then he needs to move on and give the show to someone who wants to do it and doesn't see it as a hassle or interfering with his celeb lifestyle.

Once again...John King was AWESOME and I can't wait to see him tonight. Anderson could learn A LOT from this man!

olsond said...

@Cindy - have you ever thought of watching another news show? Whew!

Cindy said...

@ Olsond...That's the problem...everyone IS turning the channel and watching something else.

I just tell it like I see it. If you go back a while when I used to comment here all of the time then you would see that I said great things about 360. But as of late there's not much that can be bragged about besides commenting on his looks like most..of you do.

According to Tuesday's ratings, which just came out, John King did better than Cooper has. So my point is proven. It's not the EP or is Anderson himself that's affecting this show.

Anonymous said...

@anon 3:36 AM: "John was good overall but I agree he's not smooth bantering with Erica, though he was better after the middle of the show bulletin."

That's the least part of the program that is important. John is excellent, engaging, has a lot of knowledge of the subjects. He can ask questions without notes and on the fly.

One of the most engaging journalists/anchors out there. He is someone who can replace Anderson.

Anonymous said...

@Cindy: there are other programs to watch at 10:00 PM. No, they are not all perfect, but......

Anonymous said...

Cindy: how do you know Doss is there this week?

Anonymous said...

@Cindy: What is your deal, woman?! I can not figure you out for the life of me. Do you ever have a nice thing to say about Anderson? Honestly now. And the only time you seem to say something nice about 360, AC is not in the chair. I guess what I'm trying to say here is: I really don't think 360 is for you. You clearly don't like Anderson, or his style if you will. And considering its ANDERSON COOPER360, I honestly don't see the point of you watching the show. And why you visit this blog is beyond me. Now, I don't get the chance to visit this blog regularly. But your negativity always seems to be here when I am. Its at the point where I just have to laugh at the foolishness. You come here to trash AC, and how he chooses to do things on his show. Let me repeat that once again...his show. And you come to praise the sub that is in for AC, and still manage to take shots at AC in the process. You honestly have to see the problem with this picture. It makes no sense what so ever, Cindy.

Ah, look. You've stated before that you like 360 and AC, right. Stop trying to fool yourself with that lie. You really don't like the show or AC and you know this. I've never seen someone go to the lengths that you do to constantly put someone down like this. And on top of it all you have the nerve to call yourself a fan. I trully think you enjoy putting people down. Its very, very sad. I hope that you will find happiness someday.
I know this is falling on deaf ears with you. But I just wanted to put that out there.
Oh, I know how you don't like it when people leave a comment under ‪Anonymous‬, without leaving their name. Well, my name is Phil. I'm 25, I live between Chicago and a suburb of Illinois. I hope that will give you some closure. And I'm a proud Anderson Cooper supporter, that appretiates his efforts.

You have a good day.........and everyone as well.
:- ]

OregonMJW said...

No matter how you slice it, an Anderless landscape is pretty bleak. If I wanted all news all the time, I'd subscribe to Reuters and watch the Daily Show - that about covers it. John King, as able a political insider as he is, is not Anderson. How many of us can say we'd watch him with the sound turned off?

Anderson Cooper is the whole package; if, perhaps a little more tightly wrapped than necessary. He's had more worldly experience, and boots on the ground personal contact with the rest of the world than virtually any other person on TV, except that guy who hosts Amazing Race! As Phebe points out, he is personal friends with or on a first name basis with an enormous number of movers & shakers in virtually every category except politics, and those points of view regularly impact our nation's political life. He's a terrific writer and story teller - when he wants to, or is allowed to be (let's continue to keep our fingers crossed on those). And, when all else is said and done, he's a lot more fun, more compelling to watch.

I hate when he takes vacation!

Newt Ginrich's "racist" comment about Sotomayor is so over the top, so scripted by Fox, it barely deserves the effort it takes to snark him back to the political dustbin from whence he came.

Amazing and hopeful effort by former "enemy" attorneys, Ted Olson and David Bois. However, I hadn't thought about the implications of the potential for a negative federal ruling. All the eggs in one basket? These two guys are good; I just hope they're that much better that the opposition - and there will certainly be some! "Paging Ken Starr . . . ."

The rest of the program was mostly forgettable. I agree that Erica's participation should be either stand alone, or nonexistent, when Anderson is not on board. Let's see, who was stiffer in the chit-chat department - brainy, politically savvy Christian Amanpour, or brainy politically savvy John King? Who wants to see either one of them pop out of a trash can on Sesame Street and interview Dan Rather Not! (Thanks, but I'd rather not.)

Coop1223 said...

It's been a super busy week so I haven't had time to watch 360 so thanks for the recaps.

ACAnderFan, I have to agree with you. John is a handsome man, but Anderson wins the plaid shirt battle.

Anonymous said...

John King rules as a sub for Anderson, but face it, Anderson is da man! Another thing we all have to face and most fans know that Anderson rarely takes vacations, when he does he works, by his own admission, and or the vacations are short lived because he feels he's got to get back to work. It's time to let Anderson have some time to himself and for us to wish him wellness, he's damn by gawd earned it and needs it. Let the poor man have his vacation, a REAL vacation, with REAL relaxation and time to himself, or whatever, and allow someone else take the chair for a while without all the speculation and criticism. If the man is off track like some are saying, then shouldn't he be allowed to take a vacation from it all for a while, without complaint, just like every working man deserves so that when he's ready to go back to work he'll be refreshed and as good as new? Give the guy a break and let him have a life for cryin' out loud!

Laura said...

I do miss Anderson anchoring when he's not in but I do think that John King brings a couple of good features to the show.
I like the way he is very much in charge, i like the use of the magic wall and i really like how much time he spends on the live blog.

To me, it proves that the anchor does have time to liveblog and interact with the audience, Anderson clearly chooses not to spend time doing this. I think it adds another dimension to the show and updates it technologically and perhaps Anderson should take note.

I'm not knocking Anderson or the show, i love it and miss Anderson's intelligent input when he's not in the chair.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:25 pm - I'm Jaanza, I'm Anon 3:36 am and if you read my last paragraph at 3:36 am, you'll see I wrote John and Anderson were equally good in being news reporters but that Anderson's hotter.

Cindy 10:37 am - you complain that Anderson has been lackluster and complacent. Although I also have disagreements with some of the news coverage, I still think Anderson loves his job and is trying to make 360 the best it can be.


aries moon said...

Phil's on target comment to Cindy also applies to many of ATA's all negative, all the time, posters.

And, when all else is said and done, he's a lot more fun, more compelling to watch. Exactly. Anderson may not get huge ratings, but those of us who've watched him over the years and know what he's capable of realize how unique he is as a reporter - even when the show is not up to par, I still watch because of Anderson. As far as I'm concerned, no one fills his seat better than he does.

Viewer in Virginia said...

Here we go again... the prolific Cindy in Ga (who hasn't read a blog post on 360 she hasn't responded to in her usual opinionated way--first amendment, folks, she can say what she likes) versus the rest of the ATA readers named or unnamed who generally don't seem to like her opinions.
Fire don't burn if it don't have oxygen... get the hint, people?
We don't work for CNN or AC360. It is not our place to speculate on what is going on internally.
What may seem logical and spot on to one, is total
BS to others.
Can't we just all get along?
Perhaps Anderson needs to go back to Iraq, or Afghanistan, or Africa for a week or two. I don't know.

Anonymous said...

"Let's see, who was stiffer in the chit-chat department - brainy, politically savvy Christian Amanpour, or brainy politically savvy John King? Who wants to see either one of them pop out of a trash can on Sesame Street and interview Dan Rather Not! (Thanks, but I'd rather not.)"

lol, funny stuff

Cindy said...

@ Phil...Just so you know, I've been watching Anderson ever since he came on CNN, how about you? So you have no clue as to what you are talking about. I've been a fan for a LONG time. Sorry I'm not a Anderson can do no wrong kind of fan. I tell it as I see it. The show has went from great to bad. I continue to watch because I do like Anderson and I do hope that they can turn the show around. He is great at story telling and being out in the field but he doesn't do that any more.

Funny you want to call me out when every person that comments on here has downed Anderson and the show saying the exact same things that I am saying now! But now that Kay, 360's producer commented on here everyone wants to suck up and say how great it all is. When the ratings prove otherwise.

I don't have to kiss Anderson's butt to be a fan. A true fan would tell when something is wrong and not just pretend it's all hunkidorie. I'm not afraid to let anyone at 360 know what I think unlike some.

As far as being rude to are mistaken. The only time I go there is when it is first brought to me by others. I don't lie down and take crap from no included!

And like I've said before I do watch other news. Maybe you should try it and you would see that 360 is not the end all and be all as you and some others think.

Yes Anderson is a great journalist and yes he is fun to watch at times but as of late that isn't being utilized to the best for the show.

Once again I'll say the show needs changing badly. When John King can come in and get better ratings than Anderson then something is wrong whether you want to admit that or not! Yes, last night John King got higher ratings than Anderson has gotten so Tuesday was no fluke. So what do you have to say about that!?

Anonymous said...

AC has lost "credibility," that's why he fails to get the "gets." He likes his celebrity status and thinks he's better than other correspondents. Yes, I was a fan because I thought, as did others, that here was a journalist that was "truly keeping them honest." No, it seems Mr. Cooper has lost interest in his show and that is why the ratings are poor. When someone lacks the enthusiasm it is very apparent to the audience. He has to bear some of the responsibility for the show's failure.
As one commenter pointed out, he's done only one NEW 60 Minutes episode lately. I guess he's become bored with that as well.
It has nothing to do with John King. John King doesn't seek the "lime light," or have NEED to seek it. Unfortunately, AC does.

Anonymous said...

@aires moon: your comment "all negative, all the time," has to be responded to. If we all agreed here, and said pleasant things all the time, this blog would be very boring. We all have different views and different opinions and just because we all don't agree with you all the time, makes us what?? A true liberal knows this.

Laurie Beth said...

Those were some seriously astute observations, Phebe. Thanks for your insight. I agree with everything you said.

Cindy, Kay Jones is on vacation this week, and Jack Gray didn't confirm either way but his tweets sound like he hasn't been at work (he was talking about paying bills in the middle of the afternoon today)--so David Doss might be off as well. He gets his two weeks' vacation too, and perhaps he thought coordinating his vacation with Anderson would just be convenient--it seems to be Kay's thought process. Plus, since there was no 360 on Monday, he'd only be missing four shows rather than the five in a typical week. I wouldn't be surprised if all the producers are off.

Also, even if he is present this week, he may be purposely twisting the show to what he thinks fits John King best. Doss may very well be in control (and, come on, he's executive producer--how could he not be with a title like that?). Even if it is the case that Anderson is off while David Doss is not, we still don't know that it isn't Doss making those changes, because he thinks John King does better with a different format.

That said, I'm still assuming Doss is also off this week until I hear otherwise.

There are tons of comparisons between The Daily Show and 360, and I certainly understand why. I'm a huge fan of both shows and both hosts. However, I think it's worth noting that Jon Stewart is the executive producer of his own show, and Anderson Cooper is not.

"To me he'd much rather be hanging with celebs or doing R&K than 360. If that's the case then he needs to move on and give the show to someone who wants to do it and doesn't see it as a hassle or interfering with his celeb lifestyle."

I'm genuinely not trying to be snide here, but for someone who has been a fan of his for a long time, you have some misguided opinions regarding Anderson Cooper, Cindy. "Celeb lifestyle?" I'd be interested to know what on Earth gave you the impression he has one of those. Sure, he has some friends in the business, but so does Brian Williams. It doesn't make them less professional. Their friends and what they do in their free time--and who they text during commercials--is none of our business and has nothing to do with the show. And as a former actress: some of us are nice people and are also not stupid, you know.

@Anon 8:42 Anderson's done two 60 Minutes pieces thus far in 2009 that I can remember. His piece on the drug cartels was in March and his piece on torture in Iranian prisons was in April. I think that's it, but I might be forgetting one.

aries moon said...

@Kitzel - it has been said here MANY times that there are times when we ALL have issues with Anderson and the show and we discuss those problems here when they arise - but there are certain posters who appear to be here ONLY to disparage Anderson and his achievements and cast a negative light on his motivations. These people do not appear to be genuine fans. The difference is very apparent and I'm not the only person who has noticed this pattern here.

And another thing, I don't think Anderson is impressed with overly complimentary fans OR the ones who are aggressive dissenters - I think he keeps his own counsel - whether we kiss his butt or not is probably totally inconsequential to him.

Anonymous said...

It's only a tv show, folks. Watch it if you like it, change the channel if you don't.

Anonymous said...

@ Jordan: Do you really believe AC is a "hard-ass" at times? Many of us, former fans, believe he isn't persistent enough...he just lets debates continue and really limits his "personal involvement."
@Cindy: According to TVNewser, John scored almost the same numbers as in the end, at least according to the numbers, having a "sub" makes little difference on 360. Before, when AC was gone, the numbers really took a dive. Now, not so much. I think that would be a more "justified" interpretation.

OregonMJW said...

Wow! Hot discussion! Love this.

Thanks for your compliment, Anon 7:03 pm

@Aires Moon. Love your comments, but I think you lifed that quote from my post and not "Phil's". I'm not sure who Phil is. (??)

Cindy said...

@ Laurie Beth...Kay is off this week yes but I am talking of when she commented before several times here. Before she commented everyone was saying how bad 360 was yet now miraculously once she has commented that has totally changed.

Jack on the other hand has been at work all week. He has tweeted saying such.

As to Doss...they don't all take off at the same time. He is working because he was at a function with John King yesterday in the Bronx. I saw that on Twitter also. Someone else was there and told it. So you are wrong.

And don't know that Doss changed things just to suit John. Did he do that for he did not!? She did the exact same thing as Anderson does. So your analogy is pointless.

As to celebrities...when he textes during the show to them and doesn't live blog or seem to care about doing it, which is what he is being paid to do then his celeb friends are affecting his work. And when he seems more enthused to do R&K or LENO then his celeb status has affected his show.

Anonymous said...

I think we should all ignore Cindy's comments. It's fairly obvious she thrives on the attention - good or bad.

Anonymous said...

@Cindy: Do you really think I care about ratings?? I don't, I couldn't careless. Anderson hasn't always had the best ratings anyway. You bringing up the ratings just seems like another tool for you to use against Anderson. I can careless if one person, or 20 million people watch it. I watch 360 cause that's what I prefer at that time slot. And how did you come to the conclusion that the only news I watch is 360 with my comment?? Interesting. If you must know, I do watch other news channels through out the day when I do have the time.

I too have been watching Anderson since he's been on CNN as well. What's your point?? Yes, there have been better 360's, I get it. But I don't go out of my way to trash the man every chance I get though. And, I too, do not think Anderson is God. There are some things I don't like about Anderson. But you come across as a person that despises the man.

I have no idea who Kay is, sorry. I don't really care about all that, nor do I want to know. That's preety much irrelevant to me. And I do not need to suck up to anyone.

As far as AC's looks: Um, yeah, he's hot as all of hell to me, I'd be lieing if I didn't admit that. But that's not the only reason people watch the show. I know for sure that's not the only reasun I watch him. I'm sure their are people out there that do watch him just for his looks. But its wrong to throw everyone on this blog into that category. Perhaps there are people like that on this blog, I don't know. Either way, why do you care?? I'd rather have a man that appeals to me on more levels then one giving me my news, rather than a man that doesn't at all.

Look here, Cindy. I don't want to argue with you especially sitting at a keyboard. That's not my style, plus its extremely lame. Usually I wouldn't say anything, but your ignorance was really getting on my nerves. I guess I "called you out" cause your ignorance sticks out like a sore thumb from what I see when I visit this blog. I don't know what else to say to you anymore, cause you're going to think what you want, and that goes the same for me. I don't see the point.


Anonymous said...

I'm already starting to have Anderson withdrawal symptoms.

Phebe said...

Good discussion today everyone, thank you. I know some of you can get frustrated with those that are negative but they're entitled to voice their opinions too and it has made for an interesting day. Comments are now closed on this post.