Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hammerhead = Brillance Part Trois

Anderson mentioned Friday night that he may stop by Philadelphia, Mississippi this summer when he's in the area attending the Cooper family reunion. Instead of giving the time of day to some sorry former mayor, there are things to see so he should have the new mayor take him to the Pearl River Resort featuring two casinos, a water park, and golf course and if he goes in July he can go to the Neshoba County fair infamous for featuring state and national politicians giving stump speeches next to 200 shanty cabins occupied for 1 1/2 weeks that sell for around $200,000.

Anderson has mentioned the Cooper family reunion before and a couple of years ago I posted an excerpt from
Wyatt's Families book that talks about family reunions. I know I've posted the item below twice below but I figured Anderfans don't get tired of reading the excerpts.

Those were joyous occasions for me. To see all those colorful people of such variety gathered in holiday mood, with their jokes and their laughter and their familiarity with eachother, was as exciting a thing as I knew. It was better than Christmas.

When the sun sank low in the west, we would begin to depart. Children would be tired and quarrelsome; some of us at least, having stayed too long at Little Bit's banana puddin', would be throwing up.

Here are some more excepts that may explain where Anderson gets some of his physical attributes.

The similarities and resemblances among us, or the lack of them, were discussed, analyzed, and compared, as were our virtues and our failings. It was agreed, for instance, that my nose and my conceit were pure Cooper but that my coloring and quiet manner came from the Andersons, my mother's people. I was considered lucky to have inherited a head shaped like that of Grandpa Cooper - it stuck out behind something like the back end of an old-fashioned hammer. I shared this inheritance with only one of the dozens of Cooper cousins, and it was assumed that with it went Grandpa's brilliant mind. We were, accordingly, expected to do the family some credit. In the case of my cousin, Frank Rose, the assumptions found fulfillment, either because there was somethig to the idea to start with or because the expectations spurred him on to notable achievement. In high school he was already dazzling; as good-looking as anybody you'd ever want to have around, as popular as a movie star, a top athlete and a top scholar, he was elected president of any campus organization he happened to saunter near. By the time he was twenty-nine he was president of a college, and later performed brilliantly as President of the University of Alabama during years of intense crisis. Time and Life magazines might have been impressed, but there was nothing remarkable about it to my aunts. To them the honors paid him had nothing to do with hard work, clever planning, or diligent study. It was just Grandpa's head, that's all. With that head, what did you expect? As for me - well, my head never did jut out as far as Frank's anyway.

My aunts, Jewell Smith and Addie Flowers, came with their families from Laurel. They had a city look, with beads and earrings and makeup-Aunt Jewell with her high cheekbones, her light reddish hair and fair skin, and Aunt Addie with her china-blue eyes, her prematurely graying hair, her pretty girlish dresses and her flirtatious girlish manners.

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Great post Quitty. Anderson seems to really like going to the Cooper family reunions. I hope he has fun this year.

I love Wyatt's writing. Its so unique and descriptive. I think I'm going to have to get out my copies of "Families" and read it again. Seems like Anderson inherited alot of Cooper family physical traits. I like Anderson's hammer shaped head. I think its cute.

@Phebe, I know you were saying earlier in the week you wanted to see Sanjay's interview with Elton John and 360 never aired like they were supposed to. It was on House Call this morning. So if you watch House Call tomorrow morning you'll get to see it.

Anonymous said...

Quitty thank you for Wyatt Cooper's selection. AC does resemble is father far more than he does his mother. I wonder if both were/are as fair skinned as he.

Phebe said...

@Quitty, you are correct...Wyatt's writing never gets old. Didn't AC say once that he rereads 'Families' once a year?

@ACAnderFan, thanks for the heads up. I'll sent my recorder.

@everyone, I finally had success with getting part 2 of the Liz Cheney interview uploaded to my Thursday night post. It's worth a watch for those who missed it.

aries moon said...

Enjoyed reading this post, nice work Quitty.

Families is such a warm and wonderfully written book - it really is a book that you want to go back to again and again.

@ACAnderFan, we agree again, I think the shape of AC's head is cute too (although I think he'd vomit if he were to read this comment!) The first time I noticed the interesting shape of his head was when he was in Punta Gorda, FL the day after Hurricane Charlie and he was talking to John Zarella - he was in profile for most of the interview and all I could think about in the midst of the destruction was how cute his head-shape was. TOTALLY and UTTERLY pathetic, I know... :P

So Wyatt Cooper's "quiet manner" came from the Anderson's - AC has a somewhat quiet manner too - it all makes sense.

Anonymous said...

I think Anderson has his mom's nose, but that the rest is pure Cooper. Didn't he say he sees himself more as a Cooper? I hope he enjoys the reunion if he goes.

I loved Wyatt's book 'Families'. I can see why Anderson would read it, to keep close to him in some way,I suppose. To hear him talk to Larry King about losing his dad was touching.
Wasn't there a bit in "Dispatches" where Anderson says he hopes or thinks he is looking down or watching over him while he is doing his show at night? I bet he is,and is so proud of him.
I like to reread "Dispatches", actually-either that or listen to the CD version. There is something about listening to it that is so much better.
I wish Anderson would write another book. He is too much of a great writer not to. I miss his Details articles,and even more so, his regular blog posts.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@Aries Moon, I too think he'd vomit if he knew we thought the shape of his head is cute! I think I first notice the shape of his head around the time of Katrina. Before that I never really paid attention to it, not sure why though.

Anonymous said...

I pretty much like the shape of everything on Anderson.

Anonymous said...

When Anderson mentioned going to his family reunion that was in 2005 that was not Friday night. I doubt he has been to one since the first he went to in 2005. The man totally skipped the one in 2006 and never mentioned it in 2007, or 2008, and I doubt very seriously he is going this go round.

Laurie Beth said...

@ Anon 7:17 Unless Anderson's clothes--as well as the studio he was sitting in--magically changed, his comment about attending the family reunion this summer was indeed Friday night.

Go to YouTube and watch the longer version of the clip. The flashback segment ended right where Sapphire cut it off and Anderson (live) went on to say that they *recently* caught up with the mayor and he said that they could come by anytime, which he hopes to do this summer.

Not that it's anyone's business whether "the man" "skipped" his family reunions--I don't know anyone who attends a family reunion every year, and in case you hadn't noticed, he's a busy man.

Quitty said...
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Quitty said...

@anon@7:17PM...When I first saw it Friday night I wasn't sure myself, so I waited for the transcript. If you read it, it says

"...(END VIDEO CLIP)COOPER: Twice an elected official in the town of Philadelphia.

Again, that was four years ago, about. We caught up with Harlan Majure today. He did not back away from his belief that the Ku Klux Klan did some good work, and, as he said, some bad things, too.

Majure also said Philadelphia is doing great and invited us to stop by any time. I have a family reunion in the area this summer, and I'm hoping to do just that.

As we told you, the town is also making history with its first African-American mayor."

Anonymous said...

@Quitty 4:24 PM: so the transcript has Anderson saying he was going to the reunion 4 years ago? That is what I thought it was, he went 4 years ago. And actually that would have meant he went to the reunion BEFORE Hurricane Katrina if it was in the summer.

As anon 7:17 said, does not seem Anderson has been to a family reunion since, he had also not been to one since he was like 8 or something (as he said).

Quitty said...

@anon@7:03am...When Anderson said "that was four years ago" it was in reference to the interview Anderson did with former mayor Majure in 2005. A reunion was not mentioned during the 2005 interview. Anderson (or AC360 staff) contacted Majure last week (probably to get a statement about the new African-American mayor) and Majure said Philadephia is doing great and invited them to visit. Anderson responded Friday live on air with "I have a family reunion in the area this summer, and I'm hoping to do just that."

As Laurie Beth suggested, you can see the clip online HERE.

Besides the comment Friday night about the reunion, one other time he did mention attending the Cooper reunion was during his book tour in June 2006. I recall that because the mention in June 2006 was what triggered the original Hammerhead=Brilliance? post.

Laurie Beth said...

Thanks for the clarification, Quitty.