Monday, May 25, 2009

The Memory Shall Be Ours...

Your silent tents of green, we deck with fragrant flowers; Yours has the suffering been, the memory shall be ours. -Longfellow

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Remember our soldiers who continue to serve in Iraq, Afghanistan and across the globe.

Anderson with our Troops:

"Dispatches from the Edge-Iraq Part I"

"Dispatches from the Edge-Iraq Part II"

"Dispatches from the Edge-Afghanistan"

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. ~Joseph Campbell

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Very nice post Em! A big thanks to all troops who have served or are serving our country!

Nice pics of AC and our troops. I liked the clip from "Dispatches". I wish 360 would show the Afghanistan special again. That was a good special.

Anonymous said...

I miss shots like those of Anderson out there with the troops.
I hope we get to see some more of his Reporter's Notebooks from the field like that someday soon.

I watched the very moving Memorial Day Concert last night over on PBS,co-hosted by one of my favorites, Gary Sinise.

Pray for and remember all those in harm's way in War today,where ever they may be.

jasper said...

What a nice tribute to our soldiers. Plus the pictures of Anderson visiting Afghanistan and Baghdad.

At 3:00 pm EST they are asking everyone to stop and reflect. I hope everyone does.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this has been reported but AC will be co-hosting Regis/Kelly on June 4/5th which is a Th-Fr. According to Interbridge

Anonymous said...

EM: Missed your Sunday post. Hope you had an enjoyable holiday.
The NYPost is reporting on Page 6,
"Sinking Anchors Hobble CNN," The biggest disappointment has been the cable channel's big, silver-haired hope, Anderson Cooper," the former host of "Celebrity Mole."
It goes on to say that AC signed a multi-million dollar deal just last year when ratings were high, but since Obama took office they've lagged especially in May. CNN brass are rethinking why they made him the "face of CNN," even though the entire line up is failing.
The NYT is reporting that Greta, his competiton, is doing well, but compared to the rest of Fox, her ratings are not as high. She reaches at least 2 million per nite, in totals and her contract is up at years end. She is CONSTANTLY updating her blog and speaks to viewers personally via skype, whatever that is.
Question: When has AC ever made this attempt???
Looks like the pressure is on for AC. With that kind of money behind you, they expect results.

Viewer in Virginia said...

it happened that my friend and I finished the first load of stuff (I'm moving this week) and were sitting in the living room chowing down on Mexican at 3pm when the national moment of silence was observed. Drew Griffin was sitting in for Rick Sanchez. CNN showed pictures of DC, a soldier playing "Taps" and folks in Arlington Cemetery and at the Vietnam Memorial.
We both sniffled when the minute or so was over. Silence. Glad we were sitting down and witnessed.

Em said...

@6:09...Actually this is my "Sunday" post. We had a huge storm here yesterday and my power was out all from about 7 p.m. yesterday until early this morning. To make it more frustrating, Blogger decided to get tempramental and I was only able to get one of the Dispatches video's to post-had to do the other two this morning. I really didn't have much to say, all of these remembrances really get to me and my husband. Hard not to think of friends he lost in Vietnam and those who never successfully made the transition back home. It has been so long since AC actually visited the troops at home or abroad. I hate to see him in harms way but would have loved to hear or see something about them on AC360 today. Kind of dissappointed tonight is a repeat of other programs but I guess AC needed a break too. Hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend!

Anonymous said...

Em: I kind of figured that "something happened," because you are always so punctual. Sorry about the storm. Hope your holiday went well anyway.