Friday, May 29, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes

We were on a roll the last few nights, what happened? We went from two nights of great AC360 to one similar to what we've been watching for the last few months. There were a few highlights but the rest was a disappointment and yes I did turn the channel at times.The program opened with John King not in NYC (maybe back in DC?). The big story of the night were the attacks today in Pakistan by the Taliban. Reza Sayah was in Islamabad with details of strikes on government buildings, military targets and civilian areas. The attacks seemed highly coordinated and the result of the Pakistani governments effort to disperse the Taliban tribes. Fareed Zakaria also talked with King at length about the events of the day and said the Taliban has moved from the hills of the country to the more urban valley areas, thus posing a more significant threat.Great so far but this is where things went south for me. Joe Johns filed the story on the priest who defected from the Catholic Church to the Episcopalian Church on Thursday. Newsworthy and interesting, but I did not need 2 full segments of talk with Bishop Leo Frade (Episcopalian) and Rev. James Martin (Catholic priest) that followed. Why does AC360 feel the need to fill time with chatter that doesn't add significantly to the story? Erica Hill's 360 Bulletins:
•President Obama spoke of his hopes for the West Bank
•GM will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy by Monday
•21 students from a Maryland school are quarantined in China because of a suspected exposure to swine flu
•An Austrian woman found a 10 month old lottery ticket worth 10 million dollars
•Forces around the world on on high alert because of North Korea's actions this week
•The first tropical storm of the season is forming off the Atlantic coast
•Mary Tyler Moore is speaking out about her Type 1 diabetes
•A man is arrested because he called 911 about a juice box that he didn't get with his fast food orderMichael Ware's look at the corruption and violence along the Mexican border was the best segment of the night. I was surprised to see actual video of a drug cartel's prison break. The highly organized operation was successful due to cooperation from guards on the inside.
Michael said there were only a few ways to stop this violence related to drug trafficking over the border. One was to legalize marijuana in the US and the other was to deploy large numbers of US troops on the border. I'm fine with either of these options, just do something. As Ware said both the US and the Mexican government realize that the war cannot be won using the current methods.Abbie Boudreau took an 'Up Close' look at the taser death of a 16 year old boy in Detroit. This report left me with more questions than answers. The term 'learning disability' was used numerous times to describe the young victim. Learning disability is so generic that it doesn't serve alone as an excuse for the young man's actions. What was the extent of his impairment and how functional or dysfunctional was he? I can't imagine the family's grief and anger and understand the need to assign blame to anyone but their son. I would certainly do the same, but their child's actions would raise alarms for any law enforcement officer. I'm sure the officers had no intention of killing the victim, but to immobilize him so they could investigate his actions. Reports like this tend to add fuel to an already volatile situation, but at least it gave the victim's family a voice and I hope that was of some comfort to them.
And again another discussion, this time with police expert Lou Palumbo.

There was a 'Beat 360' for the first time this week and then 'The Shot' which was from the National Spelling Bee. Nothing clip worthy for either.

I was hoping to end my blogging week on a high note, sorry I couldn't. Have a good weekend everyone. ~Phebe

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I liked 360 last nite. I thought it was pretty good.

I liked John's discussion with Fareed Zakaria. Very interesting.

I don't know why but I find this catholic priest story interesting. I will admit however that two segments on it were not necessary. Sometimes 360 tends to go overboard with certain stories. That's a problem for 360.

The guy calling 911 because he didn't get his juice box is an idiot. When will these people learn that 911 is not for when you don't get your order at a fast food joint.

Loved that Michael Ware was on. I really don't think the violence in Mexico will ever get better. As long as there is a need/want for drugs the violence is going to be there. And I don't see that need/want decreasing anytime soon either. I wonder if legalizing marijuana would even stop the violence. I really don't think it will ever stop. Just my opinion though.

The story about the boy being tasered and dying is interesting. I highly doubt the cops intended on killing him. He ran from them and they were just reacting. They didn't know if he was going to harm them. Like Phebe, I had more questions than answers after the piece. I wonder how severe his learning disability was and when he was running from the cops did the cousin he was with tell them he had a learning disability??? When the cops approached him did he act out??? Did he act out in what would be considered a violent way??? Maybe 360 will do a follow up on this story and give us more answers.

Anonymous said...

Thursday night's show was pretty good except for the report on the South American Catholic-turned-Episcopalian priest - it's not big news and not worthy of being the second news item of the night.

The reports on the Mexican drug wars and death by taser were definitely more important. Cutting the priest story to one segment later in the show would have given John more time to talk to Fareed Zakaria and Michael Ware.

I thought Beat 360 was cute, "No, you can't get swine flu from Miss Piggy." And it was cute that they showed a photo of Anderson with the Muppet (Elmo?).


aries moon said...

Michael Ware's report on the Mexican drug wars was definitely the most interesting piece of the night - it was riveting as well as jaw dropping - the cartels are out of control there, or should I say, in total control - there aren't many answers to this problem that will satisfy everyone and they may have to take drastic or unpopular steps in order to curb it.

The young man who was tasered by police didn't sound to be a big kid - I realize it's difficult to judge these situations, but I think it's possible to subdue someone, especially if they aren't especially large, without tasering them - it sounded like the cops may have gone overboard - the kid didn't have any weapons, he just ran away from them. The former cop who spoke afterwards was right - there's a lot of fear/mistrust of the police in certain communities and you don't necessarily have to be involved in any criminal activity to feel that way towards them.

@M, in Oregon, I did use your quote in my comment (it was a good one) on the other thread, but my comment also was also a response to Phil's comment at 3:15 pm on that thread.

Anonymous said...

Where is anderson...sorry, but actually there's no reason for tuning in to cnn without ac, don't get me wrong, it's nothing to do with his look or hotness for me, I just really really like his reporting, and his anchoring.

Anonymous said...

I know the subject is closed, but just wanted to add that 2 or 3 nights of ratings is proof of nothing, it could be chalked up to curiosity of the sub or any other number of things, or just simple happenstance. To get a real reading you need longer term numbers. Anderson's ratings in the past have gone up and down.

MichellenLomita said...

I miss seeing Anderson on AC360. I have not watched the show all week because he is out. I like John King; he is good--intelligent, competent, and personable, but the main reason I watch AC360 is Anderson.

Anonymous said...

Don't find it surprising that the ratings might go up this week. I know in this house, AI and DWTS both come on in the first hour of AC360 and it is a fight over what we get to watch. Even though the ratings don't compare cable to network, people do turn off their cable news to watch these mega-popular programs during prime time. After all, you can always catch AC again 2 hours later!

AC Fan in CA/IL said...

@anon 8:12

With you 100%

Anonymous said...

John King gives the news and seldom gives his opinion. I look forward to the nights he is on.

Anderson has become a celebrity. We might as well have Paris Hilton reading the news.

Anonymous said...

It is my opinion, though not a popular one, that the ratings are a good indication that CNN is in trouble. All the shows, including 360. DWTS and Am Idol, were on in past seasons and they didn't affect the ratings. People who want to watch news, watch it. Yes, Fox is still pulling in big numbers and there are plenty, of people who watch DWTS, who tune into Fox as well. Their numbers are down also, but noting like CNN.
Inspite of AC's "hottness," CNN will have to revamp, and quickly. People are still interested in news, but they are getting it from every and all kinds of sources.
Roland Martin was interviewed on TVNewser, and it proved to be an interesting interview. Roland thinks Glen Beck is a "light
weight".....when it comes to the news bizz, just what is intellectual? He needed a panel of four to hold up his dismal ratings and had the nerve to criticize someone else? Just asking.
It's post election for every news outlet and not everyone has tuned out.

aries moon said...

John King gives the news and seldom gives his opinion. I look forward to the nights he is on.

Anderson has become a celebrity. We might as well have Paris Hilton reading the news.
This comment at 6:11 is exactly the sort of pointless, inaccurate and petty nonsense about Anderson that has unfortunately become prevalent here. Sounds like this poster should just watch SOTU and be done with it.

As far as 7:25's comments about Roland and Glenn Beck, I don't particularly care for Martin, but I'd watch a marathon of a program with him before I'd ever look at one second of Glenn Beck, who's nothing but a third-rate fraud and huckster - he should consider himself fortunate that he's got a big audience of uninformed yahoos too dumb to see how worthless he and Faux News are, because if it weren't for them, he'd be unemployed.

Anonymous said...

@aires moon: I'm not a Glenn Beck fan either, but as far as employment goes, he left CNN for greener pastures, so yes, he is certainly employable and his books are always best sellers.