Friday, August 28, 2009

AC360 Friday Edition

Anderson was back in NY tonight. Here's his tweet from early this morning: "From ac: boarding an early flight back to ny. Had planned on working in nola all weekend but will now be covering the Kennedy funeral."

Anderson began the program tonight with David Gergen and John King talking about the memorial for Senator Ted Kennedy. I didn't watch all of the memorial but did catch some of it and enjoyed Caroline Kennedy's story of seeing a star in the sky that was brighter and bigger than all the rest and while she knew it was Jupiter it was acting a lot like Senator Kennedy.

Next was breaking news on the story of Jaycee Dugard. The sheriff department admits to mistakes made when a deputy was sent to the Garrido's home but did not visit the backyard where the children were kept. The home is also now being searched to see if the Garridos are also connected to murders that occurred in the 1990's. Dan Simon had the Crime and Punishment report on the details of the investigation.

Anderson also spoke with Lisa Campbell and Allison Jacobs from the UC Berkeley Police Department who met Philip Garrido after he wanted to set up an event at Berkely. They noticed something was wrong after seeing the two young girls and contacted Garrido's parole officer which led to Philip and Nancy Garrido's arrest and the girls' release.

Next Anderson spoke with Brian Russell and Lou Palumbo about Jaycee reuniting with her family and how she will begin to readjust to life as well as how the system failed to find Jaycee sooner. Jeffrey Toobin also joined Anderson and spoke about the 29 felony counts filed against the Garridos as well as how the system that was set up to prevent this from happening failed to work.

Next up was breaking news that Michael Jackson's death has been ruled a homicide. Randi Kaye was there with the report that the coroner has confirmed Michael Jackson died of acute Propofol intoxication. At this point no charges have been filed.

Erica Hill had the Bulletin where she talked about the death of celebrity disk jockey Adam Goldstein who was also known as DJ AM, the wildfires in central and southern California and the Tropical Storm watch for the North Carolina coast.

Sean Callebs was next with a report on if the levees in New Orleans are prepared to handle another hurricane. Since the storm hit the Army Corps of Engineers has spent $3 billion on the levees and expects to spend more than $14 billion by 2013. Work is scheduled to be completed in 2011. However there are still old weak spots that are cause for concern. A major concern is the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet which the Army Corps of Engineers is hurrying to close.

Erica was then back with the second bulletin: the serial robber captured on video was back and robbed again, a New Jersey congressman has been assured that Libyan leader Gadhafi won't stay in New Jersey, and the world's oldest bartender retires.

I have one extra for tonight. This picture of Anderson on Bourbon Street was uploaded to Flickr today by Ed Ireson.

A quick reminder that Anderson will be on tomorrow morning at 10:00 to cover Senator Kennedy's funeral in Boston.

Have a great week everyone!

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judy said...

Thanks Julie for your efforts and continued finds and contributions to this blog.
I did not think there was enough time spent on Senator Kennedy and his legacy. The show lacked important content. Fox News was reporting how the banking industry is lagging behind in economic recovery, while other indicators are pointing to a positive recovery from the recession. This clearly shows that who ever is producing 360 is not getting the stories that are relevant.
Having AC go to NOLA for the day should not have been a priority when Senator Kennedy's death was clearly the focus of other major news outlets. This was a missed opportunity for Anderson. He should have been in Boston, where John King was, not New Orleans. It could have waited. JMO

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I really liked last nite's show. I thought it was the best one we've got all week. They spent a little time on each story and moved on. Last nite was good.

The story about the girl who was kept in the backyard just gets more and more bizarre.

And the Michael Jackson crap continues. I still think he's partly to blame for his own death. He's the one who sought out the doctor(s). No one made him take all that medication either.He's just as much to blame.

My favorite piece of the nite was Sean Caleb's piece. I really don't think 360 spent enough time on NOLA. They didn't give it the attention it deserves.

Anderson looked and sounded tired last nite. Poor man. He's had a busy week and then he's got an early saturday. He needs to get some rest this weekend.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Saw Anderson on CNN this morning and the poor man sounded so tired. It also sounded like he may be getting a cold. I hope he's able to get some rest this weekend.

Lori, IL said...

Thanks Julie for posting the old NOLA pic of Anderson on Bourbon Street!

I'm agreeing with Julie -- as much as I liked seeing Anderson in NOLA Thursday night, perhaps when Senator Kennedy died on Wednesday -- CNN/360 should have enacted plan B. Anderson should have either stayed in NYC or gone to Boston (I vote Boston as I love to hear Anderson "describe the scene" - he's very talented at it.) to cover Senator Kennedy's Memorial Service and Funeral. Since Katrina's 4 year anniversary is Saturday, Anderson could have flown to NOLA on Sunday and spent two or three days wandering the city, filming the progress and talking to the locals -- bringing us their "stories." He seems to be happiest when telling local stories from the live remotes. Just my opinon --

Last night's program seemed to be fast and a little scattered. This may have been due to the fact that Senator Kennedy's Memorial Service lasted over three hours -- rather than the two planned. CNN had a panel lined up to discuss the memorial and I think maybe 360 should have continued with that, rather than breaking into memorial before it was over with other news. If they wanted to cover other news, perhaps a two hour show would have been the better choice for the day. (Again, just my opinion - especially since they seemed to be able to go 2 hours for MJ coverage on various occassions!)

The Jaycee kidnapping story gets more bizarre by the day. I'm not sure she will ever be able to cover. She apparently was not only held for 18 years and raped, but had her first child by her kidnapper at age 15 without the benefit of medical care and in a tent! How horrific that must have been for her. I'm not even sure how her story compares to Elizabeth Smart (held 9 months) other than they were both kidnapped. The interview with the two police officers that broke the case was interesting.

I'm so over MJ news -- I agree with Phebe -- still dead!

I did like Sean Callebs report on the levees in New Orleans. Thought it was very informative.

Watching CNN's coverage of Senator Kennedy's funeral this morning -- Anderson looks and sounds exhaused. I'm sure all the early flights and prep for the Kennedy Funeral and Burial Sevice have left him little time for sleep. Hopefully he gets some rest Sunday -- and is refreshed for next week. I'm hopeful for some Afghanistan reports and Michael Ware appearances, leading up to the 360 Live form Afghanistan the following week.