Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Afghanistan & More

The big news of the night was Anderson Cooper's announcement that he's heading back to Afghanistan to report from the front lines. He will be accompanied by Michael Ware, Peter Bergen and Dr. Sanjay Gupta. This special programing is scheduled to begin on September 7th, which is Labor Day here in the States, and run through the week.AC360 opened with news of election day in Afghanistan. Ivan Watson was on the ground reporting on the violence and the war. Michael Ware joined Anderson Cooper in the NYC studio with Peter Bergen joining in the conversation from Washington, DC. Bergen said that if voter turnout is 50 to 60% that would show the Afghans were not intimidated by the Taliban's tactics.
Ware said it doesn't matter to the US or the Afghan people who gets elected. The war lords will still be the ultimate leaders and corruption will still reign. Health care reform was next on the schedule and Barney Frank is again my hero. His response to the HCR hater was 'On what planet do you spend most of your time? Ma'am, trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with the dining room table....I have no interest in doing it.' Please Dems take a page from Congressmen Frank's book and quit trying to reason with those that are trying to cause chaos in your Town Halls.
David Gergen, Paul Begala (♥) and the lovely Amy Holmes (great to have her back on 360) did the follow up discussion. Paul was a very happy man when critiquing the Barney Frank clip, Gergen said he was surprised at how the Administration has bungled this roll out and Amy followed party lines saying lots of people are concerned about the negative aspects of HCR.

• Michael Jackson news was next. Yep, he's still dead.

'Digger Deeper' was a one-on-one interview with Dr. Toby Cosgrove, CEO of Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Cosgroves made news recently when he said he would not hire smokers and would rather not hire obese people. Of course he is prohibited to discriminate in this manner so he is taking another approach and strongly encouraging healthy habits of his employees.Tonight's installment of junk science was with Dr. Sanjay Gupta. He visited a Georgia crime lab to illustrate methods employed and what they can and can't prove. DNA was also explained and how conclusive it can be. Erica Hill brought us the story of the missing D-list reality star, Ryan Jenkins, and his murdered ex-wife. The victim was a swim suit model and was found stuffed in a suitcase that had been placed in a trash dumpster.

I didn't clip 'The Shot' for you tonight but I did clip Jon Stewart's take on CNN's ratings dilemma.Most of you have probably seen this by now, since AC fans seem to be Jon Stewart fans too. The clip doesn't mention Anderson or AC360 but it does poke a little fun at CNN's ratings and their love of catch phrases. They missed a few....Keeping Them Honest, Digging Deeper and the infamous Best Political Team on Television. Enjoy!

That's it for me this week. I finished painting the living room last weekend and now I'm going to tackle the foyer, coat closet and front hall. Anyone want to volunteer to help? I didn't think so. Until next time. ~Phebe

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judy said...

Good for Barney Frank for telling off the heckler in the audience. I think Obama should start this new strategy and stop being so nice and compassionate. Bill O'Reilly is calling his health care proposal Obamacare.
I liked the first photo of AC with his short cropped hair. It made him look younger and ready for combat. I think we've forgotten how he used to appear on location.
And good for Jon Stewart for satirizing the ridiculous use of teen slang on CNN and since I'm from Jersey...."I'm just saying," he's right.
Phebe, you made me laugh,"Michael Jackson is still dead." No, really?? Was that reported before or after the model,stripper, that was stuffed in the suitcase? I forget the sequence of these important events. Maybe that should come under CNN's next Breaking News Headline: Michael Jackson--Still Dead. (No one would even notice.)

Aries Moon said...

Glad to hear AC360 will be going to Afghanistan--hopefully we'll get some substantial reporting from it. It was also good to see 360 focusing on the Afghan elections throughout the program 360 can be frustrating to watch at times, but I have to give them credit when they do make the effort to bring us smart discussions with Michael Ware and Peter Bergen.

I couldn't stop watching the clip of Barney Frank shutting down that HCR idiot, it was about time someone challenged these people and called them out for their insane and disgusting habit of bringing Hitler into the debate. I wish Frank could be shipped out to all the town hall meetings. The WH is sending mixed messages again about the Public Option and bipartisan support for HCR (forget that!) I hope there's some kind of strategizing going on that will more make sense in September.

Those new CNN segments are pretty embarrassing and rightfully mocked by Jon Stewart. There was a new ad on Wednesday for CNN/Facebook or something with AC on his Blackberry talking about how he wanted a cool name like Wolf Blitzer or something - it was cute.

"Groping the squirrel". Oh, AC....

ACAnderFan said...

The week in september when Anderson is in Afghanistan should be a good week for 360. Anderson is at his best and in his element when in the field. I worry about him when he goes to dangerous places like that, but it'll be nice to see some field reporting from him.

As always nice to see Michael Ware and Peter Bergen on the program. I hope that too many people are scared by the Taliban and come out to vote. I guess we'll have to see though.

The guy from the Cleveland Clinic Anderson spoke to seemed weird. I didn't like him. It probably bothers him that he can't discriminate against someone and not hie them because they are too fat.

It doesn't look like 360 is ever going to get off the Michael Jackson train. Everyday they waste air time talking about it.

Dr.Gupta's piece on DNA testing was pretty good. The part where they showed bullet testing and the gun was shot in water or something was interesting. With that said, I think that should be the end of those pieces. Its interesting but not that interesting that it needs to go on for a whole week.

Cyn said...

I don't really have to say which part of the program was my favorite, do I? The good news is that we should be getting a lot more of Michael Ware now that he is officially a 360 correspondent. (And darn it, when I interviewed him last month he told me that he was living in Brooklyn and I never thought to use the "Breaking News" banner to announce it! What a slacker I am!)

Phebe, I'm sure that somewhere out there is a conspiracy theory that says MJ is not really dead. He and Elvis are having drinks somewhere, no doubt.

Jobi Linn said...

Phebe - thanks for making me laugh this morning! Yes, MJ is still dead! I needed the laugh! Thanks again! Enjoy painting!

Jaanza said...

360 started out great Wednesday night with big election news from Afghanistan and Anderson talking with Michael Ware and Peter Bergen.
Second, there was a terrific report about my new favorite congressman, Barney Frank, and the continuing health care debate.
Then the show stopped dead in its tracks to report some lame "news" on Michael Jackson. I don't know what the news was because I changed the channel and came back when Sanjay Gupta was doing a CSI report.
Thanks for recapping what I missed.

It's good Anderson will be going to Afghanistan, that's the kind of field reporting we've been asking for.

Speaking of asking 360 for things and of replying to a post way too late - Parker, I don't think you're ever going to get #7 on your list from a couple days ago, news about international sports. It's AC360, not ESPN.

judy said...

One million six hundred and forty-five more viewers chose to watch Greta, than AC yesterday. The other day you asked why. Let's start with AC's tribute lite to Don Hewitt. Anderson is a 60 Minutes correspondent. Why not spend, not a momnet talking about Hewitt's contribution, but as much time and with as much passion as he felt for say, Natasha Richardson? I don't know about the rest of you, but it lacked say really deep emotion. He said he knew him, so why not give it the poignant tribute he gave an actress who was far less known and probably had far less influence on his career. Don Hewitt was a journalistic giant and perhaps he had some say, in hiring AC. But no, a glib fast, acknowledgement that
could have been, "anybody." He might as well have "phoned in his regrets." If this is negative, than so be it. It needed to be said. JMO

Anonymous said...

@Judy I was also surprised about the very short tribute to Don Hewitt, he was one of the great ones. Hopefully Anderson's trip to the Afghanistan will be a throw back to his previous trips there.

Lori, IL said...

Michael, Peter, Sanjay and Anderson are going to Afghanistan! Yeah!! Has someone at CNN/AC360 been listening in on our programming ideas? Great pic, Phebe. Really enjoyed the report on the Afghan elections -- and have high hopes for the week of September 7th.

Once again I was on the live blog last night when they showed the blip of Braney Frank's Town Hall. I saw quite a bit of the Town Hall and somehow knew the media would pick that clip. (The interesting thing was my posts were accepted last night -- go Dems! -- so I'm wondering if it depends on who happens to be monitoring the blog that night, as to whether both sides get Anyway - I thought Barney Frank did an excellent job in his town hall. He started out by saying "Disruption never helps your cause -- it makes it look like you are afraid to have a rational discussion. You're just driving people away." Someone asked him about something in the bill, he read directly from the bill and they still didn't believe him -- his reply, "It's a little odd to be accused of not having read the bill by people who object when I do." And then someone voiced concern over the deficit -- and I loved this reply "I do worry about the deficit. That's one of the reasons, but not the only one, I voted against the single most wasteful expenditure in the history of America -- the Iraq war." He's now my new favorite senator and I hope others will follow suit.

And Phebe, thanks for making it clear that MJ is still dead. Perhaps we should send a "Tweet" to AC360!

I was very disappointed that Don Hewitt didn't get a bigger story. John Klein was on earlier in the day and did a really nice job talking about being Hewitt's boss at one time at CBS and all the things Don brought to TV news. If Anderson didn't want to do the story (and I don't understand why) they could have at least played Klein's piece --

Jon Stewart is going on vacation for 3 weeks -- where will we get the "real" news?!