Sunday, August 30, 2009

Movin' On

AC360 was charged with emotion last week. Anderson's tour with James Carville made me think of the families who still to strive to get back to their beloved NOLA. As Anderson moved on to cover Senator Kennedy's funeral, I was reminded of those sad days when our nation buried John and Robert. I'm sure I'm not the only one who felt a little ache in my heart at the final passing of "Camelot". Throughout the week, I was horrified by our systems failure and heart broken that a child could languish in our midst for 18 years in the hands of a monster. I don't know about you, but as my children left today, I hugged them a bit tighter and snuck in a few extra kisses.

I am hoping my post tonight starts your week off on a lighter note and gives you a little something to chuckled about. I've reached to the back of the vault to bring you a few of my favorites clips from the Mole, Season 2. Let's start by challenging ourselves with a little "Moley" puzzle.

Click to Mix and Solve

MoleCollageA Jigsaw PuzzleMoleCollageA Jigsaw Puzzle

Enjoy the Clips:

The Mole-Damn Dam

The Mole - Fashion Sense

My All Time Favorite: The Mole - All Wet

Have a great week!

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ACAnderFan said...

Great post Em! I LOVE The Mole. Season one is the best though. I like the people on season one better than those on season two.

The clip of Anderson getting pushed into the water is one of the best Andermoments ever! He looks so cute when he's out of the water and running his hand over his hair while holding that towel. Plus Anderson in wet clothes isn't a bad sight either...LOL!

Megan Dresslar said...

Hey Em... No, Anderson was in NYC with CNN Team, not Washington D.C. Please correct in NYC, I hope you correct city, not Washington D.C. P.S. It was really special service last night, It was very somber for me to remember Kennedys. Good night Edward Moore Kennedy.

Tedi B said...

Ah...the Mole. Good times! Loved both of the seasons. Thanks Em!

Anonymous said...

if only Andy could have taken his wet shirt off...ehh ];D

Anonymous said...

Respectfully, wanted to let you know that Anderson and Wolf and all were in New York. John King was in Boston and DC.

Anonymous said...

There was a gawker sighting of Wolf and Anderson leaving TWC at 9:00 PM Saturday night.

Phebe said...

@anonymous 9:17 & 9:00, thanks for the correction. There has been some debate, but the prevailing opinion seems to be they were in NYC.

@anonymous 9:17, please never believe the Gawker sightings. As a test of Gawker a group of people, who were nowhere near NYC, sent sightings to Gawker of famous people they saw in NYC. Every one of the bogus sightings got published.
The particular one you mentioned maybe accurate, but it also be similar to all those crazy Twitter sightings.

Em said...

Thanks everyone for setting the record straight. The moment after the service that resonated with me was Candy Crowley reporting from Capitol Hill about his staff gathering. I just loved that report and Washington D.C. was stuck in my brain.

It isn't always easy keeping things straight and even harder coming up with a blog late on Sunday evening when the rest of the ATA team does such a stellar job. Phebe, Cyn, Jules and Quitty covered programs last week in fine fashion. Thank you Team! On the upside, at least I know some of you are reading my little Sunday post.

Oh, BTW, I just deleted the reference to Washington D.C. so you can imagine Anderson, Wolf et al wherever you want them to be ;0) Have a wonderful week!

Coop1223 said...

Loved the clips!! I've never seen the Mole and I've always wanted to see AC on there so thanks! Anderson had to know that they were going to push him in the water haha.

Lori, IL said...

Good post Em! I saw season one of the Mole, but not season two -- so thanks for the clips. Wish they would put the whole season out on DVD, like they did season one.

I agree about Gawker and Twitter sighting, but I'm pretty sure Wolf, Anderson and all were in NYC. Not that it really makes any differnce, but when they "threw" the show to them Saturday morning I think it was Don Lemon who said Wolf, Anderson and group were in the NYC studio. (Also, Wolf was in NYC studio Friday for the Situation Room and coverage of Senator Kennedy's Memorial Service at the JFK Library.)

I, too, enjoyed Candy's reporting from DC and wished they had used her more.

Thanks for sharing clips of the "lighter side" of Anderson.

A agree that we will probably have a few "Anderless" nights this week as they prepare for their week of shows from and travel to, Afghanistan. Wouldn't be surprised to see AC in LA tonight with all the wildfires!

AC Fan in CA/IL said...

THANKS EM! I've never seen the mole either! So I appreciate the clips! That's really cool that Anderson was able to travel the world as a reality tv show host--since I'm currently out of employment--maybe I should look into that?

@ anon 6:11am--I know right! There was a glimmer of hope, and then he keeps it on can walks off. Damn.

judy said...

Em: I remember ordering the Mole from Netflix and could not get into it as hard as I tried. Have to
say, AC is a much better host now, but I still think he's got the "reality bug." Hope I'm wrong, because his journalistic expertise is certainly needed.
Not that it matters, but I was under impression, the panel was in NYC and John King had been in
Boston. Thought Candy was in DC.
As always, interesting reflections on the past week in review.

Skeeen said...

For all those that haven't watched whole seasons of the The's a must! Some kind soul has uploaded both season 1 and 2 onto youtube...just search for it.
@ACAnderFan I agree...I liked the people a lot better in season 1.
Thanks for the post, Em. : )

olsond said...

@Skeeen - thanks for the heads up on The Mole. I just watched Season 1 on Hulu and they did not have Season 2 and I never thought to look on Youtube. Off to watch now :)

Laurie Beth said...

Yeah, as Lori said, they were all in New York because Wolf's been in town. Just sayin'. :)